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Author Topic: Let me show you a good time [F searching for F]  (Read 519 times)

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Let me show you a good time [F searching for F]
« on: July 01, 2018, 05:05:08 pm »
Hello everyone! Welcome to my request thread! I recently transitioned from Guilty Pleasures, a site that started to die after extreme technical difficulties. First, a little about me. I'm 18, 19 on the 15th of July, so I'll probably be 19 by the time you read this. I'm from the pacific northwest of the United States. I'm currently attending college, with the goal of majoring in the life sciences (I haven't quite decided on a field yet). I'm autistic, so I sometimes struggle to read tone, evaluate humor, and answer ambiguous questions. Please be a little patient with stuff like that, thank you. I'm not trying to be obnoxious.

I've been roleplaying in one form or another for almost ten years, first through tabletop games, then through writing. However, I'm rather new to writing stories with adult themes. However, I do have to start somewhere...

Characters: The majority of my characters are female, though they are usually somewhat gender nonconforming. I sometimes write nonbinary characters, and for a really, really good story I might be willing to write a male character. My characters are usually submissive, in both sexual and social interactions. They aren't purely passive, but they're usually more focused on the happiness of others than their own needs. For the right story I will play sexually dominant bit socially submissive characters. However, I don't write socially dominant characters.

Writing Style: My grammar and spelling are usually excellent. That said, my writing sometimes tends towards run-on sentences. There is an example of my writing in my intro thread, if anyone is curious. I only write in the third person, aside from when I'm narrating my character's internal monologue. I usually write around 500-1500 words, though my longest post was slightly over 4000 words. Ideally I would prefer to exchange posts at lease once a week.

Sex/Kinks: I love BDSM. I love writing it, and I hope to one day live it. My O/O should contain everything you need to know, but generally speaking I'm a big fan of bondage, humiliation, corporal punishment, and especially teasing. In fact, I'm willing to try almost everything at least once. Feel free to ask me about pretty much anyone.

My Requirements: I'm rather busy, so I fear that I have to be rather selective at the moment. Please only contact me if you can write at least 3 full paragraphs. Though I hate to ask, I'd appreciate it you could avoid major misspellings. I have dyslexia, so I sometimes use a text-to-speech program which sometimes struggles with misspelled words.

What I'm Looking For: For the moment I'm really looking to play opposite a very specific type of character. They would be innately cruel, almost to the point of sadism. The sort of person who's innate urge, when they see someone in pain, is to twist the knife. Moreover, they enjoy playing games with my character's mind. Toying with her, twisting her around, making sure she doesn't know up from down. If I'm playing a dominant character I'm looking for a older, more experienced character willing to take the lead, even if she's the one wearing the collar, so to speak. I have a number of ideas, if anyone is interested. I rarely play slice of life, because I love worldbuilding. I'd rather build a nice fantasy or sci-fi world.
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« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2018, 11:58:20 pm »
"Super-Pet" [Open]
Superhuman abilities are common in society. Most people have extremely weak abilities. They might be able to generate a match sized flame, or be slightly better at guessing random numbers. However, a very small percentage of the population has incredible abilities. Some could level building with ease, or perfectly predict the future, or any other of a million other abilities. Of course, with abilities randomly distributed some of these people will be evil, while others will be good. One of our characters is a villain, the other a hero. The villain was amongst the strongest and most feared, doing whatever they wanted with absolute impunity. However, that all came to a halt when a novice hero faced them, and miraculously won, though she briefly found herself at the villains mercy. All that was years ago. Now, the villain is held in a prison designed for godlike being such as her, all her abilities restrained by a pair of limiter bracelets. The hero is amongst the most renowned and respected heroes in the world, mostly because of her victory. However, she isn’t happy. Her life is haunted by the memory of the villain standing over her, boot pressing down on her chest, telling her that she’s nothing, just dirt beneath her feet. This memory excites her beyond belief. It’s all she can think about, especially lately. Indeed, it’s the only thing that does it for her anymore. Desperate to recapture that feeling she visits the villain in prison.

"What Exactly am I Going to do With You" [Open]
My character is an young orc, just old enough to join her tribe's warriors. Despite her impressive physique she lacks the temperament of a warrior. Indeed, she couldn't hurt a fly. Unfortunately, her tribe is at war with a human (or whatever fantasy creature you'd like) nation. YC is a young woman of that country, offered a choice. She can let the lord of her village have his way, or join the army. Unable to bear the thought of allowing that decrepit, perverted, old man lay a finger on her she joins the army. With little training and worse equipment she is forced into a raid on an orc camp, intended to do little more than absorb a few arrows. When the orc berserks charge in from the forest, swinging axes as big as a human body she breaks, fleeing the slaughter. My character, unable to join in, found a little clearing to wait out the fight. YC, by sheer chance, runs into that very clearing. My character, unable to kill anyone, but also sworn to never show mercy to a human, is left with little choice but to capture YC. YC, seeing potential in the mighty orc, decides to help MC gain the strength and sadism needed to kill, with the end goal of aiming the orc at the lord who forced her into the army. MC has no idea what exactly she's going to do with a human, even one who seems so willing.
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"Am I Not What You Wanted?" [Open]
YC is a wealthy author or scholar, as well as a bit of a Luddite. She's barely comfortable with the internet, and is absolutely uncomfortable around androids and with any type of AI, despite those things rapidly becoming commonplace. Unfortunately, she's also lonely, and much to busy and socially awkward to find a partner. One night, drunk, horny, and flush with cash she buys a companion android online, though she instantly regrets her purchase. When her purchase arrives a few days later she intends to send it back, but learns that her purchase comes with a quality guarantee. If she is even the slightest bit disappointed she can return the android for free. She reluctantly opens the package, and finds a gorgeous woman inside. Half eager and half apprehensive she turns on the android, expecting to find a doll that repeats a few programmed phrases, mostly praises of her partner. Instead she finds everything she ever wanted.

"A Walk in the Woods" [Open]
Deep in the ancient forests, where the trees grow larger than the mightiest dwarven citadels the dryads roam. Despite being amongst the eldest peoples of the world, they have no interest in the world beyond their ancient woods. No interests, aside from one. The deep woods are  dangerous beyond belief, but those few who make it might draw the attention of the deepwood dwellers. Those who do couldn't find a more loyal companion.

I'm not entirely sure where this would go, but I'd love to figure it out with someone interested.
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"Beauty and the Beast" [Open]
In the south there is a small nation sustained by a martial tradition and highly defensible borders. The eldest daughter of the king is now of age to be married. Between her great beauty and inheritance she would be quite the catch. Normally her hand would be given to whoever brings the greatest advantage to her nation, but the king seems disinterested in wealth or alliances. Instead he offers his only daughter to anyone, noble or commoner, who can prove themselves able to protect her. He issues a simple challenge. Anyone who an survive a night in the caves beneath the castle, hunted by a might and savage beast, without dying or slaying the beast will be judged worthy. Dozens take him up on the challenge, but none survive. At first dozens filed into the caverns each time the challenge was issued, but their  ravaged and broken bodies discouraged most. YC is a warrior who chooses to take him up on the challenge, and subdues the beast. In the morning, to her great surprise, she finds that the monster has turned back into the innocent princess.
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