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Author Topic: Norse's Tentative Original Roleplays (Seeking female characters)  (Read 844 times)

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Offline Norsegod1839Topic starter

So I have decided to open up a small request thread based on original ideas I have.

My one and off can be found here.

Feel free to peruse it at your leisure to find out about my style! There are a few tentative original style role plays I would love to do. So I thought I would tenatively open myself up.

I've posted a few before which I will close down and move to this thread. To start I am going to throw up the following.

Deep In The Darkness

There's a image I had a while back ago. It was about a women a women who went through some bad shit in her life and was very closed off and hard because of it. The imagine in my head implied she was a prostitute some one who was used and abused by men. She was holding a gun to someone and promising that she would never fuck a man she didn't choose before gunning that person down. There was am ale character as well who was shocked but clearly in love with the women.

It got me interested in the idea of playing opposite of someone who had quite frankly has had a shit life.

It can be anything from being a prostitute, to rape, to PTSD to anything in between. The only requirement is that she have gone through some real serious trauma. She's been closed off for a while not really engaging with anyone. Bonus points if that person is in a wheel chair and we can have a slight disability.

The how and why she gets involved with my character is up to me and my writer. I can be anything from an old friend, a new one, a random guy from the street or something more exotic. The idea of their meeting being random is one way we can take it. Or he can be assigned to her in some way.

You're New Addiction

There was a game I was doing not to long ago that I would like to revitalize. I am looking for a writer interested in playing a female for the following role.

The idea involves two sex addicts meeting at a meeting and being unable to stop themselves with one another. I would play a man who lost his wife and daughter because of his sex addiction and is trying to recover so that he can get joint custody of his daughter back. My co writers female can have whatever kind of past they desire. The only requirement is that they both have a sexual addiction.

I'd like to play this a bit dark at first. He has more of a vested interest in remaining on the straight and narrow and the program where I prefer her not to feel the same way. She wants him and she's going to do anything to have him type. I'd like it to get very manipulative and dark on both parts with them playing this weird cat and mouse game that ends with say her coming to his office and causing some drama or him going to her office or wherever she works and fucking her in the car.

Eventually romance forms and what not but.... its their fucked up kind of romance.

Princess & Common Man

This one can be either a historical, futuristic, or a modern day romance.

The idea I have is basic. A princess falls in love with a common man. The how and the why could be anything and everything. Part of its going to depend on what setting we decide. I'm all for a historical romance, something a bit darker, or a forbidden love turned hotter and hotter.

Country Girl & City Boy

For this one I'd really like to do something where the girl is true blood country girl.

This can be historical or set in modern days (I though I would prefer modern) the idea of a country girl going to the big city and falling in love with a city boy. Kind of a reversed grizzly Adams type situation. That's not to say the girl LOOKS like Grizzly Adams (I mean this is a story) and that the guy is going to be just some kind of push over by any means. I'd like it to be a good romance with the two of them over coming their differences and her crazy family and over protective brothers to be together.[/s]

Boy Meets Girl

So I've been watching a ton of Boy Meets World! And I've rekindled my love for the Cory and Topanga love. I've also found it equal parts corny, romantic, true, and deep. That kind of romance in stories is really something I'd like to explore.

So what do I want to do here? Well I want to do a romance from beginning to end. That kind of hopeless romantic love that you see more in TV and movies. I have a few ideas that could work with this about how and when they meet and the back story.

I want to take them through the highs and lows. I want to go through all the ups and downs. It can get dark for a while it can get romantic it can get deeply personal. I also truly believe that this can't mean kinky things can happen. D/S for instance can go into this or something along those lines. Either way message me if interested.

"Let Me Help You Discover Your Beauty"

This one involves a curvier plus sized woman. A woman who by all accounts is very beautiful even as a plus sized women but does not see it. Perhaps she has a boy friend that puts her down. Or an overbearing mother and or father. Either way she does not think she is beautiful.

Enter my character who can be a photographer or just someone who naturally runs into her. Either way he sees what others do not and more important has the balls to take it and show her. He'll be dominate as well and will pursue her in order to be her master.

