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January 31, 2023, 10:34:23 am

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Author Topic: A shifter roleplay based on author Terry Spears world.  (Read 694 times)

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A shifter roleplay based on author Terry Spears world.
« on: July 28, 2018, 12:28:09 pm »

Cougar Heat
Wolf Heart

My name is Catherine Abigail Tweeden.  An yes my initials spell cat.  Which is only fitting for a person such as myself.  For I am not wholly human.   I am a shifter,  I can shift into a cougar.   Nor am I  wholly a cougar.   There is no special blending of DNA.  If a sample is taken while in my human form, I am wholly human.   Likewise if in my cougar skin I am wholly a cougar. 

      I was not bitten, I was born this way.  With my first coming of my courses,  that is my period.  I would have my first shift.  It freak the crap out of me.   That was back in the great depression in 1933,  I was 13 at the time.   Yes I am 98 years old.   And yes I am in this dance club shaking my ass off.   For I look like I am in my early  to mid thirties.. It seems my shifter status gives me a sort of longevity.   

      Born in eastern Tennessee   in the Smoky mountains.  I am a southern belle at heart.  With my longevity I have had to move around.   So not to stick out especially with my slower aging.   Courrently I am in Colorado and the Rocky mountains.   I love to run in my cougar skin.   Free in all sense of the word when I am a cougar.    I don't wear jewelry,  simply because what I am wearing does not shift with me when I shift.   I have to strip down bare ass naked to shift properly.   If I do it in my clothes.  I am one cat all tangled up in the clothes I had been wearing. 

      My senses in either form are phenomenal, sight, hearing and sense of smell.  As a cougar would be and it transfers over to  when I am in human form.  I can see in the dark,  which is quite handy I might say.   Why am I in a club in Aspecn Colorado, the sky resort town.   I am in heat,  it is part of being a cougar shifter.  I need that one night stand to fulfill the need to fornicate., fuck my brains out. 

      Dancing in the middle of the dance floor.   A young man in his early twenties.  Wholly human,  and pleasing to the eyes.   I catch a whiff of a wolf scent in the midst of the dancers.   Turning to cast my gaze in the direction of the scent.  I search the crowd of dancers gyrating.   When I spot the perpetrator of said scent of a wolf.   I feel myself quiver on the inside the dampness that springs forth between my thighs.   I panic,  needing to get out of the club now.  A wolf shifter and they never run alone.   Yes there is other shifter kind.   We all run hidden in the world.   
What I am looking is a player to play the part of the Wolf Heart.    The character can have any type of background.  Former military,  born as a lycan or bitten into one.   Such choice is up to the player that takes the role.  What he is a alpha gray wolf.  In just about all settings in the wilds of North America he is the apex predator sitting at the top.  Especially in a pack.  Save for perhaps a grizzly bear or such.

      That is soul mate to Catherine.   However, their  love is one that breaks all the rules of convention.  Drawing the ire and condemnation from all sides.   More then that,  they're in a race to find royal  Red timber wolf pups.   Twins born to nobility of the red timber wolf lycans.    Who have been kidnapped..   If not then their will be war between the Gray and Red packs.    For the red's blame the grays for such a outrage.

      While a were jaguar from Belize a feral.   Has decided that Catherine will be his mate.   Has come to Colorado to claim what he considers his. 

      Can their love come to fruition and break the prejudices,  survive a apex hunter from central America, advert a war by finding the red wolf pups.   When they only have each other and well the prejudices of who and what they are to overcome. 

      This story is based on the books by Terry Spears  and her wonderful world of shifters.