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August 21, 2018, 08:46:02 PM

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Author Topic: Welcome to Pleasant Beach! (smutty contemporary freeform, LGBT-friendly)  (Read 88 times)

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Offline ZincStandardTopic starter

Live your truth.

Located in beautiful Orange County, California, Pleasant Beach is an affluent gated community home to just over a thousand residents.  The eponymous beach offers some of the best views in the state.  Within the neighborhood, homeowners can enjoy an abundance of local shops, restaurants, and all the amenities one would want with beachfront property.  For families, Pleasant Beach Academy offers private K-12 education at a competitive price for its outstanding reviews.  All told, for those with permissive work schedules, it's quite possible to make a life almost entirely within the community, with few errands requiring someone to leave if they don't want to.

This is by design, because Pleasant Beach isn't just any ritzy beachfront neighborhood.  It was built to cater to a very specific lifestyle—one that would find little acceptance elsewhere.

The developers who built Pleasant Beach back in the '70s were libertines who sought to establish a haven for body freedom and sex positivity, and thanks to the enthusiasm of the locals, their vision continues to thrive today.  To start with, Pleasant Beach is a clothing-optional community—while clothes aren't forbidden, the vast majority of residents go nude or nearly so on a daily basis.  However, that's only the beginning of the neighborhood's liberal attitude.  Public sex is commonplace; most think very little of it.  The local crowd cultivates an atmosphere of sexual openness, where sex can be talked about freely in any setting.  Most residents are polyamorous to at least some extent—many couples do remain exclusive romantically, but few will say no to casual sharing.  Many kinks and fetishes that would be frowned upon elsewhere are practiced openly in Pleasant Beach.  Perhaps the most common is incest: while it's hardly the norm, a good number of families choose to be sexually open, and no shame or secrecy is expected.  Likewise for bestiality—the local dog park is famous as a spot where those with the desire can get a lot closer with their neighbors' pets, though again, it's far from usual even here.

The community does strictly enforce a few important rules.  One, consent is as essential as anywhere else—the mission of Pleasant Beach is to provide an atmosphere of freedom, not pressure.  Two, no one under the age of sixteen is officially permitted to participate in any form of sexual activity.

While it can seem like it sometimes, Pleasant Beach isn't isolated from the rest of the world.  The locals are well aware of how unconventional their lifestyle is, and the different views held outside their circle.  Even those born and raised in the neighborhood get a good picture of life elsewhere via TV and the Internet.  By the same token, the community tends to be more or less self-selecting—it would be difficult for someone to find out about it and go through the process of moving there without learning what it's like somewhere along the way.  Though, stranger things have happened...

So, whether you're a new arrival or have lived here all your life, we look forward to welcoming you to Pleasant Beach—where you can live your truth every day!

Pleasant Beach is a setting I've written in a few times with different one-on-one partners, but I've always found it hard to really make it feel like a whole community with just two people.  So I thought, why not try making it a group thing?  I'm looking for anyone interested in helping to bring Pleasant Beach to life, and having tons of smutty fun while we're at it.

I'm expecting this to be pretty much totally freeform.  You're a resident of Pleasant Beach—or maybe just someone visiting—going about your life there, whatever that may entail.  The characters who live in this neighborhood are likely to be pretty open-minded about sex, and probably very sexual people themselves, but they're still people, and there's more to them than that.  They should have thoughts, emotions, and desires beyond sex, and those can provide plenty of drama if you want them to.  Or you can just use them to add context and detail to the smut, that's honestly fine by me ::)  I'll act as moderator at need, but I'd also like to play a character of my own.  My goal is to set it up so that if I have to leave, this can continue without me as long as people want it to, possibly with someone else agreeing to take over mod duty.

If you do want to play a character who's more of a fish out of water, there's plenty of room for that.  Maybe you're a visitor who hasn't been forewarned for some reason.  Or maybe you really did somehow manage to find the place and move in without being made aware.

The rules for characters:
  • One main character per player.  If you want background characters in a scene, negotiate with the other players in the scene for who should control them.
  • All characters must be sixteen or older, as per site rules.  Theoretically, there are younger kids living in Pleasant Beach, but they won't appear in any scenes.
  • All characters must be human—this is a real-world RP.
  • Characters should have sexes that are possible in real life, so no futa as commonly depicted (trans and intersex characters are welcome).
  • Characters' looks, body types, and sizes should be kept within more or less realistic bounds.
If you and another player want to play relatives or otherwise have a close relationship, great—just make sure everyone involved is cool with it.

Kinks that are okay (with permission from scene partners):
  • BDSM
  • Pregnancy
  • Incest
  • Watersports
  • Bestiality
Kinks that are not okay:
  • Noncon/dubcon
  • Violence
  • Scat
  • Raceplay (characters of all races are welcome, playing an offensive caricature or treating race as a fetish is not cool)
  • Anything impossible in real life (e.g. inflation)
I think that should cover it, but please let me know if you have any questions.

Character submission template:
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[b]Physical description:[/b]



Any takers? :-)