Mail Order Bride

This involves a character from another country. The other country is at my partners discretion. The big ask would be that she's either reluctant in it in some way OR she thinks she is going to easily turn this to her advantage.

IE she could be black mailed and kidnapped into the mail order bride service OR she could have gone in willingly and used it as a chance to go to America/ Get with some older man (she thinks) who she can essentially mooch off of.

What she finds when she gets there however is a handsome intelligent dom who is quick to shake up those preconceived notions of hers.

Foreign Diplomacy

Kind of in the same vein as the one above. However this time I am looking to get into more of an illegal alien setting. I'd also love if the women in question had a child back home they wish to bring over as well. Either way my character an american bails them out and also helps them get an actual citizenship to America.

Mrs. Robinson

Older women younger male seem to be rare in general but I am going to put this one out as well. I am interested in taking the standard concept of a older female younger male type of relationship and putting a twist on it. I have a few ideas as to what the "twist" could be. I would love to discuss and find someone willing to play the older women.

New Beginnings

So I have something of a different idea I'd like to write.

My Character would be someone who does a fair bit of traveling. He's handsome and older but he comes home to an empty apartment and has no one special in his life. He's getting older in his life and he's starting to see that there's something off about his life that he doesn't like.

He's alone.

He had a bad home life the kind that he'd sooner forget. He runs from relationships because he doesn't think he's good enough. That's also not working for him any more. He goes to talk to his best friend who is happily married and settled down. He realizes he wants what they have and decides to settle back down.

He might get a job as a teacher, or just work locally but either way he comes across a teenage girl who reminds him a lot of himself. She's had a hard life to and her father left her and her mother. The two have a bad relationship because of it. The mother is pretty beautiful even but struggles to provide for her daughter.

I want to do a romance between the mother and my character. Where slowly but surely he breaks through to her and a romance begins. I'd like a slow build with her not really trusting him at all at first. Slowly but surely they open up to each other and fall in love.

Wild Things

I've kind of been desiring a role play in the vein of Wild Things the movie starring Matt Dillon and Denise Richard

This story primarily revolves around two female high school girls who get involved with a high school teacher. One of the females is a member of an affluent rich family who more or less ignores her. Eventually the high school teacher convinces the girl to go ahead and claim he raped her and take him to court. The plan from there is to have the other girl mention rape and get the trail going. Once the trail is along the way one of the girls is revealed to be lying giving the high school teacher the ability to counter sue and essentially get a ton of money for damages.

It's a rather simple way of describing the rather good movie. However it kind of nails what I am wanting to do (but without you know the murder from the movie) I'd like to start right at the three getting together OR with them having just gotten together. I am looking for one girl to play both girls or two girls to play against my high school teacher. I don't want this to be purely smut driven as well. I would like these characters to get together for various reasons not just including lust. For instance the rich girl from the movie was feeling unloved and desperate to be seen as an adult. The other girl was the true mastermind and had her own issues.

So the idea revolves around three kind of fucked up people getting involved with each other and then one of them decides to play this scam so they can all run off together.

If interested pm me and let me know!

Making Amends

This one is a very raw idea. So far the only thing I have is that it involves a young woman and the love interest is the son of the man who once stalked her and became obsessed with her.

Military Romance

I am always interested in a military romance. It could be military man civilian woman, military woman civilian man, or both in the military. This could be a penpal program, a  random meet up, or some kind of other social situation


I would like to do something involving a man getting involved with a widowed woman. With at least one child preferably. The details of that can be up to my partner.


Intros that never got off the ground

This is for role plays I created an intro for but never got off the ground. I'll include a little blurb about what I was going for.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Today was the day

He adjusted his charcoal grey and silver suit and smiled looking himself up and down in the mirror one last time; Mark had a reputation for being impeccably dressed and even though he was only headed to the airport to pick up his darling niece he still made sure that reputation kept going strong and no one could contest i. His hair was black and disheveled with a few streaks of grey in it to give it a sophisticated look only a man at his age could accomplish. He was an older man but his age had given him a refined distinguished look with striking features and a chin that could cut ice. His eyes though they were always what drew girls in, they were a brilliant purple hue and had a stormy like intensity.

