Twisted Tales of the Shadowsire (Aggressive Dominant Seeking Partners)(CLOSED)

Started by Shadowsire, July 18, 2018, 11:57:34 PM

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Greetings and Salutations. And welcome to my twisted little games wanted thread. I am back from a long hiatus and recovery from getting slapped around by life and I am looking to start up a few new games. I look forward to speaking to all interested in a game with me via PMs if you would be so kind. I am unsure how many games I will be able to handle just yet so I will be adding them slowly to start. Having said that I am offering two sections in this games wanted thread, Quickies and Torments. Quickies will basically be one shots or short run stories that I can't see turning into long run games with out a lot of meta playing. Torments will be more involved games that could run longer or even to a end point. I have added in Desires and Cravings.  Desires are characters I would like to play opposite of in most if not all of my games. Cravings are more defined game Ideas that I have found a picture to inspire me. Cravings will have a notation of how much I desire each.

As for who, what, and where these games will take place or involve. I am open to playing any race or Sexuality but I only play my main characters as dominant.  That means I can play secondary characters as submissive or switch roles. I am also at current available for small GM type rolls, but this is a very small availability as it takes more out of me than other play styles. Also as another note I have not fared well with cannon type rolls so be warned if you ask me to play a cannon character that it may not last that long. Any further questions maybe directed to my Messages and I will answer them as I can. The Following game Ideas are basic outlines to allow those who wish to talk with me about fleshing out the ideas and seeing where things go.

Now for the not so fun part of the post, Rules and warnings. First off I will add in drama and comedy into the games where I can, if you don't want that stop reading now. If you don't want to put anything into the discussion process, don't complain about the pathing or directions the game takes. Please let me know how slow or fast you want things to move because I am more than willing to move as slow or as fast as you want, but I can not read your mind. So now on to the fun part.

Catch 'em All:  This one can go a couple of ways with either normal pokemon or anthropomorphized one such as Pokegirls.  It can also be done from either side be it humans or other pokemon abusing humans or other pokemon.  This idea skirts around the Cannon rule by not actually involving the Cannon characters in main roles.

Grass is Always Greener:  The bases of this idea is cheating spouse(s) and not much else.

Teachers Pet:  Basic Teacher Student affair be it in high school or college.

Red Hood: This is a twist of the red riding hood fairy tail and if done write it could be extented into a full game but at the basic it is a cat and mouse hunt or chase game where either red or big bad is looking for the other as prey to rival.

~More to Come~

Depths of Madness: This story is set in a abandon mental asylum.   It is the play ground of a dark entity, be it a deranged Vampire or a eldritch horror unleashed within its crumbling halls.   This is a survival type game that will have the monster attacking and tormenting the prey multiple times.  This game can also go with abandon research facility and monster either man made or from beyond the stars.

Hunters In the Forest: This game can go multiple ways depending on just what the hunters are after.  Are they looking for the missing Prince or the witch of the forest or maybe they are after rougher prey like the beast that has been baying at the moon.  This can also be a multiple character game on my side having multiple hunters either working together or separately. 

Pirates Treasure:While this one seems straight forward it is the paths that the game could take that make it interesting.  Starting with setting is it on the sea, in the clouds or among the stars.  Also this game almost always will include multiple characters as it takes a crew to run a ship. 

Secretary Pool


Bicker's Bitch This is a Heavy BDSM slice of life game.  Meaning we will start with a meeting and move on from their as Freya takes your character in and makes her her bitch. This game is FxF if that needs to be said and will include heavy degradation as well as violence and a whole gambit emotions.

Big Bad's Little Red This is a different take on little red riding hood. What if little red was the Big Bad wolfs willing victim and lover.  What if something drove her to seek out the big bad wolf for protection, Jealous wife or lecherous man.
Big Bad and Red

Mistress Of PainWarning this game is a heavy violence and gore game. Based in the realm of the Cybonites where pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin. What will the Mistress of Pain teach your character.
Mistress Of Pain

Perfect PositionYou find what you think is the perfect secretarial position working for one of the most ruthless business women in the city. What could be safer than working for a woman, no sexual harassment or being forced to do dirty things to keep your job, Right?
Prefect Position
Perfect Position Boss Lady

Price to PayThere is always a price to pay, and when the elven princess is going to be forced to marry the Orc warlord unless a champion steps up and beats the Orc Champion.  The princess offers anything to who ever can best the Orc.
Dark Elf Swordswoman

Urban HunterPredators exist in every facet of the world from the jungle to the city.  This is the story of a Urban Predator and her prey. Basic Vampire game set in a modern City with all the ins and outs and such.

Discord: Shadowsire#2706


Discord: Shadowsire#2706