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Author Topic: Caravanserai [Character Sheets]  (Read 2828 times)

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Offline ODroopyTadpoleO

Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
« Reply #25 on: September 23, 2018, 12:43:29 AM »
Name: Russel Smith
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Sexuality: Homosexual
Personality: Russel is generally pretty outgiong. He tends not to take things too seriously and enjoys living in the moment. He seems to almost always have a joke or witty comeback up his sleeve.

He gets himself into trouble often due to misreading serious situations and running his mouth when he shouldn’t. His personality is similair to that of an obnoxious younger brother.

Of course, he does deviate from his usual chipper mood sometimes. When it comes down to it he can have a bit of a temper or feel guilty when he says something he shouldn't. He’s still human and still has limits to his chipper attitude.

Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5’7”
Body Build: Slender and toned.
Additional Physical Notes: He has freckles and a few birth marks. He also has a scar on his elbow from a childhood injury.

History: Russel doesn’t talk about his past much. The only information he divulges is that he grew up in the city, was raised by a single father, and had some financial issues growing up. He dropped out of highschool, but still tried to learn the practical things; Basically attempting to homeschool himself.

Face Claim: Timofei Rudenko

Offline forestfire

Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
« Reply #26 on: September 26, 2018, 04:42:55 PM »
Name: Felix Vernick
Gender: Trans man
Age: 24 years old
Sexuality: Attracted to men, but doesn't get a lot of action due to him transitioning
Personality: Felix is afraid of conflict, has trouble opening up to people, and he trusts authorities. He doesn't like it when people touch him. Sometimes, he gets lost in his head because he's thinking too much about how he appears to others. He is deeply insecure about his gender expression, but won't stay closeted anymore.

Appearance: Felix is 5'6 with brown hair, brown skin, and brown eyes. He once read on an online forum for trans men that he has to bulk up in order to pass. So he did. Now he looks like a short, stocky man with a 12-year-old's face. The hormones have yet to work their magic on his pudgy, feminine cheeks. His hair is dark and floppy and parted to the left with more length on the top of his head. He has tan skin, thin eyebrows, and big bright brown eyes. His nose is long and straight and possibly the most masculine thing about him pre-T. His lips, however... They are plump and womanly. He hates looking in the mirror, stuck between two genders. He is 10 months on hormones.

History: His parents kicked him out when he came out as trans. That sucked. So he wanted to get far away from home and he had read about Caravansarie online and wanted to give it a shot. What's the worst that can happen, right?

Online Strega

Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
« Reply #27 on: September 27, 2018, 04:19:36 PM »
Name: Rafaela Camerino
Gender: Female
Age: 43
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: She used to be a high spirited person. Now she appears distant, making people avoiding her without giving her a chance. Most of the time she seems like staring at something invisible to others.

Eyes: Green
Height: 5’4”
Body Build: Curvy
Additional Physical Notes: None

History: Rafaela lives in Milan, Italy. Her roots are originally humble, growing up in the Italian countryside and without any particular enthusiasm in school and studies. Her only passion, which she discovered at the sweet age of 7 was singing after witnessing the show of a wandering musician, with the most mellow of voices and his guitar adorned with ribbons. Her passion for singing and her raw talent soon spread throughout her village as she took part in feasts and local events and at the age of 16 she moved to Rome with her first love of her life and her first husband, who was bewitched by her singing.

His wealth was the ticket for Rafaela to seek music studies. Opera dazzled her, traversed her to unexpected places, to the deepest of emotions. She ended up being one of the most famous sopranos, with a worldwide career but after a serious throat inflammation 7 years ago, she had to undergo an operation which dramatically altered her voice and made it impossible for her to sing again the same way.

After that day, life was drained out of her and she now desperately seeks a means to find pleasure or some kind of meaning again in her life. She is currently single, after 3 disastrous marriages.

Face Claim: Barbra Streisand
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Offline Ciosa

Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
« Reply #28 on: November 15, 2018, 02:23:44 PM »

Name: Sebastian Wells
Gender: Male
Age: About two weeks shy of 21.
Sexuality: Untapped.
Personality: A conman’s perfect mark - trusting, compassionate, and in many things naive.  Sebastian is reserved, and quiet, but both his quiet and his kindness hide a remarkably sharp intellect.

