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Author Topic: Of Fantasy & Desire [M for F]  (Read 1025 times)

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Of Fantasy & Desire [M for F]
« on: July 19, 2018, 07:41:41 pm »
The Fantasy Engineer

I like to consider myself a storyteller.

I tell stories, through writing. Does that interest you? We all tell stories. Humans. People do. It's our nature. We do it around the campfire, of ghosts and forest-dwelling things. We do it at the dinner table, recapturing the events of the day. We do it to ourselves, to rationalize our point of view. We seek it out in entertainment, through film and through music, through written words or upon a stage. We all tell stories, and when we're not we're embracing them curiously from others.

About the author

I have been part of this hobby for a number of years, and while some would tell you they want quality, others quantity, I ask, why not strive for both? I can be flexible, though my typical preference runs between three to five paragraphs.

Relating to kinks within a story, I'm very open in this manner too, and so long as it makes sense in a given tale, you'll find me willing to incorporate the things that you like. Some of my favorites are incest, anal, and generally anything forbidden or dark, with the things I have no interest in being notably few - bathroom material, squirting, and furry.

I would prefer to write on the forums at this time.

Below are a few writing samples to give you an idea of my style, to see if we'd mesh. Though my currently listed stories are of a darker sort, my tastes in general vary greatly, and so my chosen examples carry that in mind.

For your perusal

A taste of the light...
"You are beautiful," came whispered words upon slightly parted lips. The light brown of a set of doeskin leather boots brushed through the tall grass in careful, measured steps. It was best to walk light of foot when one was on the hunt, to carefully brush, and to carefully step, avoiding the snapping of twigs or any other sort of unnecessary noise. And when pulling your bowstring back, as the man did now, one would do it very slow, as slow as the measured breath that came with. "New pants, dried meat for a month... Beautiful, skittish thing, you have been worth this chase."

One hazel eye narrowed. The other, golden in its hazel hue, remained open as the hunter centered his arrowhead's aim on the adult female's body. But as soon as he set that aim he held it, hesitating, and as soon as he hesitated the doe picked its head from the grass to casually prance past a bush into the next patch of trees. "..." He sighed, and perhaps a bit too loudly. "Can you never give me a clean shot?" He sighed again, but with it he couldn't help but smirk. To some hunting was intimidating. To others it was a chore. To him it was peaceful, relaxing, more about natural order and appreciation than the killing itself. In that appreciation of the life being given to sustain his needs, Tierian always strove to spare the creature pain whenever he could, trying his utmost for a clean shot rather than one to the hind that would see it hobble about in pain. Sometimes this was done by simply repositioning oneself before the shoot. Sometimes, though, sometimes this involved quietly dashing after a beautiful doe for three hours full, and several miles further away than he liked to have to haul something home.

Careful, measured steps took him strafing through the rich knee-high grass while the tension on the bowstring lessened. The slightly weathered features of his face returned to relaxation. His chest retained its steady rise and fall within the loose cotton shirt whose front hung open, strings untied, a bit of his form bared and glistening with sweat in the intense summer heat. Tierian's paced steps took him around the back end of that large bush to where he had circled around it, eyes following the doe that now stopped to graze between several tall, mossy trees.

"That'a girl," he whispered soft. The bowstring pulled again. One eye narrowed. Arrow nocked and ready, Tierian centered his aim finally on the docile creature's neck, just behind its jaw. It would not be a killing blow, but it would be debilitating, allowing him to follow up with a second almost immediately, and without chase. Taking a slow, steady inhale, his body prepared for the release and-

-never did.

The huntsman's entire body froze. His movements found pause. Following the line of the creature's neck, to its face, to down by its mouth where it grazed, he could see a very pale hand sticking out around the bend of the tree. It was simply laying there, not so much resting as it was unmoving. Tierian eyed it curiously. The more he kept pause to look, the more he noticed little things, such as tendrils of soft red barely hanging in view around the bend of the tree from slightly higher up.

