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Author Topic: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)  (Read 2028 times)

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Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
« on: July 19, 2018, 06:39:20 AM »
    X-Men Prime [RPG]


      Welcome to vixen `s  X-men Prime RPG, a free-form forum game!

      THE X-MEN
      Players will be free to select from existing Marvel/X-MEN heroes to join the team. Ore choose to create new mutants of their own design. The more characters we get the more we will use the different teams. X-men Gold team is the public team who works alongside Avengers, Fantastic Four and the Defenders as the public relation's superhero team. X-men Blue is the recruitment team finding new mutants and bringing them safely to the school. The Astonishing Team works primarily out of the mansion to teach the students and Generation X is the next gen of young mutants.

      Player Expectations:

      • Players are expected to get along in the OOC. And also in PMS
      • Players are expected to NOT God Mode*.
      • Players are expected to be considerate of their character's powers in relation to the powers of other characters in game. Such as in fight scenes.
      • Players will be expected to mark all adult posts such as R and NC17 for adult content.
      [/li][li]Players will maintain a similar posting frequency with those they are playing with.[/li]

      * On the topic of God Moding, we would like to state categorically that we will not tolerate it. We will talk out any fight scenes in the OOC section to make sure we are being just and fair and no one is coming off as an all powerful character. *

      GM Prompts

      1.  Several X-men teams function within the school.

      2.  The Game loosely takes place after Secret War 2, so events such as the death of Scott Summers/Cyclops and Charles Xavier have occurred.

      3.  The XMEN live and are taught in the Charles Xavier facility which is on the city limits of Westchester New York City.

      4.  The time displaced X-men five are available to play.

      5. When joining you may claim two characters, one student and one teacher.   

      (All players will be asked to add one GM prompt!)

      The Teams:

      1.  X-men Gold.
      2.  X-men Blue.
      3.  Astonishing X-men.
      4.  Generation X.


      Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
      « Reply #1 on: July 19, 2018, 06:48:51 AM »
      CHARACTER NAME: Shadowcat
      REAL NAME: Kitty Pryde
      AGE: 23, Birthday the 18th of October
      SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Hetrosexual
      HEIGHT: 5`7
      WEIGHT: 127lbs.
      AFFILIATION: The X-men (Gold Team Leader), Guardians of the Galaxy (formerly) Excalibur (formerly) S.H.E.I.L.D (formerly)
      PLAYED BY: voluptiousvixen
      FACECLAIM: Emilia Clarke



      Kitty was born in Deerfield, Illinois. When she was 13 years old, she began getting headaches which were the result of her mutant powers starting to manifest. Both the Hellfire Club and Professor X pursued Kitty to get her to join their cause. Kitty did not like Emma Frost or her attitude which made Kitty feel uncomfortable around her. It was an easy decision for Kitty to go with Xavier and the few X-Men accompanying him. One of the X-Men was Storm, and they quickly became friends.

      The X-Men were abruptly attacked by mercenaries sent by Emma Frost. They battled and The X-Men defeated them easily, but Emma used her telepathy to freeze everyone. Kitty was able to slip away during the confusion and contacted Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Nightcrawler. They arrived soon after and Kitty helped them rescue the captured X-Men. Xavier returned Kitty to her parents who were furious that their daughter had been missing for an entire day. When Professor Xavier requested that she be allowed to study at his School For Gifted Youngsters, Kitty's parents refused, and expressed their fear for the danger they felt he represented to their daughter. Jean Grey erased their memories and replaced them with false ones, thus changing their perception of Professor Xavier. Kitty's parents relented, and she was allowed to join the school, becoming the youngest X-Man ever.While in the X-men, Kitty developed a relationship with her (older) team member, Colossus. She also became close friends with his sister Illyana Rasputin. Initially, Kitty was also uncomfortable around mutants with irregular physical features such as Nightcrawler. Eventually she overcame this problem as she got to know him, and the two became close friends. During a mission in space, Kitty befriended an alien dragon named Lockheed. They gained a psychic bond with each other and Lockheed became extremely loyal to Kitty. To this day the two are nearly inseparable.

      While dating Colossus Kitty met Douglas Ramsey, a bright young man who shared her love for computers, science fiction, and arcade games. The two seemed an ideal pair; both notably bright (Kitty has been said to possess 'genius-level intelligence', Doug being on par), from similar backgrounds, and close in age.

      This was not lost on Colossus, who sometimes wondered if he, a 'simple Russian farm boy', could make Kitty as happy as her new friend seemed to. The White Queen stated that Kitty had feelings for Doug when she tried to persuade the young woman to transfer to Massachusetts Academy. Despite all this, Kitty and Colossus remained close, often going to Salem Center on dates. Colossus, despite having stated that he and Kitty had already talked about having a life together once she was old enough, developed feelings for an alien named Zsaji whom he met during the Secret Wars. At first he thought the feelings were due to the side-effects of her healing powers, but he eventually realized them as genuine emotion. The object of his affections, however, died in battle, a loss that affected the young Russian profoundly. Once back on earth, he confessed to Kitty that he had not been faithful and cheated on her with Zsaji. This ultimately ended their relationship.

      When Kitty's father, Carmen Pryde, ran into trouble with the Yakuza, she went to Japan to investigate. She was kidnapped and brainwashed by a ninja Yakuza boss named Ogun. Using a combination of brainwashing and training techniques that bordered on magical, Ogun turned her into an assassin and she single-handedly killed entire groups of ninjas. When he felt she was ready, Ogun ordered her to kill Wolverine. Kitty nearly did kill Wolverine before his friend, Yukio, beat her senseless, allowing Kitty the opportunity to defeat the brainwashing. Kitty realized that she had been turned into a killing machine and tried to run away, however Wolverine stopped her and forced her to confront her issues. Kitty, Wolverine, and Yukio battled Ogun together and defeated him. Defeated and humiliated, Ogun tried to kill her, but impaled himself on Wolverine's claws as he passed through Kitty's phased form. In the end Kitty decided not to kill Ogun which convinced Wolverine that she was herself again.

      Together, Kitty and Wolverine helped her father recover, eventually returning to New York City. The two have since developed a big brother/little sister relationship. She also adopted the code name Shadowcat after this event.

      During the Mutant Massacre, Kitty was badly injured saving Rogue from Harpoon. Her injury made her unable to un-phase and she was rushed to Muir Island to be treated by Dr. Moira MacTaggert. Moria was able to stop her from losing physical substance which would have made her cease to exist, but was not able to do more. Kitty was still intangible and had to make an extreme effort of concentration to become solid. At first they went to Mr. Fantastic for help, but he declined, claiming that he did not know what he could do for her. The X-Men turned to Doctor Doom, which angered the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four then tried to stop Dr. Doom from treating Kitty, believing that Doom had an ulterior motive, and they battled the X-Men. Franklin Richards stopped the two teams from fighting and made everyone come to their senses, in the process bonding considerably with Kitty herself. Reed Richards saw the error of his ways and decided to help the wounded young mutant, saving her life.

      During a fight with the Adversary (Kitty was not present due to her injuries from the Mutant Massacre), the X-Men made a sacrificing move to defeat him. This was televised live and it showed the X-Men being killed while defeating the Adversary. They were later resurrected and decided to keep a low profile so they could have the advantage on their enemies. This meant they could not contact friends, family or even Kitty. Thinking her friends had died, Kitty was devastated. She left the X-Men mansion together with her long time teammate Nightcrawler and her pet dragon, Lockheed, and went to Britain. There she helped form the superhero team Excalibur which included new teammates Captain Britain and Meggan.

      She and Rachel Summers (an old X-Men teammate) were good friends, however, she was annoyed with her a great deal sometimes as most men they met were only interested in Rachel. Wanting to be like Rachel, Kitty dressed up in one of Rachel's costumes, strapped some high heels on, painted her face and went out on the town.After some time with Excalibur, Kitty learned that the X-men, who she presumed dead, where still alive. While being happier then she had been in a while, she and Nightcrawler choose to remain with Excalibur. A lot of things happened in the life of Kitty after that. Rachel seemingly got lost in the time-stream and was not seen again for a few years. Also a Phalanx-like creature calling itself Douglock surfaced and soon became part of the team. Despite bearing a striking resemblance to her long-dead friend Douglas Ramsey, it was proven that Douglock was an entirely separate entity, a concept which took Kitty a while to fully accept, and eventually the two became close friends as well. Kitty had even met and eventually fell in love with a British special agent named Pete Wisdom, who was himself a mutant. Later, Colossus regained his feelings for Kitty and went of to England to try and get her back. Unfortunately for him, Kitty was in a relationship with Pete Wisdom. Although Colossus was extremely mad at Pete and lashed out at him a number of times, he finally accepted their relationship and joined Excalibur. However, on a mission with S.H.I.E.L.D, Kitty realized that she was strongly attracted to one of the other agents, causing her to seriously re-think her relationship with Wisdom. Upon returning home, the two eventually sat down and discussed their feelings for one another, and decided to stop dating. Not long after, Captain Britain decided to retire from superheroing and married Mega. Excalibur disbanded soon afterwards. Kitty and her friends from Excalibur, Nightcrawler and Colossus joined her back to the United States and back to the X-Men. She ended her relationship with Pete Wisdom from that point on.

      After Captain Britain left Excalibur for good, the team was disbanded. Kitty and her friends from Excalibur, Nightcrawler and Colossus joined her back to the United States and back to the X-Men. There Kitty became part of the newest X-Men group where she was re-joyed of seeing her good friend Wolverine and Storm again. Kitty quickly adjusts to the team once more and became a valuable asset. Kitty remained an X-Man for some time, but when Colossus sacrificed his life to host the cure for the Legacy Virus, Kitty was distraught and left the team. She took his ashes back to Russia where he was born and raised and spread them across his family farm. Afterward. she retired from her career as a superhero and attended college in Chicago, working part-time in order to pay for her tuition. It was at this time that she also began to search for her father who she discovered had been in Genosha during the Sentinel attack that completely decimated the island nation's mutant population.

      Despite her reservations toward acting like a superhero, the rising anti-mutant sentiment and the threat it posed to her friends and family began to convince Kitty of her responsibility to once again use her powers and knowledge for the greater good. She also found a clip of her father in her messages sent before his death, telling her that he was proud of her and to make him even prouder. She then teamed with her friends, including Karma and Shola Inkosi, and fought back against attacks by Wild Sentinels and the Purity anti-mutant faction.

      Kitty was then captured by Reverend William Stryker and his goons who injected her with psychotropic drugs in an attempt to convert her to their cause. She managed to resist them and nearly killed Stryker, but instead allowed him to merge with an A.I. in an attempt to teach him about humanity. Kitty was freed by the X-Men and was influential in helping Storm's team recover Destiny's diaries. She re-joined the Xavier Institute now as a English teacher and started a romance up with Piotr Rasputin/Colossus. However after the Breakworld incident they stopped seeing each other, Kitty was the mentor of the five time displaced original X-men, she briefly dated Iceman before he came out as Homosexual and she spent six months traveling in space with the Guardians Of the Galaxy. She now has returned to Earth more confident and ready to lead the X-men.


      Kitty Pryde has the ability to pass through solid matter by allowing the molecules of her body to travel through the space between the molecules of whatever solid she is traveling through. In A+X she explains she used to hold her breath or she thought she had to but after the initial shock wore off, she can now phase through solid objects while breathing and talking. She can also render other people and objects intangible by touching them. When phasing through extremely dense materials, such as adamantium, Kitty experiences pain and disorientation as well as those with dense metals in their bodies ( Wolverine, X-23, etc.) should she phase through them. For some unknown reason, when Kitty phased through Garokk, it caused him intense pain. The reason for this is unclear. Kitty is capable of phasing any amount of her body through objects as well as humans leaving them unconscious.

      Kitty can disrupt electronic devices by passing through them in this manner without harm to herself. When she uses this ability in the opposite direction she can levitate herself by walking on air, as if she were walking up a flight of stairs. In her intangible state she is weak against certain energies, psionic and mystical attacks. While in phase form Kitty has demonstrated a remarkable resistance to psychic probing and psionic attacks, but she can be hurt by the Soul Sword and remains vulnerable to magic-based attacks.


      Kitty sufferd mental torture under the hands of Ogun and never really got over it, she considers him her greatest foe.
      She is susceptible to all magical attack and telepathic assaults. Kitty would die for her friends and they are her greatest weakness.
      Kitty feels guilty for the death of her farther and thinks she could have saved him If she hadn't been so proud when they fell out.
      Her closet friends are her weaknesses especially Piotr Rasputin, Logan, Ororo Munero, Kurt Wagner, Illyana Rasputin and Rachel Grey.


      A trained dancer and gymnast.
      Has a passion for the theatre and music festivals, loves to travel.
      She wears her Jewish Star under her uniform.
      Kitty was formerly in a serious relationship with Pete Wisdom before he faked his death.
      Katherine lost her virginity to Pete Wisdom at age 18.
      Kitty never really stopped loving her first boyfriend Piotr Rasputin.
      Sees Logan and Ororo as surrogate "parents".
      Kitty is also very close with Nightcralwer, Rachel Grey, Illyana Rasputin, Captain Britain and Megan. 


      Kitty dosent really carry around weapons but she is trained in all types of weaponry.

      KNOWN ENEMIES: Ogun, Magneto, Nimrod, and others.

      KNOWN LOVERS: Peter Wisdom (Lost her virginity too), Piotr Rasputin (love of her life), and Peter Quill.

      Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
      « Reply #2 on: July 19, 2018, 07:08:29 AM »
      CHARACTER NAME: Iceman
      REAL NAME:Robert  *Bobby* Drake
      AGE: 29 , Birthday the 23rd of September
      SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Homosexual
      HEIGHT: 6`0
      WEIGHT: 200 lbs.
      AFFILIATION: The X-men , Champions (Formerly), The Defenders (formerly) X Factor (formerly)
      PLAYED BY: voluptiousvixen
      FACECLAIM: Shawn Ashmore



      Robert Louis "Bobby" Drake was born in Floral Park, Long Island, New York, to William Robert Drake and Madeline Beatrice Bass-Drake. His father is Irish-American Catholic, and his mother is Jewish. Bobby's powers first manifested when he was on a date with Judy Harmon, and a local bully by the name of Rocky Beasely tried to take Judy away for himself. Knowing Judy could not put up a good fight, Bobby pointed his hand at Beasely and encased him in a block of ice. Later, the local townspeople, having heard of the incident, came looking for him in the form of an angry mob. The local sheriff had no choice but to put Bobby in jail for his own "protection". While Bobby sat in his cell at the sheriff station, the outer wall was blown open, and a young man named Scott Summers walked in and offered to take Bobby with him. After Bobby turned him down, the two mutants got into a short battle, which was soon ended by the arrival of Professor Charles Xavier.

      After Xavier spoke with Bobby and his parents, Bobby's parents suggested that he go with Professor Xavier to his "school for gifted youngsters". Bobby took the suggestion and left with Professor Xavier and Cyclops to become the second member of the X-Men. He is later joined by Henry "Hank" McCoy, Jean Grey, and Warren Worthington III as the founding members of the X-Men. Drake remains self-conscious regarding the fact that he is the youngest member of the group. Appearing in his original snow covered form, he first battles Magneto along with the rest of the team, and later the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Bobby Drake's first girlfriend is Zelda. Not long after, he takes on a new ice-covered form. He then teams up with the Human Torch for the first time. The two would become close friends as time went on. With the X-Men, he visits the Savage Land and meets Ka-Zar for the first time. He then battles the Juggernaut, and is badly injured in his first battle against the Sentinels. He next battles Magneto by himself. Later, he visits Subterranea for the first time. Then, he and Beast battle the Maha Yogi. During his original stint with the X-Men, Drake pursues a relationship with Lorna Dane, although the relationship does not last. Iceman is among the original X-Men captured by Krakoa, leading to a new incarnation of X-Men of which he is not a member. With most of the original team, he quits the X-Men.

      Iceman moves to the American west coast to attend UCLA and becomes a founding member of The Champions of Los Angeles. However, the Champions soon dissolve.

      Iceman is then abducted by Master Mold, and alongside Angel, he encounters the Hulk. Iceman next aids the Thing in battling the Circus of Crime. Drake retires from life as a superhero to earn a college degree in accounting - but apparently at a college on the east coast, not UCLA. While in college, he briefly rejoins the X-Men to rescue the captives of Arcade's henchman, Miss Locke.

      Iceman is reunited with Beast, encounters Cloud, and then returns as a full-time superhero in an incarnation of the Defenders alongside his former teammates, Angel and Beast. He also battles Professor Power's Secret Empire while with the Defenders. After the Defenders disband, Drake embarks on his career as an accountant.

      Some time later, Iceman encounters Mirage, the "daughter" of Oblivion. Iceman journeys back in time and meets his parents before he was born, and battles Oblivion and Mirage. He then reconciles with his parents.

      The original X-Men, including Iceman, reunite to form the superhero team X-Factor. With this new team, he encounters Apocalypse for the first time.

      During his time with the team, Loki captures Bobby, hoping to use him to gain control over the Frost Giants. Loki enhances Bobby's powers and then extracts them to restore the size of the Frost Giants. Iceman is rescued by Thor. Loki's tampering increases Bobby's powers to such an extent that he begins to lose control of his abilities. During a later battle with the Right, he is fitted with a power-dampening belt which actually helps him control his abilities. Once able only to sheathe his own body in a protective coating of ice, Bobby finds he can encase the entirety of the Empire State Building. With time, Bobby gains sufficient control over his augmented powers and is able to stop using the inhibitor belt. Believing he has achieved his full potential, Bobby does not attempt to develop his abilities further.

      With X-Factor, Bobby then defeats Apocalypse's Horsemen. Iceman helps watch over many of the younger superheroes, something he once was. Most notably, he and Beast help Boom Boom gain a more normal life. For a brief while, he also helps supervise the New Mutants and their sister team, the X-Terminators. They, in turn, save him from the deadly kiss of Infectia.

      Bobby also develops a romantic relationship with Opal Tanaka. After a session of ice sledding, she discovers threatening mail in her mailbox, a precursor to harassment by her cybernetically-enhanced relatives of the Tatsu Clan of the Yakuza, which Bobby helps her out with.

      After the "Muir Island Saga", Iceman rejoins the X-Men along with the rest of X-Factor.

      When he rejoined the X-Men it seemed that he learned to control his powers and no longer needed the inhibitor belt, this made him believe he reached the limit of his powers. The X-Men were separated into two groups, Iceman was placed in the gold team, led by Storm, along with fellow original X-Men Jean Grey (now sans codename) and Archangel.

      One day he took Opal to eat with his parents, however his dad began humiliating her because of her Japanese heritage. The four are attacked by the Cyber-Samurai, which added to William Drake's prejudices about the girl. When Bobby came across Mikhail Rasputin he used his mutant abilities on him. Bobby discovered that his potential was still far from being reached as he converted his body into ice, not just covered by it. By turning his entire body to ice, instead of just wearing an icy exterior, Bobby now was capable of using his power in new, aggressive ways, adding spikes and padding to his ice structure.

      Too busy with the many threats that the X-Men faced every day, Bobby let his relationship with Opal deteriorate and, when they finally saw each other again after weeks, it was only to save her from an attack by mutant haters. Annoyed that she could only gain his attention by nearly getting killed, Opal broke off their relationship.

      Later, as he was checking on Emma Frost who was in a comatose state after the mutant Trevor Fitzroy unleashed the mutant-hunting Sentinels on Emma Frost and her students known as the Hellions, the mansion was hit by an electricity breakdown. Emma woke up disoriented, possessed Bobby's mind, and used his powers in ways Bobby never had; she froze an entire river and traveled through water. She was looking for her pupils but after finding out they were dead, she left Bobby's body.

      Bobby invites Rogue to tag along on a visit to his parents. Wrongly assuming a romantic relation, his father disapproves of Rogue, verbally attacking them with the same prejudices he expressed with Opal. This time, Bobby had enough and left after telling his father that he should just accept the fact that he is a mutant and he would never fit the definition he has of normal. He was upset that Emma exhibited greater control of his powers than he had. Since Rogue was having problems with Gambit, the two of them go on a road trip to ease their minds.

      During the Legion Quest, Iceman was one of the X-Men who went back in time to stop Legion from killing Magneto. They succeed, but only partially. Legion does not kill Magneto, but instead accidentally murdered Xavier, his own father, years before Legion had been conceived much less born. This paradox caused the events of the Age of Apocalypse. At the last moment before the original reality ended, Iceman's fellow X-Men, Rogue and Gambit shared a kiss. When reality resumed, Rogue's mind-absorbing touch renders Gambit comatose. Having absorbed some secret haunting memories, she needs to get away from the X-Men and Iceman volunteers to join her on a road trip, though at the same time he was starting to see visions of Emma Frost. When Gambit awoke from his coma, he tracked them down and confronted Rogue about what she saw in his mind. She broke off their relationship officially and left for good. Iceman and Gambit returned to the X-Men.

      When the entity known as Onslaught first appeared, Iceman was chosen as one of his test subjects, along with Storm, Cyclops and Wolverine. They were pitted against a servant of Onslaught named Post, in a specific battle area of harsh environment to test the extent of their abilities. They won and were returned to the mansion. However, Iceman's chest had been shattered in his ice form during battle, making it impossible to change back to human form. He confronted Emma Frost and demanded to know what she did to his powers in his body and how to save himself. She refused to help since she knew that Bobby would have to do it himself. When he captured her with his ice powers, she telepathically showed him his insecurities. By confronting Opal and his father in her simulation, Iceman realized that Emma was right and managed to transform back to his human body with his chest fully intact.

      Early solicitations show that after Wolverine and Cyclops have a major falling out, Wolverine decides to branch off and open The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning back in New York. Iceman is the first person Wolverine approaches and recruits to his new X-Men squad as both a professor and teammate. Iceman is chosen because Wolverine feels he has the kind of spirit the new school needs. He also has an off-and-on romantic relationship with Kitty Pryde. Bobby recently had to face his latent homosexuality when a younger version of himself came out as gay. The time displaced Bobby seemed to be handeleding much better then the older Bobby, who has been in denial for years.


      Thermokinesis: Iceman is a mutant with the superhuman ability to lower his external and internal body temperature, projecting intense coldness from his body. Like any normal human being's, the nerve centers for regulating Iceman's body temperature are found in the part of the brain called the hypothalamus. However, Iceman can mentally override his hypothalamus to allow his body temperature to be lowered by an unknown internal mechanism. This ability converts the latent thermal energies in and around his body into an unknown form of energy that is efficiently dissipated. A related mutation has rendered his body tissues unaffected by sub-zero temperatures. Iceman can consciously, immediately lower his body temperature from its normal 98.6 Fahrenheit to absolute zero (The point where all molecular motion stops.) and lower within the span of a few tenths of a second. Iceman's power to generate cold is so great, he was able to stop a massive nuclear explosion.

