Forbiddon Flowers

Started by Sabby, January 28, 2009, 09:59:44 PM

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The town of Little Blackrock is famous worldwide for its flowers. Though the town is in a near constant winter, it is the only place in the world where two very rare species of flower exist. The Golden Dragon, and the Kanobe.

Proud, yellow roses, the Golden Dragon is a symbal of strength, power and confidence. Its sister, the Kanobe, is a creeping vine, delicate and thin as silk threads, sprouting tiny white flowers along its length. It is a symbal of innocence, but also of frailty and weakness. The Golden Dragon and the Kanobe grow together, intertwined, because without the Kanobe, the Dragon cannot stay tall, and without the Dragon, the Kanobe could not survive either. They are inseparable... they cannot exist without each other.

So is the story of Tiki and Erica. Two very different girls, born to different parents and brought together by tradegy. Losing their families, they found each other in Little Blackrock, under the roof of a new foster home.

Tiki had lost her family in Hawaii in a boating accident, her olive skin and asian descent very out of place in this icey world, and she is often bitter, reclusive and depressed.

Erica, however, took her parents loss much easier, a pale and cheerful girl of Irish blood, the older of the two and never lacking in spirit. Her ease in life and energy hides a small kernal of sadness.

While Tiki can become frustrated with her older sisters perfection, she secretly wishes she could be more like her.

One day, a sudden storm forces the both of them to take shelter in a cave. Huddling for warmth, their hands break forbiddon taboos. Passing it off as desperation, they try to put this behind them, but now they both find themselves irresistably drawn to the other, remembering the night they had touch each other in that most forbiddon of areas. While Erica may come to terms with these strange feelings, Tiki is confused and scared by them, and when they finally start to explore this new affection... she will push her away, and run.

A forbiddon love story, with the two eventually becoming separated, but like the flowers that bloom around them, they cannot exist without each other, and will eventually rudge through the snow and find eachother again.