He turned ignoring the past out girl in the bed and going to the closet, his niece was coming in today on the train fresh from the farmlands of rural New York where most of his family was from and still inhabited. His younger brother said she was going to be looking at schools and confided to him that he felt she was a little tired of the rural area most of their family was set up in (he couldn't blame her at all for feeling that way). His little brother was of course worried about his sweet darling little girl going to school in New York City so far away but luckily Mark stepped in and managed to convince him to give it a shot or at least try it out for the summer. He knew how difficult living in the country could be after all he had ran to the city the soonest he could and his niece deserved the chance to taste some of the finer things in life, things he could show her that one could only find in the city. His niece was beautiful even if all he had ever seen her in were cut off shorts and t shirts and maybe he could get her into a dress while she was staying with him…….

MArk pulled on his Armani suit and buttoned it up making sure not a hair of it was out of place before turning and closing the door to his expansive closet, he was some thing of a…. Eccentric man and valued his wealth enough to buy whatever he wanted. He was slave no person and master of all and New York City was his one and only mistress.

And now it was time to show his niece that

He ignored the naked girl on his kitchen table and left his own, they knew not to be at his house when he returned unless they never wanted to experience his….. unique brand of sex again. He went to his high-end car and got in closing the scissor door behind him before turning the key. The beast rumbled to life and he smiled feeling it purring underneath him before pulling out of his parking lots. He drove fast zipping through New York as fast as he could and reaching the airport, his niece was due to arrive any minute so he pulled into the waiting area and stepped out leaning against the hood and putting his hand into his pocket as he waited for the girl to return.

Today was the day she would arrive

For this one I was looking for a incest relationship between a uncle in the big city and his niece from a small town.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Tick Tock

Tick tock


That damn taunting clock

It haunted the middle aged lord following him through the manor and finding him no matter how much he hid from it or tried to block its sound. No matter where he went be it the library or the garden the sound of the clock followed some how reaching him from its place in HER room, the one they shared for so many years. Memories of the clock would always stir when he had it made for her, the look on her face when he presented it to her, the time they made love against it…… One of the many priest around London would have told him the memories were good that he should find strength in them. His wife would live on they would say to him he had no doubt that she would always be alive in his memories.

Screw his damn memories

“I want that clock broken into pieces” He murmured watching as his butler and best friend Ian came in. He angrily drowned the last of his wine and whipped his mouth starring at the books all around him and wondering how many had been HERS. She loved to read after all and half the library…….

“I shall get that done right away sir” Ian said in a dry voice and Lord Lance Preston the third new he was just humoring him “but perhaps you would like to know that your new bride is due here any moment” he said nodding at the door and the outside world.

“Oh” Lance said his anger steadily increasing as he remembered what today was. The “king” had seen fit to give him his illegitimate daughter after a nasty little scandal Lance didn’t catch wind of until after he agreed to marry her. Of course even if she was squeaky clean he only said yes for the political power behind it and not because he had any interest in having a new wife. His lovely Elizabeth was the only woman for him and even though the sickness had taken her he would not nor could not couple or invite another woman into their bed. It was only because the king has personal requested (IE demanded) he take her that he had even agreed to the ridiculous request.

“You should really go welcome her to the castle” Ian said slowly “for the sake of the servants” he said all but telling Lance to get out of his seat and bring his arse downstairs.

“Fine” Lance snapped getting up and ignoring the half bottle of wine resting by him. He grabbed his black tunic puling it over his head as he stomped over to the door ignoring his butler and best friend. He pushed ah and through his dirty brown and blonde locks grabbing his unkempt hair and tying it back with a leather thong. He knew he looked a bit….. Well unkempt for lack of a better word. His hair as long reaching his shoulder blades, he had a rough five o clock shadow that told the world he hadn’t shaved in a few days, his face was handsome even with his grief with pale skin, sharp features and the most striking violet eyes. His body was clad in a simple but handsome black tunic and matching black leggings, a nice black and red over coat completed the ensemble and he hurriedly pulled it on letting the bottom flare out like a cape.

