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Started by Kayrax, July 08, 2018, 03:58:28 PM

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So lately I've been watching a few newer Asian series revolving around or at least involving the medical field and for some reason I got the urge to play something along those lines. I am however looking for something a bit more complicated than the norm. And what I mean by that is that I don't necessarily want to write a story about our two characters doing things together. That would still happen of course and possibly quite frequently too but I don't want that to necessarily be the focus of the game. I also don't want them to necessarily share the same scenes all the time. Instead I want each protagonist to basically weave his own story... Basically I want an approach that would normally be found in group games - with each person's posts centering around their own character and with the overall story moving forward regardless of place, time or other participants.

A quick and random example of this would be: X wakes up, makes coffee, reads news, gets dressed, gets to work, socializes with people, actually works (or pretends to anyway), enjoys a lunch break, returns to work, gets a drink alone or with friends after work, gets back home, watches a movie, sleeps and wakes up the next day. At the same time though Y also wakes up, goes for a quick jog, showers, has a hearty breakfast, gets dressed, drives to work, greets everyone along the way, starts working, continues working during lunch break, tiredly leaves work, gets straight home, talks to someone on the phone for a long time, reads a book and then goes to sleep. Of course not all these possible actions would be cramped inside a single post. The point of this example was merely to show that each character would basically have its own routine and habits. They'd possibly go to different places, meet different people, have more complex relationships of their own. In short they'd basically feel alive. They'd also feel equal in terms of importance and "screen time" rather than feel like they're only there to support the other protagonist or just to fulfill some singular role.

At least that's what I'm hoping for with this sort of a story...

To make all of this work I'd obviously require an intelligent partner that is capable of creating and progressing a story while at the same time doing some world building and character development along the way. Multiple paragraphs would pretty much be a must. The ability to portray multiple characters wouldn't be required but would however be rather helpful as well.

A few more details about the premise of such a game:
Location - a teaching hospital mostly with various other surrounding areas coming into play as needed (homes, restaurants, bars, malls, etc.).
Characters - male doctor / female nurse, intern, resident, doctor, patient, administrator or whatever else strikes your fancy.
Themes - slice of life sprinkled with action, drama, comedy and maybe romance too.
Kinks - PM me with your O/Os and any kinks you'd be interested in.
Plot - I'm thinking of something more free-form that develops organically rather than as a result of too much planning. Not saying there shouldn't be any of the latter, just that things shouldn't really be planned to each and every little detail. To start things up though I'm thinking one of the characters just gets a new job at that hospital.

For more information about me or my other interests please check the link in my signature. And for more information or interest involving this story then by all means feel free to send me a PM.