      As his body temperature falls, the surrounding moisture in the air that is in contact with him is similarly lowered. Just as condensed moisture forms frost, this moisture forms an icy covering which encompasses his entire body. It also obscures his facial features. When Iceman first began to completely lower his body temperature, this covering took on a more snow-like appearance. But as he learned to increase the severity of his coldness, the covering assumed the consistency of crystalline ice that it has today. This ice constantly cracks with any movement of his body, and immediately reforms (hence, there is a cracking sound when Iceman covered with ice, moves). Through practice, Iceman has learned to control the intensity of his coldness, and he can selectively lower the temperature of isolated parts of his body.

      Thermal Vision: The ability to see beings due to the heat signature that others give off, because of the absence of heat around him.
      ◾ Cryokinesis: Iceman can generate, manipulate and fully control ice, snow and cold temperatures, he can use his mutant ability to control moisture such as to freeze any air moisture into super-hard ice. This ice can be formed into any object of his choosing: the only limitations are his own imagination and the ambient air temperature which determines how long his ice sculpture will stay icy. He does not have to hold the ice physically with his hands in order to shape it. Apparently, he can simply direct the waves of coldness he projects in certain ways so as to create ice in the shape he desires. In the past, Iceman has formed ice-ladders, ice-slides, ice-shields, ice-domes, ice-bolts, ice-blasts, ice-beams and other constructs of ice. Iceman has created constructs of ice so powerful that he was able to easily encase and contain the likes of the Hulk with him being unable to break out of it for quite some time. On at least one occasion, he has even been shown to make it snow or cause a blizzard. He can also unfreeze matter.

      Hydrokinesis: Iceman can manipulate water at molecular level, he can use surrounding moisture to augment himself, allowing him to travel within large bodies of water very quickly. He accomplishes this by breaking himself down to his base levels and reforming at the destination. He is able to convert his body to gigantic proportions as well, through absorption of a body of water or water vapor in the air. One side effect of this is he gains superhuman strength to match his superhuman size. Wherever there is any moisture, Iceman is a threat. Iceman has demonstrated the ability to be transformed into nothing more than water or water vapor, yet remain conscious and retain the use of his powers. His conscious control of his abilities has allowed him to exist simultaneously in two places at once.


      Like that of any trained athlete, Iceman's ability to perform is directly related to his daily physical health and current mental state. Under normal conditions, he can usually form ice continually for a period of about 5 hours before becoming mentally exhausted. He seems to lack the creativity and imagination to use his powers to their full potential, though fear of losing control over them may be a factor in his reluctance.




      None, other then standred Xmen Equipment made by Hank McCoy and Forge.

      KNOWN ENEMIES: Magneto, Mystique, Mr Sinister, Apocalypse and others.

      KNOWN LOVERS: Opal Tanka (Lost his virginity too), Warren Worthington the Third (Unrequited Crush), Lorna Dane (former girlfriend not sexual), Kitty Pryde (former girlfriend not sexual), Mystique (sexual)
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      Offline Athos

      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
      « Reply #3 on: July 19, 2018, 08:48:50 AM »
      I'd like to throw my hat in for interest in this game. I'd likely be making an OC if that's cool.

      Offline VonDoom

      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
      « Reply #4 on: July 19, 2018, 09:01:35 AM »
      I'm not entirely up to date with current Marvel events. What's Magneto's status at this point in time and would he be a viable character? Or perhaps a displaced Age of Apocalypse Magneto?

      Offline Sketch

      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
      « Reply #5 on: July 19, 2018, 05:09:39 PM »
      CHARACTER NAME: Colossus
      REAL NAME: Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin
      AGE: 29
      SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Hetrosexual
      HEIGHT: 6'6 (Normal) 7'2 (Armored)
      WEIGHT: 250 lbs (Normal) 500 lbs (Armored)
      AFFILIATION: X-Men (Gold Team Member) / Art Instructor
      PLAYED BY: Sketch
      FACECLAIM: Daniel Cudmore


      HISTORY: *


      Organic Steel Transformation: Colossus is a mutant with the superhuman ability to convert the tissue of his entire body into an organic steel-like substance. This substance resembling steel is of unknown composition but appears to be analogous to osmium and to carbon steel. He is able to transform into this armor-like state at will (the process is virtually instantaneous) and remain in that form for an as yet undetermined amount of time. While in the armored state, Colossus possesses the same degree of mobility that he does in his normal form. The conversion from flesh and bone to organic steel is accomplished by a psionic whole-brain interface with an ionic form of osmium, an extremely dense metal, located in another dimension. In willing the act of transformation, Colossus actually exchanges osmium atoms for his carbon atoms. The psionic interface with the other dimension re-creates all of Colossus's body in functionally similar organic ionic-osmium materials. The process by which Colossus gains additional mass from an unknown, perhaps extra-dimensional, force remains unknown. Colossus cannot become partially or selectively armored; his body is either entirely converted or not.

      Superhuman Strength: After transforming into his armored state, Colossus possesses vast superhuman strength. As a teenager, he was sufficiently strong enough to lift about 70 tons. However, as a fully mature adult, his strength has increased to the point that he is able to lift over 100 tons easily. With his brute strength, he has performed feats that include smashing tanks with his bare hands, easily uproot trees, easily throw around 50 feet tall robots, carry the X-Men Blackbird (which has a mass of around 85 tons) all the way to shore after it sunk in the ocean and was almost completely filled with water, and hold a collapsing hospital on his own. His punches have been able to considerably hurt Abomination, and slightly hurt Hulk.

      Superhuman Stamina: Also, while in armored form, Colossus' musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins than the musculature of a normal human. At his peak, he can physically exert himself at peak capacity for several days before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood begins to impair him.

      Superhuman Durability: In his armored form Colossus is invulnerable to most forms of bodily harm. His armor is capable of withstanding ballistic penetration, including that of a 155 millimeter Howitzer shell. He can survive extremes of temperature from 70 degrees above absolute zero (-390 degrees Fahrenheit) to approximately 9000 degrees Fahrenheit. He can survive a collision with a loaded, ten-ton flatbed truck at 100 miles per hour or an explosion of 4500 pounds of TNT. He can also survive falls from great heights while in his armored body. His durability has also allowed him to take punches from Rockslide without any damage (in fact, Rockslide has broken his hands punching him), withstand optic blasts from Cyclops, and Wolverine has had some difficulty in cutting through his skin with his Adamantium claws (although this has been because of Wolverine's brute strength not being sufficient), and he has briefly being able to take punches from Hulk. He has also withstood plasma blasts from Havok and Sunfire. During the events of Second Coming, the Nimrods calculated that it would take (approximately) 750 tons of force to break one of Colossus' arms. He's also immune to electricity, as well as resistant (but not immune) to magic. His density (and by extension, his mass) increase as well in his metallic form.

      WEAKNESSES: Magnetization, Adamantium/Vibranium/Magical/Anti-metal blades, Absolute heat/cold

      PERSONALITY:  Piotr doesn’t fight for himself, and in some ways considers he’s not worth fighting for. He fights for his friends and to defend innocents. Idealistic, modest and loyal, he strives to prove himself worthy of the burdens placed upon him when recruited by Xavier. Beyond that noble cause though he does struggle inwardly with balancing his duties with his personal life and at times feels torn between them.

      Skilled Painter: He is a highly skilled artist, once becoming very famous using the name Peter Nicholas while suffering from amnesia.

      Expert Combatantt: Even though he has a gentle demeanor and personality, he is a dangerous hand-to-hand combatant, having received some training personally from Cyclops. He has also honed himself through years of combat training within the X-Men's Danger Room.

      EQUIPMENT: Depends on the mission but nothing usually extravagant.



      (*Left a few fields blank for now, will fill edit and fill out soon)
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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      OCs are allowed. And Magneto is currently alive and well and a member of the Xmen (sort of)

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      I have trouble staying away from X-Men games. >.<

      As I prefer to play the less than attractive types...are there any mutants that you would consider off-limits within your setting as a playable character? Not just the more traditionally villainous ones (I do love playing Toad after all), but even the ones like Maggot, Beak, or the majority of the Morlocks...?

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Any of the characters youv mentioned are free

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      REAL NAME: Laura Howlette Kinney
      AGE: 18, Birthday the 21st of July
      SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Hetrosexual
      HEIGHT: 5`7
      WEIGHT: 127lbs.
      AFFILIATION: The X-men, Weapon X (formerly) X-Force (formerly) Avengers Academy (formerly)
      PLAYED BY: voluptiousvixen
      FACECLAIM: Emilia Clarke


      A top-secret program is tasked to replicate the original Weapon X experiment that bonded adamantium to the skeleton of Wolverine. The project is taken in a new direction: Dr. Martin Sutter recruits renowned mutant geneticist Doctor Sarah Kinney to develop a clone of Wolverine. Also on the team is Sutter's protege, Dr. Zander Rice, who was raised by Sutter after his father was killed by the original Weapon X.  Since the only genetic sample from Weapon X is damaged, Kinney is unable to salvage the Y chromosome. Kinney proposes the creation of a female genetic twin. Her request is denied; Rice is opposed to the idea. After 22 failed attempts at reconstituting the DNA using a duplicate X chromosome, the 23rd sample yields a viable sample to combine with an embryo. Although Kinney is allowed to proceed, Rice exacts revenge for her insubordination by forcing her to act as the surrogate mother of the specimen. For nine months, Kinney's every move is monitored. Finally, she gives birth to "X-23".  After seven years, Rice subjects X-23 to radiation poisoning in order to activate her mutant gene. He extracts her claws, coats them with adamantium, and reinserts them back into her hands and feet – a procedure performed without affording the child any anesthetic. Rice creates a "trigger scent" that drives X-23 into a murderous rage when she detects it.  X-23 is then trained to be a hired assassin, ordered to kill "anyone ... everyone ... for a price."  Kinney's niece Megan is abducted by a serial killer; she smuggles X-23 out of the facility to rescue her. X-23 tracks the abductor to his apartment, kills him, and frees Megan. Kinney is fired when she returns and is escorted off the base. Shortly thereafter, Rice assigns X-23 to eliminate Sutter and his family. He orders her to keep it secret.  X-23 reveals to Sarah that Rice is responsible for the murders. Before Kinney leaves, Rice reveals a chamber containing the incubation pods for subjects X-24 through X-50.  Kinney drafts a letter to her daughter, assigning her a final mission: destroy the pods and kill Rice. X-23 succeeds and meets her mother, and they prepare to flee. However, prior to his death, Rice exposed Kinney to the trigger scent. X-23 goes into a murderous frenzy and kills her mother. As she lies dying, Kinney tells X-23 that her name is Laura and that she loves her, and hands her the letter and pictures of Charles Xavier, Wolverine, and the Xavier Institute.

      After being arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, X-23 awakens bound and gagged in the company of Captain America and Matt Murdock, who proceed to interrogate her about her past. X-23 describes how she traveled to San Francisco and tracked down Megan and Debbie (her mother's sister). Introducing herself as Sarah's daughter, she moves in with them. Although Megan experiences vivid nightmares of her abduction, her family believes these to be utter fantasies. X-23 informs Megan that the man in her nightmares was indeed real and that she killed him.  Debbie's boyfriend turns out to be an agent for the Facility who has been instructed to manipulate X-23 into killing Megan and Debbie using the trigger scent. The agent fumbles the assignment and is killed by X-23. Facility agents storm the house, led by the woman who served as X-23's handler, Kimura. Kimura had treated X-23 harshly in the facility, punishing her even if the missions went according to plan.  X-23 manages to get Megan and Debbie to safety by handcuffing Kimura to a radiator and then triggering an explosion in the house, buying some time. After X-23 and Megan part, X-23 decides to confront the man who made her creation possible, Wolverine.  X-23 tracks Wolverine to Xavier's mansion and engages him in a battle, defeating him using tactics and maneuverability. She does not kill Wolverine, instead telling him why she came. Wolverine reveals that he is aware of X-23's ordeal, having received a detailed letter from her mother. The talk is interrupted when Captain America comes to arrest Laura.  Despite the mayhem in her past, Matt Murdock accepts X-23's innocence. Captain America wants X-23 to atone for the murders she has committed. He ultimately frees X-23 in order to avoid S.H.I.E.L.D. exploiting her as their own weapon.

      X-23 surfaces in New York City and is taken in by a pimp named Zebra Daddy. She works as a prostitute who caters to sadomasochistic patrons. X-23 continues to cut herself with her own claws, is mostly mute, and proves unable to free herself from the grip of Zebra Daddy. Upon meeting Kiden Nixon, a young mutant with the ability to freeze time when in danger, and Tatiana Caban, a mutant who can take on the physical attributes of whoever and whatever she comes into contact with via their blood, X-23 starts to come to her senses. Although she runs away from Zebra Daddy, he tracks her down. With the aid of her new-found friends (and the mutant named Bobby Soul), Zebra Daddy and his thugs are defeated: X-23 kills him to save the lives of her friends.  X-23 takes a job as a waitress at the mutant-themed "Wannabee's" nightclub in the Mutant Town district of New York.  She defends Jade Parisi, daughter of mob boss Don Parisi, against some thugs who berate her for having a mutant boyfriend. X-23 kills some of the thugs and helps Jade escape and go into hiding. The deaths inadvertently implicate Wolverine, prompting his teammates to investigate. X-23 attacks Wolverine on sight, but he eventually calms her down. She leads the X-Men to Parisi's daughter. After aiding the X-Men against Parisi's mutant enforcer Geech, X-23 flees the scene. This encounter is later revealed to be partially arranged between X-23 and Wolverine in order for her to encounter and ally with the X-Men without revealing her past.  She later returns to help the X-Men save victims of a car accident, after which she is enrolled at the Xavier Institute and assigned a room with Rachel Summers and Kitty Pryde.  X-23 behaves protectively towards Wolverine, observing him on the mansion's security monitors and even attacking his teammate Bishop after he floors Wolverine during a training session.  During one of her sessions at the mansion's monitors, an anomalous energy spike prompts X-23 to investigate. She encounters Spider-Man at the source of the signal, mistaking him for an enemy, she attacks him. The pair ultimately team up to save the young mutant Paul Patterson from an alternate reality version of Iron Man known as Iron Maniac. The arrival of Captain America and the super-spy Black Widow help turn the tide, with Spider-Man and X-23 destroying Iron Maniac's equipment using their own version of the classic Fastball Special.  X-23 secretly follows Wolverine on his investigation of strange activity in the Canadian Rockies. Ambushed by the Hauk'ka, evolved Saurians from the Savage Land, X-23 manages to escape and alert the X-Men. Traveling to the Savage Land, X-23 and the X-Men team-up with the Savage Land's lord Ka-Zar and his allies, the Savage Land Mutates, to prevent the Hauk'ka from destroying human civilization by exerting control over the weather-manipulating X-Man, Storm.

      Laura joins the X-men and then Later Wolverines special task force X-force, she leaves the X-men after Wolverine falls out with Cyclops and the team splits. She goes it on her own for awhile and teams up with the Fantastic Four, Red Hulk, Agent Venom and Ghost Rider over the corse of six months. She now has returned to the fold and taken up the mantle of the Wolverine in Logans absence.

      Regenerative Healing Factor:  Wolverine's primary mutant power is an accelerated healing factor that enables her to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue with far greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human.  She is capable of fully healing injuries resulting in massive tissue damage and blood loss such as multiple bullet wounds, slash wounds, and puncture wounds within a matter of minutes.  She has also been shown to be able to reattach limbs; for example, she reattached her hand in seconds after she severed it to escape the restraints placed on her.  The effects of her accelerated healing powers extend to her body's immune system, rendering her immune to disease and infection. She is also immune to most drugs and toxins, although she can be affected by certain drugs if given sufficient dosage. Given the regenerative nature of her cells, it's implied her powers will heavily retard the aging process.

      Wolverine's skeleton includes two retractable bone claws in each arm and one in each foot that she can extend and retract at will.  These claws are housed beneath the skin and muscle.  Unsheathing them causes her skin to tear and bleed, but the wounds are quickly dealt with by her healing factor. X-23 can unsheathe any number of these claws at once.  The claws are naturally sharp and tougher than normal human bone, allowing X-23 to cut through most types of flesh and natural materials.  The claws have been coated with the nigh-indestructible metal Adamantium. As a result, her claws are virtually unbreakable and are capable of cutting almost any substance, with the exceptions of Adamantium itself.  Her ability to slice completely through a substance depends upon the amount of force she can exert and the thickness of the substance.

      Wolverine possesses the ability to quickly process multiple information streams (e.g., threat assessment) and rapidly respond to changing tactical situations.  Due to her enhanced sense of smell, Laura is a dangerous tracker and has memorized many different scents.  Her muscles produce considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the muscles of an ordinary human. She can exert herself at peak capacity for about 24 hours before fatigue begins to impair her.  Her reflexes, agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.


      Her healing factor may fluctuate with her psychological state as battle wounds tend to heal very quickly, but her self inflicted cuts appear to remain visible for some time.  She must keep her wrists and/or feet straight at the moment the claws emerge.  Since the bones of her hands and wrists are not laced with Adamantium, it is likely that the reverberation of her claws could conceivably break her hands with significant force.  he has also been subjected to conditioning in which a specific "trigger scent" has been used to send her into a berserker rage, killing anything in sight.  Her heightened senses also leave her vulnerable to sonic attacks and very bright flashes of light.



      KNOWN ENEMIES: Bastian, Mr Sinister, Weapon X, Sabertooth, Dakken, Mystique, and others.

      KNOWN LOVERS: Peter Wisdom (Lost her virginity too), Piotr

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      I would like to claim Bishop / Cavalry (OC) as characters.

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      I'll wait to see what a few other people put up before deciding what I want to do.

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      DESCRIPTION: Cavalry
        REAL NAME: Eric Brandon
      AGE: 24
      SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Hetrosexual
      HEIGHT: 5" 11'
      WEIGHT: 237 lbs.
       AFFILIATION: Xmen
      PLAYED BY: Gannameade
       FACE CLAIM:  Omari Hardwick

      Born as a very gifted child, to the parents of a Biochemist (former Superhero) and a Police Commissioner; at the age of 4, Eric A. Mason began school.  Starting out as a skinny nerd, his intellect and speed multiplied at a dramatic fold to the point of him graduating from High School at the age of 12.  Entering college he pursued a doctorate degree in Biophysics and at the urging of his father with a concentration in Velocity Mechanics.

      Being a 12 year old in college really put a dampener on his social life, but he was given his own lab space and poured into his work.  Since his father had noticed his overwhelming speed, reading textbooks in which would normally take days in one or two hours.  He pushed Eric away from sports, which caused him to focus more on his academic goals.   But living on campus, yet close to home allowed him to choose to do something on his own.

      Just a year before graduation, Eric began to gradually bulk up for some unknown reason.  Which yielded strength, which also grew with his body mass.  So tried out for the college football team seeing no need not too. 

      Earlier that day he had been into making a with drawl where he bumped into a man at the bank, the man was wearing a trenchcoat and considering some people being could he didn't think anything of it, till later he saw the news of the same bank and the man he had bumped into had been James Sanders (AKA Speed Demon).  With is so-called vaunted intelligence none of this really made him think anything of it till months later.  He made it back to tryouts just in time.

       He was teased for trying to compete with "the Big Dogs" on campus. But, the tryouts were successful; he came close to running a 3 flat 40-yard dash.  This was what really impressed the coach and some other members of the team; but not Thomas.

      Thomas 'the Plow' Reilly, he was called because he would plow the ground with you and bury you there.  He was going to show Eric what it was really like in the big leagues.  So with practice and the season fastly approaching, the collision between the two of them was imminent.  Two days of practice, both of them showing what they are truly made of.  But, for some odd reason 'the plow' could not get a handle on him, just when Eric seemed to be in his grasp, Eric change course it seemed almost instantly.  Refusing to be showed up by a newbie, especially a 'nerd' in front of his boys. "Never."

      Tom asked the coach to run a particular play that the other team was known for running and scoring Touchdowns with.  This play would put Eric right where he wanted him, straight down the center-right into his arms where he would knock the wind out of Eric and if he happened to break a couple of ribs, 'Hey that would be a bonus, that would teach the scrub a lesson."  The coach ran the play.  Eric had no idea what was about to happen, but as fate would have it another muscle cramp kicked in before he was to run.  The coach stopped him, but Eric told the coach that he was all right.  The ball was snapped the quarterback spun around to hand off the ball to Eric, who seemed to move like lightning; so fast he almost missed him with the ball.  The linemen moved to open up the hole between the defensive men and 'The plow' was standing in the gap waiting for his moment in the sun.  Waiting for the chance to destroy this new upstart, to his reigning throne.  He charged.  The two forces collided finally, but what he saw in his moment of triumph was a blur of motion that would not be stopped.  Eric ran at top speed, he hit Tom like a leaf in a tornado.  Tom was left in the dust, but not without suffering the consequences of attacking a hurricane.

      The force was so strong that several teammates swore that they heard a popping sound when Eric ran by.  The team medic rushed to the field to check on their other star player, to find that Tom now had a shattered collarbone and broken scapula.  Eric had scored a TD, but he looked back to see that his practice touchdown had come at the price of a shattered career.  Realizing what the cramps actually were too late, Eric stripped out of his uniform down to his shorts and walked off the field.  His dreams of stardom would have to come through other means.  He eventually apologized to Tom and even helped him to study for his own degree.  They would never be friends, but they were compatriots.   So from that point on, his main focus became his studies just as his father would have wanted, he quit football

      But, for Eric, this was only the beginning; with only three months left in order to defend his dissertation at the humble age of 17.  His popularity rose among the scientific community, his ideas on the study of speed and biological density were astounding even to his professors.  Who made his ideas of national knowledge, the press knew about some of his discoveries and theories, since he had patented several of his ideas for cancerous agents in therapies he was now making national news.  Yet most of this would come after the death of his father.

      It was several days later, when fate had decided to let it rain on his parade.  His mother had called and said that she was upset, she did not want to be the one to tell him but she knew that his father wouldn't. She started slowly.

      "What's wrong?"  He said.  In a very demanding, voice that was actually fueled by fear.

      "It's your father", she said.  "He has cancer!"  The phone dropped from his hand and hit the floor with a rubberized thump, with his now enhanced senses he could still hear her.  "You know, how your father hates to go to the doctor."  Hearing the tears in her voice.  I am afraid that the doctors here say, that it is terminal and that there is nothing that they can do.  He might actually have from two months to two years, they don't know.

      "Have they tried..." He named off several different tests, all of which his mother had agreed that they had tried.  "I am on my way home."

      "NO!"  She said, adamantly.  "You still have 3 weeks of school left you can come home then."

      "But, Mom?"  No longer able to fight back his own tears.  "I need to be home now."

      "No, you needed to finish your schooling besides; if you come home now he will know that I told you and he wanted to tell you himself."

      "O.k., but mom I need for you to send me dad's medical records.  Fax them to me if you have to just send them to me.  I'll do what, I can on this end, and mom thanks for telling me."