Eye Color: Green.  Hints of blue.
Height:Five ten, Sebastian towers over no one.
Body Build: Slender.  He’s not overwhelmingly muscular - he keeps fit by jogging and the occasional bit of yoga, but mostly he stays skinny by always being studying or hard at work and forgetting to eat.
Additional Physical Notes: Faint scars from earrings, though the holes are closed as he’s apparently decided against having earrings.

History: Sebastian is blessed with the kind of intelligence that would have had him graduating Harvard or John Hopkins’s pre-med program by twenty and in a prestigious surgical program by twenty two - but lackluster public education and meant that he graduated high school at sixteen, and a hospice care program at eighteen.  His family needed an income, and couldn’t afford a lengthy or prestigious program.

Sebastian’s life was turned inside down by his third hospice patient in his first year - he was actually just a substitute for the regular hospice nurse, but Edgar Horton took a liking to ‘the blonde idiot’ and had him moved to his full time caretaker.  Edgar liked to argue; and while he didn’t necessarily like to demean, it came naturally to him.  He spent a year with a man who expected to die in a matter of days - and cared for him through the last seizures of brain cancer that left him incontinent, drooling, paralyzed.  Sebastian has never really thought they had gotten along - he remembered arguing with Edgar more than moments of real connection, but Edgar had made Sebastian executor of his will, and heir to the largest part of his estate.

Sebastian’s first few months have been humiliating - and harrowing.  He’s taken a reprieve from what seems like an endless series of litigations and atonements for Edgar’s misdeeds, to deliver something to one of the owners of the Caravanserai, in hopes he might be able to steal a day or two of relaxation before returning to the real world and the curious hand fate has dealt him.

Face Claim:  Austin Butler

Offline Eros

Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
« Reply #29 on: November 16, 2018, 01:14:32 PM »

Name: Benjamin Taylor
Gender: Male
Age: Thirty
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Confident but cautious, keeping people at arm's length until he can surmise what they are about. Needless to say he has trust issues, once bitten twice shy.

Eyes: Blue/green
Height: 5’11
Body Build: Muscular and well toned but not buff to the physique of a body builder.
Additional Physical Notes: Benjamin is long sighted and predominantly wears contact glasses but will switch to glasses on occasion.


“He now felt glad at having suffered sorrow and trouble, because it enabled him to enjoy so much better all the pleasure and happiness around him.” - Hans Christian Andersen

Benjamin might be considered ‘hot’ by most people's standards but this has not always been the case. Ben, which is the name he prefers to be know by, was a late bloomer, during his years at high school he was the slightly overweight kid who tried his best to blend into the background. This worked for the most part until his senior year when he unwittingly became the ‘whipping boy’ simply by choosing to become a tutor. Benjamin had simply wanted to bulk out his college applications, he'd never imagined that he would be paired with a star athlete or that they would get entangled in a short romantic relationship. Benjamin had known he was attracted to both men and women from a relatively young age, something he was completely at ease with and although he never hid his sexuality it was not flaunted. Jake on the other hand had a crisis of identity and put the blame of ‘liking dudes’ fully on Benjamin's shoulders. Senior year was a nightmare and although the ripples of that time still reach until this day it is a part of his life he prefers to try to forget.

It was at college that Benjamin shed the weight and gained the physique that he now maintains. This is done through a variety of exercise but he particularly enjoys running, swimming and doing yoga.

At college Benjamin majored in English literature and is now a librarian in the small coastal town he now calls home. At weekends he moonlights as a deejay. Life is balanced or is it? Something feels missing but Benjamin can't quite place his finger on it.

Face Claim: Nick Ayler

Offline Gannameade

Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
« Reply #30 on: November 16, 2018, 08:02:20 PM »
Name: Apollo Daedalus King
Age: 28
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: He is very stotic, analytical he can be aloof at times, but he is wondering more who knows him and wants him or his money.  He can be friendly and charming at times and others stand-offish, once you are his friend he will give you the shirt off of his back...literally.

Eyes: Brown
Height: 6”
Body Build: Muscular Athletic
Additional Physical Notes: A lion tattoo over his left shoulder.  Wings over his back along his shoulders..

 Face Claim: Donnell Blaylock Jr.

