Looking for a Domme for a "Heavy & Extreme" Forced Fem Story

Started by Emily sweet, July 10, 2018, 01:56:47 PM

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Emily sweet

I am once again putting the story "Up for Sale" as the last writing partner seems to have abandoned the story.  The link below is still active if you want to get a feel for the plot.  I am looking for someone to play the dominant role who has essentially no limits.  If you read the existing story you will find it is going to be heavy handed, there is light scat and urine, diapers, a bit of Stockholm Syndrome, B&D and is definitely NONCON.  As I said below I can either start from scratch or pick up where the story left off.

Hi all

I'm a relatively new arrival here at Elliquiy from a recently shuttered Forced Fem RP site, Locked in Lace.  While there I began a story and because of the site closing the story was abandoned.  I am looking to recreate it here.

I've included a link to the story below as it went into hiatus.


Rather than picking it up in progress I would much prefer to start from scratch using the same plot line or a varation thereof. The story is one of revenge.  It should be a very dark and demented tale, giving YC an opportunity to explore some extreme fetishes (almost anything goes and not for the faint of heart).  The fate of MC is entirely in YC's hands.

I do have a couple of specifics I would like to be included which I would be willing to discuss with anyone who would like to volunteer.