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May 17, 2022, 06:53:05 am

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Author Topic: Always looking for M or F Characters for Hypnosis / Mind Control RPs  (Read 749 times)

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Hey Guys!

So, while I don't have any specific ideas to bring to the table, I've noticed a few other people on the forums with ideas for Hypnosis / Mind Control RPs that I've been PMing as I spot them, and I figured this might just be easier to find partners with. One of my favorite subjects for ERP is Mind Control / Hypnosis. If that's something you're looking for, please feel free to read on!

Desires in a Partner
- It doesn't matter to me what gender (or species) my partner is, so let's just get that out of the way right now.
- While you don't have to be a Furry/Anthro character, I'd much prefer someone who's willing to play with a partner using them, as I have multiple furry characters I'm already familiar with, and tend to prefer to play. This isn't a hard requirement of course, but it makes things easier. (And for anyone who wants, there's a link to an Imgur gallery of their reference sheets at the bottom of this post).
- Including other kinks is welcome and encouraged!
- I tend to write 2 - 3 paragraphs per post, and can go upwards of 10 - 12 for a good RP with engaging material and a lot to work with. That's not meant to intimidate. When looking for a partner, I'm looking for someone who puts in effort in response. If you can only write a few paragraphs in response to a massive post I put out, I'm fine with that. As long as I'm not getting 1 - 2 sentences back, I'm a happy girl.
- I prefer to RP by Email or in the Forums.
- I adore partners who communicate OOC, and discuss plans, ask questions, and generally want to work together to make a better writing experience for everyone.
- I MUCH prefer to be the submissive in Mind Control scenarios. If you have an idea where I'm the one doing the mind control, the odds are that I won't be interested. I do encourage you to ask though, it's happened a few times before for the right scenarios and partners.

Disqualifications in a Partner
- Horrendous Grammar. Now I say horrendous because I'm in no way looking for perfection here. We all make mistakes, and some more than others. As long as what you're writing is legible and flows, I'm fine with it. If I'm seeing posts "liek this cuz its quicker 2 type", I'm not interested.
- Death, Gore, Snuff, Bathroom Play, Etc. I refuse to participate in any of these.
- As much as I love this site, I refuse to RP in PMs. They don't give you context you can look back on which I absolutely require when writing.
- I can really only guarantee a post every other day normally, and my life is quite busy, so there may be stints where I'm unavailable for 3 - 4 days at a time. I'll let you know when that happens of course, but if you expect constant posts, multiple times a day consistently, I'm not the partner for you.

If you want to see my characters, there's a link to an imgur album in the spoiler below. WARNING: The images in this album are NSFW, and are not to be viewed by minors.

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