History:  Apollo has been trying to be the to be the son that his father as desired for him to be since forever.  He didn’t want to become a lawyer, he didn’t even want to be part of the company.  What he wanted was too flighty for his father.  But his father developed cancer and realized he missed out on doing all he wanted and needed to do with his family…with his son and daughter.  On his death bed he made his son swear to be a bit more free with his life, he could run the global tech company as he saw fit…but only after a year of discovery.  He could have his inheritance after a year and not before.  He had no idea his father’s last request would send him here.  Out here…in the middle of no where?!?

Online Chantarelle

Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
« Reply #31 on: November 19, 2018, 06:48:36 AM »
Name: Abby Dixon
Gender: Female
Age: 33
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Abby is a loner and very serious about her modeling career. She hides her past traumas behind a brilliant smile and expressive doe eyes.

Eyes: Almost grey with flecks of hazel
Height: 5’6
Body Build: petite
Additional Physical Notes: hidden scars hidden underneath many tattoos.

History: Abby was raised in the Rising Dawn Cult until she was old enough to escape at the age of 18. She became a stripper until the age of 23 when her fetish modeling career took off and she became a cover girl for Ink magazine. She no longer has to dance for a living but instead spends most of her days on photoshoots. She keeps few friends close, mainly the ones who can tolerate her. She used to date men who were no good to her including her manager until she broke the cycle. She became celibate for a time to focus on her career, but now she is tired of being lonely and feeling burned out. A friend turned her on to Caravanserai. It sounded exactly like what she needed so she booked a flight and made her reservations excitedly.

Face Claim: Amanda Pemberton

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Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
« Reply #32 on: November 19, 2018, 07:16:34 AM »

Name: Landon
Gender: Male
Age: How old is your character? 24
Sexuality: What's your character's sexuality? Heterosexual
Personality: How does your character behave around other people? Quiet and soft spoken around those he doesn't know well.  Can be more outgoing with friends or family.

Eye Color: What color are your character's eyes? Dark brown
Height: How tall is your character? 5'8"
Body Build: Is your character slender, muscular, etc? Mostly slender but not a complete weakling. 
Additional Physical Notes: Do they have any tattoos, piercings, scars, etc? No.aa

History: What's your character's backstory? Landon was abandoned as a child and grew up on the streets.  He was lucky and managed to stay alive and find his way into a decent job though he still has a very spotty education.  The experiences early in life have taught him if he really wants something go for it, nobody is trustworthy or going to give him anything without a fight.  The quiet nature he normally gives off is patience, after all having a roof over your head, food, and clean clothes are a decent starting point other things can wait or be taken if absolutely necessary. 

Offline The Lovely Tsarina

Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
« Reply #33 on: November 19, 2018, 08:42:53 AM »
Name: Jen Fiorini
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Bubbly, out going, cheerful, optimistic

Eyes: Green
Height: 1.6 m
Body Build: Slender
Additional Physical Notes:

History: Jen is the Army brat, growing up. She never stayed in any place, very long, always for following her parents from base to base, around the world. She is only child too, so she never gets many close friends.

She never does good, in school, she almost doesn’t graduate high school. She goes to local community college, a year, she drops out though. Her parents want Jen for joining Army too, she doesn’t want that life any more though. She works many different odd jobs instead, pizza delivery girl, flower shop, now she is waitress in diner.

She doesn’t know yet, what she wants in life. Someday, she hopes for finding it though!

Face Claim: Riley Reid

Offline lustfulintentions

Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
« Reply #34 on: November 20, 2018, 08:33:30 AM »
Name: Shawn Collins
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Befitting his academic leanings, Shawn is a bit introverted, especially in public settings/larger groups. He functions better in private/1-on-1 conversations, and truly opens up in those settings. He likes to think of himself as thoughtful and a good listener, though he sometimes sees things in a little too much black and white. He enjoys a good bit of banter, and while serious about his work, knows the importance of unplugging.

Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6'1"
Body Build: Lean, the body of a former athlete who does his best, but has age catching up a bit
Additional Physical Notes: N/A

History: Shawn grew up in a very middle class, very average family up the coast in Oregon. His family was as standard as they come: dad was a supervisor at a mid-sized accounting firm, his mother was a school teacher, and his sister, two years his senior, was a mid-level collegiate swimmer who became a chemist and moved east.