      "Love you, son."

      "Love you too, Mom. Bye!"  After hanging up the phone, he received a new determination.  That of curing his father.  The next few weeks proved to be very difficult for Eric.  Because despite finding out that his father was dying, his physical cramps returned.  His strength was increasing again as well as his speed; He found that on some days he needs to use the metal test tubes that he had ordered after his first strength enhancing incident.  He also no longer required a centrifuge for a lot of his separation techniques.

      But, for all of his physical changes, his social life suffered because he could not tell his girlfriend for a month that his father was dying.  Which actually came when she threatened to leave because she got tired of asking.  He worked day and night, some days without food or sleep; his extra endurance providing him with the stamina to stay alert.  But, even his body craved food; without know it time passed by and he was still no closer to a cure.

      In the waking hour of the 37th day of testing, he discovered that one of the cancerous lab specimens that he had been testing was in remission. He thought that this was the greatest thing that had ever happen; he repeated the experiment twice and both time with the same result cancerous remission.  "Success."  Was the only thing that had gone through his mind, he immediately packed.  Asked for a temporary leave of absence and flew home on the next plane leaving for Texas.

      While on the way Eric received a phone call, from home.

      "Come quick, something is wrong with your father!"  Leaving his bags at the airport, he rushed home.  Hoping his vaunted speed would be of used to him now.  He was home inside of 50 seconds; from across town.

      "What?  What? what.."

      "Your father is upstairs, I dialed 9-1-1.  They are on the way."  With a brief rush of wind, he was by his father's side.

      "Dad, dad."

      "Yeah, son."  In now what was a very raspy voice.

      "Dad, I can help.  Dad, let me..."

      "No, son when you got here.  I knew it was too late."

      "No, Dad?"  With tears now streaming down his face.  "I can help, dad please."

      "Son, I just wanted you to know that I always trusted you and I love youuuuuuu."  As his father's voice trailed off.  Eric's vacation turned into an extended stay.  Two weeks after his father's funeral, Eric was still in his old room.  Only slightly willing to help his mom, pack his father's things.  And when he did help, he did it so fast as to not put his hands on his father's things for too long.  Until his mother stopped him and held him and he broke down for the last time.  Even with his pent-up rage, he made his way back to school.

      He graduated with his Ph.D.; the youngest student to ever do that from University.  It was a large media gathering, which was to take place a week from Saturday.  His professors asked him to do it previously, which he had agreed to but, his heart was not into it.  He was in his room reading through the paper when he ran across an article dealing with the "Ravages of Mutant Hate in America" By Professor Charles Xavier.  The article interested him because he could not believe that he had forgotten about his other problems.

       Although, the cramps had finally gone away;  he was still unsure about what was left in its wake.  So still being angry and frustrated.

      As a scientist, he decided to test his own theory:  How fast was he now and how far would his speed take him?  Unsure about the answer to either of these questions, yet sure about the location of a one Charles Xavier. He took off, running as he pushed and pushed to run faster his body more than accommodated his desire.  He passed several cars, a semi-truck, and a sports car on the way to upstate New York.  But, what the genius failed to calculate was the fact; that the overall physical and emotional stress that he was under; combined with the untapped powers in his body began to overload.

       This caused his vision to blur; his legs felt like jelly as the world itself wrapped around him.  The next thing that he knew was that there were sirens going off around him.  He was bleeding on the ground, as a door was opening.

      That was 12 years ago he still hasn’t quite found his place but realized he is better off here than anywhere else.  Considering his youth, education and current therapy practices.

      Hyper-Speed  – able to move reaction rate 75x that of a normal Human.  Able to run at 350mph up to 770 with energy channeling.
          Bioelectrical Blasts – able to generate blasts of bioelectricity
          Regeneration.
          Enhanced Strength, Speed, Stamina, Endurance.
          A heightened sense of touch- able to feel vibrations.
      Electrical Energy Absorption – able to absorb electrical energy and channel the energy into additional power and skills to his abilities.
      Total Recall - able to remember up to 30% of all things seen or read, increases with previous exposure to the material.
      Self-Duplication - Able to make duplicates of himself up 3 duplicates max at any one time.

      Linguist - He is fluent in English, Japanese, Spanish, able to learn languages in decrease amount of time.
      Optimistic-Tries to see the bright side and helps others to see the same.
      Athleticism: – has an uncanny sense of anatomy and how the body works to promote health.
       Kit Bashing – mechanic skilled at putting things together on the fly (Macguyver).
      Martial Arts: – Eric is skilled in several different martial arts and longs to learn as many as he can; skilled in most oriental weapons.
      Dancing: – He is an excellent dancer, skilled in breakdancing, tango, salsa, ballroom.  Mother’s idea.  It has helped him greatly in his therapies. 
      Computers: – Skilled in various computer languages, has an affinity for hacking or security.
      Thrown Weapon/Bows –  Skilled with thrown weapons, bows and arrows.
      Sex therapy/surrogate -  Was going to become a urologist, but found the need for this area much more lucrative.
      Acting -  Skilled in drama and performing arts.
      Decrease mental affinity – Mental Attacks are more effective against Eric
      Allergic to Fireworks – chemical combination within fireworks decreases powers effectiveness or powers for a brief time, exploded fireworks, not the raw material.  Can still use guns and make own ammunition.
      Depressive state -  if not around people for a length of time will find he becomes depressed and will sometimes isolate himself more.
      Personality: Eric can be rather annoying as he seems to try to find the bright side to everything.  He can on occasion be caught brooding when he is alone.  He has been a mutant for most of his life, he still sees himself as an outsider but wants everyone to fit in and tries hard to make it so.

      Known Enemies: *
      Known Lovers: Looking

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
      « Reply #13 on: July 21, 2018, 10:36:14 PM »
      Name: Alexander Tethys
      Age: 28
      Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
      Height: 6’ 3”
      Weight: 225 Lbs
      Affiliation: New to this ‘superhero’ stuff
      Played by: Bowen
      Face Claim: Zac Efron

      Personality: Alexander is a driven man. He has literally been conditioned to believe that criminals should be brought to justice and pay for their crimes.

      Appearance: Alexander’s superhero outfit is street clothes and sometime tactical gear if he can afford it. He is usually presentable, with a little scruff. He guards his secret identity by wearing glasses and styling his hair slightly differently--hey, it worked for the guy with the cape.

      History: Alexander was stolen from Earth by a Kree scientist, Dr. Minn-Erva. She had ideas of using powerful Earth mutants as sleeper agents. When the Kree showed up next time it they would have more than one element of surprise as known heroes suddenly switched sides.

      Constantly perfecting her Psyche-Magnetron device, she had used it on the genetically stagnant Kree to produce powered heroes like Captain At-Lass and herself. With mutants were just bursting with possibilities her device was capable of so much more.

      She created an identity within his mind of a young man bent on justice. He had few friends and joined first Navy SEALS then the FBI. An encounter with Moondragon however initiated one of his hidden directives to kill her. She was with her lover Phyla-Vell and the two restrained Alex. It took some time to find what was going on in his head as Dr. Minn-Erva had years to condition Alex and layer memories on top of skills and then more memories buried under directives. Moondragon gave up on figuring it out and handed Alex over to Professor X.

      He spent some time trying to pierce this mess. Xavier never figured out who Alex’s parents were, but he did manage to remove Dr. Minn-Erva’s conditioning and secret directives with the help of Cerebro. To say that discovering your whole life is a lie and you were a Manchurian Candidate was a major blow to Alex to say the least. He went through a period that he didn't trust any of his reactions to things, his likes and dislikes. He walked away from the X Mansion and wandered around the world for almost seven years finding himself, fighting evil where he saw it--just trying to live a life that was his. He eventually found his way back to the Mansion wanting to make a difference.

      Sword-this is a disintegration beam he fires from his right hand. He has learned to ‘pull his punch’ on this a bit.
      -Disintegration blast
      -Concussive blast
      -Blinding flash

      Shield-can create force-fields from his left hand with some rather novel uses.
      -Protective fields (they do somewhat resemble a knight’s shield)
      -Force Ram
      -Reflective Shields can either shoot the blast back at the originator or aim at someone nearby
      -Platform where he can jump on it and sort of fly (but he tends to create a roadway he runs on)

      Life Sense-takes a moment of concentration but can look at someone’s aura. He can easily detect species, general health, and parasites. Unlike the new-agey concept of this Alex can actually discover a fair bit. His known refinements are:
      -Power Detection: can see if someone has powers and how powerful they are compared to himself
      -Astral Detection: can see an aura even in the Astral plane or time displaced in the case of a time traveller
      -Idealistic Awareness: can tell if someone is good, bad, somewhere in between and how far in each extreme

      Bolstered Physiology- Dr. Minn-Erva had to remove some of the powers she didn’t find very useful that Alex had but she gave him the ‘Soldier’s Treatment’ as she called it.
      - Regeneration (heals ten times faster than a human and can regenerate limbs over time)
      - Enhanced Strength, Agility, Balance, Speed, Stamina, Endurance (Olympic class)

      Skills: Dr. Minn-Erva programmed skills into Alex he has the Soldier/Spy package
      Master Martial Artist: Alex has mastered in many fields of martial arts. These include sambo, boxing, karate, judo, aikido, ninjutsu, savate, muay thai, and multiple styles of kung fu. He was able to hold his own against other dangerous opponents like Captain America, Black Widow, Winter Soldier, Elektra, and Punisher in the combat simulator.

      Master Acrobat: Alex is a world class athlete that performs gymnast, acrobat, and aerialist. He is capable of achieving very difficult maneuvers and feats.

      Indomitable Will: Alex is a very strong-willed man. His will is so strong to the point that he will never surrender to her opponents, no matter how powerful. He would rather die than be captured.

      Multilingual: He is fluent in Russian, English, French, German, Chinese (many), Japanese, and various other earth languages as well as the Kree tongue.

      Learned Intellect: He possesses the ability to quickly process multiple information streams, such as threat assessment, and rapidly respond to changing tactical situations.

      Master Tactician: He is a very effective strategist, tactician, and field commander. He was trained to possibly lead the Avengers or X-Men.

      Talented Hacker: Alex can hack into all computer systems without tripping any firewalls or security with ease. Earth computers are simplistic compared to the Kree.

      Master Seducer: He is an expert in the field of seduction. An important skill for any spy to have. This includes a variety of skills like etiquette and dancing so that Alex can blend into both high society or any dive.

      Master Spy: Alex is a dangerous secret agent trained in espionage, stealth, disguise, assassination, infiltration, and demolitions. He displays an uncanny affinity for psychological manipulation and can mask his real emotions perfectly. Since Professor X removed Dr. Minn-Erva's conditioning he hasn't found any need to kill anyone or blow things up.

      Artist: This is more of a personal skill that has nothing to do with Dr. Minn-Erva, she would have probably removed it if she ever noticed it as a sign of weakness. This is most likely his only skill before he was abducted.

      His sword comes out of his right hand, his shields out of his left. Alex doesn’t attack people who aren’t breaking the law or evil. Protecting the innocent is more important than catching the bad guy. Earth drugs have a very strong effect on him.


      Known Enemies: None known with a possibility he would not react very well to Dr. Minn-Erva.

      Known Lovers: None known
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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Just looking at everything and wondered did M-Day happen and if it did could some characters be retconned? For example Maverick lost his powers during M-Day, so would it be possible to either go no he still has them or perhaps just a whole screw M-Day it never happened type thing?

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      CHARACTER NAME: Vektor
      REAL NAME: Kevin Forester
      AGE: 23
      SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Heterosexual
      HEIGHT: 5’10”
      WEIGHT: 185 lbs.
      AFFILIATION: Generation X
      PLAYED BY: Kepesk
      FACECLAIM: Sebastian Hallqvist


      Vektor’s forearms constantly glow blue. He can only control this enough to brighten or dim them a bit, but cannot shut it off completely. He also has a blue tattoo over his left eye and a blue streak through his hair.


      Kevin led a rather sheltered childhood among a loving – albeit flawed – family in the suburbs of the Bay-Area. His mother was a florist. His father, a pipe-fitter.

      When he was 17, Kevin was the passenger in a car accident. No one was seriously injured, but upon impact his power manifested, sending a blast of energy through the dash of the car. His arms have glowed blue ever since, and over time, he began to notice that he had also become extremely empathic, finding that he could sense the surface emotions of others.

      He was home-schooled by a private tutor from that point forth, and taken out of most activities. He always wore long sleeves and gloves if he had to go out in public.

      But this was enough for only so long. Eventually, the threats began coming, until one day, on the way home from an extracurricular class, Kevin was cornered and beaten severely.

      Fortunately, none of his wounds were too severe. His right wrist was broken, but even that eventually healed completely. But after that incident, it was deemed `too dangerous’ for him to remain at the home he had grown up in.

      For his safety, as well as that of his family, he was placed in a relocation program. He was cut-off from his parents, who had hit a rough patch and eventually separated, and forced to leave his girlfriend of several years.

      The same agent who handled his relocation had a connection to Xavier’s School. He was eventually offered the opportunity to join the school, and he chose to do so.


      Kinetic Bolts – This is basically a crude form of Telekinesis whereby Vektor can strike a target with a surge of force. These Kinetic Bolts emit from his forearms in roughly cylindrical shapes. Its effect is the same as if the target had been struck by solid concrete.

      Empathy – Vektor can detect the surface emotions of others. He can detect the target's emotional state and further refine that knowledge to discover the target's physical state, surroundings, and location, insofar as these have an influence on the emotions. He can transmit his own emotional state but he cannot impose this on others (ie: Emotion Control).

      Taekwondo – Kevin has achieved the level of green belt in Taekwondo Martial Arts. He has an excellent sense of balance, quick reflexes, and despite the leg-intensive martial art, is quite skilled with the use of his hands.


      Vektor’s forearms constantly glow blue. He can only control this enough to brighten or dim them a bit, but cannot shut it off completely.


      Kevin's a pretty laid-back guy for the most part. He’s a major geek, and a little slow on the uptake. He's a little self-conscious about his glowing forearms, but not so much by the idea that he's a mutant. He likes to form strong friendships and feels things particularly deeply, possibly on account of his empathic ability.



      KNOWN ENEMIES: None.

      KNOWN LOVERS: Melissa, his former girlfriend.

      Online Bowen

      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Name: Remy Etienne LeBeau
      Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
      Age: 25
      Height: 6'2"
      Weight: 180 lbs
      Affiliation: X-Men
      Played by: Bowen
      Face Claim: Channing Tatum

      Personality: Gambit is cunning, smart, tricky, manipulative, and sneaky. Despite all this, he seems to have a good heart deep down and even a bit of a conscience. Gambit can be prone to sarcastic outbursts when annoyed or stressed out, and he can make a good quip here and there. He would sometimes rather talk a problem out then fight, depending on the situation. It was never shown whether Gambit was flirtatious or even romantic, but it's very clear, Gambit's a powerful mutant, but also is an expert thief and has a charm that the other Acolytes lack. He's a master of witty one-liners and has an abundance of charisma and self-confidence.

      Remy LeBeau is a mutant who was trained to be the leader of the Thieves Guild. Abandoned at birth due to his burning red eyes, the child who would one day become Remy LeBeau was kidnapped from his hospital ward by members of the New Orleans Thieves Guild who referred to the child as "le diable blanc" - the white devil. They believed he was the child that had been prophesied to unite the warring Guilds of New Orleans. Soon after, Remy was placed in the care of a gang of street thieves who raised the child and taught him the ways of thievery.

      Later, when he was around ten years old, Remy attempted to pick the pocket of Jean-Luc LeBeau, then-patriarch of the Thieves' Guild. Jean-Luc took the boy off the streets and adopted him as his own son. As part of a peace pact between the Thieves’ Guild and their rivals, the Assassin’s Guild, a marriage was arranged between Remy and Bella Donna Boudreaux, the granddaughter of the head of the Assassins Guild. However, Bella Donna's brother Julien objected to the marriage and challenged Gambit to a duel. Remy killed Julien in self-defence, but was excommunicated and banished from New Orleans in an attempt to maintain the non-aggression pact between the two guilds.

      Molecular Acceleration: Remy has the power to take the potential energy stored in an object and convert it to kinetic energy thus “charging” that item with explosive results. He prefers to charge smaller objects, such as his ever-present playing cards, as the time required to charge them is greatly reduced and they are much easier for him to throw. The only real limitation to this ability is the time required to charge the object. The larger it is the more time it takes. He can charge a rock as big as a small house in the matter of seconds. Most charging takes place through direct skin contact. The power of his explosions is dependent on the mass of the object he is charging, for example, a charged playing card explodes with the force of a grenade. Gambit can also use his powers to accelerate an object's kinetic energy instead of converting its potential energy, for example, he can charge his bo staff with enough power to level a house. His ability also allowed him to affect his own capability to heal but this is rarely seen, he's also used his power to accelerate organic material on a few occasions either causing them to explode or enhancing their own physical capabilities. These powers have been augmented once by Sage to enable him to accelerate his own regeneration process and better control his kinetic shifting and again by Faiza when he was shot through the head by a crime lord and spat a bullet back at him that eviscerated the later.

      * Cutting Ability: Charged objects can also have a razor edge emitting an energized flow that can slice through objects or work like an explosive cookie cutter by energizing around wherever Gambit wishes and having it explode harmlessly.

      * Dissolution: Gambit can also cause objects to pull themselves apart instead of exploding violently making them harmlessly melt down to nothing. Once having focused charging on dissolving shrapnel in a victims stomach and at times when jumpstarted able to overcharge falling debris from crumbling buildings. His control ,over this has increased to the point he can shatter ice he was encased in without blowing up.

      * Disruption: Gambit can tame his explosive acceleration to temporarily scramble a persons sensory awareness knocking them out cold.

      * Enhanced Conditioning: Gambit's ability to tap energy also grants him superhuman speed, strength, reflexes and reactions, flexibility, dexterity, coordination, balance, and endurance via charging himself. Bestowing him an added edge he has used to his advantage by developing a unique acrobatic fighting style. He can also augment others through this having once accelerated Sebastian Shaw to send him hurling through Sinister's machines.

      * Accelerating Regeneration: Gambit has affected his own recovery through this process having once healed after removing a piece of rebar lodged in his chest, once his eyes were damaged by a charged card exploding in his face and sage had augmented his powers enabling him to restore his sight.

      * Static Interference: Creates natural static, because of the charged potential energy always in his body, that shields his mind from intrusion by telepaths. Can increase the effect by holding a charged object near his head. Although reportedly uncomfortable for the parties involved, this shield does not totally prevent telepathic invasion.

      * Vibration Emission: Gambit, through the kinetic acceleration instead of conversion can emit a shockwave accompanying a bright flashbang which leaves a sizable crater in the ground

      Hypnotic Charm: Subliminal psionic talent channeled through his voice that allows a subtle influence over any sentient mind. This power allows Gambit to compel others to believe what he says and agree with anything he suggests. More powerful minds have proven immune to Gambit's charm, and people who are consciously aware of what he's doing can shake off the effects.

      Bilingual: He is fluent in English and Cajun French. He also knows some Japanese (not very fluent).

      Expert Marksman: He is extremely skilled in throwing small objects such as cards, bolas, knives, and balls with great accuracy.

      Master Combatant: Though not on the same level as the likes of Captain America, he is still a profound fighter, often employing martial arts, street fighting, and acrobatics. He is well adept in the martial arts Savate (French kickboxing), and Bojutsu, the art of using a Bo staff. Nick Fury even referred to Gambit as "One of the best hand to hand fighters I've ever seen".

      Master Thief

      Master Acrobat

      Gambit's powers have no effect on anything unless he touches it.

      Gambit's eyes are extremely sensitive to light.

      Gambit's guild costume is armored, providing better protection than a normal X-Men uniform.

      The X-Men's Blackbird.

      Gambit usually employs throwing spikes and playing cards. He also often uses a telescoping bo-staff.
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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      I'll throw my name in the hat for Storm.

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Would love to claim Jubilee! Will make a custom character for the second!

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      I'd like to put my claim in for Psylocke. I'll think about another character later.

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Legal Name: Lucas Bishop
      Codename/Nickname/Aliases: Bishop/Archbishop
      Citizenship and other legal info: US Citizen, Time Displaced
      Place of Birth: Atlanta, GA
      Occupation: X-men,  Soldier, XSE, team leader/Combat Trainer/Math Instructor
      Education: College - PT

      Height: 6" 3'
      Weight: 275 lbs.
      Hair color: Black / Bald
      Eye color: Brown / red when powers are active
      Gender: Male
      Ethnicity: African-American – M tattoo over Right eye.
      Age: 30 / variable in present time hasn’t been born yet.
      General Appearance:  Large muscular Black male with ‘M’ tattoo over right eye.  Hidden by holo-screen when in public.  Has very menacing appearance, used to keep most at bay and to most that don’t know him it works.  Rarely smiles, but he is comfortable round you if he does.  He will rarely be found without his sunglasses due to his powers, they hide the power levels of his body.  His eyes become more red the higher his power levels are.

      Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
      Ons/Offs: Women, open to some discussion, nothing too body damaging or violent.
      Not into water sports unless taking a shower..regular water.
       Wealth Level: Upper Middle Class (Variable – sense he remember most sports event from the future.)
      Bishop can on occasion can be depressive.  He is an introvert, he can be a leader when pushed but prefers to be a background hero.  He finds it difficult to interact with most considering in his time most of them are dead.  He finds he seeks companionship, but not always sure to go about it.  He will be gruff all the time, but once you get past his bark you will find he is more than friendly to interact with.
      Energy Absorption - Bishop is a mutant who can absorb most types of energy directed toward him. He can then re-channel it through his body for concussive blasts or in the same form that was absorbed, including Storm's weather effects. This rechanneled energy is apparently able to damage beings normally immune to their own powers. The nature of his powers makes it difficult to damage him with energy-based attacks, while also enabling him to work well with any energy-using teammates. Bishop can also store absorbed energy within his personal reserves, whereupon the energy increases his strength and recuperative abilities, as well as affording him a measure of invulnerability. The upper limits of his ability to enhance his own physical abilities with absorbed energy is not exactly known but is well into the level of being super human.
         Concussive Blasts.
         Healing.
         Enhanced Strength, Speed, Stamina, Endurance.
         Near-Invulnerability
         Partial Immortality
      Cybernetic Arm[i/] - After Bishop lost an arm, he resorted to breaking into Forge's laboratory to find a replacement. According to the sign which identified the cybernetic arm that was stolen by Bishop. All of the capabilities have not yet been revealed at this time, however Bishop has been shown to be able to release two clawed tendrils which allow him to interface and connect with other technology to glean information. The arm had been modified to include Forge's time travel technology allowing Bishop to time-jump.  It is considerable amount of superhuman strength.