"Git, git," he suddenly blurted out in a full voice, standing from his crouch, relaxing his bow and stepping out from his cover as if he hadn't been hunting at all. The doe's head whipped up and around to face him, briefly, before dashing off toward a set of far trees. Tierian's eyes paid only attention to the pale hand though, a hand that, as he spun around the mossy tree, gave way to an arm, which with another two steps gave way to a head of autumn and a body of snow. "Good lord," he softly exhaled as his eyes scanned over the lithe, fair form. She was nude. His mind registered this, though not in the way a man's typically would. Other than the brief glimpse to ascertain such, Tierian's golden hazel eyes stayed on the girl's face, frowning pitiably.

Much as he did not wish to think on it, he had seen enough in his life that this filled him with sadness, but not with shock. "You poor thing," as he approached the body, setting the arrow back into the quiver, hooking the bow over it and his shoulder. Sighing again, an exhale through his nostrils, the hunter knelt down in the grass at the base of the tree. He removed one of his leather gloves to wrap his palm around the youthful maiden's right wrist. "...So cold," he whispered in sorrow. Kneeling there, he held around her forearm while looking to the soft features of her face. Wordless, he looked to her in silent wonder, unsure of what to really do or say. Whatever had happened, he seemed many hours too l-

His eye caught sight of something. Her chest. Blinking, Tierian looked to the young woman's bare, lightly freckled breasts...were they moving? He stared. Faintly. Faintly... He removed his hand from her cold wrist to place that palm over her left breast, over her heart. "It is is there. It is weak, but it is there." After a few seconds the palm moved to her forehead. "By the hot..." His fingers curved around her face, brushing back wispy strands of hair and coming to tuck his fingers around her jaw, cradling her cheek gently. "Miss? Miss?! ...Might you hear me?!"
...a little something inbetween...
"No entertainment," quipped one of the men in curiosity, in playful disbelief, "none?"

"She doesn't listen well, I don't think. We have a room for the night. We aren't going anywhere," his voice heavy with the typical Nordic brogue.

"Speaking of listening," Corpulus said, his tone impatient, "I have already offered to give you gentlemen back the coin for your room."

"And we have declined," the redhead snapped in a sharp voice. "What of our entertainment?!"

Equally sharp, "The lady has said no!" Corpulus' face was stern. His body language, his voice took on a firmness he hated, and was something even Lisette only saw him rarely display. "You have both made her uncomfortable. And it has been a long night, she is too tired to sing any longer. Can neither of you respect a woman's fatigue?"

"Who said anything about...singing?" The dark-haired man smiled wickedly, leaning back, reclining against his seat. His eyes were on the Breton.

"I would like to hear her sing."

"Really? We heard her mouth all night. I was thinking of buying her other lips."

"Since when? You were talking till five minutes ago of wanting up 'er bum."

"Yeah, but where's the joke in that?"

They snickered. The innkeep, however, didn't. "How dare you two! You apologize to her, this moment!"

"I've never been very good at that," the darker-haired of the two said, moving to lean forward in his chair. Removing his eyes from Lisette, finally, he looked Corpulus in the face. "Apologizing."

"...It's true, you know. He is a bit of a bastard," the other joked, his tone lighter than the current mood. This caused his friend to give a brief, toothy chuckle, though the man still remained leaning forward. The redhead continued, relaxing into his seat, "Strenvir's still pretty sore, you know, that you never apologized for punching him down that hill."

"I meant to punch him. Why would I apologize?"

"But down the hill, though?"

"Man should have kept his surroundings in mind when he mouthed off."

"He was on a horse!" The bearded man laughed. "You sent the horse tumbling down those first ten feet too!"

"Then I suppose I made my point."

They just chuckled together then. "See what I mean? Tried and true bastard. No, I'm pretty certain there's going to need to be entertainment of some sort."

Corpulus didn't even know what to make of this. He looked at the men, unwilling to take his eyes off them, but after the one finished speaking things went quiet for a long moment. Then, "Lisette." The bottoms of a chair sounded as he pulled it out. He didn't know what to make of this, but if things had taken a joking turn he could seize upon that. Sitting, "Please, go to my room. In the top drawer of my desk there should be some cards. And there is a small cupboard with some food -- not much, just some fancier smoked meats and aged cheeses, and some special bottles of mead. I have not been holding out on you gentlemen; this is my private stock, that I do not often share. This, and a few games of cards will be yours, if we things down a bit. What say you?" He looked from one to the other, though made sure to keep his attention on both. "Would that be entertaining? I will even put thirty gold in the pot to start us off."

