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Author Topic: -=- Darkmoon's Plot Ideas (M for F) -=-  (Read 578 times)

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-=- Darkmoon's Plot Ideas (M for F) -=-
« on: July 22, 2018, 11:40:49 am »
Darkmoon's Plot Ideas

Hi all. I'm seeking a talented writing partner and lover of words, details, and verbose descriptions, willing to write two to three+ paragraphs per post for a rich and involved role-play with heavy emphasis on maintaining and describing a setting, creatures, inner thoughts, and developing characters. Seeking a mature writer who is willing to work around a M - F work schedule and is patient with a busy lifestyle.  Things I appreciate: details of a character's appearance, mannerisms, gestures, and clothing. I love to read about what a woman is wearing. Appreciate a good sense of humor and willingness to explore boundaries.

Please reach out to me on Discord at Osien#0374 or PM me here.

The Valley of the Moon Tales

The Valley of the Moon is low and green between the snow capped mountains of the northern Serpentine Mountains. Centered in the vast and dangerous wilderness, the village there is filled with pious monotheistic farmers and their pagan slaves. Overlooking it is the Cathedral of the Sacred Daughter, a monotheistic convent built on the grounds of an ancient pagan temple. The farmers below and and the chaste nuns that dwell at the Cathedral are settlers from the faraway land of Grand Fal, worshipping their god Draconar, the Emperor of the Sun, whose radiance keeps pure his sinful daughters and sons and highlights heathans and devilry wherever it manifests.

Scenario 1: The Nun and the Daemon (Fetishes: Dark, Taboo, Non-consensual, Violence and the risk of character death, sin, monsters, futanari elements)

The High Priestess has vanished from the Cathedral after last having been spotted wandering the halls of the Cathedral at the midnight hour. You play her faithful Sister of Draconar, a fellow nun who served the High Priestess and who assumes the responsibility of finding her, chiefly because your other Sisters look up to you and because you know the High Priestess' secret: she had begun to explore the previously sealed up catacombs of the old pagan temple the Cathedral was built on. Embarking on a voyage into the catacombs, the nun is likely to encounter beings sealed up long ago, and discover dark temptations and just what has happened to the High Priestess.

Scenario 2:  The Farmer's Daughter and the Fae King (Fetishes: Size differences, pregnancy, magical elements, romance, cock worship, excess cum, cumplay)

The daughter of a farmer in the Valley of the Moon has not seen her father for a fortnight. The townspeople refuse to help her search the surrounding forests, where she suspects he has gone lost since he had last told her he was going truffle hunting. Mustering up her bravery, she takes her father's bow and a hatchet and climbs through the forest of the mountainside, seeking her papa. She will encounter the shape-shifting Fae King, initiailly in centaur form, who takes pleasure in wooing mortals and making them drunken slaves to his passions, making love to them until their deaths or until they have sworn devotion to him as Faekin, eventually becoming imbued with strange elements and power themselves such as the ability to transform into fairy shape or even gaining the changeling ability altogether. The Fae King may eventually fall in love with the farmer's daughter, seeking to breed her repeatedly.

Scenario 3:  The Scarlet Adulteress (Fetishes: Infidelity, forced impregnation, unattractive partners, group/public rape, humiliation)

A deserting soldier has fled through the wilderness and ended up in the Valley of the Moon, where he is taken in by the wealthiest farmer in the village. You play his wife, tasked with taking care of the handsome but, unknown to her, coward of a man. Your husband becomes suspicious that you have fornicated with the soldier, whether you have or have not, and your character is dragged before the village elders for judgment. The resulting punishment is severe to coincide with the humiliation of the husband: the wife is brought before the public, put in restraints, and subjected to public rape, humiliation, and mild forms of torture, meant to degrade and humiliate her. She is forced to wear red at all times and no other colors, and whether or not she will find redemption is unknown. Perhaps she will be rescued by the same soldier she was accused of cheating with, or perhaps she will be forced to breed slaves of unknown fatherhood after a hundred men have seeded her womb.

Scenario 4: The Making of a Viking

A Viking-like chief and his small army of raiders pillage the coast of an Ireland-like land of rural peoples without a strong ability to defend themselves. In this process the chief captures a young woman and brings her back to his fjord homeland where she must serve as his personal slave, in ways both sexual and in standard servitude, on fear that she will be callously murdered like all worthless slaves if she disobeys. The relationship would have a natural trajectory of her enslavement and being subjected to his whims and desires, and beholding the violent and paganistic viking life, to her actually earning his affection and her being given the opportunity to become a viking shieldmaiden herself. The tale of fall and rise, with romance developing from a plethora of initial smut, would also be a female empowerment tale. I'm open to it becoming a revenge tale if you want to take that angle as well.

Modern Indulgences

Teacher x Student
Father x Babysitter
Father x Daughter's Best Friend

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Re: -=- Darkmoon's Plot Ideas (M for F) -=-
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2018, 11:28:38 am »
Bump: added Scenario 4 and "modern indulgences", which are some simple pairings I'd like to give a try.