For his part, Shawn had a pretty straight-edge upbringing, generally excelling in school, running track in high school and playing some club-level lacrosse at Oregon State, where he also moonlighted on the college paper while working on his degree in sociology.

It was his Master’s thesis that first brought him to Pleasant Beach, a nudist community in California. He’d read about the place in an academic journal while searching for a thesis topic, and decided it was worth a visit. So he set out as a 24 year-old grad student, spending most of a semester interviewing and observing (and eventually, slipping into a bit of activity himself) for his thesis “Sexuality and Norms: How Community Acceptance Reduces Sexual Barriers”. The work turned out to be both broadly engaging within the sociological community and deeply engaging when optioned for a book for a broader audience. The book never found the audience he’d hoped for, but publishing at such a young age opened up a world of possibilities for Shawn, and he spent a good part of the next decade traveling, guest teaching and lecturing while searching for his next great study/book opportunity. But, he never forgot about Pleasant Beach, finally returning to the place permanently at the age of 36.  After 7 years in his adopted home, he determined that he needed a change of scenery, or he'd be staring another failed manuscript in the face. And so, he opted for the refuge of struggling authors everywhere-traveling literally anywhere else in the world where he could make his brain see new things.

Face Claim: Jack Johnson

Offline AmandaShow

Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
« Reply #35 on: November 21, 2018, 01:17:40 AM »
Name: Rachel Charmer

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Sexuality: Homosexual

Personality: In a word? Chaotic. She is the epitome of unchecked ID, thriving off a groanworthy sense of humor, fast cars, sex and rock n roll. Also, loud firearms and hunting things that are designed to kill humans like herself. all wrapped up in a short package of red hair and leather. Turn offs include (but are not limited to): lack of ammo, traffic laws, stop signs, People that stopped watching Mad Max after part 3. (“They literally can’t get BEYOND THUNDERDOME! BOOM!”) 

Eyes: Green

Height: 5’9

Body Build: Toned

Additional Physical notes: Is always armed with concealed weapons. Typically, in the form of a shoulder rig with twin Beretta’s under each arm. Their names are ‘Captain’ and ‘Tennille’.

History: This section is hard to talk about. Not because of any trauma like childhood parents and alleyways full of loose pearls, the kind of thing that sends a person into this kind of work but because Rachel has never given a definitive answer to the question. It changes from person to person, never the same twice, and usually just the plot of a popular television show. What is known: she drives a vintage 1968 Shelby GT500KR, full restored and customized by herself. She is VERY comfortable around firearms and explosives, usually has a few strapped to her person. Is so skilled at hunting preternatural baddies, they have nicknamed her ‘Red Death’, after the short story and her flaming red head of hair. She also never, ever shuts up
Face Claim: None because I can’t think of anyone atm :P

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Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
« Reply #36 on: November 22, 2018, 07:21:37 AM »
Name: Merit Santos
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Sexuality: Hetero-flexible
A free spirit, Merit loves people and yet has never fully allowed herself to love anyone.  Due primarily to deep seeded fears of emotional intimacy and abandonment.  In spite of these relationship blockers she is friendly and relatively well adjusted.  She has a kind heart and has never expected much out of people thus rarely holds a grudge when things don't work out.  She has several ex boyfriends and one ex girlfriend that she still maintains friendly contact with.  She has never said the L word and most breakups happen shortly after her partner uttering it.  It's like a magic word that sends Merit running every time.

She adores kids.  Not babies so much and never wants one of her own but she loves children and can spend hours upon patient hours playing with or instructing them.  Her favorite types of customers are families with kids something most other charter boat captains avoid given the choice.  Merit is incredibly self-reliant not out of some high moral standard or code but out of experience and necessity.  She's comfortable doing things for herself and others doing something for her is a strange mix of turn on and turn off that sways from one side to the other based primarily on the level of trust she has for someone.  Something that isn't readily given in spite of her friendly nature.

Although she works in a male dominated field and has a few hard edges Merit is typically sensual and soft romantically.  She likes touching and kissing and is an incredibly giving lover.  She fluctuates in her preference between men and women and is currently mid flux.

Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5’ 11”
Body Build: Lean and Athletic
Additional Physical Notes:
Physically strong and naturally athletic Merit Santos is a tall lean woman of American and Cuban descent.  She has warm brown skin and an athletic build that while slightly boyish, still retains pleasantly subtle curves.  Her hair is long black and silky in appearance even when twisted and curled by the sea winds.  She has full lips and well defined, slightly masculine cheek bones.  Her dark brown eyes appear almost black at night and have hints of gold in the sunlight.  They are large, carry a hint of wicked mischief and almost always smile even if that smile never fully reaches her lips.  When attempting not to show her amusement a single eyebrow raises up ever so slightly betraying her true feelings without fail.

Merit has a few work related scars.  Small nicks and cuts on her hands that are mostly unnoticeable.  The exception to this is the tip of her left middle finger that was once cut to the bone and now sports a long thin line where the mostly numb digit eventually healed. She has three modest tattoos, a small faded sailboat on her right ankle, a series of small stars that start well inside her right hip bone and disappear under her bikini line, and a gypsy moth hidden at the base of her neck visible only when her hair is pulled up.

Born in international waters off of the coast of Florida Merit had an unsteady yet not entirely bad upbringing.  Raised early on by a single mom with mental health issues.  Merit was in and out of foster homes living in dozens of different places before the age of 10.  It was at this time that her mothers tragic suicide left her in the care of aging grandparents that she hadn't known prior to her mothers death.  Although her grandparents provided her with ample opportunity to do the things other children did, like dance and playing youth sports they were never the loving or nurturing sort.  In many ways this was a freeing experience allowing Merit to perform these activities out of the pure joy of them not as a way of pleasing someone else.  Of all of her youth activities swimming and diving were her favorites and the two that she excelled at.

A good but not exceptional high school student Merit joined the coast guard at the age of 18, shortly after her grandmother passed away.  She did an 6 year tour where in she eventually came to work with search and rescue and then exited the service with a clean record and love for the open water.  For a few years after that Merit attended school in Miami and picked up random work on area charter boats until the death of her grandfather left her with enough inheritance money to buy a boat of her own that she dubbed the Wayward Star.  Since then she has been running her own charter business operating primarily now in the Hawaiian Islands and occasionally along the western seaboard.  Although relatively young she is a knowledgeable and experienced Captain and Fisherman.

Face Claim: Michelle Rodriguez

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Offline Sara Nilsson

Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
« Reply #37 on: November 22, 2018, 09:29:43 PM »
Name: Melissa Smidth-Klein
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Sexuality: Bi
Personality: She always sees the good in people, always looks for the silver lining to the point of some people find her cheerful attitude to be a bit too much. But despite that she finds herself struggling with connecting romantically with someone, she can chitchat with strangers all day but as soon as she finds someone attractive her tongue seem to just stumble all over itself and she ends up making a fool out of herself.
Eyes: Blue
Height: 185cm (6'1”)

Body Build: Slender. She likes to work out and spend hours walking her dog. That combined with healthy eating means she so far has managed to maintain a slender figure despite having one little vice, chocolate. She is all but addicted to it.
Additional Physical Notes: Has a small tattoo on her right shoulder of a rather bland white flower. It is naturally the flower from the cocoa tree.

History: Growing up she had it pretty good, her parents both successful doctors lavished her with love and support. Sure they where not home all that much, but they always made up for it when they where. As she got older her parents hinted that “you know being a doctor is a good job” but she had seen how much hard work it is and politely let them know that it might not be for her. After a few years of soul searching she decided to follow her dream, and with some (ok a lot) of financial help from her parents she managed to open up her own chocolatier. And at first it was touch and go but soon she managed to turn a profit, and while the hours where often just as long as her parents if not longer she wouldn't have any other job. The only thing missing is someone to share her life with.
Face Claim: unknown

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Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
« Reply #38 on: November 24, 2018, 07:17:46 PM »
Name: Juliet Kingston
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Laid back, down to earth, funny, kind, very flirty. Also a bit flighty at times, easily frustrated and distracted.

Body Build: Lithe and Sporty
Additional Physical Notes:Has a heart shaped birthmark on her back right above her left hip.

History: Juliet Kingston is the middle of three daughters, hailing from just outside of London she grew up with nannies and boarding schools most of her life. She hardly knows her father at all. She moved to America at 18 and took a job working in fashion in New York. She doesn’t have much luck with love because she hasn’t been interested in a committed relationship until a year ago. She loves to party and be at the beach and enjoy life.

