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August 15, 2022, 10:22:41 am

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Author Topic: Adventure-Romance-Humor  (Read 707 times)

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« on: July 01, 2018, 08:38:13 pm »

To be honest, the best stories I’ve read have elements of everything in them.  But, if I whittle them down to the bare bones, what I enjoy is a good adventure, with some sex, and well-rounded, characters who can laugh at themselves as well as situations.  Good dialogue is often the main force, with setting taking a backseat.

I’ve written as a witch, a vampire, and human.  I tend to write female and straight, because that’s what I know.  But, I welcome all writing partners.

Please take a look at my posts if you want to know more about my writing.

And, now for the story ideas.

Dream Lovers

You know those dreams that you have that are just so very, very nicely naughty…  The ones that come early in the morning and usually never make the full launch pattern due to alarm clocks, garbage trucks and asshole pets?  Yeah…THOSE dreams.  Well, suppose you had one every night.  And, suppose the other character was always the same person and you could SEE them and almost feel them.  These dreams are delicious and a little bit unnerving as you have conversations with this person.  Dreams are usually so disjointed and often defy logic.  But, everything seems right in these dreams.

And, then, one day you see that other person (passing on the street, getting in a taxi as you approach, in a passing car on the street, or going down the escalator as you go up). How do you respond?  Do you try to explain it away?  You must have seen them before and then they just happen to populate your dreams…?  Do you try to follow the person, talk to them to find out if they are having the same dream?  Or, do you wait for the next dream and see what happens?

I’ve solo-written this as a fantasy with the dreamers being an empathic healer and their “familiar,” or magical aid who provides energy and support.  Only the familiar in this case might also be a magic-wielder whose talents have been suppressed due to…?  (in my story it involved a car accident/head injury/loss of parents/being put into the system/forced to conform to hide…and then the hiding became normal).  The story got lost and I’ve often wanted to play it out.  Let me know if you have any interest and we can bounce ideas around.

Outside the Comfort Zone

When you were a kid, did you go on vacation in the summer?  Did you think, every year, that this will be the year that something amazing will happen?  First, you just want adventure and friends.  Then, you think there might be a chance to meet someone who will see you as you really are…not the kid at school who they’ve known forever.  I think a little bit of that sticks with us as we grow up because, once we step outside our comfort zone, we might just be more who we really are than who we are expected to be by those who surround us. 

This idea comes from that…sort of.

And…it’s got so many different possible incarnations, it’s hard to land on just one and settle.  But, the basics—you are thrust out of your everyday life, into a foreign world.  This could be anything from a shipwreck to time travel. 

I’ve envisioned one character being found, damaged, in the road to a small town near the gold mining communities of California in the year 1855.  The rush has happened.  Communities have grown into towns and the settling of California is well underway with rail travel.  Whether or not they recall where they are from (current time) or not, is up to choice.  I wonder how that would go…forgetting the past.  Would that mean they wouldn’t remember autos or phones?  Or would it just be their past that was forgotten.  As the story goes on, memories come back.  But, this person has found that they like where they are and that they are good...strong, independent, attractive...and have grown to be part of the community because of their odd story...  So, maybe they don't want to find out the truth because they like where they are.  (No, this wouldn't be one of those stories that ends with, "And then they woke up in the mental hospital."

In some renditions, I’ve played this where the town is at a Bermuda Triangle sort of zone and others have come through before…or maybe just one.  Perhaps that one person did the new person harm and there’s some metaphysical link that drew them somewhere where wrongs could be righted.

This could go along horror lines or adventure/mystery.  I’m pretty open to bouncing ideas off of one another to find something that works, if you may me interested.

I hope to have more ideas to put up in the future.  Or if, you have checked out my past writing and have another idea you think I might like, feel free to send me a message!

Send me a message or reply here... I tend not to get notifications from E, but I'll try to check back~