The Toast returns! Now with crazier kinks! (Seeking mostly doms!)

Started by Nintentoast, July 22, 2018, 03:15:44 PM

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Hello Elliquiy! It is I! The toastiest piece of toast ever to emerge from a toaster! I also am a Japanese video game company, beloved by many, and unknown by few! I have been absent from this site for many months! I think the last time I was here may have been in March. Anyways, much has happened in my leave! I have begun to learn piano, as well as uh... well, not much happened actually. Just boring old me. I moved to America I suppose. OH YES! I also cheered for Croatia in the world cup! Not just the final, but the whole time! I chose them as a joke, mostly. But they made it farther than anyone Ever thought imaginable! Even made some records! Like... only ongoal in World Cup Finals history... Ahem, anyways once again! I get off track very easy. XD but yeah! I've come to discuss doing some possible RP's with all of you! I Hope what I've got doesn't scare you away! Also I hope the fact that my post will likely appear to be a bumbling mess doesn't scare you off. My post construction tends to be quite.. stream of consciousness if you will! Now let's get down to business! (To defeat the Huns... obviously.)

Now, I don't really have an o/o list, so I'll just post some here! Please remeber, though that these are in no way ranked in terms of interest, or extremity.

My turn on's include: Slave play/training, pet play/training, bondage, femdom, cum, futas, traps, lesbian, gay, torture, femenization, body modification, dismemberment, bestiality, humiliation, CBT, sounding, pleasure denial, anal, forced bisexuality, Orgasm denial, gender change, blood, watersports, scat, eating/drinking blood, eating/drinking piss, eating/drinking scat, and generally most kinks out there!

my offs are a lot simpler: I don't like characters who's body's are unrealistically large. Like my character having an ass the size of a watermelon despite being a 16 year old boy, or your character having just, generally unrealistically sized breasts.

ANYWAYS ONCE AGAIN! I will now begin to write up some ideas I'd like to try out!

FIRST! (Male character x Female or Futa) we have one that involves my character being a teenage boy, at LEAST the age of 16, per Elliquiy's rules. but, no older than 19. Anyway, your character is in her late 20's, anywhere from 25 to 30. She, for whatever reason, ends up adopting my character as like a pet of some sorts. Or maybe a slave. She would probably invite him over to her house for dinner or something, and then once he's in the house, she would knock him unconscious, or perhaps drug him. Anyways, he'd wake up tied to something, and she would come in and explain his new situation. Now, I usually am not a big fan of non-con, so he'd probably be down with it. Anyways, slowly over time, your character would femenize mine. My character would turn from a regular boy into a trap, or even possibly a futa. He could grow breasts if you'd like. OR, we could go all the way, and your character could do a surgery turning mine into a full girl. The possibilities are virtually endless! I'd love to try this one out most of all! But if not, I've got some other things to try out as well!

Another idea I have is one in which my character is a female, i don't really have an age in mind. Your character would be a vampire, or some other creature, and would take my girl as a prisoner, to be turtured, abused, fucked, etc at the will of the captor! I'm sorry this idea is kinda barebones, but I'm just throwing it out there!

THIRD!!! This idea would be more of a sci-fi one. Basically, I want to rp as a slave, who has to wear the slave garments from Star Wars. It's kinda basic, but it's a kink of mine! >~< You'd play a female character as well if that's ok.

FOUR! This one is FxF as well! But it's more slice of life-ish. Basically, my girl is a sweet, innocent girl who doesn't get out much. She graduates high school, and immediately jumps on a plane to Paris. She starts attending college there, but is struggling. Her remarkably young (probably early 30's) teacher takes notice, and decides to help. She invites my girl over to her house, where they begin to study together. Over time they develop feelings for each other. They go out and do fun stuff, and make love, doing what couples do. Your character would of course be the dominant one, because I like to play subs!

FIVE! This is the only rp where I'll play as a top. It will also probably be a slice of life kinda thing. I will play as a male, and you could be either male or female. It doesn't matter to me, so long as your character is short, and shaved. Anyways, My character would probably take notice of yours, and then right as they begin to know each other, my character gets drafted to go fight in a war. This one would have some pretty frequent time skips. But yeah, they'd keep in touch via letters, or something. Also, there could be some angst if you like. Drama, and all that. It could even be historical! Taking place in ww2 or ww1 or something. Maybe even Vietnam.
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