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March 28, 2023, 01:29:53 pm

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Author Topic: Worst witch- M/whatever- Fantasy-Adventure-Horror elements- Romance- negotiable  (Read 774 times)

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* A Character for a Dredsen Files style story*

 This was all that fucking Dresden's fault. He just had to go and be a wizard in the public eye, get all that attention, stir up all that crap, and now every time that Noah  wanted to change jobs or houses, he had to go around, ringing doorbells and announcing his presence like he was some kind of predator. Pathetic and demeaning, but the Council would have him for breakfast if he didn't, more literally than figuratively. Hexers were dangerous after all, and like magical parole, one toe out of line and that was that. So if he wanted to live anywhere but the NeverNever , he had to do PR.
    The cloud of smoke that enveloped his head smelled like sage and cloves, and he waved a hand in front of his face to force it to dissipate before this last door.  His new neighbor, for, hm, maybe three days before they would call the helpline in a panic? Might as well get it over with and get back to his workshop before they called the cops. It had been a month of forced movements and if he didn't make some progress with this curse, there would be consequences. He knocked heavily three times and dropped the stub of the cigarette to try and smooth down the errant curls of blonde, which would spring back into chaos the moment he took his hands away.  The dark jacket would never lay straight either and he was crabby from the day of forced social interaction.  This was going to be greeeeeeat.
 When the door swung open, lifted a pinched, standoffish pale-green glare at the occupant. " Afternoon. I'm Noah Calwell,  your new neighbor." It was clipped and huffed, like he had said it more than five times today and each iteration was beginning to feel more and more like a personal slight, which it was, " I've been asked to make you aware that I am an active magical practitioner, living in the area," he jerked his head towards the house next door, and held out his hand, that held a small piece of paper, crumbled from being closed in his fist all day, " I am not a threat,' A lie, anyone with magic was going to be a threat in some way, but PR, " And if you have any complaints or issues with my living here, this number will connect with the people who can help you." The bared teeth might have been mistaken for a smile, as he crushed the smoking butt under his boot and turned away. " Have a nice day."  Ball's in your court, Neighbor.

 In the world of the Dresden Files, magic, monsters and wizards are very, very real and very, very dangerous. Living side by side with everyday people since time immemorial, the existence of the magic world has been thrust out into the light and the world has reacted accordingly. And for people like Noah Alphonse-Ricardo Calwell, magic users that stay too far into black magic for either sides liking, that can make life difficult.  He is a Hexer, slang term for someone who has been found guilty of using black magic to harm, an offense that usually means a death sentence, but was saved from such a fate. Now, he researches the blackest curses and rituals, confronts the most dangerous demons and creatures, in the name of the rest of the magical world being able to fight against them. And now, he's living just next door to you.

I'm looking for a story with lots of action and suspense. Lots can go wrong with magic, weather your character is a witch/wizard as well, some other being form myth and legend, or a poor confused normal person, swept up in the madness. I love twists and surprises, making our characters react in real time, and have no issue with harm or even character death, as discussed, of course. As far as any romance or smut, Noah is a crabby, jaded creature and very bad with people. He doesn't trust anyone and if you somehow can get on his good side, if there is one, I can allow it, but it will mot be the end of the story or get in the way of the rest of the tale. I hope we agree.
 Feel free to Pm me with interest, plot ideas or characters.