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Author Topic: My Ideas (M/M) (Mostly Smut) (Lots of non-con, sex slave, bondage) (IM or Forum)  (Read 530 times)

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Offline slytherindoctorTopic starter

Hello there, thanks for the click. I only play M/M as the title says. I tend to play the more dominant character, but that's not super necessary, just what I'm used to. I'm usually open to trying to play a more subby character. Or a switch. I do like switches. It's important that you post at the very very least once per week or I just lose interest completely. My "muse" can't hold interest if I'm not posting all the time and regularly talking to the person. I will want to talk to you regularly on some sort of chat for the sake of plotting. Whether that be google hangouts or discord or whatever. Up to you. Once per week might even be a bit too slow, but it's still an alright amount. Ideally there are multiple posts per day, but I know I can't expect that from everyone. However, I do expect at the very least once per week.

Alright, so the ideas. Generally, I'm a huge fan of things that involve tying boys up, but especially in a non-con way. And even more especially if it involves some sort of sex slavery. I also generally like younger characters. The younger the better usually. So as far young as we're allowed to go here, 16 and then to like 25ish or so. So a lot of my ideas here involve schools.

The ideas themselves. Most of these are not specific plots, but ideas for worlds from which to build a plot:

1. In a world where sex slavery is not only legal but socially acceptable and expected. The general world here would be a theme park that is themed around male sex slavery. With real sex slaves walking around or tied up on rides. Like a dark ride that features sex slaves hanging by their arms or bound in various positions or getting milked by milking machines. Sex slaves in various spots around the park that can be fucked for free as part of park admission. Sex slaves as regular employees of the park like ride operators, ticket booths, sales, janitors, ect.

2. The next three are similar to each other. They all involve schools. The first one is nude in school. Essentially, someone or group of someones is randomly chosen for mandatory participation in the nude in school program to help teenagers get better accustomed to nudity and sexuality by seeing a classmate walking around nude all the time. The classmate(s) could be required to submit to any sexual request made of them by anyone: teachers or students or staff. Up to and including getting fucked or tied up.

3. This is similar in that this idea is a school where EVERYBODY is required to be naked at all times and required to have sex when asked by anybody. This would be an all boys school, of course. If they refuse there can be some sort of discipline room where they're tied down and milked or raped for at least an entire day or something. Some sort of punishment like this.

4. Which leads to the last school related thing. A school explicitly designed as a school full of sex slaves. Not so much a school as a secret (or not secret) cabal of sex slavers who use these boys. The boys themselves don't know that the school they're going to is like this. Classes are designed to teach the boys how to be slaves rather than any normal classroom subject. The classroom itself might have desks and chairs that the boys are chained to and vibrators under the chairs that they shoot into their butts when they sit down or when the teacher wants to discipline them. The moment they arrive at the boarding school they are stripped, cuffed and collared, and raped by several teachers for quite awhile before finally sent to their cage where they sleep. And their entire life after that is just a series of forced sexual encounters and stripped away freedoms.

5. Fantasy adventure featuring a family. A fantasy RPG along the lines of a tabletop RPG like D and D. I would be the DM and guide you through an RPG where a bunch of super sexualized things happen to a family of boys and a father. So you can essentially design the characters in the family who are then going to get violated, raped, and turned into sex slaves in various different fantastic ways. There are so many different ways that fantasy can go regarding sexualized violence and it would be fun to explore them in that sort of an RPG setting. It doesn't have to be hyper detailed like D and D, just light dice rolling or whatever.

6. Clark Kent takes over the world and turns it into his gay sex slave cult. Exactly what it says. Clark Kent is a god. He is more powerful than literally anything else on the planet. He can 100% take over the Earth and enslave all of humanity if he wanted. This is, of course, a concept that has been addressed in comics many times in very interesting ways, not least of which was Watchmen. But I want to approach it in a sexual way. Especially if Clark is a horny teenager himself and doing what any horny teenager's fantasy might be. It can be approached from the perspective of a classmate in that case, like a classmate who is kidnapped and raped by Clark over and over and eventually falls in love with him. Oh, of course, Clark has to be turned evil in some way. He wouldn't do this as he is now obviously. I believe it is red kryptonite that turns him evil. So we can infect him with red kryptonite or infect someone else or something else in his life with it to keep him constantly evil.

7. Disney men. I love love love Disney. And I love the Disney characters. And I love getting them naked. So I want to do something that involves the Disney princes/leading men getting into some sort of world together where they bang each other. What that would look like, I don't know. Maybe some sort of fantasy world along the lines of Once Upon a Time where all the Disney characters are brought out of their own worlds into this one world for some reason. Or all the Disney movies secretly take place in the same universe. And they're all magically turned super horny to the point of banging each other all the time. Or, you know, tied up and raped as sex slaves, which is also hot. Something like that. My favorite Disney men in this context would be Peter Pan, Kristoff, Hercules, Aladdin, Shang, Tarzan, Flynn Rider, Prince Phillip, Hiro (aged up a couple years of course) and Tadashi Hamada, Mowgli (also aged up of course), David Kawena, Jim Hawkins, and Peter and Edmund Pevensie (if you want to count them, but they were totally Disney).

There's a story on the internets that is quite hot that involves the kidnapping and enslavement of superheros. This can be something along those lines as well. The kidnapping and enslavement of Disney boys. For reference, here is the story, it is very NSFW:

One thing that could be done that would be pretty hot on top of this would be gender flipping the Disney princesses into males which is always a hot proposition. Princesses like Esmerelda and Ariel and Pocahontas are super hot as men. This can be a part of the previous idea there as well as with the Disney men or its own idea. It can just be a regular Disney story, but gay instead. Whether that be one that already exists or a new one we make up.
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