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February 24, 2021, 10:22:59 pm

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Author Topic: Spotlight Searching (MxM/MxF/Everything In Between)  (Read 629 times)

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Spotlight Searching (MxM/MxF/Everything In Between)
« on: July 08, 2018, 03:11:57 pm »
Hello people. While I am somewhat still new to this site, and am the opposite when it come to Rolelplay. Been doing it for a few years, and I've come to terms with my open-mindedness about the certain kinks and fetishes out there. I have been looking to explore it with the brand of Character Pairings that I've been wanting to try out. However, I will state that in no way, shape or form, will I be searching for a relationship. I'm taken in RL. Nuff said.

You can be a man or woman in RL, I don't care, but the RP I am looking for requires one to be somewhat descriptive, creative, and an overall understandable individual to qualify for my RP depravity. Yes, I'm talking taboos, and social barriers. Call it a phase, or something truly odd, but I'm looking for it now. Not for the faint of heart, by any means.

Meanwhile, I have no issue in playing a Female, or Futa character, considering most RPs I come across have me in the Dominant Male role most of the time. So anyone interested in playing the Dom, gets priority.

I can RP in threads, or PMs, considering it's much faster and streamlined, plus the privacy is an added bonus. And since communication on here is sketchy at best, what with countless PMs I send to people without hearing back from them, I'm establishing a proper connection and plan before I begin any new RPs. Especially since most just ghost me after we figure out a game to play.

I do have some pairings to get an idea of what I can appease some peoples' curiosities with, of course. My preferred Roles are in RED:

Fitness Instructor x Client
Artist x Muse
BDSM Club Owner x Subordinate
Cop x Criminal(s)
Older Sibling x Younger Sibling
Jedi x Sith
Angel x Demon
Greater Demon x Lesser Demon
Veteran Adult Film Star x New Talent

Scenario #1: In a universe where professional wrestling encourages mixed matches, and the idea in order to raise morale between the stables is issued from Management; The stipulation for XXX matches and brawls has been amended and allowed once again. This is operating on the plight piggybacking the issue that Ratings ever since banning the Sexual Matches have plummeted, therefore calling for action from the higher ups. No ratings, no show. And no show, means every Superstar in the locker room will be out of a job. Unless of course, they center back to their roots and get to the nitty-gritty attitude of letting men and women have their way with each other in the ring. MC, being a new Female Wrestler to the sport, has been cast in with one of the co-ed tag teams determined to become the best. Either by rookie hazing, or tempering themselves in the ring, YC is inclined to teach the "Rookie" the ropes.

Scenario #2: A young up-and-coming Model has signed up for a potentially lucrative acting spot. Unbeknownst to her, said acting position has set her up to be the start in a variation of the obscure and underground pornographic series known as "Fresh Meat Ambush", now starring trans women in their planned series' lineups. The main goal of this stretch of film, it to cater to a new audience, demographic, and investment, in order to go down in history as the most sexually progressive sensation on the internet. YC, having been a lucrative contract, get centered into the main event of the evening by introducing his skill of pleasing anything and anyone with the ability to feel pleasure. MC, takes them up on their challenge issued by the producers, in the first ever "Marathon Session" to be put up live on the internet. Can they handle each other, or will one of them fall flat and "cum" early?

Scenario #3: An undercover cop arrests a suspect under the precedence of being pursued under illegal action, who belongs to a shady organization/gang. Their methods of interrogation border on the taboo and sexually insane, but is allowed by their superiors since it gets results. Unfortunately, MC got the wrong guy, who tells his boss what happens and paints a target on their back to be taken in for justice. Their policy being: Any sexual punishment wrongfully administered, gets a visit from the 'Bulls'". They ambush MC while off duty, and drag them to YC, their leader's home and office of delivering sweet street justice. Primarily consisting of hardcore sexual Domination and mind-breaking torture. One would think that any society that allows the criminals to do away with law enforcement should be dealt with, were it not for the fact the police recognizes the gang and its stance, which ultimately leaves MC to YC's mercy of judgement.

Scenario #4: The National Domination Football League's been suffering lately with its new generation of star players that have been brought in to assist with the seasoned veterans of the game. MC, a promising prospect has been down on their luck lately, with the stipulation looming overhead that the vote of MVP elimination may come down hard. YC, being said MVP, understands that while men and women both being on the field, there is bound to be some kind of controversy. But ever since the "Equal Sportsmanship" Act, things get a little dicey when full-contact sports have turned their heads on the decision of letting women play. YC, has come up with the ultimatum of MC proving their worth on the team by working hard, or being sent to the Reserves with all the others that can't cut it in the League.
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