      Polyglot - He is fluent in English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and French and Portuguese, able to learn languages in decrease amount of time.
       Area Knowledge- Bishop recently has shown the ability to determine his exact location at all times. This may have to do with the chronal energies he absorbed .
      Cybernetic Resistance- Bishop is resistant to nanites due to his training in the XSE.
      Eidetic Memory – able to remember just about anything read or experienced, particularly well versed in sports.
       Espionage – well versed in the ways of the spy, verbal manipulation, hide in plain sight, etc.

      Decrease mental affinity – Less resistant to Mental Attacks.
      Time focused – can sometime become pre-occupied with setting things right.
      Depressive mentality -  Will generally see the glass as half-full most of the time it is not even his glass.
      Menacing – He may not try to be scary but he generally appear to be menacing.  (He is that big scary black guy!!!)

      Martial Arts: – Bishop is skilled in several different martial arts and has the ability to learn in combat making him and even greater adaptive fighter.
      Pilot/Driver: – He is an excellent driver able to drive just about anything with wheels.  His is an ok pilot, still learning.
      Manipulation Technician: – Skilled in manual manipulation techniques- which includes healing, arousal, pain, First aid
      Soldier – skilled in various weapons, futuristic and current technology.  He is so skilled in weapons that he can take them apart, put them back together as well as adapt them to be improved upon.
      Survivor -  Environmental Adaptability able to adapt to his environment and learn his way around the environment.


      Lucas Bishop was born in the Mutant Containment Center, located in Sheepshead, Brooklyn, in the alternate reality, Earth-1191. The "M" over Bishop's right eye is a brand used in the future to mark mutants for quick physical identification. He was raised in a crumbling apocalyptic society that spawned from the ramifications of what was known as the Summer's Rebellion, which was an uprising where the mutants and humans of that time joined forces to battle the Sentinels. As a child, Bishop was taken in by a man named Witness LeBeau. Later, Bishop and his sister, Shard, were taken away from LeBeau by their grandmother. The grandmother then raised them secretly inside mutant concentration camps in Brooklyn and Nevada.
      Bishop learned of the heroic legacy of Xavier and his X-Men from his grandmother. Her dying request was that Bishop protect Shard at all costs, and to live up to the X-Men of legend. It wasn't long afterward that the Summer's Rebellion ended, freeing the mutants from their camps. Bishop and Shard were still only children, so they resorted to underhanded tactics such as thievery to survive in the cruel post-rebellion society. They were eventually stumbled upon by a blind war veteran named, Hancock. Hancock felt a deep sense of compassion towards the young mutants. He took them in and raised them as best as he could.
      The Exhumes were a group of mutants who had extremely anti-human philosophies. Bishop deeply admired the Exhumes, until they took his sister hostage and discovered that Hancock was murdered in cold blood. Later when the XSE rescued his sister, he knew that they were the group he should admire and eventually join. Bishop later rose through the ranks of the XSE, becoming a commanding officer.

      Eventually, Bishop was reinstated as Chief Commanding Officer for the XSE team, "Omega Squad" . At the ruins of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Bishop and the Omega Squad captured and imprisoned a serial killer, and former XSE member, Trevor Fitzroy. While on this mission, BIshop stumbles upon an old recording of Jean Grey, which claimed that the X-Men were betrayed and destroyed from the inside.  He wasn’t sure of how to stop the betrayal but as he was looking over the video he was ambushed and Fitzroy when through a time hole.  Bishop went after him and tracked him down eliminating him accidentally with a reflective grenade but not without damaging his time portal to get him to his own time.  Currently Suffering from Memory loss, he has been given a reboot of sorts unless something jogs those memories.  He is currently just the combat trainer/ substitute math.  He is prone to moments of Deja’vu.  But nothing sticks.

      Face Claim- Michael Jai White
      Want to be part of Bishop's inner circle? Let me know?

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      After giving it some thought I think I'll either bring back Leyu Yoshida or I did toy with an idea for Ruby Summers if there was a way to bring her in...

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Hmmmm Sunfire first then we can maybe get Ruby in after>tine travel

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Right, then I'll work on getting Sunpyre up after work.

      Edit: Here she is... Just not sure what team to place her on yet...

      HERO NAME: Sunpyre
      LEGAL NAME: Leyu Yoshida
      ORIGIN OF POWERS: Mutant
      AGE: 19
      HEIGHT: 5' 7"
      WEIGHT: 125 lbs.


          Solar Flare: Leyu's mutant powers enable her to absorb solar and other radiation to generate the process of ionized matter (usually air) through a mentally-triggered unknown biochemical process so that it is converted to plasma, the superheated state of matter. Plasma is the state in which matter making up the sun exists; hence, Sunpyre refers to her projecting "solar fire". Hence she can sheath her body in flame.
         Flight: She can use her powers to create super-heated air currents which push her forward through the air, enabling her to fly. Sometimes this super-heated air is visible as a trail of flame behind Sunpyre. The upper limit to the speed Sunpyre can achieve in flight is not yet known, although it is known to be greater than that of the Angel, who can reach 150 miles per hour.

         Plasma Blasts: She also has the ability to project the flames she generates as powerful blasts of energy.
         Plasma Emanation: Sunpyre can generate plasma temperatures which match those that can be generated by the Human Torch, reaching about 1,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit at maximum level. She can also use her power in a massive blast similar to Johnny Storm's "Nova Burst". However, Leyu has much more control over the area of effect, enough to where one person may feel like they have been sunbathing all day to total incineration of another target.

         Heat Signature Sense: Ability to sense beings by the heat signature that they give off.

         Plasma Shield: Ability to manipulate the plasma around her to form an aura that can melt incoming bullets are stave off other attacks.

         Solar Shielding Psi-field: She is protected from the radiation she emits by a short-range psionic force field which automatically comes into being whenever air friction, and also prevents excessive amounts of light from the plasma from reaching her eyes so as to blind or damage them. Sunpyre's body emits a protective field whenever she uses her powers. However, it is speculated that she can generate power in excess of her natural protection.

      •   Languages: As with most well-educated children of Japan, Leyu is multi-lingual. Japanese is her native tongue, but she is also quite fluent in both spoken and written English.

      •   Combat: Leyu is a moderately skilled combatant. She has taken several years of karate, as expected by her family. And she has learned how to use her powers to fight. Of course, she has nowhere near the experience of her brother, but that's part of the problem, isn't it?

      •   Art: Leyu is moderately skilled in several traditional Japanese art forms, including painting, pottery, bonsai, flower arrangement, and calligraphy. These were expected of her, and she learned how. She is not exceptional at any of them.

      •   Music: The one thing she ever did for herself is learn the violin and Leyu has a great singing voice.

        Without using her powers Leyu is simply mortal… She has no defenses against telepaths either.

      EQUIPMENT: None

      STUDYING/TEACHER: Studying

         Leyu is Shiro Yoshida's younger sister and cousin to Kenuichio Harada . It seems that their father Saburo remarried after the death of Shiro's mother. At some unknown time it was revealed that Leyu possessed similar mutant powers. She took the identity of Sunpyre in her own mind at least as her family looked upon her brother more favorably. The need to prove herself drove her to swipe Sunfire’s costume a couple of times to try and prove herself, but that didn’t go as planned.

      The first time was, when she joined the X-Men for a single mission, to help fight Magneto. Jean Grey had summoned her brother, but instead got Sunpyre, as Shiro was unavailable at the time. Despite Jean not knowing Sunpyre at all, she easily accepts her offered assistance as the situation was so extreme. Jean's makeshift team of X-Men consists of long-term allies Northstar and Dazzler.

      There were also civilians Omerta and Wraith. Dazzler had problems of her own and with a Jean-assisted telepathic conference, Sunpyre learns of the child-like Age of Apocalypse villains. Thus, Sunprye is one of the few in current continuity to have any idea the Age of Apocalypse actually had happened. Sunpyre fights valiantly against Magneto, but almost loses her life when the master of magnetism constructs a metallic cocoon around her. After the mission was completed successfully, Sunpyre chose to return to her home instead of stay in the United States with the X-Men.

      The second time was when the Japanese Government reached out trying to get her brother to rejoin their team the Big Hero 6. Leyu once again swiped her brothers uniform and joined in his place. When her father found out he voiced his displeasure and claimed that no matter how hard she tried, Leyu could never measure up to her brother.

      It was also around this time when she came to the conclusion that she was a lesbian. Leyu had suspected this as men just never did anything for her, but a failed date finally confirmed it. Knowing how her family would react, Leyu repressed it and went about her days trying to be the daughter they wanted. She happened to find out though that one of her classmates was gay as well, so they started a relationship. This eased Leyu’s mind somewhat as she had someone, that she could be herself with.

      As everything does this came to an end in a fight between her and her parents. Leyu came out and told them that she was lesbian. Her family rejected her and all but formerly disowned her and her lover rejected Leyu as well as the girl had no plans on ever coming out. With nowhere to go now Leyu heads for the United States, where she plans to finally find a way to become her own hero. Leyu is finally going to join the school to learn from Doctor Hank McCoy...


      •   Inferiority Complex: Leyu has spent her entire life with it drilled into her that she just can't measure up. Second born, and a daughter at that, she could never compare to her brother, the great hero of the family and of the Japanese people. Nothing she did was ever good enough to earn the sort of praise that seemed to be her brother's birthright for the asking. She has a major chip on her shoulder about this. In the past, this has caused her to emulate her brother in her heroic persona, believing she needs to be harder and haughtier, to demand the respect she never seems to get from the people most important to her. Naturally, that hasn't worked out very well; even people outside the family largely view Sunpyre as an arrogant and redundant follow-on to Sunfire.

      •   Eager to Please: Desperate for acceptance and positive feedback in her life, Leyu has always been eager to please those in authority over her, doing whatever they demanded, no matter how unreasonable. Even when Leyu is rebelling against their authority, part of her is desperately looking for their acceptance and praise. If someone in authority were to actually give her that kind of positive feedback, it could very well change her life.

      •   Struggling Conformist: The only way to avoid her parents' glowering displeasure for most of her life has been to conform to the ideals they demanded of her, as a very traditional Japanese family. She was to be a polite, well-behaved, proper and traditional Japanese girl, obedient to her family, accomplished academically without ever challenging the family's patriarchs. She has always sought to obey this ideal, even hiding her sexuality over time for fear of their rejection and displeasure. And honestly having faced that displeasure and rejection, Leyu is struggling just to stay mentally afloat. She will likely revert back to conformist, obedient behaviors in hopes of making a new place for herself, even as part of her longs - begs - to rebel and forge her own path, everyone else's rules be damned.

      •   Hidden Temper: Leyu has quite the temper, though she has spent most of her life keeping it under very rigid check, almost never letting it out. Her few forays in her costumed persona as Sunpyre were really her only outlets for her temper, and they were far between. With the rejections she has faced, Leyu's temper is that much stronger, and she is struggling that much harder to keep it bottled up. That temper pushed her to finally confess to her family, and look how that turned out!

      •   Seeking Answers: Leyu has a very curious mind, always looking for answers. She wants to understand why it is that her father could never love her the way he did Shiro. She wants to understand why it is she too was born with the powers Shiro has mastered and embodied to the Japanese people. She wants to understand why it is she was born lesbian, because she is sure she would never have chosen this for herself. All of this fuels her scientific efforts, and her life.

      •   Seeking Acceptance / Validation: What Leyu wants most in this world is to be accepted for who she is, to have her sense of self and her choices validated by others. If she could find that, it would literally change her life.


      PLAYED BY: Sasquatch421
      FACE CLAIM: Yuna Ito
      ONS: Acceptance, movie nights, cuddling, tight clothing
      OFFS: Stuff that belongs in the bathroom, put downs, rejection
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      Getting ready to start.

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Sorry will get to my girl today since it's my day off.

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      Getting ready to start.

      With a little bit of luck, Psylocke will be ready to go tonight or early tomorrow.

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      CHARACTER NAME:Jubilee
      REAL NAME: Jubilation Lee
      AGE: 21
      SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Hetrosexual? Maybe Bi? Who know. *shrugs*
      HEIGHT: 5'5"
      WEIGHT: 115 lbs
      AFFILIATION: X-Men Gold, Generation X, a few others
      PLAYED BY: Saika
      FACECLAIM: Cosplayer Gladzy Kei


      Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


      The daughter of two prosperous Chinese immigrants, Jubilation "Jubilee" Lee, was born and raised in Beverly Hills, California and lived a charmed life. Jubilee attended an exclusive Beverly Hills school and was believed to have the gymnastic potential to participate in the Olympic Games. However, all in one fateful weekend, her parents lost their money in the stock market and were then mistaken for their neighbors (also named the Lees) and killed by two hit-men, while Jubilee was out with a friend of the family.

      Jubilee was then sent to an orphanage, but ran away and hid in a Hollywood shopping mall, stealing food to survive. Jubilee first discovered her mutant power, to generate blinding and explosive energy "fireworks", while running away from mall security. The stress of running away from the security guards caused Jubilee to emit a large light energy blast while in a back alley. This completely disoriented the men and allowed the frightened young girl to escape. Upon learning about her mutant ability to create fireworks, Jubilee realized she could earn money by using her powers to entertain customers and visitors in the mall.

      Frustrated with the young girl's rebellious nature and powerful light-shows, the mall security hired mutant hunters, known as the M-Squad, to capture her. Jubilee held her own by blasting the M-Squad's energy tractor beams, but she was eventually caught. Lucky for her, Jubilee was rescued by the X-Men Dazzler, Psylocke, Rogue and Storm, who happened to be shopping at the mall. Curious about these strange women, she followed them for a while and later jumped into a portal after them.

      On the other side of the portal, Jubilee found herself at the X-Men's temporary base in the Australian outback. Jubilee stayed hidden and, while living in the underground base, the mutant known as Gateway was the only person aware of Jubilee's existence. During her stay in the base, Jubilee stowed away in Dazzler's quarters and found an immediate kinship, in the extent of Alison Blaire's wardrobe. Jubilee stole food and borrowed clothes from several of the X-Men to create a makeshift costume for herself. Jubilee was present when Nanny and Orphan-Maker ambushed the X-Men at their base, but simply hid while the battle ensued. Once while the X-Men were out, Jubilee was harassed and hounded by a Reaver guard dog that was left at the base. Jubilee stayed in hiding until the X-Men had abandoned the base, and their enemies the Reavers had captured Wolverine and taken over the base.

      While sneaking around the caverns in the outback base, Jubilee was startled to find Wolverine hung up on a cross and near death. Jubilee helped Wolverine get down from the cross, and nurtured him back to health. Afterward, she teamed with Wolverine on several of his missions throughout the world. During this time she held her own against The Hand and blew up a section of the Mandarin's castle with her powers while being held prisoner there with Wolverine and Psylocke.

      Jubilee and Wolverine grew a close father-daughter relationship with one another. Jubilee needed the guidance of a parent, while Wolverine needed the peace and joy of a child. Due to this relationship, Jubilee was referred to as Wolverine's unofficial sidekick. The duo teamed up to fight Sentinels, Omega Red, Sabretooth, Sauron, and even seek revenge on Reno and Molokai for the murder of her parents.

      After hearing of mutants being attacked on the island nation of Genosha, the trio make their way there. They meet Boom Boom and Rictor, who had lost their powers. Leaving Jubilee to guard the depowered mutants, Wolverine and Psylocke attempt to invade the Genoshan Magistrate headquarters, but are captured. The three young mutants escape capture, and help the other X-Men defeat Cameron Hodge. Upon returning to the United States, Jubilee joins Storm, Wolverine, Forge, Psylocke, Banshee and Gambit as a member of the X-Men. Although she accompanies them on many of their missions, they remain wary of placing her in harm's way because of her young age. When Wolverine is kidnapped by The Hand, Jubilee argues that she should be allowed to help (as she had previously fought and defeated The Hand), and finds an unlikely ally in Psylocke. After run-ins with the Skrulls, the Brood, Omega Red and Mojo, Jubilee is finally made to stay at the mansion by the X-Men, and is not permitted on missions anymore due to her age.

      When Professor X is almost killed by a villain named Stryfe, who appears to be Cable, the X-Men are quick to suspect Cable of the deed. It is Jubilee who persuades the X-Men that he may not be the culprit, as no one knows what Stryfe really looks like, and he could therefore be disguised as Cable. Once Professor X is cured he regains the use of his legs for a short time, and Jubilee takes him roller-blading to cheer him up. After spending some time bonding with him she realizes that he isn't the stuffy old man she took him for, and they grow closer. After his legs begin to weaken, Jubilee helps him back into his wheelchair, realizing that just being there to help means more to him than anything she could say. Some time later Jubilee accompanies Wolverine to their old base in Australia. Their arrival sets off a dormant Sentinel, whose attack interacts with Gateways portal and sends Jubilee back in time to her parents' house just before they were killed. Certain she could save them from dying in the car crash, she is convincing them not to go when the doorbell rings. At the door stand two armed hit men, Reno and Molokai, who take her parents away at gunpoint. Learning for the first time that that their car accident had been faked, and that they had in fact been murdered, Jubilee swears revenge. Upon returning to the present she tracks the two hit men down, with Logan backing her up the entire time. But once she has her parents' killers at her mercy, she finds that she just can't bring herself to kill them, a revelation that pleases Logan.

      Back at the mansion Jubilee becomes close friends with Colossus's little sister Illyana Rasputin. When Illyana is diagnosed with the Legacy Virus, Jubilee spends all of her time at Illyana’s bedside. When Kitty Pryde arrives Jubilee is jealous of her at first, because she was Wolverines first sidekick, but the two soon form a friendship. Despite all their attempts the X-Men are unable to save Illyana. Jubilee takes her death extremely hard, almost as bad as Colossus. Several weeks later she has another loss to deal with. After Magneto violently removes the Adamantium from Wolverine's skeleton, he decides to leave the X-Men, fearing that he is a liability to them. Knowing how much this will affect Jubilee, he writes her a touching goodbye letter, and leaves his favorite cowboy hat for her. A short time later, Sabretooth is brought to the mansion by Professor X and held in captivity there. Jubilee is terrified of him, and has nightmares of him killing the X-Men and leaving her for last. Attempting to get over her fears she begins to bring food to Sabretooth, who taunts the poor girl mercilessly. One night her nightmares almost come true when the mansion's security system goes down and Sabretooth escapes from his cell. He hunts the X-Men throughout the mansion, but in the end it is Jubilee who takes him down with a neutralizer pistol.

      With the other X-Men busy, Banshee is the only person to notice that Jubilee is having trouble coping with Wolverine's absence, as well as all that has happened to her since he left. When the Phalanx assimilates most of the X-Men, Jubilee and Banshee are forced to team up with Sabretooth and the White Queen, Emma Frost (who has recently awakened from a coma in the mansion's medical facility), to escape from them. This unusual group works together to gather all the young mutants listed by Professor X as future allies. The Phalanx is later defeated thanks to the sacrifice of a young mutant girl named Blink.

      Feeling that she needed a rest from the stresses at the mansion, Jubilee volunteered to join a new group of teenage mutants known as Generation X. The team was led by both Banshee and Emma Frost, and was comprised mainly of Jubilee, Husk, Synch, M, Chamber, Skin, and Penance.

      Both Banshee and Emma Frost educated the teenagers in school subjects as well as combat and field skills. Jubilee and the other mutant teens honed their unique abilities and occasionally battled minions such as the Juggernaut, Omega Red, and their arch-rival Emplate. Time after time, Jubilee used her experience with the X-Men to help her teammates outsmart their enemies. On more than one occasion, Jubilee was solely responsible for the defeat of Emplate. She used her sarcasm when Emplate siphoned her powers so that he would become enraged enough to not have control over them, causing him to blast himself with Jubilee's energy blasts. During the team's last encounter with Emplate, Jubilee blew up Proudstar Hall in order to defeat him. Her teammates survived the massive explosion, because Iceman covered them with an ice shield.

      During her stay in the Massachusetts Academy, Jubilee was kidnapped and held hostage by Bastion during Operation: Zero Tolerance. She managed to resist his mental probes for a good amount of time, hiding valuable information on the X-Men. Jubilee staged an escape early on after being kidnapped, literally knocking several armed soldiers unconscious with a large plasma volley. Her innocence and morals led to her capture once more, as she decided to give CPR to one of the guards she injured. She eventually escaped with the help of Bastion's assistant Daria. While wandering the desert after her getaway, she was attacked by a Prime Sentinel and held her own by blasting his vision receptors. She was saved at the last minute by Wolverine, who took her back to the X-Men until she was comfortable enough to return to Generation X.

      One of the most important details about her stay in Generation X was when she discovered the true killer of her parents, Hunter Brawn. She staged a solo operation, using all of her powers, skills, and abilities to track down Brawn. With the help of her friends and teammates, she managed to take him down. Enraged at how he had destroyed her family, her powers flared to a massive level. Instead of killing the man, she took out her aggression and blew up his warehouse, leaving him to be arrested by local authorities.

      After Generation X disbanded, Jubilee moved to L.A. with former teammate Skin to pursue an acting career. She was unfortunately cast in stereotypical Asian roles, and after her agent tried to seduce her, she blasted him with a powerful plasma blast.

      Around this time she was offered a position on Banshee's militaristic X-Corps team, alongside former teammates Husk and M. The three young women hesitantly joined Banshee in order to keep an eye on him. During her run with the X-Corps, Jubilee held off an uprising in Paris by blinding hostile enemies. Jubilee and Husk, with the help of Stacy X, also managed to take down the Blob and rescue Banshee from Mystique.

      Holy War
      Jubilee returned to L.A. with Skin, but the two of them along with Magma and other mutants were kidnapped and crucified on the front lawn of the X-Mansion by the Church of Humanity. Jubilee and Magma recovered from the attack, because of Angel's healing blood, but Skin and the others weren't so fortunate.Jubilee became slightly depressed due to the loss of her friend and reunited with her friend Husk. The two of them, along with Angel, attended Skin's funeral. Since the grave keeper wouldn't allow a mutant to be buried in his cemetery, he had Skin cremated and unemotionally handed Jubilee Skin's ashes. From then on, Jubilee went on a few missions with Nightcrawler and Havok's Uncanny team, but was taken off of the active roster when Cyclops decided Jubilee needed a mental break.

      Aunt Hope
      Jubilee was contacted by a long lost relative, her Aunt Hope. Hope decided to adopt Jubilee and take her into her home in Los Angeles, which gave Jubilation a much needed break from mansion life. Jubilee attended Payton Noble High School and became a peer adviser. She got into a few fights in school, and was reprimanded because of her power display. She also befriended a mutant named Shane Shooter, and helped him take down a gang leader. Unfortunately for Jubilee, her aunt was caught in a crime ring, as she was an assassin.

      While Wolverine was visiting Jubilee, the two of them along with her aunt (and her butler Brad) got into a battle with Hope's old boss. Hope was caught in a violent explosion and seemingly died, causing a distraught Jubilee to move back to the mansion with Wolverine.


      After the House of M, Jubilee was one of the mutants affected by Scarlet Witch's reality altering wave and has lost her powers. When Sally Floyd was trying to get in touch with the X-Men regarding the sudden depowering of most of the mutants, Jubilee did what she could to help, but since she was no longer a mutant she could not go back to the Xavier Institute.

