Naria's Desires {{Need Males and 1 Female}}

Started by Narianna, June 29, 2018, 03:36:21 AM

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Oki doki.. A few things about me: 1. I'll always play a submissive character in the following scenarios 2. I like when games delve into the psychology of the character being really detailed with the inner workings of the character's mind and 3. I can't promise more than 1 post a week. I can expound upon any of these ideas further if interest is shown. Thanks!

Also, I'd really appreciate articulate, deep thinking, somewhat lengthy posters.

Me as Female: (Pics TBD)

  • In a foreign world, a Sultan's slave catches the eye of an emissary from another land. It is love at first sight. She just so happens to be the Sultan's favorite.

  • Rich man spots innocent middle class girl and does everything in his power to woo her. Against her better judgement, she falls for him.

  • Twins growing up closer than is normal, inseparable, with an unnatural bond, notice no one understands them like each other. Something different is occurring between them, developing.

Me as Male:

  • He's a young man that is just figuring out that he might be gay. He is very unconfidant. Your character is a fully established gay man who has seen and taken interest in my character. He plans to show him the ropes.

  • This character is totally taken from Red Eye. It starts as a hostage situation. I have no idea about the specifics but we can discuss those later. My character is a mercenary, tasked with something involving the female character. In a bout similar to Stockholm syndrome, your character develops feelings for him, beginning with sexual attraction.


Also looking at me as female, I'd like to do a time warp. A girl (me) lives in the distant future where everyone can be upgraded with a single chip that can teach a skill. Instead of a skill, my girl decides she wants the entire Library of Alexandria (former Library of Congress) implanted in her head. Then, somehow she's transported back to the 1400's in England where King Henry V is in the middle of battle...