They looked between themselves. "I'm game," said one. The other, though, let his eyes drift to the blonde, and his smile widen as she moved. "Will she be joining us?"

"No," sternly. "She is very tired. She is going to get those for us, then excuse herself to bed."
...and a taste of the dark.
"Stop?! STOP?!" Cregg screamed, bending his knees, crouching right down in her face. "You stupid - look what you - you fucking stabbed me!"

"Don isn't gonna like it if we screw her up much more than this though man."

"More than this? How much more than this?!" Cregg put a foot on her shoulder, shoving her with it. "We don't wanna fuck her up too much, right?!" Another shove with his foot, his right hand holding tight around his left bicep. He stopped a moment. Then he snarled. Then he spit a mouthful of saliva down at Christy's face.


Cregg just paced around a bit.

"You still wanna get laid, by the way?"

No answer. Just frustrated grunts, grumbles, and a kick to a halfway open stall door.

"Go grab some stuff and get cleaned up then man. I'll bring her in when I'm done."

Cregg didn't respond verbally, just walked past Brody, still clutching his arm, pausing only long enough to give a good, stiff kick in frustration to a different stall door on the way out. As he left, a bloody slick remained in his wake on the handle of the main bathroom door, the man disappearing out into the evening air.

Brody's attention left its glance over his shoulder and turned back to the girl, back to Christy. Smirking, "...So, you ever give a bloody blowjob before? ...Me neither. Get one, I mean. And heh, shit sounds kinda weird, but ya gotta admit, right, it sounds different." He came to step over her, looking at her casually as she lay curled up on the floor. "You wanted it to stop right? This is how it stops. Get up on your knees already dumbass."

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Re: Of Fantasy & Desire [M for F]
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2018, 07:43:28 pm »
~ Current Cravings ~

Spoils of War  ~  Taken
Non-Consensual  /  Vikings  /  Dark
The town was warned. They were given the opportunity to offer tribute, in the amount of one-fifth of everything they had, in material and living beings both. They declined. We have the high ground, they thought, and our sharp wooden gate has two layers, stretching miles around us in protection. Woe will be the man who assumes us as nothing more than mountainside farmers.

Unfortunately, that was what it came down to. Their sentries were boys that had grown into men without seeing combat greater than slaying a few wolves brazen enough to pick at their flocks. When several hundred battle-hardened Vikings came through, giving them five days to offer one-fifth or they would take it all... It had been their pride that came before their fall. And, their fall that came before women being raped right in the streets as the smoke of their still-burning homes stung in their eyes. And not long after that, the surrendering men being carted off, the livestock and goods being divvied up, and their town existing only in memory, as a warning that would see the next several choose the path of paying tribute.

The women were lined up in the field, their old lives to their backs. Stripped naked, tied to one another with rope as if they were cattle, it was now up to the victorious Viking horde to decide what to do with each one - keep around for sexual pleasure? What about for chores, to cook and mend? What about for entertainment? It wasn't unheard of for men like this to beat on their captives when they became bored, or better yet, to pit two of them against one another in a situation where only one was allowed to live. And then there were tales of cannibalism, or torture for the sake of torture, or people meeting very grim ends, their bodies left as a show for others... All figments of children's nightmares and traveling merchants rarely sober enough to remember what they saw, right? What of the rumors of slaves in Viking society being able to earn their way up socially, even becoming shieldmaidens and joining their master in battle? Were those child's tales too, or a hope to cling to, even as everything once known now smells of smoke and regret?

For this, I'd like someone interested in exploring the dark with me. How far do you want to go? What taboo things do you want your character to be forced to do? To witness? To have to beg, that it not happen to her?

