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June 25, 2021, 05:05:19 am

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Author Topic: Sacrificed to the Modern Gods (M for f)  (Read 550 times)

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Offline jacobjonTopic starter

Sacrificed to the Modern Gods (M for f)
« on: July 27, 2018, 07:06:02 pm »
Hello! I have a handful of ideas listed below, each involving the idea of a set of 'new gods,' beings that walk the earth with unnatural powers. All of these stories would require a fair bit of world building, so a lot of the specific details that are currently laid out could be edited pretty easily. I'm eager to hear my partner's thoughts so we can build a world together!

The Sacrifice

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In the wake of WWII, the world faced a different kind of arms race, as the war had drawn a spotlight to men and women who were more than human. Some were a result of government experiments, some had discovered magical relics that gave them abilities, and some had somehow absorbed power from the splitting of the atom. Whatever the cause, mankind wasn't in an arms race to build superweapons, as there were any number of super-people who could turn a ICBM back to its point of origin.

As the various governments of the world worked to create new supers, they also struggled to maintain the loyalty of those they already had. It was no secret that if these people banded together and tried to shape a new world, they could likely do it. As such, the Metahuman Protection Agency was created to see to the needs of these beings.The amount of care an individual gets depends greatly on their power level. Someone who can bend a spoon with his mind, or fly with wings, is given a generous stipend to live off, while someone who can lift a mountain is given much greater care. The public is left largely in the dark at these activities, as it is better if people believe that these new gods protect them out of sheer kindness.

In 2018, New York is protected by Project: Patriot, though he goes by 'the Captain' when in the field. The Captain is one of six class 5 metas loyal to the United States, and as such, is largely allowed just about anything he desires. For the most part, he has been content to live in a large penthouse where he can focus on his work, but lately his gaze has been wandering. Life has to offer something more than simply waiting for the next Meta war.

The exact details of how would have to be worked out, but somehow the Captain desires what he wants is your character. Perhaps he saves her from an apartment fire. Perhaps she is a lawyer or reporter assigned to the project who catches his eye. Perhaps they have never met at all, as she is an actress or model that he finds especially beautiful. in any case, the MPA comes to her in the middle of the night and effectively erases her identity. As far as the rest of the world knows, she is dead. She might think that she is being brought deeper into the project to work, but those illusions would vanish when the guards put a collar on her and instruct her that she isn't to leave the penthouse without the Captain's permission.She is, in effect, a modern day slave.

A New Titan

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In 1920, the Earth was shaken by an event that the media labeled 'the incident.' A blue meteor skimmed the planet's orbit, causing a trail of blue flame that was unlike anything in human history. Astronomers spent years trying to track the meteor, and considered it nothing more than a scientific curiosity until the first of the children who had been born under the meteor's light started displaying inhuman abilities. The weakest of them might be able to sense or alter emotion, or defy gravity, while the strongest could compel an army to turn against its superiors, or shrug off tank shells. Children born a minute before or after the meteor developed no superhuman changes, but every single child born during that brief moment of light was somehow gifted.

All but one.

Your character has spent her entire life being quested and studied by the government. Her birth during the light is well documented, yet she shows no sign of an ability. As far as anyone can tell, she is perfectly normal. When WWII breaks out, the Axis and Allies both draft their powered individuals to service, and while your character isn't pulled into the war effort, she undergoes monthly interviews and exams, in case a power develops that could be used in the war effort.

While returning home from her normal job, she is attacked by an Axis gifted agent, someone who is convinced she is hiding her potential. He plans to abduct her and take her overseas, but finds himself more drawn to her than he had expected. While pinning her against a wall, he kisses her, and in that moment, some of his power is transferred into her. She is suddenly powerful enough to repel him and return to the authorities, though by the time she gets to a base, the power is already starting to fade. The government surmises that she has an ability after all, the ability to borrow abilities from other gifted individuals. Her ability doesn't seem to trigger through close contact or regular touch, and they assume it is limited to kiss contact.

Your character suddenly finds herself drafted into the war effort and positioned as the personal assistant of Lieutenant Grant Thompson, one of the strongest gifted soldiers from America. While they can't exactly order the pair to kiss, they hope that if things get rough, both will at least consider allowing your character to borrow a portion of his superhuman abilities.

There are a lot of things we could do with this particular setup. The Axis would be interested in obtaining someone with her abilities, and over time, might realize that any power she obtains is temporary, so all they have to do is wait her out or catch her when she is human. We could also explore the possibility that the power becomes something of an addiction for her, and she finds herself craving it even when they aren't going into battle. Overall, I see this being a lighter relationship than the first idea, perhaps with an element of damsel in distress action to it.