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May 17, 2022, 01:04:31 pm

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Author Topic: To Tell the Tale: The Price of Freedom (M/f BDSM and Intrigue)  (Read 1098 times)

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Offline FigTreeTopic starter

This plot is loosely informed by The Handmaid’s Tale, but familiarity with the book/show isn’t at all necessary; I'm still largely closed for play, but I'm craving this plot something fierce, so it seemed worth casting a net! I’m seeking a dominant (preferably lady/liege/legate) partner with strong character development skills. If you’re interested, check out my Ons and Offs and shoot me a PM!

Living to Tell the Tale
The arc of the Universe is long, and it bends towards justice - that’s what she’d always believed. So when it seemed like things weren’t going well politically she’d marched and called and sent letters, but she’d never imagined it could happen. Not now, certainly not in her country.

Until, of course, it did. Overnight, in sweeping measures tucked inside another bill and then shored up with a series of additional laws, women’s rights were stripped away. They were rendered property, both them and their former holdings going to their husbands or male next of kin. The worst part was that her country was economically important enough that no one else was willing to challenge the laws. Oh, they’d offer asylum to women already there, but allowing immigration and risking the attendant trade embargos and potential military involvement? It wasn’t worth it.

There was still one way out, though: find someone to sponsor her bid for citizenship elsewhere. Someone like an old friend she’d met on a trip abroad in high school, perhaps. Someone who’s enough to help, yes, but also smart enough to know that she wouldn’t be able to turn him down if the parameters of his sponsorship were that she had to serve him until her new citizenship came through. After all, what’s being property for six months if it saves you from being property for a lifetime?

A variation on the theme: Or, perhaps it was impossible for women to leave at all, no matter who was willing to sign for them on the other side of the world. Unless, of course, it can be proven that they aren’t leaving as asylum seekers, but as properly trained and obedient property with a man’s name on their lease. Building a convincing case for that, though, requires a great deal of trust...and looks a great deal like submitting in truth.

In this game, I’m interested in the relationship between this woman and the person helping to save her from her country’s political upheaval, but in a way that requires she become the thing she fears. D/s elements, bondage, and anything else approved in my Ons and Offs can and will be part of the game, but the relationship and questions of ethics and agency and the appropriate price to ask for doing a good deed are at its heart; the ideal partner will be interested in writing a character who has his or her (I’m open to either, though if it’s another woman the variation in-country isn’t possible) own complicated journey to undergo. This game could fall anywhere between two people doing their best to outsmart a government and finding that pretending to be something without becoming it in truth is complicated all the way to someone choosing to use a very good deed to cash in on a fantasy, but it shouldn’t feel violent or non-consensual at any point.

I look forward to hearing from you!
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Offline FigTreeTopic starter

Re: To Tell the Tale: The Price of Freedom (M/f BDSM and Intrigue)
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Bump! I would really love to get this game rolling with someone!