The Land of Make-Believe
Non-Consensual  /  Celebrity  /  Degradation
Society operates on a pendulum. Often things gravitate toward the middle, but it's undeniable that the more a pendulum swings to one side, the more it will swing back to the other - it takes no further than looking at the news, and at recent history, to watch society swing Left, only to swing Right a few years later, only to swing back Left even harder than before. How long can a nation keep that up? How much more extreme can one side get? And what lies in store for when the court of public opinion eventually swings back in the other direction, momentum in its favor?

What changes would come with?

As the minds of the public, that pendulum in full swing, eventually shift back to the Right, what are some things all that momentum would bring?

Imagine all those celebrities who so often speak out, now silenced. Imagine people turn on them. Imagine they're seen as entitled, and their lavish lifestyle should come at a cost. #MeToo? Imagine people start rolling their eyes at the Weinsteins of the world, unimpressed and blowing it off as something that comes with the territory.

'whatever. id suck a dick to be in the next star wars LOL u should too'

'Please excuse #MeToo from this conversation while I figure out how to pay my bills this month. Hopefully your wifi will get this all the way out on your yacht.'

'part of the territory. u KNEW it b4 u went IN!!'

Twitter, once supportive of sexual harassment allegations, now turns on people, and it doesn't take long at all before that mentality spreads to other platforms of social media, to roundtable conversation shows on TV, and then to the water cooler, even becoming something acceptable to talk about in polite company, with the proper wording of course.

It's only a matter of time before it's no longer a 'poorly-kept secret' of Hollywood, and headlines are made as the first big-budget contract is offered to an actress with sexual favors right in the fine print... And from there, the downhill boulder gains momentum. Other A-List actresses start seeing it part of any major production's contract. Then B-List. Then television. Then stage. Almost overnight, it's like you can't even get an audition anymore without literally blowing the casting agent, no matter your name, and if you want something big, much are you willing to agree to, in writing?

The public, for their part, offers no sympathy. Maybe in time the pendulum will swing back. But for now it's fully in this direction, and if you want a job as a woman anywhere in the entertainment industry, you used to just have to get in line - now you'll have to get on your back, officially.

We can go anywhere with this, with anyone of our choosing. The setting would lend itself to either a longterm pairing, or a series of one-shots. There's no limit to the creativity, the kinks, and the depravity we can have fun with in this one. One key thing is that this would all be relatively new, with all the changes happening fast, so it's not considered 'normal' yet - it's still humiliating, and degrading, but if you don't, then welcome to the blacklist.

Ancient Rome  /  Celebrity  /  Multiple Characters
A few decades ago there was a real movie called Caligula. It took place in ancient Rome and depicted numerous known actors and actresses, some A-Listers even, and was such a blend of drama, occasional violence and lengthy scenes of hardcore sex that there was legitimate debate on whether or not it should be considered a porn movie with an extremely high budget, or be considered a Hollywood film that didn't shy away from the excessiveness of that time. Regardless of what people each categorized it as, it was infamous and talked about, and the movie would go back and forth between scenes of serious writing and acting and scenes of a famous actress getting her bush pounded, or a room-wide bisexual oral orgy while the Emperor watched, or even participated. Imagine something like Game of Thrones ramped up to the nth degree. I'd like to recreate this. And instead of just a movie, why not make it a whole series? With seasons? Is it Showtime's answer to HBO's blockbuster, or with Thrones' success is HBO willing to push the envelope three steps further? Hour long episodes where anywhere from seven or eight minutes to over thirty, literally half the given episode, is hardcore sex with notable Hollywood names, penetration and orgasms fully shown, camera angles that make it proudly clear they don't use body doubles. Mixed with that is an ongoing dramatic story about Rome, its Emperor and some of its people.

You do not need to have seen the movie. I'm not looking to redo it literally, just to take its concept and run with it, with the indulgence and excess of Rome providing the perfect backdrop. We'll be making our own characters, writing up our own plot, our own everything.

So who are the ones who would put ink to paper, rolling the dice on a career move that could either drop them into obscurity or make them household names that can get any role, for any amount of money, maybe even with an Emmy or two sitting on their shelf? That's for us to decide. This is something that may take a little discussion back and forth, as we have to find a few that feel right for it and who we both enjoy, so please keep that part in mind! There's things to consider along with it, such as what role each actor/actress play.

