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Started by Dotley, June 25, 2018, 08:31:01 PM

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Genres: Modern, Slice of Life, Realistic Drama, "It's Complicated" Romance
Themes: City Living, Addiction & Recovery, Substance Abuse, Grey & Grey Morality, Polyamory

Plot Summation: There's a group of men that meet every Sunday at sundown in the basement of a shabby, but well loved church. Religion isn't what brings them together - it's their addictions. Each and every man there is an addict. For some of them that addiction is the traditional demon - booze or drugs. For others it's something more primal - sex or food. And for a few the addiction is something that might sound harmless enough, but can be just as bad as the others - gambling, work, shopping, exercise. Their addictions are different, but they all share that same want to recover. They want to get better. To want to be better. Though some are more successful at that than others. At least the ones that relapse are trying and so long as they keep showing up to meetings there's still hope for them. And love too. There's plenty of love to be found for those that take the so-called thirteenth step.

Seeking: I'm looking for someone to help me create a love dodecahedron between members of a support group for addicts. I enjoy writing multiple characters within a story and writing polyamorous relationships is an extension of that enjoyment. Note that the relationship part is important here. While polyamory is an important hook to the storyline it isn't all there is to it. The characters should have feelings, thoughts, opinions, conflicts, and desires beyond sex. While I'm interested in writing the character's romantic interest and sexual exploration of each other I want to do that alongside character driven plot.

I'd like this to be an ensemble piece so my writing partner must be willing to write multiple main characters - two at minimum please. Ideally I'm also looking for someone that writes guys with switchy tastes and versatile preferences so we can play around with different pairing combinations and experience the full gambit of relationships types. I'll also admit I'm really partial to older characters. Please write some middle aged dudes with me! But other than that - names, appearances, careers, hobbies, addictions etc are all up to my writing partner. Just create characters you'd enjoy writing and we can figure out how to spin all these characters into a poly web.

In the spoiler cut below you'll find a gallery of my male characters I'm willing to write in this story. Pick three or so that catch your fancy. Or five. Heck, if you can't decide just pick 'em all. I love all these guys and I can pair them up in almost any sort of combination. The more the merrier!

Interested? Please send me a PM to chat about it  :-)

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"I don’t use people for stories.
I use stories to express my feelings for people."


O&O's || A&A's

"I don’t use people for stories.
I use stories to express my feelings for people."


  • I'm back from a break and looking to fall into the writing groove once more. Still seeking a partner for this story.
O&O's || A&A's

"I don’t use people for stories.
I use stories to express my feelings for people."