Face Claim: Gigi Hadid

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Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
« Reply #39 on: November 24, 2018, 07:36:08 PM »
Name: Autumn Stand
Gender: Female
Age:  22
Sexuality: bi
Personality: Shes a bit timid around new people, and new situations, but it dosen't take her long to warm up and be a bit flirtty.

Eyes: brown
Height: 5'2
Body Build: lithe 
Additional Physical Notes: She dosent have any tattos or pericings.

History: Autumn grew up in a large family and was the only girl out of 5 boys. Her family owned a ranch where the men helped out, but she stayed at home mostly. Her parents and brothers were very protective of her and contributed to her naive outlook on life. Her parents didn't want the farm life for her. Her parents sent her to college selling one of their prized horses to pay for it.  Autumn wasn't sure what she wanted to do with her life and dabbled in many different things mostly revolving around the arts including photography and theater.

Face Claim: Bridgett Satterlee

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Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
« Reply #40 on: November 26, 2018, 01:14:50 AM »
Name: Shailene Redbird
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Sexuality: Heterosexual--Questioning
Personality: Shailene is a strong, independent woman.  Shai tries to remain connected to her heritage.  Although she sometimes remains quiet, even contemplative, she is usually talkative and friendly.  She is used to making the calls but knows how to listen to others.  Shailene is a kind-hearted, loyal, fiery woman but can sometimes be too trusting.

Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 11"
Body Build: Toned
Additional Physical Notes: You'll have to discover for yourself.   ;)
History: Shailene Redbird grew up the daughter of a single mother who rejected their family heritage.  Shailene, however, embraced it, looking to her Elisi's (grandmother) teachings for much of her learning.  As a young girl, her mother pushed her into the entertainment industry.  Then, in high school, Shailene was admitted to a boarding school dedicated to the arts.  That was where she found her love for animals and acting.  What she also found was the best friends a girl could have.  Those friendships never broke, even once they all graduated.  Shailene went on to perform on stage and on screen, as well as signed up with a modeling agency.  Unfortunately, the lives they lead now has separated Shailene and her friends so after hearing about Caravanserai, the group decided to meet up there and reconnect.

Face Claim: Ashley Callingbull

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Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
« Reply #41 on: November 27, 2018, 03:34:08 PM »
Name: Zahra silver
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Sexuality: bisexual
Personality: Spontaneous some would call her, others flighty, though mercurial would probably be more accurate. Zahra is the type to get caught up in something or someone so much so, to the exclusion of everything else, only to lose interest just as quickly. Relationships tend to be hot and fast, only to burn out quickly. An artist through and through Zahra feels everything very intensely but rather then being sensitive she tends towards anger. That being said shes extremely introspective and thoughfully empathetic once the anger fades.  She's adventurous and outgoing, confident, fearlessly going after the things she desires. She sexy, crude, vulgar even at times. No sweet little girl here. The type who would feel more at home in a biker bar then a five star restaurant.

Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'5
Body Build: slender, willowy
Additional Physical Notes:

History: Born to a mother suffering from severe depression and a missing father, Zahra struggled growing up forming good relationships with anyone. She was often left alone for long stretches of time, listening to her mother cry, blaming her for ever ill in her life. Zahra was often neglected. She struggled a great deal as a youth but was saved from the toxic environment when her father emerged and took her into his, life folding her into his new family at 14. For four years she lived in a real family but she always just felt like she didn't fit. As a result she often struggled with her identity finally finding a home with the familiar depressed personalities of the gothic counter culture. This was also when she found her voice, writing and singing her own music. Finally she was talking about her feeling  even if only in the abstract.
At 18 she went to university, majoring in music. She did alright in class but found her focus often pulled by various lovers or assosiated drama. It was only by her father's force of will that she graduated, dreams of being a rock star dancing in her pretty little head. Zahra did end up going into music, garnering a small following in the alternative rock music world she pursued. The rage, pain and anger in her music an outlet for the tormented little girl that still lived and breathed within her.
While being with her father and college as well as her music did a lot to heal the scars of Zahra's past it was not a cure all. She made friends but every relationship she got in to tended to end up the same way. Either she got bored or they simply couldn't keep up with her ever shifting temperment. She was hard to deal with, she knew it, but she still though she was worth of love.