For the ladies, maybe one is the Emperor's beautiful niece, priding herself on being his favorite among his lovers, with a cheery aspiration for more. Another a recently acquired slave whose former home resisted joining the Roman Empire and was subsequently conquered, here now as a poorly-treated trophy to Rome's might. Another a once-virginal priestess, abandoning chaste vows to marry a powerful member of the senate. Another the intelligent daughter of a local merchant being presented to the palace's menagerie of senators and guests as a gift, or as payment for forgiveness for a foul deed, and whom harbors a personal desire to become the apple of her Emperor's eye, to strive to be his favorite concubine, maybe as a way to improve her family's standing, or maybe simply in embracement of her new, lavish life. We can be as creative with the roles as we want. And what sort of actresses would take a chance on something so lewd, something there was no going back from? ...Maybe, for example, Jennette McCurdy wants to break free of her Disney past, and before she's forgotten about, a few seasons of something like this is the perfect way to launch her from a childhood career into something much more grown up. Maybe Jennifer Lawrence is ready to take on such an enormously unique role and she's open enough as a person to not really care about the naysayers, having firmly established herself in the acting world. Maybe Emilia Clarke is willing to take the attention her young career received on Game of Thrones and push things even further than before. Maybe Lindsay Lohan is looking for the right way to make a grand, bold return. Or Scarlett Johannson wants to solidify her place as today's major sexual bombshell. Or Natalie Portman feels she has everything it takes to be a sex symbol, despite her petite frame and modest chest - that sex appeal is as much about attitude. Or maybe there's someone who is talented but really only known for a specific role, like Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead, and wants to break out, to be recognized for more than just that. Or an actress who's no longer part of the 'young' crowd, like Jennifer Aniston, looking to show with abandon that she's still got what it takes.

For the gentlemen, the Emperor could be anything we want him to be, from a cruel, crude warmonger to a man of kindness, of intelligence and, of course, with all these women around, a lust for life. Maybe one of the senators sticks out as being younger than the rest, perhaps having been recently awarded his role after distinguishing himself on the field of battle. Maybe there's just a fat, shameless, older senator in general who would make for an interesting character. Maybe the Captain of the Royal Guard, often seen about the palace, at the Emperor's side. Maybe a well-to-do merchant of some sort whose affairs take him to the palace regularly. And what sort of actors would be interesting in such roles? ...Maybe Jeremy Irons, older and distinguished, with a definite aire of elegance about him, and the open attitude that he's already won his Oscar, so it's more about the paycheck and the role being interesting to him these days. Maybe a younger heartthrob like Channing Tatum, on a roll right now, would be open to turning that notable fanbase and Hollywood momentum into his most talked about performance to date. Maybe someone with the refinement and intensity of a Jude Law, or the warm ruggedness of a Jake Gyllenhaal, or the darker, more gruff, but just as enthralling Rufus Sewell. In addition to whatever mainstay on-screen characters I play, I think there's a unique opportunity for an interesting style in having an OC director about to break the fourth wall from time to time, especially in manners like the two of us describing camera angles, or if it's felt a scene 'needs to be reshot.'

The aforementioned celebrity names and character roles are only suggestions, you will be free to pick from the above or suggest your own, with us going back and forth until we both have a line-up we like. There's a lot of moving parts with this that will need to be discussed, and then balanced as we play. There's each of us playing multiple characters, there's fitting the right actresses and actors both for the roles we envision and that we would each enjoy, there's slipping back and forth between the in-role setting and the fourth wall, but if you feel you can handle all of that, I think this is a unique, interesting idea that would reward the challenge with a rich experience. I would like a partner comfortable in playing three to four characters for this, with myself taking on two to three with the director in addition; temporary NPCs will come and go as needed. And if that's not enough, there's the kinks - a story like this certainly lends itself to the extreme, with going 'over the top' not merely a possibility, but part of what would thematically define it. As such, there's really no kink that couldn't have a place here, and my ideal partner would be someone who sees a delicious opportunity in that.

