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December 01, 2021, 09:27:19 am

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Author Topic: Her Guardian (female seeking male)  (Read 622 times)

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Her Guardian (female seeking male)
« on: July 27, 2018, 07:16:33 pm »
October 31st 2013

The rain battered down hard on Aurora's tan skin, smudging the painted on tribal markings, her hair sticking to her back, a feathered headdress soaked from the rain clung to her auburn hair and pale cheeks. Her golden eyes were wild wide and alert even as the tears gathered. With a tomahawk in her hand and the short suede dress that nearly seemed painted on, Aurora looked now more than ever like a Indian Warrior.

Christopher had been perfect or at least Aurora had thought he was perfect, even if others said he wasn't. But that night had proved her completely wrong. She hadn't told Chris that she was going to come to this party she lied and said she was helped up at another shoot. He was a little peeved, but she wanted to surprise him. After all she hadn't seen him in nearly a month. She had been in Peru, Columbia, Hawaii, France, China, dragged around for photo shoots. But she had got a hotel and flown out to surprise her boyfriend of four years. Her body guard had even agreed to dress up after she begged for hours.

What she saw surprised Aurora more than Aurora could have ever surprised Chris. She found him in an unlocked bathroom fucking some long leg Marilyn Monroe. Her picture perfect shattered right there and she was out of the Beverly Hills mansion so fast she nearly ran, though her composure wouldn't allow her to actually run out of the house. Chris stood out in the rain begging pleading with her to forgive him insisting that he had jut missed her and he had been drunk and it would never happen again. Aurora wouldn't hear it, her body guard keeping the drunk pleading man from getting too close to Aurora. She left telling him to never speak to her again.

That night she flew out the 90210 never wanting to think of the man who ruined love for her.

June 17th 2016

"I detest this city," Aurora mumbled to her body guard as they walked down the Beverly Hills beach. Her bare toes arguing that they enjoyed the cool sand as her skin basked in the sun light. Aurora peaked up at him from under the brim of her black sun hat. Her golden eyes  a bit of anger. If it weren't for the opportunities she was being offered over the next few weeks that would further push her career Aurora wouldn't have come back here.

Everyone on the beach stared at her with hungry or jealous gazes and the golden tattooed goddess walking down the beach and the man on her arm. Her long tan legs led to a round plentiful ass that was barely being hidden by a black string bikini. Her stomach flat and tone her breasts bountiful and full. The white halter bikini top made her breasts look that much fuller. The hat hid her face to keep her identity hidden. The man on her arm, her best friend, her body guard, was an Adonis, tan and broad muscles rippling as he walked.

A man walked a foot or so a head of them explaining that the beach would be closed to the public tomorrow for their private shoot, but Aurora barely listened to him. "Did you know that a week from today we will have been working together for four years," she said looking up at him from under her hat once more this time her eyes glistened as a smile spread across her face. Her fingers giving his arm a gentle squeeze, "We should celebrate." Aurora trusted Leon with her life, he would die to keep her safe and she would do anything for him. He was the one person she said she loved and truly cared for anymore. She knew things about him that would revolt so many, but somehow it just made her feel safer around him. They had a bond that couldn't be broken and it showed by the way the smiled back at eachother with his brilliant sky blue eyes and hers as gold as the sun.

Of course, she was too blind to see that it was more for him, it had always been more for him. She was his mate, he'd known it the second he'd laid eyes on her, but she was with Chris so he vowed to just be there for her. And then when Chris broke her heart he didn't have it in him to tell her so he'd waited, thinking the right time would come. Though she as a human had only transferred that into friendship and he would never break her trust by telling her the real reason he stuck around.

This is an idea that I had a long time ago, that was started with a partner, but never finished. I would really like to start it again, see where it goes. PM me if your interested.