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December 01, 2020, 11:34:11 AM

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Author Topic: Heroes/Paragons/Whateley Academy style superheroics (with a body swap twist)  (Read 472 times)

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Online Callie Del NoireTopic starter

I have this image of a story, setting in a low to middling superheroic setting

Plotline: we can hash out via PM.

Essentially my character wakes up in the body of a woman in a hospital gown wondering how he/she got there and what is going on. How could be figured out via PM but I have a variety of methods .
- Mental power (his or someone else) put him in there.
- Device/Supertech (something similar to the cortitical stacks in Altered Carbon)
- Magic
- Nanotech rebuild him into a woman

His new body has powers:
 - Teleportation
 - Minor Regeneration (enough to slow aging and eliminate scars)
 - The ability to 'scry' a limited distance (ESP/Remote viewing)
 - A 'mind palance' from the person whose body I wound up in. Locations and skills can be learned by reliving her memories. (flashbacks and such)

Basically if you're into the Whateley setting (v her MID (Mutant ID) would read as follows
  Exemplar 2 (Mental 4)
  Esper 2 (Limited)
  Warper (Teleport) 5
  Regen 2

Edit: Another idea could be forthcoming.

Sample Introduction:

There was blackness, and then a twisting/falling sensation and he was aware of humid air and the scent of back alley dumpster rot and things not suitable for considering.
He looked around, badly lit alley with few clues as to where he was. A touch to the back of the neck revealed long hair, a glance down showed something he didn't recall
having, breasts and a panicked check revealed all the points of anatomy of woman and last he recalled he was a guy. He couldn't recall his last moment of awareness but
he was sure of that.
He was also sure that he had something more than a hospital gown.
"I need clothing' He said, starting at the husky whiskey rich voice she had. An image filled her mind.

Her hands lifting an acoustic tile, sliding in a duffel back into place before letting it drop back in place. A memory, not his but hers, but with it he/she felt the location
as clearly as if he/she was there. A twisting/falling sensation and then she/he was. A quick check revealed a small gym bag sized duffel full of clothes. A quick panicked
change of clothes had her in tight jeans, a embarrassingly tight thong and sports bra, tank top and tshirt.

She was, she discovered, in New Orleans..

"Now what do I do?"
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Online Callie Del NoireTopic starter