The Land of Gor (f looking for M)

Started by Becca, June 24, 2018, 12:14:54 PM

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I'm currently seeking a Gorean based RP, a low-fantasy setting.

I am not fully familiar with all the mythos, but I am intrigued by the position women would occupy in such a civilization.
I would very much prefer for an outsider to be captured by a Gorean warrior, perhaps as a spoil of war, and she is forced to adapt to his customs and her new role as his slave, in a society where she holds no rights of her own.

This story could grow quite dark if my partner preferred it to, but I am also interested in romance to eventually bloom in the rpg, even if it turns to be a twisted kind of love.

She might also be captured to be sold in the silk market instead of being kept by the warrior who caught her, and be bought by a wealthy man eager to train a young woman from scratch.

I would also be interested in playing a former Gorean free woman who is taken as a slave after her family's debts become too high and they are forced to let their beautiful young daughter be taken to finally pay what they owe.

If anyone is interested in this idea, please send me a PM, do not post in this thread!