      Jubilee relocated to Queens, New York, apparently operating a safe house for depowered mutants. She allowed Wolverine to visit Agent Zero, but the facility soon came under attack by Omega Red. Jubilee was kidnapped by Arkady, and seriously injured when Wolverine tried to save her. He had to surrender to S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that were hunting him in order to make sure she got medical treatment.

      New Warrior

      Jubilee joined the New Warriors under the guise of Wondra. As Wondra, Jubilee had superhuman strength (derived from a power suit) capable of lifting a freight train over her head. As a member of the New Warriors, Jubilee acted as Night Thrasher's second-in-command and was responsible for training the team. Jubilee had a tougher exterior than years past, likely due to her responsibilities of training the team.

      After leaving the New Warriors, Jubilee made her way to the the West Coast again, and more specifically to San Francisco, where the X-Men moved following the destruction of the Xavier Institute. Jubilee it seems has remained in contact with many of the new generation students, and met with a group of them at Fisherman's Wharf. The younger kids updated Jubilee on the status of the new island of Utopia, which now acts like a new home for the remaining mutants on Earth. When asked to return to Utopia with them however, Jubilee decided against going to an island of mutants, when she was no longer one. Instead, she had a letter delivered to Wolverine saying simply "Wish you were here."

      Mutant Clinic Mystery

      Jubilee called Wolverine to New York because the depowered mutant clinic that she runs has been attacked on a few occasions. Depowered mutants were ending up dead or missing and she needed Logan's help in solving these crimes. Jubilee herself was attacked by the unnamed assailants, she survived, but they got away. X-23 seemed to be jealous of the relationship between Logan and Jubilee.

      Things That Never Change

      Wolverine and Jubilee went on a rescue mission to free kidnapped former mutants. A group of non-mutants were going to use them as an example, locking them up in cages. After fighting thugs outside, Jubilee and Wolverine made their way inside where they take down another group of criminals. The cops arrive with no word on who freed the former mutants, but they have a clear understanding on the situation. Jubilee and Wolverine watch the gang being arrested atop a roof nearby, where they talk about their history together.

      While Pixie and Jubilee hung out in Union Square, a biological suicide bomber exploded nearby, coating the area, and Jubilee, in blood. Later on Utopia, Dr. Nemesis discovered that Jubilee had been infected with vampire blood that would slowly over take her. Ultimately, a hypnotic suggestion took over her and she fled to her masters. After being bitten by Xarus, son of Dracula, Jubilee had become a vampire. Wolverine chased after her and Xarus used Jubilee to convert him. Jubilee bit Wolverine and he led the army of vampires that attacked Utopia until it was revealed that Cyclops had planned for the event and had Nemesis implant nanites in Wolverine's blood. After Dracula killed Xarus and the X-Men defeated the vampire army, Jubilee was released into the X-Men's care and placed into a cell until a cure was found.

      Touching Darkness

      Jubilee, along with Wolverine and Gambit, briefly teamed up with X-23 when Laura was in Paris. Jubilee helped Laura cope with depression, and the two formed a strong friendship.

      The Forgiven

      She was later taken in by a group of vampires called the Forgiven, who have learned to move beyond their need for blood and can move about in the day, as a student.

      Avengers vs. X-Men

      During the first brawl of the Avengers vs. X-Men conflict on the beach of Utopia, Jubilee battled Black Widow

      Shogo and a new X-Men team

      After discovering a baby boy in Budapest, Jubilee named him Shogo and brought him back to the Jean Grey School where she reunited with her X-Men teammates, including principal members Storm, Psylocke, Rachel Grey, Kitty Pryde, and Rogue.[24] The adoption paperwork for Jubilee to become Shogo's legal mother is currently being processed. Jubilee was field leader when she and X-Men teammates Pixie, Hellion, Mercury, Bling!, Karima, and Cipher fought Sentinels on Santa Catalina Island.


      When Monet attacked the school under the influence of her brother, Emplate, she took away the medallion Jubilee used as protection from sunlight, and then threw her out of the school. Quentin Quire sacrificed the fragment of the Phoenix Force he carried within him to cure her of her vampirism, restoring her powers in the process

      Being a Mommy: Part One Part Two


      Energy Plasmoids/Lumikinetic Explosive Light Blasting: Being a mutant, Jubilee has the power to generate pyrotechnic energy plasmoids from her hands. She has referred to these blasts as "fireworks". The plasmoids obey her mental control, traveling where she directed them, arranging themselves in various shapes, and exploding when she wished. The strength of the blasts varied in degrees of power and intensity, and can range from a multitude of colorful sparkles capable of temporarily blinding a person, to a powerful detonation capable of smashing objects and destroying property, or a precision burst inside a human brain, simulating the effects of a massive stroke. Jubilee can also absorb the energy back into her own body without harm.

      While training in Generation X, Emma Frost described Jubilee as having the untapped ability to detonate matter at a subatomic level, which in theory is the equivalent of a nuclear fusion bomb. Her moral stance on taking a life was observed by Emma during the Phalanx Covenant, when Jubilee explained her fear of killing someone should her powers ever flare up again, as they did during the Acts of Vengeance storyline in Uncanny X-Men (she destroyed the Mandarin's mansion in a massive explosion, out of grief after believing that Wolverine had been killed). Emma stated that Jubilee had unlimited potential and was one of the most powerful mutants she had ever encountered. Jubilee's Age of Apocalypse alternate had minimal qualms in regards to using her powers, and made liberal use of her full ability.

      Psionic Shields: Jubilee's mind possesses a natural defense against telepathic detection or attack. These psionic shields render her mind "slippery" and invisible to telepathic beings unless they know precisely what to mentally scan for.


      Gymnastics:Jubilee is also skilled in gymnastics and had qualified for the Olympic Games before her parents were murdered.

      Hand-to-Hand Combat: Trained with Wolverine and Generation X, not to mention some street fighting action.

      Leadership/Drill Sargent:She also demonstrated strong leadership abilities, often being placed in a field commander role by Banshee during her closing time with Generation X, and acting as a drill-sergeant figure for the most recent New Warriors team.


      Dyscalculia: an inability to complete mathematical problems. Given her status as an academic underachiever, this assessment can probably be assumed to have some degree of accuracy.

      Heart of Gold: While some may not look at this as a weakness, it has gotten her in trouble more than once. Always willing to throw herself in harms way for her friends. She even got recaptured during an escape because she realized that she almost killed a guard and stopped to give him CPR.

      Shogo Lee: When she was in Hungary, Jubilee (a vampire at the time) adopted a little boy that survived a meteor attack whom she named Shogo. After an unnoted amount of time and back to her mutant self, she got word that she is the boy's legal mother. She loves being a mother and with her friends by her side, she will protect him to no end. Even going to the point of killing his own father, The Future.


      Spunky, fun-loving, and always on the go. She is loyal to a fault and loves her friends and fellow mutants. Those who know Jubilee knows that she is upfront and always keep a positive attitude because she is afraid to lose control of her emotions.


      Wondra Suit!

      Former Equipment

      Wizard technology: When she no longer possesses superhuman powers herself, she had some derivatives of technology used by the technologically advanced villain known as The Wizard.

      Superhuman Strength: Jubilee possesses a variation of the Wizard's Wonder Gloves. The micro-circuits lining the gauntlets are designed to use gravitational waves for the purpose of increasing her strength. While wearing the gloves, Jubilee possesses a degree of superhuman strength sufficient to lift a train locomotive.

      Force Field: The gloves are capable of generating a powerful electromagnetic force field around her. While within this field, Jubilee is highly resistant to physical injury. The field has proven able to withstand high caliber bullets, powerful impact forces, temperature extremes, and energy blasts without sustaining injury.

      Flight: Jubilee has some of the Wizard's anti-gravity technology built into her current costume. She can propel herself through the air at great speeds, though the limits aren't fully known. She is able to reach speeds, however, of at least 100 miles per hour and still breathe comfortably.
      Ghost Mode: Jubilee's costume also has what she refers to as a "ghost mode". This ghost mode renders Jubilee intangible in a way similar to Shadowcat. In this mode, Jubilee literally becomes untouchable and can pass through any known substance. This function was used for emergency escapes.

      KNOWN ENEMIES: Ugh...Well there's a few and I think I have dealt with most of them...

      Shoot, what love life? Only men in my life is Shogo, Remy, and Logan. I think any man that comes near me runs for the hills. Women? Well Roxy kissed me once and it threw me off guard.


      Without a doubt Logan is a father figure to her and holds him in the highest regard even though they can butt heads. When Laura (X-23) hit the scene she was jealous and scared of her taking Logan away from her and in time and many trials, they got along as sisters whom Jubilee loves dearly. She helps Laura feel like a normal girl when she first started off and will do anything for her. After all, Logan adopted them both so they are family!

      Remy (Gambit) is like her big brother, a hot one at that and she always wanted him and Rogue to work things out despite how bumpy that road was. Of course if anyone makes a pass at him, I will be that "block"  - snickers-

      Shogo, touch her baby and die. Unless she ask you to babysit then don't harm him or you die. Simple right?

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      Ok guys and girls, We are still waiting for bios for Storm, Pyslocke, ArchAngel, Magneto

      But ive started the game here.

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Awesome stuff, Vixen! Thanks so much!

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Height: 5'11" (both bodies)
      Weight: 155 lbs. (both bodies)
      Eyes: (originally) Blue; (cybernetic) purple; (currently) purple
      Hair: (originally) Blonde, dyed purple; Purple (modified permanently by Spiral in her Body Shoppe)
      Other Aliases: Bee, Betsy, Captain Britain, Lady Mandarin
      Education: University graduate
      Place of Origin: Braddock Manor, England
      Identity: Secret
      Citizenship: British
      Sexuality: Bisexual
      Known Relatives: James Braddock Sr. (father, deceased), Elizabeth Braddock (mother, deceased), James "Jamie" Jr (brother), Brian Braddock (Captain Britain, brother), Meggan Braddock (sister-in-law)
      Faceclaim: Linda Le (a.k.a. Vampy Bit Me)


      Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
      Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock's father was James Braddock Sr. and he once lived in an alternate dimension. He was sent to Earth to create the ultimate protector, Captain Britain. He ended up having twins, Elizabeth and Brian. Betsy was born and raised in England in a small town called Maldon, Essex. She was born a bit after midnight on April 23, 1956. (Since comics characters never age, or age very slowly, the year of her birth varies. Her current birth year is 1982.) Their parents died at a young age and they had many adventures growing up. Her twin brother Brian began pursuing physics as a major during college while Betsy decided to become a charter pilot. One day, Betsy received news that her brother Jamie had been injured in an accident, so Betsy called Brian and the two flew back to their mansion in Britain. Their plane crashed after a psychic attack when they began to close in on the mansion.

      Manifestation of Abilities
      Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
      Eventually, Betsy would be influenced by no mind control by Dr. Synne. They would be able to restrain Betsy but it was nothing short of easy. Next Brian would defeat Synne and he would lose control over one of his agents, who would reveal that he was truly working for the Red Skull. Brian and Betsy would team up with Captain America to defeat the Red Skull, this is when Betsy first used her newly manifested powers. Betsy discovered that she had precognitive abilities that grew to telepathic powers. For a long time, Betsy had lost track of her brother because of his adventures in America and other dimensions. Betsy would soon quit her charter pilot job and pursued a career in modeling. To set herself apart, she began dying her hair purple and her career took off. When Brian decided to go overseas to college, Betsy contacted S.T.R.I.K.E. psychically to try and join them. She was recruited into the British agency, S.T.R.I.K.E.'s Psi Division. During her time there, she would develop romantic relationships with fellow S.T.R.I.K.E. members. Her twin brother Brian, would eventually become Captain Britain. While working with S.T.R.I.K.E. one of her assignments was to infiltrate the Hellfire Club (her father was the Black Bishop of the London branch), but the mission was soon abandoned when she encountered Sage who warned her to stay away. Mad Jim Jaspers had used his powers to warp reality. There was a group of superhuman hunters after Captain Britain, and Tom Lennox (Betsy's former lover) sacrificed himself to allow Captain Britain enough time to escape. However, Betsy was later kidnapped by Government Officials and was sent into a concentration camp. During her time in the camp she met a woman named Victoria Bentley ( Dr. Strange's friend) and Victoria would teach Betsy how to harness the trauma she had gone through and use it to power her psionic abilities and energies. Eventually they would be let out after Captain Britain stopped Jaspers. Upon repairing the damages that was caused by the reality warp, an alternate version of Captain Britain called Captain Briton came and switched places with Captain Britain, and handed him over to the Technet who were after Captain Briton . He then proceeded to try and rape Betsy, but in self-defence Betsy attacked him mentally and killed him.

      The New Captain Britain
      Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
      When the RCX agency (which took over S.T.R.I.K.E.) approached Brian and asked him to help them. Brian refused, so they would trick Brian into leaving America. One of the agents in RCX was Betsy's other former lover from S.T.R.I.K.E., Matthew (now named Gabriel). He would persuade Betsy to take the mantle of Captain Britain and she received training from Captain UK (a Captain Britain from an alternate universe). While wearing the Captain Britain costume, it gave her enhanced abilities and enabled her to fly. Betsy would assume this role while Captain Britain was away working for the covert British agency RCX. Betsy was then lured into a trap by one of her brother's enemy, Vixen. She was almost beaten to death by Slaymaster until Betsy was able to telepathically contact her brother. Captain Britain came in time and crushed the head of Slaymaster. Betsy was unfortunately blinded in the process. She was offered cybernetic eyes from RCX but refused to take them and decided to rely on her telepathy to see. Gabriel would soon propose to Betsy, which she accepted. The couple went on vacation to Switzerland so Betsy could recuperate in peace.

      Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
      In Switzerland, Betsy was seeing with her telepathy to see the world through the eyes of the other people around her. There, she was captured by Mojo and Spiral, who held her captive for about a year, during which they gave her bionic eyes to replace the damaged ones, named her “Psylocke“ and made her the star of a TV show called "Wildways", which actually was an otherdimensional realm. Kids all over the world were encouraged to call a certain phone number and join the Wildways and, ultimately, the New Mutants became involved too. After Warlock and Cypher were able to release Betsy from Mojo’s hold, all of them returned to Westchester. Betsy decided to stay at Xavier’s school, wanting to learn how to master her powers, since she had been a victim too long. Strangely, the bionic eyes remained with Betsy, giving her visual sight again. Little did she know that the implanted eyes could also function as cameras that allowed Mojo to record everything she saw and broadcast it as TV shows in his Mojoverse. Over the next days, Psylocke discovered, through her telepathy, that Doug Ramsey of the New Mutants was in love with her. Even though she had similar feelings, she did not explore their relationship further since he was under age. When Sabretooth invaded the mansion while the X-Men and New Mutants were away on assignments, Betsy protected the children at the mansion and was able to last long enough until Wolverine arrived to engage in one on one combat with Sabretooth. Betsy would then scan Sabretooth's mind to figure out his plans. It was her bravery in risking her life luring Sabretooth away from the Xavier Institute and the injured inside that earned her Wolverine's respect. Later when the X-Men shows became an outstanding success, Mojo tried to turn them into his loyal servants by reducing them to childhood and raising them anew, yet they were saved by the New Mutants. During the fight, Betsy learned of the purpose of the bionic eyes, but she decided to keep it secret. During a battle with Adversary, Betsy was killed, then resurrected and teleported away to Australia by Roma. After this Betsy decided to wear an armour to protect herself. Later, Storm was thought to be dead and several other X-Men like Wolverine and Rogue were missing, so Psylocke took leadership of the X-Men. Much to the dislike of Havok who didn't trust Betsy because of her casual reading of his mind.

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      To prevent the X-Men's death, which she had foreseen in a precognitive vision, Betsy sent the team through the Siege Perilous, a device given to her by Roma, Merlyn's daughter. The Siege Perilous would give them all new lives. Betsy awoke on an island near China without her memories. She was found by the evil ninja group, The Hand. The leader of The Hand, Matsuo Tsurayaba, wanted to save the life of his brain-dead girlfriend, Kwannon. To do so, he had Spiral's Bodyshoppe switch Betsy's and Kwannon's souls. Spiral not only switched their bodies but also fused their minds and physical features. They shared the same memories and shared half of Psylocke's telepathic powers. Betsy was given to The Mandarin to serve as his assassin. While working as an assassin, Betsy changed her armour to a more revealing outfit, and learned to focus her psychic energy and turn them into the "psychic knife". On her first assignment as Lady Mandarin, she had to battle Wolverine. When she stabbed Wolverine in the head with her psychic knife, it showed her his memories and revealed to Psylocke who she truly was. Psylocke then rejected her role as Lady Mandarin and escaped with Wolverine and Jubilee to Genosha. In Genosha Psylocke, Wolverine, and Jubilee discovered that the X-Men and the New Mutants had been captured by Cameron Hodge. They also met Havok on Genosha, then they went on and defeated Cameron Hodge. Once the X-Men were free, they all headed back to New York. Then they all re-joined the X-Men. Soon, Psylocke’s loyalties were put to the test. Shortly after the original five X-Men rejoined, the team found themselves under attack by Fenris and Matsu’o Tsurayaba. During the battle, he used a post-hypnotic command, causing Betsy to switch sides and oppose the X-Men. Her entire team ended up captive, but it turned out that she was only feigning obedience. Psylocke had truly overcome her brainwashing. When the X-Men split into two teams, Psylocke joined Cyclops' team. She eventually started flirting with him and when Jean Grey found out, the two started fighting. They were interrupted when Kwannon (now calling herself Revanche turned up at the Xavier Institute (in Betsy's body) and claimed to be the real Psylocke. Not knowing what or who to believe, the X-Men had no choice but allow her to stay. Revanche then confessed to Psylocke that she had contracted the Legacy Virus thanks to Spiral. Soon after, Revanche was mercy-killed by Matsuo Tsurayaba. Upon her death Betsy gained her full telepathic powers and the and remaining pieces of herself but was still able to retain Revanche's martial arts skills. Kwannon's fractured memories and personality were also removed from Psyocke's mind by Matsuo who gained a small fraction of Kwannon's psychic powers. Afterwards, Jean re-trained Betsy to use her telepathy and she also started a relationship with Angel.

      Crimson Dawn
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      Sabretooth had been living in the mansion pretending to be mentally handicapped. He attacked Boom Boom and Psylocke, in an attempt to save her, Psylocke battled Sabretooth. Although Psylocke was now a master martial artist, Sabretooth's raw strength was too much for her. In a desperate attempt to beat him, she stabbed him in the head with her psychic knife. However, due to being stabbed in the head already by Wolverine, he lost part of his brain so he was immune to the psychic attacks from Psylocke. Sabretooth then proceeded to brutally beat Psylocke to near death. In a desperate attempt to save her life, Angel, Wolverine, and Doctor Strange went to the Crimson Dawn to retrieve a magical healing liquid. They found it and used it on Psylocke, however there was a side effect. It left a red dagger tattoo on Psylocke's left eye. This gave her the ability to hide and teleport through shadows. The tattoo also made her personality colder, which put a strain on her relationship with Angel. When a demon named Kuragari took over the Crimson Dawn, he demanded a debt be paid for the healing liquid they used for Psylocke. He wanted to corrupt Psylocke and make her his queen. However, in order for Psylocke to be freed, Angel gave part of his essence to Kuragari. Once Psylocke was freed from Kuragari, the two of them defeated the demon. After this incident, Angel and Psylocke retired from the X-Men.

      Shadow King
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      Storm received a message from her adopted mother asking for help. Storm gathered Psylocke, Wolverine, and a few other untrained X-Men. Psylocke teleported them all using her Shadow Teleport ability. When they arrived, Psylocke and Wolverine were immediately engaged in battle with sand-warriors. When they finally located Storm and her mother in the village, the other villagers were kidnapped by Ananasi. Psylocke scanned Storm's mother and found out that their enemy was a powerful telepath whose barriers even Psylocke couldn't get past. Psylocke decided to take the fight to the Astral Plane. There they discovered the villagers standing there as if they were mindless. During a fight with Ananasi, Psylocke accidentally stabbed a mindless villager with the psychic knife. This caused a giant shock-wave that disabled the powers of anyone that was a telepath. Ananasi finally took off his mask and revealed that he was the Shadow King. The Shadow King was able to trick Psylocke into using her psi-wave to remove all mutant telepathy on Earth so he could mind control everyone. They battled each other, and the Shadow King destroyed Psylocke's psychic form which nearly killed her. Psylocke was able to survive with the help of the Crimson Dawn. She gained a new shadow form with new abilities. Psylocke then helped Storm's mother escape from the prison and together they found Storm. Psylocke turned the two into shadows because the Shadow King could not sense them in that form. Psylocke engaged him in battle again and tried to hold him off; as Psylocke could not hold the shadow covering Storm and her mother and use her abilities to fight the Shadow King at the same time, she tossed them back to reality. Psylocke then submitted to defeat and swore allegiance to the Shadow King. However, he did not believe her and took her to his prison. The Shadow King devised a plan to take over everyone's mind, but was tricked by Psylocke into over using himself. With a weakened Shadow King, Psylocke was able to separate him from his powers. Therefore, she was able to trap him in the psi-plane. However, in order for her to keep him imprisoned she had to keep her telepathic powers focused on trapping him, which is the reason why she temporarily lost the ability to use it. Later when Wolverine was brainwashed by Apocalypse into the Death persona, Psylocke, Archangel and others attempted to help him. To help find where Logan was, Betsy forced herself into using Cerebro, even though there was a risk the Shadow King would escape. Whilst using Cerbro the Shadow King began to lure Betsy into freeing him, but before it was too late Warren used their psychic connection to stop her and save her from herself, telling her he'd always be there to save her. When Jean tried to help Psylocke deal with the Shadow King, the two ended up switching powers. So Psylocke's telepathy was added to Phoenix's telepathy, and Psylocke gained telekinesis. Psylocke then returned to active duty on the X-Men and began to flirt with Neal Shaara which resulted in a break-up with Angel.