He took the stair two at a time finally stopping in the shadows of the grand staircase. He watched with dread as the door opened revealing the sun and warmth she had loved so much. He angrily shielded his eyes not bothering to open them again until he found the heat had gone and the darkness returned. When he finally opened them again a girl greeted him pretty and beautiful the dark cloak did little to hide the pretty body underneath and he found his lust stirring ever so slightly as he took in the pretty girl before him. Almost immediately as it came however a sense of guilt snapped forward and he immediately regretted lusting after another woman beside his wife. He vowed not to be around the girl unless he had to be swearing to his wife inside of his head that he wouldn’t touch her.

He heard Ian clearing his throat and sighed putting on his nicest smile. He stepped out of the shadows towering over her as he made his way down the staircase and over to her. He stopped in front of her and quickly bowed taking her hand in his and giving it a gentle kiss before dropping it as if it had burned him.

“Welcome to my home” He said his voice deep and rumbly “I welcome you to the estate I am Lord Lance Preston your new husband I am pleased about our marriage” He said his tone suggesting he was any thing but “and hope the castle becomes like a home to you” He said nodding at the servants to take her bags.

“You are in the south tower” He said continuing possed by his desire to get away from her “if you need any thing your ladies in waiting are waiting for you we have supper at sundown” He explained.

For this one I was looking for someone to play a noblewoman (and possibly a princess) who gets caught doing something she shouldn't and sent to my guy who is a widower.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
They were all going to die

The lights flashing behind him were a bright blood red the red that signified that they were all up shit creek. Of course if the lights werent a dead give away the blaring ABANDON SHIP alarm coming from the speaker above him would have further explained it.

"We need to leave!" The captain A man Locke didnt much care for yelled out.

"Leave were!" Locke said laughing his Australian accent coming out as he narrowed his eyes and focused "We went through a bloody wormhole mate! This ship and this ship alone was created to go in and out of it if you want to get back home I need you to shut up and let me focus on getting us landed with as much as the ship intact as possible!"

"Can you do that?" The pretty blonde second in command asked grabbing onto one of the levers bolted directly into the roof of their ship.

"Im the best fucking pilot and mechanic there is" Locke growled back as their ship began to glow a bright ass red "If any one can do it I can! Now shut up and buckle in we have fifty men and woman on this thing and im trying not to lose a single one!"

They wisely chose to shut up letting him focus on the act of getting their ship through orbit. Most of the systems were friend and even with the emergency power having kicked in they were 25 percent away from being a fancy paperweight.

"Properly shielded my ass!" Locke snapped flipping on all the drag flaps attached to the ship. The entire ship rocked and began to slow down buying them precious little in terms of minutes.

"Give me some thing soft to land on" Locke murmured over and over again as the planet came into view. Nothing in terms of man made structure if any thing the place looked wild an untamed all large trees and roving hills. He supposed it was pretty in a way and he would have admired it more.

If it werent for the imminent and very real threat of death

"Water!" Locke snapped hooting in pleasure "Okay come on baby just turn for me turn for me"

He wrestled with the control sweat dripping down his face and his rough five O clock shadow. He pulled with all his might reaching and activating the outside buyous as they hurtled toward the water.

And then hit said water

They almost skipped across it like a stone. The bags absorbed the shock some how managing not to pop as the entire ship shook. Locke only realized to late that he had forgotten one very important thing.

His seat belt

He flew out hurtling through the crashed glass and making himself the very first human to step onto a planet that was not earth. He screamed and fumbling hit the button on his space suit. A parachute popped out catching the wind and jerking him to a stop as he began to float to the ground.

Of course then it snapped

"Shit!" He hollered falling the last five feet and hitting the ground. He groaned and coughed turning over until he laid looking straight up at the pale yellowish sky.

"Fuck me running" He said closing his eyes and not bothering to move.

