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Author Topic: The Young Queen (F LF Dom M)  (Read 944 times)

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The Young Queen (F LF Dom M)
« on: June 25, 2018, 11:06:57 AM »
Ok so I am going to give a couple basic rules first...

Do NOT post in this request page. I would like to keep this as clean as possible so would only like my postings in here as I would like to not have to make another.

I am not a Dominate partner, though I can play as equals. I am not a submissive in a master/slave/pet what ever but I tend to enjoy a dominate male in the bedroom. It is a tricky slope with me sometimes unfortunately.

I am not a whore in real life and cannot effectively play one. I can be seductive and tease but cannot come across as a slut very effectively, so keep this in mind if you want to play with me.

I want a PARTNER. This means that I want someone to write WITH not FOR and I don't want someone writing for me. I love OOC communication over PM and will never complain about receiving messages during a RP to toss ideas of a twist around. You have an idea about something that we haven't previously discussed? PLEASE by all means PM me about it. Or even better toss it out there. I love surprises and I LOVE a challenge. Make me think....please! Now if it is something WAAAAAY out of what we have previously talked about please message me before throwing a take-the-story-completely-off-the-beaten-track curve. 90% of the time I will be for it, but I just like heads up that way we stay on the same page creatively, it keeps either of us from losing interest.

My ON's:

I can get into vanilla sex as good as any other kind. But please don't mistake it as my preference. It is a nice pacer in a story but it isn't very thrilling and can get mundane to write repeatedly.

I LOVE rough sex. I could write pages and pages but then I would never get this request thread completed so here is a brief list of my favorites.

Spanking - yes please!
Hair pulling - no quicker way to get my attention
choking - there is just something about this....I just can't explain it
Bondage - To a certain point, yes, anything extensive you must be a strong partner!
Biting - Don't go over board fellas, I LOVE to be nibbled but I like all of my flesh firmly attached and not consumed by you...thanks.
Name calling - tread lightly.....OOC discussion required unless specified in our role setting up.
If it isn't listed in my OFF's then we can talk about it. But don't throw some random stuff out there without speaking to me first, and I will promise to do the same for you.

My OFF's

Anything that belongs in a toilet should stay there......non negotiable.
Extreme Just no...
Blood....nope it belongs in the artery/veins it shall stay there. I like my body parts and I would like to keep them. No I don't want any of yours either.

The Young Queen
Theressa was born the queen of Umbrilla, a small nation between Ireland and Scotland. Her parents' marriage had been arranged when they were children and they had spent several years attempting to conceive an heir to the throne. The country was in civil unrest and her father was required to be unbending when it came to punishing rebels. Despite his firm hand, he was well loved by the country. A country that wanted more for itself than was possible for the king and queen to acquire, especially when they were constantly having to put down rebellions. The queen was well into her sixth month of pregnancy with the heir when a bloody rebellion started and the king led the army to go put it down, as he had every time before. This time, however, the king did not return home. Theressa's mother was in the throne room, hearing the squabbles of the staff when the messenger brought the horrific news. But to her credit, the queen held firm, she did not let the loss of her husband and how her heart broke to show to the outside world. She oversaw the return of her king's body and the funeral and rose to be the nation's only power. She dispatched the full army to track down any of the remaining rebels to be arrested and brought back for a public hanging. They would pay with their lives for the loss of their king.

The queen spent the next 17 years ruling the nation while her daughter, named Theressa after the king's mother, came of age to be married. On her sixth birthday, Theressa's marriage to the nine year old Scottish prince, heir to their throne,  was arranged and the two countries came together to protect Umbrilla's future queen. As the only heir, she'd ascend to the throne on her 18th birthday, but only after marrying. In Umbrilla, the work of her mother assured that the king and queen would rule together, equal in power, but the people would not accept a queen with no king at her side. Theressa and her king would rule Umbrilla until the Scottish king died then they would ascend to that throne and rule both countries. Of course, not everyone in either country was happy with this alliance. Theressa was crowned at just six days old, queen of Umbrilla, though her mother still held power until her daughter was married. Though there were dangers, Theressa was guarded closely at the palace until on her seventh birthday, she was attacked on the grounds. She was unharmed, but the attack brought home the fact that the palace was a dangerous place for her daughter to be until she could defend herself and rule her people.

Secret arrangements were made and her daughter sent off in the dead of night to a nunnery that would be able to hide her and protect her chasity for her marriage. Her daughter grew to be very beautiful there, though her beauty well hidden by the habit the nuns all wore. Her body hid behind plain, loose gowns and her black hair covered at all times by the veil. For ten years, she was kept safe, her existence a total secret for her protection, and for the nuns protection as well. Rebels became desperate to find her and after 10 years of searching and bribing, the location was finally discovered. They dispatched an assassin to poison the young queen, but only suceeded in killing one of the nuns, who's duty was to taste test any food and drink the young queen took. Once it was discovered, Theressa was rushed to her chambers with several nuns that had a striking resemblence to her, so that it would be more difficult to guess who was the correct one. It took several hours, but her family's army arrived with horse and carriage to escort their young queen to the castle in Scotland to prepare for the wedding. Their arrival was just a month before schedule but with the discovery of their queen, the nunnery was no longer a safe place for her to be until she was scheduled to arrive at the Scottish court.

She was escorted out of the nunnery once the carriage arrived and stopped in awe of the presence of her royal guard. Then they opened the carriage door and out stepped her mother, whom she had not seen in nearly two years. She broke protocol and dashed to her mother, hugging her tightly as she cried her relief.