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      Psylocke then joined Storm's X-treme X-Men team to search for Destiny's diaries in Spain. Psylocke fought a man named Vargas, but his sword skills were too much for Psylocke. Vargas ended up killing Psylocke. Psylocke was buried at the Braddock family estate. Psylocke was then mysteriously resurrected and her Crimson Dawn tattoo was gone, and so were the powers that it gave her. Psylocke did not regain her telepathy but the telekinesis that she got from Jean became much stronger. Even Marvel Girl admitted that the level of her telekinesis was beyond hers. During a mission in the Savage Land, Psylocke displayed how much her power had increased. During the House of M, Psylocke was returned to England and was a princess. Since Psylocke and Rachel were in the White-Hot Room, they retained their memories throughout the event. When House of M ended, Psylocke was one of the few that retained her mutant power. It was then revealed that Psylocke had been resurrected by her eldest brother Jamie Braddock. Jamie has the ability to manipulate the quantum strings that comprise reality. Jamie also claimed that he had made Psylocke immune to reality warping. Jamie said that this was all a plan to make Psylocke the ultimate weapon against the "Foursaken". Then Jamie was grabbed by a mysterious giant hand and Nightcrawler teleported everyone out of the area. Psylocke and the team were kidnapped by the Foursaken, but they could not detect Psylocke, exactly as Jamie had planned. Psylocke, the X-Men, and the Foursaken was sucked down a hole. They defeated their enemies and Jamie returned everyone back to where they were. After Psylocke helped Storm free some people in Africa, she returned to England to talk to her brother, Brian, about Jamie. The Shadow King had returned by then and taken over an alternate reality Professor X. He lured Psylocke to visit him and controlled all the members of New Excalibur - minus Sage - into beating Brian. Psylocke created a telekinetic bubble inside Shadow Xavier's brain to give him a stroke, which freed New Excalibur from his control. Just as Psylocke was about to hit the killing blow with her psychic sword, she disappeared in a flash of light.

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      Betsy wasn't unhinged from time as the Exiles usually are, but was still recruited to help mend broken realities. When she was brought to the Panoptichron - the Crystal Palace she was greeted by an alternate reality Sabretooth, who she instinctively lashed out at because of her nearly being killed twice by her reality's Sabretooth. Eventually, after a long fight Psylocke realized that this Sabretooth was not the evil man she knew, but a much nicer counterpart of Sabretooth. She then met Morph and Heather Hudson and they told her about the other Exiles members in trouble in Earth-1720. Psylocke, Sabretooth and Morph teleported there to look for their teammates. They battled a few Hydra members and eventually caught up with that reality's Mr. Fantastic. Later, they realized that the other Exiles members were brainwashed and forced to join HYDRA. Psylocke then had to confront Madame Hydra (Invisible Woman in this reality) and her lover, Wolverine. Psylocke had the upper hand on Wolverine until Slaymaster showed up. She became so terrified of him that she forgot about Wolverine, who ended up stabbing her in the back - Slaymaster is a man she had never been able to beat and it was Earth-616 Slaymaster that took out her eyes long ago. Later the entire reality seemingly exploded before Heather's eyes, but in fact Reed Richards actually saved it. Everyone was able to recuperate fully and finally returned to the Exiles command centre. However, the entire place was deserted. They discovered that six months had gone by, and since Heather thought the team was dead, she just left and went home to her own reality. Psylocke agreed to be a member of the Exiles and decided to work with the computers first in order to get used to her new surroundings. While working at the monitors, Betsy fell asleep. However, she didn't have an ordinary dream. She fell into a little island in space where an old couple were having lunch. They asked her to stay and eat, and while Betsy was thinking the old lady responded to Betsy's question. Shocked that they could read her mind, the couple began talking to her about the universe and how all of time and space were unravelling. The man asked Betsy to save it as she woke up. All of a sudden, a mysterious girl was transported right next to Betsy at the Exiles' Headquarters. The girl turned out to be an alternate reality of Kitty Pryde. Betsy tried to help her but she began freaking out and hurt herself after she running into a wall she couldn't phase through. Betsy then took her to the infirmary. Meanwhile, Doctor Doom of an alternate reality got his hands on the Tallus from Sabretooth. He used it to transport his men to the Exiles' headquarters, where Betsy tried to fend them off. However, they overwhelmed her and electrocuted her unconscious. Luckily for Betsy, Thunderbird, who had been in a coma after a battle with Galactus and kept in stasis in the infirmary, had just awakened and despite not knowing who Psylocke and Shadowcat were immediately sided with them and fought off the intruders. After successfully getting rid of Doom's henchmen, the three of them witnessed the annihilation of the reality the other Exiles had been sent to. Psylocke noticed that their teammates had been scattered over various realities, thus complicating the task of retrieving them all. Thankfully, the Exiles managed to get back together, and Betsy and Thunderbird treated themselves with a visit to the New Excalibur team's victory celebration. Upon opening the door, Brian was shocked to see his sister - whom he believed dead - alive and well. The twins started talking about their latest respective adventures, leading to Brian being slightly annoyed that the Exiles had seemingly taken up what used to be his task - eg. defending the Multiverse. However, the doorbell rang once more, this time resulting in Brian being gravely injured by Rouge-Mort. Betsy obviously attacked her in retaliation, but her blows seemingly did not affect Rouge-Mort. Both teams - Exiles and New Excalibur - managed to escape, but this was only the beginning of a series of events related in X-Men: Die By The Sword, which led to a few line-up changes for both teams and most importantly the death of Roma. After these events, Betsy told Brian she would stay with the Exiles, as she considered Professor X had already more X-Men than he could use. Longshot decided to stay back with Dazzler, whereas Sage, now with Roma's memories, joined the Exiles. In the meantime old Exiles members Nocturne and Thunderbird took a sabbatical to recuperate after Nocturne's stroke. Blink joined them leaving Sabretooth as team leader and recently added members Rogue (of Earth-1009) and Mystiq (the male counterpart of Mystique from Earth-797) along with Morph, Psylocke, Shadowcat and Sage as the new team roster. Psylocke still couldn't be detected by the Palace's computer so Sabretooth created an armband for her serving as her personal version of the Tallus. As a result Psylocke would now be able to fully function within the Palace although previously it seemed that she was considered non-existent for The Computer.

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      Betsy travelled to several realities. Upon arriving on a certain Earth, Psylocke had a mental breakdown due to this world's Psylocke counterpart psyche being at war with Betsy's own psyche in order to control her body. This reality's Ogun approached Psylocke and offered to train her so she could avenge the death of his apprentice, who was killed by Slaymaster, who was killing different alternate versions of Psylocke due to her defeating him in an earlier mission. Turns out that that realities version of Psylocke was actually Lady Mandarin who was trying to take over Betsy's body. During the battle of the psyches, Lady Mandarin begins to start winning over Betsy. This causes Betsy's appearance to start changing into Lady Mandarin's, in-particular, the return of the Crimson Dawn tattoo. Eventually Betsy gets the upper hand and, in tears, kills Lady Mandarin and is 'finally free'. After the fight, Betsy is finally able to face the Slaymaster. During a mission against the Shi'ar Death Commandos, Psylocke is shot in the back and uses her TK to keep the wound together whilst fighting. Soon the Slaymaster arrives and stabs Betsy in the back. Psylocke fights him hand to hand while trying to concentrate in keeping her wounds together. She eventually defeats him but doesn't kill him, saying she's not a killer. After trying to attack her again, the Slaymaster teleports away. During the mission, Betsy's teammate Cat was killed. Betsy mourns her death but eventually returns to the crystal palce with Mystiq, Sabretooth, Gambit where they meet Sage. Tessa explains that she has merged the essence of her being with that of the palace and that whenever someone tries to communicate with the palace, they'll be talking to her. Betsy was mad at Sage and ran away. Tessa follows her and says that she did what she had to do because the palace had lost its soul and because of that, whole dimensions were ending and the omniverse was dying. Psylocke and Sage had a heart-to-heart and Betsy asks her what if this has no going back to what Sage responds that she simply doesn't care: she says she has a sense of everything and might as well make existence a better place. Later Betsy and Sabretooth express their feelings more intimately. Later, the Slaymaster continues to kill alternate versions of Psylocke, and each time he does Betsy gets slammed by a resonance wave of energy in the Crystal Palace. She decides it's time to bring this to an end. Betsy asks Sage to run a hologram simulation of Slaymaster so she can train, however this simulation ends up defeating her. Psylocke runs away, but Sage catches up with her and share some words. While both are at it, the Crystal Palace shows them a vision of Slaymaster killing Brian, Betsy's twin brother. Psylocke decides to go back to the 616 timeline to stop him. After spending the whole day in London, Slaymaster finally shows up. They fight, but Slaymaster easily beats Psylocke. When Captain Britain arrives to help her, but Betsy says this is her fight and asks her brother to lets her finish this by herself. Psylocke severely beats Slaymaster, so he tries to run away, but Betsy breaks his teleporter. She says this is a challenge to the death and all the Psylocke's from all the different realities that Slaymaster killed manifest themselves to witness the battles final end and finally kills him once and for all. Brian and Betsy talk for a bit and hugged each other. In the end, she returns to the Crystal Palace and reunites with Sabretooth, kissing him.

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      Returning to Earth-616 under unknown circumstances, Betsy was captured by a woman Scott Summers believed to be his presumed deceased ex-wife Madelyne Pryor, calling herself the Red Queen. The Red Queen had Spiral, Lady Deathstrike, and Chimera, all members of her Sisterhood of Mutants, bring the body of Kwannon (which is also Betsy's original body) to their hideout. Through a ritual the Red Queen, using the combined might of the Sisterhood, reanimated the dead body and transferred Betsy's mind back into her original form, while the Asian body of Kwannon simply appeared to die. When the Sisterhood attacked the X-Men in order to gain a lock of Jean Grey's hair that Wolverine had stored, it was Psylocke who did battle with Logan until they managed to escape. When the X-members Dazzler, Storm, Karma, and Emma came to confront the Sisterhood at their base, Psylocke and the Mastermind sisters were left to battle them. Dazzler tries to reason with Psylocke and bring her back to her senses, but it's hopeless. Dazzler then generates a huge beam of light and ends up blowing off half of Betsy's face. Psylocke manages to break free for a moment and uses her psi-knife on herself. Inside Psylocke's mind, the real Betsy is at war with her evil self, and ultimately kills the evil being inside of her. Dazzler tries to wake up a seemingly dead Psylocke, when Betsy suddenly awakes in the Asian body. Psylocke is now freed of the Sisterhood's control rejoins the X-Men. Psylocke reveals she has regained her telepathy (while also retaining her telekinesis) and travels back in time with Beast and his X-Club in order to study the birth of mutant kind and find a way to revert M-Day. During Utopia, Betsy is seen trying to handle the riots in San Francisco, later Cyclops gives Psylocke and the X-Club members a mission to install a number of devices on a huge piece of rock under the sea. When the devices are successfully installed Cyclops gives the order to "rise". When risen the rock is identified to be Asteroid M and will now serve as the X-Men's new base of operations called Utopia. Later when the group arrive on top of Utopia they join the battle against Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers and remaining Dark X-Men. The group take on Dark Beast and Betsy impales him with her psychic katana. After the battle is won she is seen with Emma Frost and Kavita Rao, consulting about Emma's sliver void.

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      After the X-Men defeat the Dark X-Men, Psylocke helps Namor, along with the rest of the X-Men, defeat a monstrous version of his deceased ex-wife Marrina. Betsy amplifies Iceman's powers telepathically to an extremely powerful level. Psylocke also witnesses Deadpool begging to join the X-Men and helps invade the Hidden City of Atlas after the Agents of Atlas steal Cerebra, she is defeated in battle by Namora. After this, Psylocke and Nightcrawler try to rescue Wolverine from the clutches of Dr. Rot. Kurt and Betsy find a giant psychic engine built with human brains. Psylocke tells Nightcrawler not to smash it, as the engine is like a giant psychic bomb, just waiting to go off. Betsy explains that the bomb could turn everyone crazy for a few moments, she then defuses it carefully with her psy-knife. After one of the bombs go off, Kurt and Betsy temporarily go insane but are saved by Wolverine. After they come to their senses, Nightcrawler finds some of Betsy's hair in his mouth, they promise to never talk about what happened in that thirty seconds again. Psylocke and Nightcrawler are then approached by Pixie's mother, Mrs. Gwynn, asking where her daughter is, they promise to find and rescue her. Emma Frost, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Rockslide, Anole and Blindfold go looking for the missing girls: Pixie, X-23, Mercury and Armor. Whilst looking the group comes into conflict with the Mastermind sisters and Mrs. Gwynn. Later Psylocke is the only person present when Dr.Takiguchi passes away, she informs the X-Men in tears and attends his funeral. During the funeral Magneto gatecrashes, Cyclops informs Betsy to use her psychic knife on Magneto, if necessary. Suddenly the island is attacked by three Predator X, Psylocke helps defeat one of the creatures. After that Psylocke helps Cyclops and Professor X attempt to get the sliver of the Void out of Emma Frost's head, Betsy's role was to lobotomize Emma or Cyclops if the void took over. After the sliver of the Void is successfully sealed, Beast tells the small group that he's leaving, much to Betsy's shock. Shortly after this, Cyclops sends Wolverine, Psylocke and Colossus to hit NY to track down where the Predator X's came from and the source of the nanites. Logan follows the remaining Predator X's scent to the sewers of the city, where the X-Men find out that Fantomex already dealt with the monster. The X-Men ask for Fantomex's aid to determine where the Predators came from, but Fantomex is not willing to help. The group track the Predator's point of origin inside a building, where the super-powered beings who sent the Beasts are waiting for them. They then engage in battle. The villains easily overcome the X-Men, as they have data on the X-Men's powers and fighting techniques. Fantomex arrives to help the X-Men, while E.V.A. shuts down the Facility's computer with all the stolen data. Wolverine, Psylocke, Colossus and Fantomex now manage to take on their foes. On their way back to Utopia, the group receive word of Kitty Pryde returning. They arrive as fast as they can. Psylocke then witnesses Kitty's return to the X-Men. Days pass and after their mission together, Fantomex gives Psylocke flowers, hinting at a new romance between the two.

      Kill Mat'suo
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      With the crisis in San Fransisco past, Psylocke turns her attention to personal matters, namely restoring her old body to the sanctity of its grave in Tokyo. Somewhat shaken by this latest (albeit temporary) body-swap and seeking to make sense of her being and her identity, Betsy hoped that by putting her past self to rest, she would be able to move forward with her life. Taking a Blackbird to Tokyo along with Wolverine (who had some business of his own to take care of), Betsy is attacked by Hand ninjas at the graveyard. While she fights them off, she sees, horrified, as they destroy her old body in the name of Mat'suo Tsurabya, and vows revenge against the man who had destroyed the last link to her past. As Betsy went on a rampage through the Tokyo underworld in order to find her tormentor, she quickly discovered that things were not entirely as they seemed. The X-Men's old ally Yukio was intent on keeping her from killing Mat'suo, while another assassin, the fiery Jinn, was also hunting him down in retaliation for the murder of his pregnant wife. Her anger fading, Psylocke defeated the two before tracking Mat'suo down, intent on understanding why he had done these things in an attempt to evade his manipulations. What she saw horrified her; Mat'sou had been reduced to an armless shell of a man by Wolverine, who had continued his tradition of removing one of Mat'suo body parts on the anniversary of Mariko Yashida's death until there was little left of the man. Mat'suo had engineered these attacks in order to ensure his death at the hands of either Psylocke or Jinn, as he could not longer take his own life, and Mariko's anniversary had come again. Stunned, Psylocke was confronted by Wolverine, who had come once again to take his pound of flesh from the murderer of his love, and Betsy soon found herself fighting against him. Psylocke realizes Matsu'o purposefully provoked her and Jinn hoping that he would no longer need to suffer at the hands of Wolverine. Betsy tries to talk Logan out of it, but it's useless. Wolverine attacks Psylocke, and Betsy uses her psi-knife on Logan expecting that he would come to his senses. It doesn't work. Psylocke learns the hard way that only the animal in him remains. The brutal battle continues, Wolverine not stopping, Psylocke is unable to focus until Jinn wakes up; he takes on Logan and tells Betsy that he's going home and that she should follow her own advice: to choose to live. Wolverine returns and stabs Jinn, who flies away in pain. Betsy manages to focus and uses her psi-knife on Logan one more time. Psylocke remembers Jinn's words. She comes to the conclusion that this life isn't hers and that she died a long time ago. She's tired of fighting. Psylocke drops her weapons and tells Wolverine that if he wishes to kill her, then be it. After a few moments of silence, Logan tells her to kill Matsu'o, but warns her that they will have a talk later about this desire to die that she has developed. And so he leaves with Yukio to the Blackbird. Psylocke faces Matsu'o once more. He knew it was going to be her to kill him. He's ready. Psylocke uses her telepathy on Matsu'o, making him see his body the way it once was, as well as Kwannon to receive him with open arms. Betsy kills him. "For so long, my life has been out of my own control. Chaos and serendipity, wrapped in insanity. I have suffered. I have lost. Not just my life, but my very soul. Myself. But no more. Now I know who I am". Back in Utopia, Psylocke meets Mercury. Betsy praises her for not wanting to kill Sack earlier, despite everything she's been through. Psylocke tells her to "Hold on to yourself with everything you've got". Mercury asks her if she found what she was looking for in Japan, to what Betsy replies: "It's a start".

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      After Selene's force invade Utopia, Psylocke and Dazzler help fight off the resurrected Dark Riders, even though they don't know who they are. Psylocke is then part of a team composed by Nightcrawler that are sent to Muir Island. On the island, Colossus wonders if Psylocke has lost her telekinesis, but she proves him wrong, by sending him flying. Proteus then reveals himself, he lured the X-Men to Muir Island to be set free from Destiny's body. Psylocke looks inside Proteus' mind and reveals his intentions. Proteus confronts Betsy with her worst fear, being dead again, and ends up possessing her. Rogue and Magneto are the only X-Men left un-possessed. Rogue absorbs Betsy's powers and uses the psy-knife on him, but it's useless. Magneto then uses his powers to lift a piece of rock with him and Proteus (in Blindfold's body) on it, taking the fight to outer space. Rogue, using Psylocke's powers, breaks Proteus' hold on everyone, except for Husk. When 'Husk' is close to touch Rogue, Psylocke arrives and uses her psi-knife on Paige, setting her free. Proteus and Magneto keep on fighting. Erik reveals he's been distracting Proteus in order to understand his energy pattern, as he's made of pure energy, electrons. This way, Magneto is able to purge Proteus out of Blindfold's body, sending him away. Psylocke asks him where is Proteus, to what Magneto replies that he doesn't know and that he will come back sooner or later. After Necrosha, Dazzler finds and defeats her un-stable sister, Mortis. She brings her back to Utopia which Cyclops is not too happy about since Lois killed Diamond Lil and still wants to kill Alison. Psylocke says Lois suffered great trauma, causing her psyche to shatter. Betsy puts Lois is a psychically induced coma, planning to rehabilitate her on the Astral Plane. Saying it could take years to heal her, but she will help. Dazzler thanks Betsy for all she's done, and they hug.

      Second Coming
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      Cyclops assembles a main Alpha Roster team to go to where Cable was detected. Psylocke is part of the Alpha Roster along with, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Colossus, X-23, Angel and Magik. The team is teleported to Winchester where Cable and Hope where, but the two are already gone, leaving only dead The Right soldiers behind. Cyclops then orders the team to bring back Hope to Utopia. Magik teleports the Alpha Roster right above the Sapien League's vans. The X-Men manage to beat them, X-23 kills one in cold blood to force the other to speak. Nightcrawler is outraged by Laura's killing. Psylocke is upset as she realizes Wolverine, X-23 and Angel are keeping something from the rest of them. Betsy, Kurt and Peter keep asking who are they, but the X-Forcers don't give them an answer. Wolverine then reveals the secret of X-Force to the three, but they have to continue on with their mission. Eventually the Alpha team find Hope and Cable, and they join them in their fight against the Purifiers. During the fight, Warren kills several soldiers and cuts Stryker in half. Psylocke is shocked by what she sees. Psylocke is then assigned to follow Hope with Colossus, whilst driving to their location, Psylocke senses a missile but is unable to stop it and it hits Wolverine, X-23 and Ariel's car. Later in Nebraska, the Alpha Team finally reaches Cable and Hope, after Rogue and Hope leave, Alpha and Cable stay behind as a distraction to Bastion. While being attacked by armored soldiers and a jet. Psylocke uses her TK, to perform a fastball special with X-23, sending her to the jet so she can take it out. Later, the Alpha Team returns to Utopia. Colossus wants to get Pixie to rescue Illyana, but Betsy tells him to wait and that they'll find her. Betsy notices the look on Emma's and Scott's faces. She just asks them "Who?", but Wolverine already knows the answer: "Elf", she then attends his funeral. When Bastion is surrounding San Francisco with a giant impenetrable sphere, Psylocke tries to stop it from closing by focusing her Telekinesis but it doesn't stop it and San Francisco is trapped. Psylocke is part of a team of mutants that Cyclops gathers to hit the mainland so as to keep the order and recon. While doing so, they notice a glowing sphere near the Golden Gate bridge. Psylocke realizes this smaller sphere is a portal as she picks up readings through it, not human minds per se. Suddenly, Nimrods sentinels begin to emerge from it with orders to kill them all. Psylocke helps fight the robots, combining her telekinesis with Hellion's in order to rip a Nimrod apart. She then rushes to Julian's aid with Surge and X-23, after his hands are destroyed. Later, Scott orders Psylocke to get people far away from the sphere. She goes to the streets of San Fransisco, using a motorcycle and her telepathy in order to quickly and safely evacuate civilians. Later she helps defeat the invading Nimrods with Ice-Man and Fantomex. After, she re-joins the fight on the Golden Gate Bridge. After the Nimrods are defeated, she witnesses X-Force's return, Cable's death and Hope turning into the phoenix. After Cable's funeral, Cyclops tells Wolverine that there is no place for X-Force in the future of the X-Men. Logan agrees with him, but as soon as Cyclops leaves, he gathers his new X-Force: Archangel, Psylocke, Fantomex and Deadpool. He says there’s only one rule: No one can know.

