Fantasy Role Play (M for F)

Started by Hunter, July 16, 2018, 06:50:39 PM

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After completing my most recent short, which is about a skilled warrior agreeing to save a village from a demon; it got me in mind to continue this as a fully fleshed out role play.    I'm looking for (ideally) a female partner to take on the role of the Draenei who's village gets saved.    A couple of thoughts:

First off: I'm more than willing to do this as a system (Pathfinder) game where the human male is really high level (like 20) and the female not so much (no more than 10, I'd say).  But that's not required, merely an option.   And yes, I feel I can GM (or co-gm) a game for two characters like this.
Secondly: I've not included names, of anything really.     I'd like for my female partner to come up with a name for her village as well as her own.    In addition, I'd like her to pick what my character looks like; which is only fair given I've already done that for her.
Thirdly: I'd like the story to have a mix of action and adventuring with a side of smut thrown in.  I've implied that both characters were attracted to each other at first sight, something that may or may not be true.

While there's plenty to discuss in regards to how this story plays's something that I'd really like to try my hand at.    Please feel free to pm me if you're interested.    :-)