Joke's on You  ~  Taken
Batman  /  Kidnapping  /  Dark
The Joker & Batgirl never did get much face time together, did they?

Perhaps Bruce deemed he was too dangerous, and was to be handled by Batman only.

Perhaps his menagerie of henchmen simply kept her busy every time they engaged, and for his part, Joker was simply obsessed with good ol' Bats.

But what if something changed? What if it was Batgirl, Little Miss Gordon, who became the focus of The Joker?

Maybe something happened. Maybe his Harley Quinn died, and Joker snapped - as if he wasn't a basket case already. Batman wouldn't kill her outright, but who's to say she couldn't have died in an explosion, or have fallen off a roof? Or a police shootout, with Commissioner Gordon's men. Whatever the case may be, Joker wants vengeance, with absolutely nothing off the table. Mere violence isn't enough - there's so much better you can inflict upon the living.

Enter Batgirl. She would be taken. Lured off on her own, and kidnapped. She would be tortured. She would be raped. She would be permanently changed, both body and mind.

She could resist him, yes, but for how long? Barbara's every bit smart and capable, but it's no disservice to acknowledge that The Mad Clown is out of her league.

Would she don the skintight outfit, put on the makeup and become the next HQ? Or would she become something entirely else?

Cold Reality
Frozen  /  Enslavement  /  Dark
At the close of the events of Disney's Frozen, everyone is happy. Our heroes win, the sisters are united and one again, and peace is restored to the kingdom of Arendelle. Everything is perfect...

...but in whose eyes? Enter a dark conqueror. A necromancer king from past the mountains, he knew of and respected Arendelle's wealth, but not its people. Come the recent strife, and what is a kingdom in strife if not perfect for the taking? Though their troubles may have just recently been put in the past and Queen Elsa is ready to move on, the focus was elsewhere for too long - his forces were already on the move.

Might makes right in this world, and when his men laid siege upon the city, upon Arendelle proper, it took everything the kingdom's soldiers had to keep them at bay. Perhaps fittingly poetic, the rains opened up that day, turning ground to mud and creating a dreary sight to the armored force pushing against them. If they were unprepared for this, though, they were even less so for what came next - tales of this neighboring kingdom's ruler being a necromancer were rife in the taverns on dreary nights, as men were too far into their cups, but now the non-believers were watching it happen right in front of their eyes. Skeletons rose from graves. Not only this, they then grabbed whatever weapon was near, or simply used their boney hands, joining in on the fight. This sudden, terrifying foe had appeared before their front line, breaking the courage of the men with ease.

Arendelle would fall in a very brief amount of time, under the heavy boot of a man whom survivors trembled at the thought of.

And, in short time, the sisters Anna and Elsa would find that it was not only their kingdom that he was here to take. Against a foe so powerful, would they resist? Would they struggle to the very end, no matter how long he kept them around? Or would embracing a new life as some pretty 'thing' at his side be better than the gallows?

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Re: Of Fantasy & Desire [M for F]
« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2018, 09:53:03 pm »
As time goes on, the above will be edited to reflect my current interests.

However, what's listed above doesn't have to be all I'm available to - if you'd like to pitch an idea, even if it doesn't resemble anything currently displayed of my own, feel welcome to.

Please use private messages to reach out.

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Re: Of Fantasy & Desire [M for F]
« Reply #3 on: August 04, 2018, 08:14:22 pm »
Added two new stories, Joke's on You & Cold Reality. Possibly more to come soon.

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Re: Of Fantasy & Desire [M for F]
« Reply #4 on: September 30, 2018, 06:34:40 pm »
Bumping. A few of these plots have become open again, and I'm curious to meet some imaginative minds.

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Re: Of Fantasy & Desire [M for F]
« Reply #5 on: October 28, 2018, 12:13:26 pm »
Bumping. I'm craving something celebrity right now, so both The Land of Make-Believe and Decadence would certainly have my attention, to any potential partners. Cold Reality still holds an interest. And though I haven't fully formed the idea yet(hence nothing official currently posted above), I've been toying with the thought lately of doing something with a cult.