      Powers and Abilities

      Telekinesis: Ability to psionically manipulate the physical aspects of reality, she can also move, control, immobilize, push/attract, and levitate matter on a sub-atomic level. Psylocke is strong enough that she can psionically move massive objects from a distance, fly or levitate at high speeds, and stimulate individual molecules to generate heat. Psylocke seems to find that using her telekinesis in forceful ways is easier than in delicate ways (i.e. she can shatter a brick wall more easily than slowly levitating a pencil across a room) However, over time she displayed further control over fine matter. (For example, use her telekinesis to turning herself invisible, keeping an atomic bomb contained, destroying entire mountains, and creating a telekinetic bubble inside of a brain, & expand the bubble)
      ⦁   Telekinetic Force-Fields: Psylocke can use her telekinesis to create force-fields of various sizes and strengths that can deflect, decelerate, or repel attacks.
      ⦁   Telekinetic Blasts: Psylocke can release extremely powerful blasts or bursts made of telekinetic force that on the lowest level stun targets but on the highest level can destroy entire mountains.
      ⦁   Telekinetic Weapons: Psylocke, since before, showed great versatility over her telekinesis, in which she uses to construct psionic weapons that can damage a target either physically, mentally or both in some point. She showed skill in using creating multiple types of psionic weapons that differ in size, length and power which she uses in combat.
      ⦁   Telekinetic Katana : Psylocke can manifest Telekinetic katana blade composed of raw psi-energy, which at its lowest intensity, functions to disrupt neural pathways and sever the bonds between molecules, and at its highest level, her katanas can slice an armored opponent and cut through the armor, but leave the attacker physically unharmed. She can also use her swords to shatter telepathic power-inhibitors imposed on others. Psylocke's telekinetic manifestations produce visible radiance in the physical world.Thus, she can use her psychic katana as a makeshift light source in areas of darkness.
      ⦁   Telekinetic Crossbow: As of late, Psylocke has been showing even more versatility when it comes to her psionic constructs. She has been seen creating psi-bows and arrows. She has created psi-crossbows with a rope attached that allows not just her to swing on it, but other people as well.
      ⦁   Telekinetic Bow and Arrow: Psylocke has the ability to create a bow and arrow made of telekinetic energy that can pierce through armor or damage the target mentally or physically on contact.
      ⦁   Telekinetic Spiked Flail: She can manifest a psionic spiked flail which weighs ninety pounds she used to save a baby to destroy the wall.
      ⦁   Telekinetic Whip: Psylocke can generate a whip made from psionic energy, as shown during her fight with Beast.
      ⦁   Telekinetic Spikes: Psylocke can create destructive psionic spikes that destroy the physical objects that the spikes come into contact with.
      ⦁   Telekinetic Claws: As an extension of her psionic constructs she is able to create claws like X23's but made of pure psionic energy which can affect the target physically, and also to slice through armor.
      ⦁   Telekinetically Enhanced Conditions: Uses her telekinesis to enhance her speed, strength, agility, awareness, durability, healing, and fighting skills to incredible levels.
      ⦁   Telekinetic Healing: Psylocke has the ability use her telekinetic energy to heal herself and others at a extremely rapid rate. She can enhance her telekinetic healing to the point of which she can instantly heal from almost any injury.
      ⦁   Telekinetic Matter Alteration: Psylocke can telekinetically rearrange/rebuild matter on a sub-atomic level. She can also capable of psionically alter her clothing at will, and alter/change matter on a sub-atomic level
      ⦁   Psycho-Blasts: Psylocke could shoot a focused beam of telepathic energy at an opponent, knocking them physically while attacking them mentally. This blast was powerful enough to pierce the psi-proof helmet of Juggernaut, a feat Professor X couldn't accomplish upon his first encounter.

      Empathy: Psylocke has the ability to control, interpret, negate, and replicate the emotions of other sentient beings. She can also create empathetic shields and be empowered by the emotions of herself or others. She can also manipulate emotional energies or can augment her powers through emotions.

      Telepathy: Psylocke is an extremely powerful telepathy with a variety of abilities. She can use her telepathy in many different ways like Mind Communication, Mind Reading, projecting her thoughts over vast distances, etc. At close range, Psylocke can manipulate any number of minds at once. Psylocke's psychic powers can bypass numerous resistances and immunities.
      ⦁   Telepathic Tracking: Enhanced psionic senses enabled her to track other sentient beings by their unique psionic emanations (thought patterns contained in the psionic portion of the spectrum) especially if they posed a threat to her well-being in her immediate vicinity.
      ⦁   Telepathic Scanning: She can scan large areas and detect threats in her vicinity. She can also detect the psyches of the inhabitants of a city to learn of their status, condition or intentions.
      ⦁   Telepathic Cloak: She was able to mask her presence from others. Her abilities could go of undetected and were very difficult to track, even by very powerful telepaths such as ⦁   Shadow King. She could extend these defenses to others around her as well.
      ⦁   Psychic Immunity: Psylocke has been shown to have an immunity to all psionic manipulation such as mind reading, illusions, hypnosis, telepathy, etc. She also is immune to all reality warping abilities and some magical manipulations.
      ⦁   Psy Blades: Described as "the focused totality of her psychic powers," by intensely channeling and focusing her psionic powers to her hands to create “psychic blades”, razor-sharp edges of pure mental energy which were said to be the ultimate physical manifestation of her powers which she plunged into the minds of her targets directly, which she often used to disrupt the neurons of her foes by driving the glowing "blade" of mental energy into their skulls. It is able to kill.
      ⦁   Mind Control: Capable of controlling the minds of others, put others to sleep, hypnosis, reprogram or reorder the minds of sentient beings, alter or modify others memories, and control/increase/or negate another mutants powers.
      ⦁   Telepathic Illusions: She had the ability to create illusions to make herself seem to be invisible, look like someone else, or make others experience events that were not truly happening.
      ⦁   Mental Paralysis: Ability to induce temporary mental or physical paralysis.
      ⦁   Amnesia: Could erase any awareness of particular memories or cause total amnesia.
      ⦁   Telepathic Possession : Psylocke is able to possess the mind of others as use it as her own. She can also transfer her mind and powers into another persons body and use it as her own.
      ⦁   Psionic Inundation Waves: Could project waves of telepathic force that usually have the form of a butterfly which have no physical effects but which could affect a victim's mind so as to cause the victim pain or unconsciousness or even death.
      ⦁   Telepathic Force: Psylocke can use telepathic energy to create telepathic force blasts that can instantly incapitate or kill sentient beings.
      ⦁   Astral Projection: Psylocke can project herself astral form from her body and onto astral planes or physical planes and can freely manipulate the astral plane at will. In the astral plane, she could mentally create psionic objects and manipulate the aspects of her environment. Under the effects of the Crimson Dawn her astral form was normally undetectable.
      Shadow Teleportation: Psylocke could use shadows as teleportation gates that can herself and others to anywhere in mere seconds. Although this form of teleportation was not as controlled or precise as variations of teleportation used by others, it could cover infinite distances; on one occasion she transported the X-Men from America to Africa in a few seconds.
      Precognition: Psylocke has limited precognitive abilities which occasionally allow her to envision probable future events, or to see quick flashes of the immediate future. These visions are random and infrequent, however, and she had no control over them.
      Umbrakinesis: Psylocke can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows which allows her to create and dispel shields and control areas of total darkness, Umbrageous Teleportation, Shadow Aura, Shadow Cloaking, Shadow Stealth, and Umbrageous Astral Form.
      Psychic Bomb Generation: Psylocke can create and launch bombs out of psionic energy, having great effects on the opponent's mind or generate massive explosions made of pure psionic force.
      Psychic Lightning Manipulation: As a telepath, Psylocke can manipulate psionic electrical energy. She can also generate powerful psionic blasts that disrupt electrical energies, including the natural bio-electric field of the human brain or the electrical systems of machinery.
      Psychic Energy Manipulation: Psylocke is so strong, she can freely manipulate, generate, or absorb mental energies which allow her to release powerful psi-waves, generate psychic shields, use psionic abilities in attacks of various shapes and/or intensities, Psionic Projection, Psychic Manipulation, and release bolts of pure psychic energy that can stun, injure or kill.

      Master Martial Artist: Psylocke has been classified as a master martial artist, though the specific fighting arts she has mastered have never been revealed. Presumably, as a ninja, she is skilled in various Ninjutsu techniques such as Taijutsu and Ninjaken. Even though she is known as a ninja and worked for The Hand as one, her fighting skills and techniques far surpass those of the average Hand ninja or Crimson Dawn Undercloak. Her skills have been said to rival those of a ninja master.
      Master Telepathic Combatant: As a telepath, Psylocke used to take advantage of her powers in a fight by reading her opponents' movements seconds before they made them, giving her the opportunity to counter-attack faster, and she could also use her telepathy to mask her presence from other people, humans and super-humans alike. She also used to create telepathic illusions to distract her enemies while fighting them and as a ninja, she used her psychic knife to incapacitate her opponents without killing them, though she has less inhibitions about doing so and will if necessary.
      Advanced Telekinetic Combatant: As a telekinetic, she often used her powers to augment her strength, durability, agility, and speed, which made her fighting skills so strong that she was able to match and even outmatch other superhumanly strong opponents like a holographic version of Sabretooth in the Danger Room. Psylocke was also able to match Rogue’s attacks during a training session, despite the fact that Rogue had greatly enhanced speed and strength at the time.

      Strength level
      Betsy possesses the normal human strength of a woman her age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. She can increase her strength to incredible levels by bolstering it with her telekinetic abilities.


      Captain Britain Costume: Her Captain Britain costume gave her superhuman strength, flight and a force field. She has sometimes worn lightweight armor.
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      Having trouble getting my image to display.


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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      At the end of your image you have:


      remove the [/floatleft] because there is no floatleft] at the front of it

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Going to reedit Jubilee to look like your sheet Dr!

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      At the end of your image you have:


      remove the [/floatleft] because there is no floatleft] at the front of it

      Actually, it was there it was just in the wrong place. It also didn't like the "s" on the end of "http",

      Thanks! :)

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      Going to reedit Jubilee to look like your sheet Dr!

      I was motivate by the way you formatted your sheet. LOL :)

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      I was motivate by the way you formatted your sheet. LOL :)


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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Started on Storm's character sheet! Sorting through the silly amount of powers will take me a little longer than I'd hoped!

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Started on Storm's character sheet! Sorting through the silly amount of powers will take me a little longer than I'd hoped!

      Yay! Storm will join me, maybe Kittie, and Remy in some baby shopping right? XD

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Yay! Storm will join me, maybe Kittie, and Remy in some baby shopping right? XD

      In some.... what?! LOL

      edit: amagawd, there's an actual baby/toddler around? Eh, in that case, I think Storm might enjoy that.
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      In some.... what?! LOL

      edit: amagawd, there's an actual baby/toddler around? Eh, in that case, I think Storm might enjoy that.

      Yup. Jubilee adopted a baby boy and his name is Shogo.

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      I've been asked to bring Warren Worthington III into this RP, so the Archangel cometh....

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      I've been asked to bring Warren Worthington III into this RP, so the Archangel cometh....

      Oh can't wait to see this!

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      Ive also reached out to a Rachel grey writer and a Logan writer. YAY

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Ive also reached out to a Rachel grey writer and a Logan writer. YAY

      A Logan writer?!?! Yay!!!!!!!!!

      Jubes and Laura get some bonding time!!!

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Could do with some more female chars for sure.

      If not taken, I would like to put in for bringing in Magma - Allison Crestmere (Amara Aquilla)

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Nope not taken!

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      CHARACTER NAME: Monica "Monty" Shoemaker
      AGE: 23
      SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Hetrosexual
      HEIGHT: 5`9"
      WEIGHT: 147lbs.
      AFFILIATION: S.H.I.E.L.D. Liason
      PLAYED BY: Saika
      FACECLAIM: Alana Blachard



      Monica grew up as a military brat and her father Colonel Shoemaker ended up being a single father when she was around seven years old during an earthquake that just came out of nowhere. Her father also oversees inhumans and mutants, acting as a liaison which usually made him a target on both sides. After all, his daughter was one of them and it was her that caused the earthquake though researchers said it was some hidden fault that was under them and caused it which made him sigh with relief. However he could never tell his child this...she was too young.

      Then Professor Xavier appeared before him a week later at his home on base. It was then when he offered to take Monica in, but he refused the offer. His child needed him and after burying his wife and the entire duty station is trying to recover, as well as the city, she needed to stay with him. Professor Xavier understood but also warned him that she will need to get control of it eventually or more lives could be at stake and with that, he placed a block on her abilities so she could go through most of her life unhindered till she comes to him. That is...until her powers grew and at the ripe age of 18 things changed.

      She grew up normal. Was a fan of the X-Men, Avengers, everyone and thought that a few bad apples shouldn't ruin it for everyone. Her father did his best to keep the peace and while she was used to being bullied at school by some for being a "mutant lover" she didn't let it change her. Living in California she has developed a passion for surfing and being in the water just made the world seemed right again. She won championships and titles being a surfer from the age of 16. She loved the rush and the latest tournament was in Hawaii of all places and without a care in the world as her father went with her to ensure she stayed out of trouble.

      During her final run in the tournament, she was developing a headache and shook it off. It was her turn and if she could nail the wave then the title was as good as hers. During her turn, she was in the tunnel of a wave when it struck her. The headache she was ignoring caused her to fall off her board and has the wave came down crashing on top of her. Monica was drowning and fell unconscious and she didn't even feel the pulses that left her body as the block disappeared. The water vibrating around her. The ground was shaking and rumbling.  When she came to she was floating as someone was coming down to her with some sort of plane or jet. Either way, her world turned black and she didn't awaken for three whole days. That was when she found out that a "freak earthquake and tsunami" hit the island that the tournament was on. There were no survivors except for her as she was the epicenter. Which means her father was a casualty and the emotions she felt caused the room to shake and her cries cracked the walls until she was tranquilized.

      If it wasn't for Daisy Johnson, Monica may have disappeared. Being deemed too dangerous and unstable and she was told that she was too old to even learn how to control it. Which others said was bullshit. Seeing this girl, Daisy demanded that she is handed over to S.H.I.E.L.D. and they would deal with her. After all, who is better to teach her how to control her powers than someone who had the same abilities. For the next four years, Daisy taught her everything that she could until the rest had to be done by her and she knew just the place to send her.


      Stubborn and persistent as all hell. Tell her she can't do something then she has something to prove and will try to do it till she either can or cannot do it. She is also out going and enjoys having fun.


      Vibration Manipulation: The user can create, shape and manipulate vibrations, rhythmic movements of the target, including in themselves, others, objects, environment, etc., through the ground, water, or air.

      Seismic Sense: The user is able to pick up even the slightest vibrations through physical contact with the ground, enabling them to perceive their surroundings as precisely as normal sight. Users are able to sense the structure and materials of solid substances, including the presence of caves, material changes, structural weaknesses, etc.

      Sound Manipulation: User can create, shape and manipulate sound, a periodic disturbance of the medium (air, ground, water, etc) that radiates outward in straight lines in the form of a pressure wave. The effect these waves produce upon the ear is perceived as sound. From the point of view of physics, sound is considered to be the waves of vibratory motion themselves, whether or not they are heard by the human ear.

      User can mimic, intensify, hush, and distort, as well warp, strengthen, echo, speed up, and slow down sound, using it as a powerful physical force and high-speed movement.

      At low frequencies, sound is potentially fatal to living beings by causing internal damage, while high frequencies cannot be heard by normal humans but can be used for sonar-like effects. Since sound vibrations can travel through the air, ground, water and any form of medium, defense by using physical barriers is difficult. The vibrations can also affect at a molecular level.

      In essence, sound is an invisible, deadly weapon and a versatile tool.

      Seismic Energy Immunity: The user is immune to attacks or assaults based on vibrations or oscillation of the environment or their body. Their body cannot be damage by seismic force, nor can they be injured by bodily structure damaging vibrations.


      Expert in the field of Extreme Sports: Parkour, Surfing, Skateboarding, Motorcross, snowboarding, you name it and she loves it. Been doing stunts, tricks, and handling adrenaline since the age of 10 like a boss.

      Expert in hand to hand combat: Bewteeb Agent Meet, Quake, and the Black Widow. Safe to say the girl is well rounded, but holds no official belts.

      Expert Marksman

      High level gymnastics


      Placebos as Daisy calls them:

      Gloves that control the vibrations in her body and allows her to focus.

      Chocker necklace that aids with her sound manipulation i.e. not use it at the wrong time or when she gets emotional.

      Neural band: Prevents psychic attacks and manipulation.




      Fear of losing control and being emotional.

      Feels like she needs her equipment on all the time to be able to control herself, though she is trying to be independent from them despite Daisy telling her she doesn't need it.
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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      MMmmmm Nice.  I love both Magma and Vibe.  Good choices.

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Thanks haha

      When I made the other one, it was a duplicate of Quake (Daisy) so I made my own OC variation XD Need to work on her more when I get home.

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Looks great to me.

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      What's up bubs! It's your resident Old Man Logan here!

      DESCRIPTION: Old Man Logan
      Real Name: Logan James Howlette
      Age: 45
      Height: 5'3
      Weight: 300 Lbs (This is with his Adamantium  skeleton)
      Sexuality: Straight
      Nickname: Old Man, Logan, Mutt

      Copied From the Wikipedia and Adjusted

      His primary mutant power is an accelerated healing process, typically referred to as his mutant healing factor, that regenerates damaged or destroyed tissues of his body far beyond the capabilities of an ordinary human. In addition to accelerated healing of physical traumas, Wolverine's healing factor makes him extraordinarily resistant to diseases, drugs, and toxins. However, he can still suffer the immediate effects of such substances in massive quantities; he has been shown to become intoxicated after ingesting significant amounts of alcohol,  and has been incapacitated on several occasions with large amounts of powerful drugs and poisons; S.H.I.E.L.D. once managed to keep Wolverine anesthetized by constantly pumping eighty milliliters of anesthetic a minute into his system.

      His healing factor is facilitated by artificial improvements he was subjected to under the Weapon X program (in later comics called the Weapon Plus program), in which his skeleton was reinforced with the virtually indestructible metal adamantium. While the adamantium in his body stops or reduces many injuries, his healing factor must also work constantly to prevent metal poisoning from killing him. As his healing powers are currently inactive, Beast has synthesized a drug to counteract the adamantium poisoning.

      His healing factor also dramatically affects his aging process, allowing him to live far beyond the normal lifespan of a human. While the Logan of the regular time line was in his physical prime THIS Logan has aged considerably and looks like a very fit middle aged man. His healing factor while having slowed down considerably still gives him the ability to heal from most mortal wounds.

      Wolverine's mutation also consists of animal-like adaptations of his body, including pronounced, and sharp fang-like canines and three retractable claws housed within each forearm. While originally depicted as bionic implants created by the Weapon X program,  the claws are later revealed to be a natural part of his body. The claws are not made of keratin, as claws tend to be in the animal kingdom, but extremely dense bone. Wolverine's hands do not have openings for the claws to move through: they cut through his flesh every time he extrudes them, with occasional references implying that he feels a brief moment of slight pain in his hands when he unsheathes them. During a talk to Jubilee, Wolverine reveals that there are channels inside his forearms through which the claws move when he extrudes them, and that he unsheathes the claws a few times a day to keep the channels open, similar to pierced ears.

      Wolverine's senses of sight, smell, and hearing are all superhumanly acute. He can see with perfect clarity at greater distances than an ordinary human, even in near-total darkness. His hearing is enhanced in a similar manner, allowing him to both hear sounds ordinary humans cannot and also hear to greater distances. Wolverine is able to use his sense of smell to track targets by scent, even if the scent has been eroded somewhat over time by natural factors. This sense also allows him to identify shapeshifting mutants despite other forms they may take.[144] He is also able to use his senses of smell and hearing, through concentration, as a type of natural lie detector, such as detecting a faint change in a person's heartbeat and scent due to perspiration when a lie is told. These senses have not deadened in his old age and if anything have grown stronger in his old age.

      Signature Skill:

      Master Tracker

      Master hand to hand combatant

      Expert Motorcycle rider



      Extracted from the Wiki and then edited

      When the Multiverse was destroyed and Battleworld was created, a different version from another universe of "Old Man Logan" is reborn on the Battleworld domain called the Wastelands, a re-creation of his native reality with his memories still intact, although he does not know how he arrived in Battleworld. After having declared to set his world right, Logan disrupts a poker game between the Gladiator and his Flying Devils, and he ends their human trafficking ring by killing them, freeing those imprisoned. While on the way back to meet with Danielle Cage, Logan witnesses the head of an Ultron Sentinel fall from above. Wishing to investigate further, he brings it along with him back home, where Bruce Jr. and Danielle also reside. After explaining this new development, he investigates the head's origins. He visits Hammer Falls and meets with the dying Emma Frost, and he learns that the head is from beyond the Wastelands, so he begins traveling beyond his domain.

      When Logan trespasses upon its borders, he is approached by an unidentified Thor of the Thor Corps. She attacks Logan with a lightning bolt for breaking Doctor Doom's laws, falling into the Domain of Apocalypse in the process. Already healed from the burns caused by the Thor's attack, Logan is attacked by Creed (who is one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse) and his soldiers, but Logan is rescued by the X-Men and taken to their hideout, where they are attacked by Apocalypse and his other Horsemen

      The battle that ensues is intervened by the Thor who attacked Logan earlier, and as she argues with Apocalypse, Logan flees and hides. The Thor then demands to know to where he had run, but no one answers. Angry, she attacks both the X-Men and the Horsemen with a lightning bolt and then looks for Logan through the domain. When she is near the domain's walls, Logan climbs it and attacks her from behind. Enraged, the Thor attacks him with another lightning bolt and lets him fall into the neighboring domain of Technopolis, as she is attacked by Apocalypse's Infinite Soldiers. Logan is taken to Stark Tower by Baron Stark and Grand Marshal Rhodes, the Thor of that domain. After healing from his injuries, Logan awakens only to find himself in a totally different domain from the one where he was. He ends up fighting Rhodes but is defeated and sent to the Deadlands as punishment for breaking Doom's laws.

      Due to his healing factor, Logan succeeds in fighting through hordes of zombies in the Deadlands. He takes shelter inside a cave where he finds an uninfected She-Hulk who has been there for a long time. He tries to convince her to throw him out of the Deadlands when the zombies find them. In a desperate attempt to save Logan's life, She-Hulk grabs him and jumps as high as she can to throw him out of the Deadlands as he had suggested, ultimately sacrificing her own life to do so. Afterwards, Logan finds himself in the Battleworld domain called the Kingdom of Manhattan.

      While wandering the city he has not seen in years, Logan meets this domain's Jean Grey and Emma Frost. They take him to meet the rest of the X-Men, as well as "his" son Jimmy Hudson. Logan later leads the superhero population of the Kingdom of Manhattan in a rebellion against God Emperor Doom. Subsequently, Logan finds himself in a new world.

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      Ha thanks Saika!

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Ha thanks Saika!

      Any time!! So this Logan is not the same Logan? Sheesh on timelines!

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      I would like to claim Damian Tryp and an Custom teacher

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      Any time!! So this Logan is not the same Logan? Sheesh on timelines!

      Nope! Its a Logan from another timeline! He crossed over after Doctor Doom broke the multiverse

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      Wish we had an OOC, but best to say it here for now... I'm trying to get up a reply, but my current 50 hour weeks seem to be increasing to almost 60 due to some apartments coming through. I'm the only electrician to handle finish work so I'm kinda stuck trying to avoid starting to work Saturday's. Between the workplace and my mom needing help on the farm I'm pretty sure they aren't going to be happy until I'm either in the hospital or the ground...

      At least my paychecks should look pretty good...

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      Name: Magma

      Alias: Allison Crestmere

      Secret Identity: Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla

      Face Claim: Sophie Turner

      age: 35
      Height: 5'6"
      Weight: 131 lbs
      Hair: Blonde
      Eyes Blue

      Occupation: Adventurer and teacher; former student
      Current relationship status:  Single
      Sexuality: Bi-Sexual


          I will not be lied to! And I am not a slave, to be paraded around and to perform on command! I am a freeborn citizen of Nova Roma -- and I demand to be treated as one!

              -- Magma

      Personality:  Like molten magma lava- Run deep intense across the spectrum of emotional range.  To a level one would think she is bi-polar to a degree.   A caring, devoted and loyal to her friends.   A hellion to those that have wronged her and cross or betray her.   A very passion fiery lover.   