Face Claim: Taylor Momsen
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Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
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Name: Isabo Amethyst Hendrixs
Age:  31 years old (Human form)
Date Of Birth: April 15th, 13oo Bc.
Place Of Birth: Paris, France.
Parents: Lilly Rose Hendrix & Viktor Alexander Corvinus (deceased)
Siblings: Jade  Hendrix-Sinn (twin), Aimee Hendrix (sister) & Hellyn (brother)
Relationship Status: Single.
Height: 5’5
Weight: 130lbs
Piercings/Tattoos: Yes/yes
Species: Vampire-Succubus Hybrid Isabo and her twin, Jade, were born second youngest to Lilly & Viktor Hendrixs. Then came Luna, the baby sister. Their older sister, Aimee, and then their three other brothers who made up the Horsemen. Her mother was a direct descent of Lilith, the one who is the mother of all supernatural beings. Her father was an unknown Vampire of Origins who just so happens to save Lilly’s brother, Darius, from a witches blade on a the battle field. This is how he came to meet Lilly, and thus their relationship formed and evolved from then on out.

Personality : head strong , some would call her stubborn or bitch. But she's very protective of those she loves and cases about. Would do anything to save them. She values family and honnor above all else. She loves completely and with everything when dating someone. Though she does have a bit of a temper,  and most days she can't properly express her self with emotions atlest. And being part succubus she is a terrible flirt. Also when she sets her mind to something , nothing can change it. She will accomplish whatever she wants to. She's got trust issues.
And quiet a few secrets in her past.

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Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
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Name: Brad Warren
Gender: "Cis-male if you must know."
Age: 35
Sexuality: "Should I be flattered or amused that you asked?" (He enjoys the company of men the most, but he will partake in other body types.)
Personality: The ape, as he so fondly calls himself--usually internally--has about as much humor as he has brawn. That is to say, don't expect much seriousness to pass between his lips, especially now that he can take off that particular mask, for however little he wore it in the first place. He's a simple man who enjoys idle chit-chat as much as his all-time favorite pastime: people-watching. He also may or may not be prone to telling lies to strangers. It's enjoyable to see how much he can get away with. A keener perception that spends enough time with him might say his attitude stems from other reasons.

Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6'2"
Body Build: A tall, wide frame with thick slabs of muscle from neck to calves.
Additional Physical Notes: For one, there's the tattoo sleeve that begins just above his right wrist and overflows onto the neighboring pec. No, it's not the only one, but he makes a point of having them only in places that a long-sleeved button-up can cover, when needed; nothing on the hands or neck.

History: From as early as he can remember, Brad's parents consisted of a dead man and a depressed woman. His dad's death was one born of stupidity, although his mom and paternal grandparents hid the truth from him for a while. They told him stories, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't feel for a man he never met. His mom tried her best to raise him, he guessed, at least after she finally got the psychiatric help she needed.

Early in his schooling, he befriended a boy, Adam. They became two peas in a pod, thick as thieves, insert preferred cliche here. It was especially great because it gave him an excuse to get away from his own family. Adam's was better.

Cue the turbulent teens. Brad had his fair share of mischief, drama, and edumacation, and then some: leave no stone unturned, live life with no regrets, that whole outlook that led him to being braver than most meatheads in the early 2000s, even in California. His choices didn't come without consequences, one that awarded him with a lifetime supply of regret. Ah, but that was a secret he would take with him to the grave.

One other thing came out of that particular incident: it gave him a sense of direction after high school graduation. He became a police officer with the naive idea that he would make a difference. That didn't happen. Brad stuck with it until he was twenty-four, when the disenfranchisement finally set in and he decided to try his hand at security. Eventually, he wormed his way into the lives of America's heartthrob celebrities, building a sturdy network of clients.

But that's not the reason why he's here, nor does he plan on disclosing his real occupation to anyone for as long as he can get by with it. It's been at least a decade since he had an honest vacation, so here he is.

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Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
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Name: Geronimo Zapata
Gender: Male
Age: 55
Sexuality: Pansexual, hedonistic
Personality: Even in his native country, the island of Ceiba, Geronimo Zapata VIII, was more than a bit of trouble. Always obsessed with satisfying the senses, especially that of touch and taste.

