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May 20, 2019, 10:54:05 PM

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Author Topic: Lookin' for my Shades! (F seeking Any; Long Term)  (Read 251 times)

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Offline LunarisTopic starter

Lookin' for my Shades! (F seeking Any; Long Term)
« on: June 25, 2018, 07:00:11 PM »
After binge-watching Luke Cage Season 2 on a day off, I’ve fallen in love with Shades all over again and would love to try a story opposite a character like him…with a Cyberpunk twist! I’m looking for an author that can turn the roguish charm up to eleven and hold it down for their woman through thick and thin as they ascend to new heights of power and influence together.

The gender of the author is irrelevant to me, I only care about a compelling story. Your character needs to be witty. Has be smart. I'm looking for someone who's ruthless and manipulative, but holds their self to a sort of 'thieves' honor' and who won't hesitate to hold it down for their woman. A Gangster Consultant. A mobster with a code.

There’s supposed to be rules to this sh*t.

Your Character: Will be a syndicate Lieutenant in the Lost District of a city’s highly advanced metropolis. After a turf war pushes their organization to murder dozens of innocents in cold blood just to send their rivals a message, your character has had enough and guns down several of their own at the scene. Well aware that it won’t be long before the syndicate puts two and two together, your character discovers a way out…

My Character: Was long one of the upper crust of the city’s fake utopian society. She was born into power by virtue of growing up outside of the Lost, and she kept it through positions of influence, as well as access to Shells -a means for those at the height of Technologist meritocracies to live through generations in android bodies. First, she became a Senator. Then she founded a startup that later became one of the world’s most powerful corporations. But on her third cycle, she left it all behind to serve her people as a soldier in a combat shell.

However, in this third go, she was crushed and dismembered on the battlefield. Though her influence waned throughout that third cycle, her connections were still enough for her to be brought back a fourth time. The extensive damage her body and memory suffered on the battlefield, however, made her far less valuable to the Utopian society she loved so dearly. She returned home to find that she no longer had a seat at the table of the company she started…that they’d removed her when she decided to step down and become a soldier. During those times, the company shifted direction and pursued power and influence no matter what the cost. A corporation founded to be ethical became one of the many undercover monsters as it sold its soul.

Stripped of power and influence, she found herself in the Lost District and began working as a Freelancer all too eager to stick it to the corporations and horrified to learn what life was truly like for the downtrodden.

Your Character: Has crossed paths with her on numerous occasions…most of them bad. Firefights in back alleys over priority targets, espionage against each other in the pursuit and defense of corporate assets. But just before your character’s former syndicate went too far, they received a dossier from her former corporation with all her information. Information your character plans to use as a means to reach Utopia. She’s your character’s golden ticket…and a cute one at that. Time to turn the charm, keep her safe, and get out of the Lost for good.

*If any of this appeals to you, feel free to hit me up responses here or PMs! The skeleton is here and we can fine-tune the rest!