"Come, daughter, I have already dispatched word to the Scottish court. You will arrive there within the week. We must hurry, I am too uneasy with you journeying so openly and with such presence. It will be dangerous." Her mother urged her. There was another carriage waiting  with more guards as decoy. The two would break off where the split to go to her family's palace and the Scottish palace was to take her mother back home. Until then, it wouldn't be clear which carriage held the queen and regent. The whole way to the castle, the mother and daughter talked, sharing plans. Theressa would be at the Scottish court finalizing plans for her wedding before the couple's big return to Umbrilla.

"I have sent word that the wedding was to happen as planned. I will arrive before the wedding but I cannot leave the palance unattended that long in these times or I would come with you. These last weeks will be very dangerous with your return so near. There will be attempts on your life. As the sole heir to Umbrilla, they can end and entire reign if you are killed. Keep your guard close, go no where unattended. I have your ladies already sent to the castle, they will arrive to court just ahead of you. Keep them with you. You are to keep two guards at your chamber door at all times. Most importantly, use your tasters. The Scottish king and queen have a system of tasters in place to protect you. Do not get food from the kitchen yourself as that food has not been through the security measures before it arrives to royals." Her mother urged her once their carriage had stopped at the designated place for her mother to be taken back home.

"I will, mother, I promise. I will send word once I arrive to Scottish court safely." Theressa promised then gave her mother a hug once more. She had been privately schooled by a tutor on how court life worked, starting shortly after her arrival to the nunnery. She would be able to fit safely back into place, even if it took a little time to put into practice all that she had been taught.

Three long days of travel found herself at the inn a short distance from the Scottish castle. They arrived late the night before and she had only had a few hours sleep before her ladies came to wake her. She had tossed and turned, the eve before the day she had been waiting for for ten years finally there. Her nerves had her on edge, aware of every sound around her. They would get her ready for her arrival at court then leave before her to be waiting for their queen's arrival at court, escorted by her personal guard. It took them just over a hour to get Theressa in her proper traveling dress. It was made of pink silk and a black sash was tied around her waist, her country's colors. For the first time in her life, she was wearing clothes fitted for her, showing off her beauty instead of hiding it. Her hair was dressed, pinned up with single strands of hair, tightly curled, to frame her face. Then her crown was settled on her head for the first time. She sat looking into the looking glass held in her hand and she didn't recognize herself.

A knock at the door drew her attention "Its time to go ladies." One of her guards stated, motioning for her ladies to follow him out. They were due to leave which would give her guards time to take her trunks back out to the carriage and secure them before she was escorted out of the inn. She laid the looking glass back on the table before her and stood and faced the three guards in the room with her. She knew they were there for her protection, but at the same time, it could easily be seen as they were there to prevent her from fleeing. She was their queen, but she held no power until she was married and officially coronated alongside her husband back in her court.

"Your grace.....its time." Her guard, freshly returned a scant 10 minutes later, informed her gravely. His tone from how he addressed her ladies and his queen night and day different. There was a reverence in his tone when he addressed Theressa.

"Then lets be off." She responded and walked ahead, her hands clasped together in front of her in an air of control, but in reality to hide their shaking.

Less than 10 minute passed until she arrived in front of the Scottish castle, amid fan fare and what seemed to be the entire court's presence. The royal family stood ahead of all the nobles and staff, come to watch the arrival of their allied nation's queen; their future queen. Her carriage came to a stop and shortly afterwards, the door was opened and her guard's hand reached out for her to hold to steady herself as she climbed out of the carriage. Once she was safely on the ground, two of her guardsmen walked ahead of her and two behind her as they escorted her to the royal family. The two in front parted and stopped after a small bow to the royal family to allow them to set eyes on Theressa.

"Her royal highness Theressa Jacobs, Queen of Umbrilla!" a male voice from a short distance behind the royal family called out loudly for all to hear then trumpets blared as the royals acknowledged each other with a curt nod of the head, as was their custom, none bowing to the other as their stations were equal, though her betrothed did bow to her since he was crown prince rather than king, a station below hers.

"I'm pleased to finally meet you all, and honored that my arrival was so gracefully accepted on such short notice." Theressa stated as her eyes moved from king, to queen, to prince. Her eyes locked on his for a moment, taken aback at the young man she was to marry soon. But her eyes moved away before anything could be deemed ungraceful. She was proud of the sound of her voice, that it didn't quiver from the force of her nerves.

This story is to follow Theressa's rise to power. It is inspired by, though not based off of, Reign. A young woman saddled with the responsibility of a nation from the moment of her birth, hidden away for most of her life to protect her until she could come home and rule her nation. But set in the time that a queen's power was mostly tied to her king. Where her rule was unquestioned as long as she was married and producing heirs to secure the line.

I love the strife she'll face, the growth she will have to go through to come out a ruler. The hard decisions that come after an attack. Of the face she'll have to present to the public that almost opposes who she is privately. I gave zero building to the prince's character, including the naming of his family as that can be chosen by my partner or agreed on during discussion of the role. I loved this idea so much that I created a separate thread for this story alone. Please message me if you're interested.
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Re: The Young Queen (F LF Dom M)
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2018, 12:58:10 PM »
Fully fleshed out the story and added my vision and specifics of what I am looking to build with Theressa's character.

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Re: The Young Queen (F LF Dom M)
« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2018, 08:51:13 PM »
Still looking for a partner for this story. Please message me if you're interested!

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Re: The Young Queen (F LF Dom M)
« Reply #3 on: January 04, 2020, 10:26:25 PM »
Bumping because looking for someone interested in this story