Enthusiastic to the point of belligerence, lazy to the point of Buddhism, Geronimo Zapata is the epitome of a Gemini Rooster. Equally comfortable shooting at lamppost or smoke a pipe on a Malecon Veranda, it is no wonder he was exiled under mysterious circumstances under the regime of Generalissimo Anejo.

Eyes: Grey
Height: 6'0
Body Build: Vast and Rotund
Additional Physical Notes: Geronimo Zapata VIII, is an immensely powerful who would seem absolutely unappealing on physical notes alone. He appear a brusk ape with reading glasses and a cigar, with a strangely smooth main of salt and pepper hair rare for his people. But the moment Maestro Zapata opens his mouth everything changes. For the better or worse is up to him.

History: Barely hanging on to his tenured position of History and Anthropology at La Universidad Autonoma de San Judas on the island of Ceiba, Geronimo Zapata, the eighth heir to Hacienda Zapata in the Madison Mountains of Quimbombo Province, exiled himself once Carnival was declared year round to boost tourism for the fledgling tourist island nation. Zapata El Octavo never believed in forced pleasures, unless there was a safety word.

A writer, professor, fierce coffeehouse intellectual, failed political figure, and open and obvious sexual deviant, Geronimo allows no one to get in the way of the next satisfation.

Face Claim: Guillermo Cabrera Infante

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Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Character Sheets]
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Name: Samir Antoun
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Outgoing, Comical, Daring, A Charmer

Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 10"
Body Build: Muscular/Lean
Additional Physical Notes: Slashing scars across his chest from previous battles with bandits.

History: Not much is known about this young desert wanderer, but what is know is that he is an expert at navigating the unforgiving sands. He tends to lend his services out to anyone wishing to find anything out in the desert, from lost temples to cities far in the sands. There are rumors that he even came from across the sea before becoming the man he is now. But if any were to question him about this, he would brush the question aside and focus on a fact of the desert or something of that nature.

Face Claim:

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Name: Christian Neilson
Nickname: Chris
Gender: Male
Age: Thirty
Sexuality: Sapiosexual __ Gender means nothing to him. Attract him with your intelligence.
Personality: Christian is a rather eccentric type of person but he's not really strange or awkward with it, he much more foolish with it than anything. His eccentric ways are quite harmless but he considers himself to be very goofy and those that know him say the same. Even though he constantly says that he's not awkward, people still find him to be quite odd though. He just accepts it by now. He's also a very outgoing person. He is really friendly towards just about everyone that he meets and has confidence in his social skills toward others. Christian is also a very expressive person with his thoughts and feelings, too. He's able to convey them in ways that are quite understandable for people. His sarcasm appears a few times throughout the day, meaning that it doesn't show up quite often. He's been known to mock people and make sharp, bitter remarks towards others, too. Overall, Christian is proud of the person has become today and has no regrets for who he is today. He can egotistical at times, too but that's only whenever he thinks he did a good job and will certainly brag along with ramble on and on.

Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 6'0
Weight: 158 lbs
Body Build: Lean and muscular
Additional Physical Notes: Has a birthmark on the back of his right calf

History: Christian's life was fairly simple and average growing up. He was an active little leaguer, having played baseball, soccer, and even basketball but stop whenever he became a teenager, all of that stopped. Not because he was no longer interested in sports but because he wanted to experience childhood without sports for a while. What a life it was. He became much more focus on his studies during the weekdays and even more focus on the weekends for social interactions. From then on, his childhood was pretty much normal as again, it was as simple and average as anyone else's life growing up.

In his twenties, he had gone on to college, studying in journalism _ investigative journalism to be exact. But unfortunately, he had to drop out and flee back home after his mother developed a strange illness. She was already admitted to the hospital because of his father and stayed in the room with her as long as she was in there. A whole two weeks later, she was out and back to her natural self though took it a bit slow this time around. Christian stayed with her, while his father worked, and helped her around the house until she gotten better and did not need him anymore.

It was then when he decided that he needed to get away, an escape and be around a paradise like environment, even if it was in the desert. He still had hoped to have a good time there anyway.
Face Claim: Alfred Enoch