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Started by YellowTrash, July 13, 2018, 02:07:28 PM

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Welcome to my ideas!
I enjoy lurid detailed roleplays with a significant amount of plot setup.
My posts tend to be at least 2 to 3 paragraphs long.
All the pictures here are my own drawings, I typically illustrate relevant scenes with my replies. 
Sometimes I animate them if I'm in the mood...


Ruin Porn

Her Ruin Porn Instagram is a big hit, posting sexy pictures of herself in various abandoned but historic architecture around the world.
However, others are stealing her idea, and she despairs over her stagnating number of followers.
One day, a mysterious picture of a beautiful ruin along with GPS coordinates shows up in her inbox.
This could be her big break to keep her blog on top.  But who sent this picture?  And what else lurks inside the building?

An Instagram model that would do anything for followers
The anonymous picture sender that creeps in the building
Interested in many potential scenarios.  Locale could be a haunted mansion, an insane asylum, a bunker...
Denizens could include demons, monsters, homeless...
I might play a light GM role as YC explores this building.


Artist in Residence

A mysterious recluse offers a sizable commission for an artist-in-residence to create works to adorn his castle walls.
The patron is very demanding, frequently insisting upon various details or even forcing her to start over in some cases.
However, she is persistent and determined to see this project through, slowly catering to his escalating whims.

Each subsequent painting becomes darker in both theme and subject matter, simultaneously shocking and tempting her innocent mind.
Eventually, he pressures her to come up with her own lewd compositions, subject to his perverse eye of course.
Not everything in these illicit fantasies are fully encapsulated in the artwork.  She would soon find this out, as she regrets not reading the contract more carefully. 

For "payment in full" (or release from captivity) is contingent upon her participation in the form of physical re-enactment of each painting.

An ambitious energetic artist struggling to find commissions
A Lord or Baron who is secretly a shapeshifter
Bondage, monsters, non/dub-con


The Kingsman

After multiple international flights last month, my brain has been exposed to in-flight movies such as the Kingsman films and various Hong Kong and Japanese escapist fare.  So now I would like to recklessly combine the two genres into one plot.
In particular, I've developed a craving for Roxy from the Kingsman...

In my plot universe, she survives the ICBM attack on their headquarters and temporarily goes off the grid.  Once the Kingsmen and Statesmen have cemented their alliance, she reappears and takes an assignment in Asia. 

YC: role of Roxy or similar...
Bio from Kingsman wiki fandom page:

Roxanne Morton
Alias(es)   Roxy
Title/rank   Lancelot
Born      September 22nd 1992
Hair color   Brown
Height      5’6”
Weight      114 lb.
Nationality   British
Occupation   Kingsman Agent
Affiliation   Kingsman

- various characters from a crime syndicate in HK or Japan
- my main character will be a tortured morally ambiguous ringleader

- the "assignment" is negotiable, I have a couple of ideas but would love to collaborate on possible plots. 
- my preferable content veers towards dark.  Gunplay, interrogation, machines in the context of a plot heavy story.