      History (Marvel Wiki 616 page)
      Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla hailed from the country of Nova Roma (New Rome), a colony of the Roman Empire reportedly founded shortly after the death of Julius Caesar in 44 BC. The colony was hidden in modern Brazil and was ruled until recently by the immortal mutant sorceress Selene. Amara was the daughter of Lucius Antonius Aquilla, a prominent senator.

      A faction of the city’s Inca population attempted to transform the republic into an imperial state and a dark cult following the Black Priestess was regularly sacrificing young girls in a pit of fire in some caves beneath Nova Roma. Senator Aquilla was the leader of the opposition to this faction. Fearing for his daughters safety, Senator Aquilla sent his daughter Amara to live in the jungles outside Nova Roma, disguised as an Indian. Later, the senator discovered that the Black Priestess was actually the immortal mutant Selene, wife of Senator Marcus Domitius Gallio, the leader of the Imperial faction.
      New Mutants

      Amara remained in hiding for years until she was captured by the New Mutants, who were on an expedition in the Amazon jungle. They learned of her disguise, but then both Amara and the New Mutants were captured by soldiers of Nova Roma and imprisoned. Now held prisoner by Selene, Amara was to be sacrificed. Selene used her mutant powers to drain Amara's life energy into her own body. The New Mutant, Mirage, attacked Selene. This distraction caused Selene to release Amara from her control, but Selene knocked Amara into a pit of lava. Somehow, rather than harming Amara, her immersion in the lava awakened her latent mutant powers. Together, Amara, with her new-found powers, and the New Mutants defeated Selene and helped thwart Senator Gallio's attempt to kill Senator Aquilla and seize power. Amara was instructed to go to the United States with the New Mutants and there learn about modern civilization.

      Amara did so, reluctantly, and became a member of the New Mutants, under the code-name Magma. In the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, the New Mutants were tutored, by Professor X, and trained in the use of their powers, in the Danger Room. At first, Magma experienced culture shock, however she soon got a handle of modern civilization, including such things as computers and electricity. Amara also made quick progress in the use of her powers, being able to melt tunnels into the ground with the walls cooling down in mere seconds.

      As a form of payback, Empath turned Amara and Sunspot over to the Gladiators where they are forced to battle for entertainment by a former New Mutant, Karma.

      Later, Amora the Enchantress kidnapped the New Mutants to Asgard. While attempting to escape, Magik used her teleportation discs and the Enchantress' magics affected the destination and the New Mutants were separated through time and space. Amara ended-up in Svartalfheim and was seduced and transformed into a fairy by the Dark Elves. After the New Mutants defeated Amora, the X-Men arrived to assist them in rescuing Storm and Amara was restored to her natural state. After their adventure in Asgard, the New Mutants found themselves under the guidance of a new teacher, Magneto.

      While at a Hellfire Club event, Magma was told by Selene that Selene had killed her mother and, later, recognized her grandmother, many times removed, in a statue depicting the ancient Moon Goddess, Selene. Selene approached her to claim having been both the model for the statue and the ancestor in question, stating that their lives, heritage and destiny were bound far more closely than she ever dreamed. Magma refused to believe her claim and Selene smashed the statue, stating it was a forgery. Upon returning home, Amara received a letter from her father, stating that she had learned enough from the outside world and it was time to return home and marry.

      Mirage accidentally revealed that Amara's heart's desire was the Hellion, Empath. Mortified, Amara left to her room and fantasized life among the Hellions, at the Massachusetts Academy again. After hearing of an animal creature that was being mistreated after capture, the New Mutants abducted Bird Brain in a contest with the Hellions, where Amara and Empath revealed their mutual attraction to each other, and, after returning home victorious, Amara decided to return to the Massachusetts Academy. Amara later left the New Mutants and joined the Hellions, stating that she was sent to learn about civilization and she wished to learn from the Hellions now.
      Return to Nova Roma

      While living with the Hellions, Amara was ordered by her father to return home to her arranged marriage and Emma suggested she comply. Emma also ordered Empath to accompany Amara. Amara, then, returned to South America with Empath. On the plane ride there, they experienced bad weather and their plane crashed. Amara and Manuel de la Rocha lived in the jungles for a time together, where they grew closer and even kissed, before Amara's father rescued them. Amara sensed something was different about her homeland and its people but could not discern what was worrying her.

      While awaiting her arranged marriage, Amara was captured by the High Evolutionary's Purifiers, who deemed her a threat, to be de-powered. The New Mutants arrived and rescued Amara and, after Magneto, the White Queen, and the Hellfire Club showed, the children hid and over-heard Magneto state that the Purifiers had almost foiled their plan for Amara. After the New Mutants teleported Amara back to the Xavier School, she asked to be sent back to Nova Roma with her father and Empath, to deal with her problems head-on.

      Later, all of the remaining members of the Hellions were killed by Trevor Fitzroy. Warpath, joined by Firestar and Cannonball, who were all once members of the Hellions, went to South America to tell Amara and Empath of the death of their former teammates. While there, they discovered that Amara and all the people of this city had been living a lie. The city had not been founded by ancient Roman settlers. Instead, it was populated by the kidnapped and mind-wiped victims of Selene. She had created the city as a testament to the times she loved most and desperately wanted to relive. With Selene gone from the area, the spell had started to fade. Empath had tried to prolong the scenario as, for the first time in his life, he was happy. The people of Nova Roma started to regain their memories and Amara was told that her real name was Allison Crestmere and that she was a mutant of British descent.

      Later still, both Magma and Empath were kidnapped by the mutant twins Fenris, a plot that was part of an elaborate and deadly game organized by the villainous Gamesmaster. They were rescued by the team X-Force (formerly, the New Mutants). Afterwards, Magma decided to leave Empath and her friends to search for her family in England.
      New Hellions

      Allison was not seen again until her appearance in King Bedlam's new Hellions. He called her a "British exile," so it seemed that she did not rebuild her old life as planned. How she came to join him is unknown. However, when King Bedlam unleashed the Armageddon Man on the U.S., Magma did not leave with him, and helped X-Force shut down a nuclear reactor and stop the Armageddon Man.

      Magma later turned up among a group of mutants captured and crucified on the front lawn of Xavier’s mansion by the Church of Humanity. Magma was among the few victims saved from certain death by quick transfusion of Archangel's new healing-factor-laced blood. However, Magma remained in a coma for a time.

      A few weeks later, students Josh Foley and Julian Keller found out about Allison and decided to wake her up with Josh's healing abilities. Magma awoke and let out a power blast that nearly demolished the entire wing, then ran away. She joined up with the X-Treme X-Men team in California and reunited with her old friend Cannonball, then ran into Sunspot and Empath as well. Magma no longer thought of herself as Allison and was instead completely back to her Amara persona. How and why this change occurred, and which identity was the true one, is unknown; though it is assumed her first identity was the real one. Amara helped the X-Men fight and temporarily defeat Elias Bogan and his telepath, though she reduced the LA X-Corporation headquarters to slag while doing it.

      While vacationing in Guadeloupe, she found a new boyfriend. Antonio Argent was a mutant with almost the same powers as Magma. While on a date in the magma of a volcano, the Decimation took his mutant powers away. He incinerated in an blink of an eye. His death temporarily drove her insane causing her to make the volcano erupt and attack a nearby town. She was later apprehended by Empath and brought to the Xavier Institute where she shared a tent with Skids and Outlaw. She was also being manipulated emotionally by the mutant Johnny Dee who was infatuated with her. Because of previous experience with being emotionally controlled, she incorrectly blamed Empath who denied her accusations.

      Magik later returned, stating that she was from the not too distant future and that the world and New Mutants would die without her intervention. Cyclops allowed Cannonball to reorganize the original New Mutants squad. Their first mission was to subdue a recently returned Legion. Eli Bard, a servant of Selene, tracked down the body of Doug Ramsey, with the aid of the reanimated Caliban, and reanimated him as well, with the aid of the Transmode virus. Alongside the resurrected Hellions, Cypher infiltrated Utopia and, while the Hellions went after Emma, he targeted Magma, as commanded by Selene. Amara was beaten into a coma by Doug and after a lengthy battle involving the New Mutants and the Hellions, Douglas was freed from Bard's control by Warlock wielding Magik's Soulsword and rejoined his former teammates. Amara was initially scared of the sight of Doug, until he whispered a language he created just for her to understand in her ear and she hugged him.

      After the return of the mutant messiah, Hope Summers, and Cable to the mainstream timeline, Bastion and his members of the Human Council attacked her tirelessly. Cyclops ordered the New Mutants to attack one of Cameron Hodge's Right facilities and then to aid Cable and a group of X-Men from William Stryker and his Purifiers. After Bastion systematically eliminated all of the X-Men's teleporters, he encased the entire island of Utopia in an impenetrable dome and, at the center, opened a portal to his original timeline, where Sentinels ruled and mutants and superhumans were outlawed, that poured out wave upon endless wave of Nimrod-Series Sentinels. Amara battled the Nimrods in the airspace around Utopia.

      After the attack from Bastion, the team took a vacation and Illyana sensed that Pixie had been captured. Illyana sent Warlock to warn the X-Men and the rest of the team battled the Inferno Babies. After being beaten, they were taken to Limbo. After surviving an attack in Limbo by demons and the Elder Gods, it was revealed that Illyana brought Legion back into the mainstream reality to use against the Elder Gods that General Ulysses and Project Purgatory were planning to unleash.

      With Mephisto.

      When Kuurth attacked San Francisco, Cyclops sent Dani Moonstar to meet with Asgardian death-goddess Hela, in the hope that she can explain what happens. However, on the way to Las Vegas, Dani was forcibly moved to Hel.

      Discovering that Dani was gone, the New Mutants sought the assistance of Magik and she explained to them what happened with Dani and told Cypher how he can bring the team to her. However, Doug made ​​a mistake in a spell, and instead of Hel, he teleported the team into a Hell where they met Mephisto. Mephisto offered the New Mutants a deal, he will send them out of Hell, and even teleport them straight into the Hela's domain, in exchange for a date with Magma. Amara agreed, and Mephisto teleported the team to Hel where they almost immediately clashed with the Draumar. To frighten and defeat them, Hela showed the Draumar Nate's memories about his life and a world about which they knew nothing. After the Draumar gone, the team returned to Utopia.
      A Date With The Devil

      After rescuing Blink and returning to the New Mutants new home in San Francisco, Amara prepared for her date with Mephisto, her teammates begged her to reconsider the deal, especially Bobby, and find another way to pay off their debt, Dani even suggesting enlisting the help of Doctor Strange or Ghost Rider to deal with Mephisto but Amara refused.

      Warlock created a tracker bracelet for Amara so that they knew where to find her in case something went amiss, however Mephisto, aware of the groups suspicion, quickly discarded the item stating it was too ostentatious. The date itself too place in Hell, with Mephisto and Amara sharing a meal in the third circle of hell overlooking a lake of lava with erupting volcano's and music provided by many of histories great deceased artists.

      Claiming the date to be too much Amara insisted to just be given a contract to sign to spare her friends and to be taken home so she could be done with the farce taking place. Mephisto insisted that the request for a date was genuine and that tricking the New Mutants of their souls after being transported to Hell would have been too easy and provide him with no enjoyment. He eventually managed to convince Amara to give him another chance after he told her that he just wanted to be treated like a normal person for once, a sentiment Amara explained the New Mutants shared and was their reason for moving to San Francisco.

      Later on the pair shared a date at a restaurant Amara unsuccessfully applied for a job at earlier. After the date Mephisto returned Amara home and she admitted she had enjoyed herself once Mephisto stopped trying so hard, even leaving him with a goodnight kiss.

      The other New Mutants had stayed up waiting for her to make sure she was safe but she promised everything was fine and that she would give them details in the morning as she was exhausted. Unbeknownst to the others Mephisto was outside Amara's window and asked her whether he could call her again, to which she agreed.

      Mephisto's relationship with Magma collapsed after she uncovered his dealings with the dangerous Disir, which caused her to call off any chance of furthering their relationship, much to his displeasure. She was later shown exploring romantic interest in Sunspot after repeatedly rejecting his advances.
      Fearless Defenders

      Amara was later seen enjoying the all-female festivities at New Amazonia after being invited by Hippolyta in attempt to rebuild her Amazon kingdom. She later fought and helped defeat the forces sent by Caroline le Fay that were sent to attack the island.

      Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

      Magma unexpectedly joined the latest incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She participated in an attack on the United Nations and later in the kidnapping of Mayor Bill de Blasio. It was discovered by the X-Men that Magma had been brainwashed by the Brotherhood's leader Mesmero into joining the team and carrying out those attacks. Mesmermo's control was eventually lifted, allowing Magma to leave the Brotherhood.- She later rejoined the X-Men

      Powers and Abilities

      Magma Manipulation

      Geokinesis: Amara can psionically control the movement of the tectonic plates within the Earth's crust within limited areas, probably no less than a radius of a few city blocks. Within this area she can create small or large earthquakes by psionically affecting the Earth's crust.

      Pyrokinesis: She can create flames and project blasts of heat that do not contain any molten rock. However, she apparently prefers to fire magma blasts rather than simple heat blasts, perhaps because the magma blasts have a solid impact that can knock down a target. The highest level of heat that Magma can generate is not yet known, but it is believed that she can reach at least 850° Fahrenheit or higher.

      Geo-thermokinesis: She can psionically cause magma, or molten rock, from far beneath Earth's surface to rise to and break through the surface, forming miniature volcanoes. can also telekinetically project fiery blasts of magma at targets. Apparently she does so by turning nearby rock molten and then telekinetically hurling it at her target.

          Magma Form: When using her powers Magma's body shines with intense light and gives off tremendous heat. Her hair seems ablaze with fiery light. Neither her own heat nor heat from any other known source can burn or otherwise harm Magma. Although Magma has triggered small earth tremors without taking on her glowing form, she has never been seen to use her power to fire lava blasts while in her ordinary human appearance. Magma is not blinded by the light she gives off in her shining form and is immune to the dangerous effects of flame and heat while in it. This ability can also be called geo-thermokinesis.

      Magma's power to create small or large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions is linked to her emotions.


      Magma is a skilled swords woman due to her training in Nova Roma. Extensive knowledge of ancient Roman culture. Also is Granted the ability to heal simultaneously when touched by some heat substance.

      Strength level

      Magma possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.

      She could unintentionally create major earthquakes and large-scale volcanic activity by losing control of her temper and becoming unusually angry.

      Equipment: Magma's costume and clothing are made from unstable molecules so that they will not be harmed by the tremendous heat she generates.

      Magma can trigger small earth tremors when in her human form, but can only generate heat or flame or telekinetically hurl molten rock when she is in her glowing form. Magma's powers depend on her maintaining contact with the Earth or whichever planet she is on, or at least with a floor that is part of a structure in contact with the ground. Magma's powers are linked to her emotions; hence, by losing her temper she can temporarily lose control of her powers.

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Thanks for showing her, Sketch lol

      Magma (Allison) is so beautiful! XD

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      So we have Logan and Magma who could be watching Laura training the new recruit's in the Danger Room

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      CHARACTER NAME: Damian Tryp
      REAL NAME:Dafydd ap Andras 
      AGE: Appears to Be 21 actual age 417 years old
      SEXUAL ORIENTATION:   Hetrosexual
       HEIGHT: 6'3
      WEIGHT: 225
      AFFILIATION:   Singularity Investigations
      PLAYED BY:   ingexthefuryhunter
      FACECLAIM:   James Franco

      APPEARANCE:   A mid 20 something male, normally wearing a loose fitting suit shirt and trousers, or jeans and T-shirt, while in the field he wears a black duster and leather pants with zip up boots that are hardened at the toes.
      The man known as Damian Tryp was born as Dafydd ap Andras in in a small village south of  Wales   in the 14th Century. Dafydd's mother died in childbirth, and at birth he began to manifest is   mutant powers . In 1347, many of the townspeople blamed him for failed crops, plagues and called him a   demon . Wanting to end the plague effecting the village, the towns people demand to sacrifice the young child. When Dafydd's father,   Andras Tryp , refused to give in to the townspeople's demands, they set fire to their home killing Andras and nearly killing Dafydd. Dafydd was saved by teleporting from the home with help from his future self.
      POWERS/ABILITIES:  Tryp is a Changeling with various powers tied to the planet's elemental state, including:

      Aerokinesis: Tryp can create and control high powered winds, including tornadoes.
      Superhuman Strength: Tryp can tap into the elemental powers of the Earth to augment his strength.

      Chronokinesis: Possesses the psionic power to displace himself and others backwards or forwards at any specific point in the timestream by generating chronal energies. He has been seen to travel back as far as the 1st Century, and more than 80 years into various futures.

      Chronal Duplication: Tryp can have multiple versions of himself at different ages exist simultaneously in the same place and time without any time-paradox repercussions.

      Teleportation: As well as moving through time, Tryp can move himself and others through space to various locations.
      Intangibility: When visiting the past, Tryp is intangible or incorporeal because the future is still mutable. This intangibility increased his durability and decreases his weight

      Limited Telepathy: Tryp has been shown to be able to:
      Mental Manipulation
      Erase memories
      Project Visions

      Superhuman Longevity: He does age, but appears to have a longer life span than normal humans. Tryp has implied that after years of attempts, he did gain a sort of immortality. This immortality may be an augmentation of his mutant chronal duplication powers, or the results of dark arts or scientific advancements or a combination of factors.

      Magic: Over the years, Tryp has amassed a vast knowledge of the dark arts. PERSONALITY:   
      Serious but laid back, being able to experience the future has its advantages and its drawbacks but he has learned to stay grounded from it
      EQUIPMENT:Depends on what type of assignment 
       * KNOWN LOVERS:   *
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      CHARACTER NAME: Vulcan
      REAL NAME: Gabriel Summers
      AGE: 21
      SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Hetrosexual
      HEIGHT: 6'0
      WEIGHT: 170 lbs
      AFFILIATION:  Generation X
      PLAYED BY: Sketch
      FACECLAIM: Robbie Amell



      His history is quite unknown to him. He was the third brother of Scott and Alex of which he was previously born into slavery when their parents had been taken and then later to become a conqueror. In the battle that would be thought to end him, a rift was torn into the fabric of space which swallowed him, Black Bolt and the bomb which they two of them had been fighting inside of. While he had been thought to have been killed, the energies that been created in that conflict absorbed into him had sent him reeling through the temporal stream. Only later would he find himself to awaken inside of some hospital room with no memory of who he was, what he had done or even any abilities he had possessed. Somehow he had regressed in age and ability, a young adult who was lost and from the hospital scans clearly a mutant. It was with that discovery, that he was offered a chance to learn about his gifts and help rebuild his life. It would be the second time he would find himself in such a state, only this time was vastly different. He hadn’t gone back in time, there was no redoing or undoing what he had done but in a sense he was being given a second chance.

      Due to a protocol established in part by the mansion itself, once this unidentified mutant was reported a team was dispatched to pick him up. So here he is now, in a school for mutants with no memory of his past.

      Vulcan is a mutant with the ability to psionically manipulate, control, and absorb vast amounts of energy. In addition to traditional energies of the electromagnetic spectrum, Vulcan has displayed control over exotic energies such as Cyclops' optic blasts and magical energy.
      Vulcan has used his powers to produce light, heat, force, and electricity, as well as warp or disable large amounts and different types of existing energy sources, tap into and suppress mutant energies, survive in the vacuum of space, and fly. Outside a planetary atmosphere his flight speed can even reach near the speed of light. He can track energy signatures over vast interstellar distances, as demonstrated when he located a trio of starships. He is able to go without food for long periods by directly absorbing energy, and can generate protective force fields for interstellar travel. Vulcan also possesses the capability of solidifying energy into solid shapes, in effect simulating telekinesis. When he uses his powers, his eyes glow. Vulcan is able to use his psionic abilities for a variety of uses. Despite little (if any) formal training in the use of his mental powers, Vulcan has demonstrated feats such as completely resisting mental manipulation/assault by far more experienced telepathic beings. Vulcan does not possess any innate telepathic abilities, but can manipulate the telepathic energies of others (which enables him to shield his mind from outside attacks).
      All three Summers brothers have similar powers, as they are each able to absorb certain kinds of celestial energies and re-channel that energy from their bodies. While his brothers Alex and Scott are known to be immune to each other's powers, they are apparently not immune to Vulcan's; nor is Vulcan immune to Alex's.
      Vulcan is capable of absorbing vast amounts of energy in any form. Vulcan's absorption abilities, though vast, have limits. He was unable to absorb or deflect a powerful blast from his brother Havok (although at the time Havok was powered beyond his normal levels), leaving Vulcan wounded and at the mercy of his brother. Though high-order energy projection rapidly depletes his reserves, Vulcan's energy manipulation abilities are not based on said energy reserves. He can continue to manipulate external sources of energy even when they are depleted, though he is noticeably weaker when this occurs.
      Vulcan's body is as vulnerable as any normal human as far as durability is concerned. Blows from Black Bolt were shown to be capable of drawing blood and chipping teeth. However, Vulcan can use his energy abilities to create force fields or to rebuild damaged/destroyed portions of his body, the total extent of which is unknown.
      Vulcan has a "hidden potential" which allows him to fully generate and have control over seven elements (fire, earth, electricity, wind, water, darkness, and light)though this potential in the time as he had been prior to his fall and then rebirth had never manifested.


      Inexperience: The man he was is no more and the young adult he is now are entirely to seperate things and is in a sense starting completely over. He no longer has any of the imprinted knowledge that had been given to him and even less experience than normal people his own age. Some muscle memory might remain of how to defend himself and he is in great physical shape but otherwise is starting from square one.


      Gone is the arrogance and superiority that came instilled inside of him, instead he is left feeling isolated and alone, he knows no one and has no connections since he has woken up. He knows he has amnesia and strives to better himself, seeking to learn and soak up as much knowledge as he can to not be a burden on those around him. He is observant and quick witted and a bit of a sponge when it comes to any sort of learning. With time who knows how he might develop now or who he might become.

      EQUIPMENT: As Assigned.

      KNOWN ENEMIES: As the man he was, a great many and some of those grudges might just come back to haunt him.

      A new member joins the school, or rejoins...I mean not that he remembers but anyway here is my original take on the 3rd Summer's brother.
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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Late to the party but old man logan is up!

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Hey, im wanting to jump back into the rp game, are any of you still interested in working on this game as a revival?

      Online Gannameade

      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      I did post for Old Man Logan Vixen

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Vixen shuttered this thread weeks ago.

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      I'd be up for it.

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      I would still be as well if Vixen wants to redo it.

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Sure and I think we would have to PM sketch

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      If you want Vixen I would be more than happy to take over the GM duties or even co gm? If it helps you.

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Why do I miss all the important posts?

      I’m still willing

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      Re: X-Men Prime RPG: LGTB Friendly (616)
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      Not sure if you were looking to reboot it vixen or just keep it going but I posted up old man Logan a couple of days ago for those wanting to continue.