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June 15, 2019, 05:51:24 PM

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Author Topic: Random Review of an Anime that made me so Mad  (Read 257 times)

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Random Review of an Anime that made me so Mad
« on: July 05, 2018, 09:58:15 PM »
So, here's some background on me.

I'm a 30-year-old straight dude, who's spent way too much of his life watching anime. I'm also a feminist. If you've watched anime, you understand why that would be a conflict. While there is anime for girls, anime isn't really known for portraying females in a positive and powerful light, specially shonen anime which can go from generally ignoring its female characters and using them as no more than window dressing (Naruto, One Piece, Black Clover), to making them outright sexual objects that cater to specific fetishes in the otaku community whose only purpose is to lust after the main protagonist (pick any random Harm anime). And while there is plenty of good anime that gives female characters its due, that shows empowering images of women taking charge of their life, it is very much the exception and not the norm. This is something that you need to learn to navigate as an anime fan. And yet, I watch as much as I can, because I like to give every new work, author, director, and studio the benefit of the doubt. But then there is garbage like today's subject of my review that makes me lose my faith in humanity, and today's subject is:



Now, let's get the first things out of the way. I know... this is anime, those of you who have a passing knowledge of it will tell me "of course it's sexist", and then those of you with more insight will tell me "Well, granted, not all anime is sexist, but look at the character designs with the boob windows and the boob-shaped armor plates, of course it's sexist." And those of you with even more insight in anime will say "Dude, it's an ISEKAI anime. When have those not ever been sexist?"

(For those of you that don't know, ISEKAI is a Japanese abbreviation for "trapped in another world". It is a genre of anime, where the protagonist usually is originally from a modern day setting like our own world, but then he is through some magic or technological means transported to a different world. Often times a video game based world, where the only skill the protagonist has practiced all his life, playing video games, suddenly becomes incredibly relevant.)

Those are all fair points... Isekai itself is a fairly wish fulfillment filled genre on its own. Here's my counterpoint: I was bored. So, I decided to watch this garbage. OK? So, shut up!

But this anime is not just sexist, it's also just BAD.

The character is overpowered, in the first episode he's faced with a huge monster that is clearly regarded by all other characters as "dangerous", it's a level 30 summon he says, because of course this is a video game conventions based Isekai (did we need more of those, no, wasn't that clear from last year's isekai fiasco "Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody"). And at that moment, our character is revealed to be Level 150! So... that's it, he's basically a god in this world, and there's no one that can actually challenge him. So, I've lost interest already, but there are even more reasons to hate this garbage!

It's also really creepy and rapey:

In the first scene, the protagonist transforms from a lonely otaku who plays the game all the time, to his own character in the game, as he is summoned in the game world by two girls, an elf and a catgirl. However, since his character in the game is so unbelievably powerful. He immediately reflects the slave binding spell that is usually placed on all summons on both girls. So, we start off the anime with a character so powerful that he has two fantasy fetish slaves from the get-go.

And then he proceeds to sexually harass one of them a day later. She's against it at first, but then she eventually likes it. So, I guess that makes it fine? Except it doesn't.

Overall, this anime is off to a worst start than even Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, and that was a mountain of dung already.

The animation, however, is not terrible. That's about the only that I can say for this otherwise unqualified disaster.

If you've read this far and wondered what was the point of this whole review, there really isn't one. I'm just angry. So, thanks for putting up with my venting. If you have any more anime, you'd like to discuss, feel free to shoot me a PM or leave a post on this thread.

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Re: Random Review of an Anime that made me so Mad
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2018, 11:33:19 PM »
While there's plenty of good anime, there's also plenty of bad anime.     I'm not a fan of any of the other anime that you listed (over-hyped and lacking in plot are just two of my reasons) and it sounds like you stumbled across one that doesn't fit your preferences.

If you actually sat through the entire series, I give you major props for that.

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Re: Random Review of an Anime that made me so Mad
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2018, 10:03:50 AM »
I actually planned to check this out today before reading this.

In context, I read it's a comedy series (we all know Isekai is overdone, if a series can poke at it's tropes, awesome) and also, tbh those girls tried to enslave the man first, so without going PROC on this, it's sorta just deserts and the series again is classed as a comedy, I'm sure there's gonna be some hijinks all around for the three touted main characters and the whole show seems to point in premise at there being some shenanigans due to happen because of that whole enslavement thing occuring.

I also hear it's based off the Majutsu Light Novel(s) of which I'm not aware of, so maybe I'm completely wrong. Though tbh I enjoy Seinen and fan-service anime, so I'll see where it goes anyway and I'll just not watch it if I don't enjoy it or stop enjoying it.

So, with only one episode released and to base off, it's a bit tough to take the review. I also class myself as egalitarian and libertarian (also very anti-censorship) for my own background, so I'll happily watch a comedy like this if it actually entertains me with some laughs as I know there's a whole bunch of male harem shows and female harem shows.

TL; DR: Basically there's anime out there for everyone and as such, there's anime that's gonna offend folks as much as entertain folks out there. This sounds like a typical anime and I'm gonna watch it and make my own opinion on it. Maybe I'll drop it, maybe I'll watch the whole thing. Dunno based off first episode only. I'm not a fan of Isekai and as this seems to be a comedy, I'm hoping down the road it may poke a bit at that genre as it needs it fairly badly.
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