I was looking to do a romance either between the native of the planets or someone on the ship.
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Re: Norse's Tentative Original Roleplays (Seeking female characters)
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2018, 09:44:25 PM »
Another Man's Wife

This story involves some dark subject matter and A LOT of smut.

My idea revolves around a rather typical story. Husband is moving up the corporate ladder, wife is dutifully by his side. Said wife isn't getting enough at home and has started to become hungry with sexual need. Said wife also thinks husband boss is very very sexy. No matter how hard she denies that fact she keeps coming back to it.

And then during event X they hook up. It's passionate and our wife feels guilty but can't deny how good the sex was. However she is prepared to right it off and it never happen again.

But the boss has other plans....

SO this is where we kind of deviate. I would very much like to get into a situation where our boss starts playing head games with the wife.

I'd like for this to have always been his desire to and that the only reason her husband was hired as so he could acquire her.

I would LOVE for him to brainwash her, mentally fuck with her, and essentially turn her from reluctant wife into his cock hungry slut.

If interested please let me know!

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Re: Norse's Tentative Original Roleplays (Seeking female characters)
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2018, 01:33:12 AM »
The Eve Of War

I'm interested in doing the following period piece

I would like to play an American Allied Soldier who finds himself in Paris before D day. He's one of the last additions to the group of soldiers and hasn't been overseas for very long.

I would like for him to have one night of passion and fall in love with a German, French, Or British woman. The next day he leaves her in the bed they shared and tells her he will find her if he survives.

From there the story would go with the allied forces winning and them deciding what to do. Essentially I want to do a period piece romance here with both of them figuring out how to navigate a post World War Two world.
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Re: Norse's Tentative Original Roleplays (Seeking female characters)
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2018, 12:03:14 PM »
You Don't Know What You're Getting Into

So this ones a little different.

I want to do something involving the Queen Bee of a school and a teacher she falls for. She would be kind of bitchy the girl thats used to getting everything she wants without trying. She's the type that men fall over themselves to be with. The boys in school are all wrapped around her finger.

She finds herself interested in the new male English teacher. frustrating though he seems not very interested in her even to the point of being a jerk. This frustrates her but she refuses to leave and keeps it up.
Eventually she finds out... well that the teacher is a dominant. Slowly but surely he breaks her turning her from the Queen Bee to someone more loyal. This would be a dark domination like story.

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Re: Norse's Tentative Original Roleplays (Seeking female characters)
« Reply #4 on: August 30, 2018, 07:20:15 PM »
Let Me Nurture Your Talent

This is a raw idea and only half fleshed out.

The idea revolves around a younger girl from a hard life but with an incredible music talent finds her self sponsored and involved in a romance with a mysterious older gentleman.

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Re: Norse's Tentative Original Roleplays (Seeking female characters)
« Reply #5 on: September 16, 2018, 02:52:16 PM »
Funtari Ideas

In these ideas I am mostly looking to play the man in the pairing OR the Futa Woman against another Woman.

Please Note The Pictures Below might be NSFW

Picture Idea 1.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I am looking for someone willing to be the Ranchers Daughter Or a Cowgirl

Picture Idea 2.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

For this one I think I would like to take the picture as inspiration and POSSIBLY do something with a guy walking in on a girl posing in this matter. Perhaps they are childhood friends but he never knew of her condition until know.

I also want to specify that while I am interested in the futa woman & male pairing I am not interested in the male being fucked anally by the futa female. It's a personal thing for me but a strict no. I know that makes for a weirdly specific kind of story but thats where I would draw the line at.
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Re: Norse's Tentative Original Roleplays (Seeking female characters)
« Reply #6 on: September 21, 2018, 10:28:59 AM »


Let Me Nurture Your Talent

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Re: Norse's Tentative Original Roleplays (Seeking female characters)
« Reply #7 on: October 09, 2018, 08:46:49 PM »


Added a military and widower plot.

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Re: Norse's Tentative Original Roleplays (Seeking female characters)
« Reply #8 on: November 24, 2018, 03:58:33 PM »


I added a new section detailing my Futa requests