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Started by Kayrax, June 23, 2018, 02:36:40 PM

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And don't worry, you can get it back on your way out... maybe!

There's a 99% probability that you found this thread in one of three ways:
  • You clicked my signature
Either you found some other thread of mine or you've tried finding a partner using the forum's query based on preferences. If so odds are you're likely trying to figure out if we're compatible to write some stories together. Let me just go ahead and say that yes, we probably are compatible. I checked my crystal ball earlier and it told me as much!
  • You've been randomly clicking request threads
Don't feel bad, you're not the only one doing it. I'm curious though whether it was an entirely random pick or you just went and clicked every New thread you could find. You're either lucky or very thorough and I personally enjoy both qualities in my writing partners so yay for you...
  • You think of yourself as both brilliant and twisted
If that's really the reason you're here then you just took my deviously placed bait inside the thread's subject. Don't feel bad though, you're probably not the only one that got suckered in. If you want to get back at me then just read on and prove you're both of those things.

Now a few things about me that you won't find out for yourself by just clicking my profile or preferences... I've been RPing for a while now, having tried tabletop games, video games and also forum games. Things I enjoy most in RPing are character creation, followed by world building and a strong and believable plot. I both enjoy and to a degree even expect some realism and organic development in the stories I'm a part of. I will always prefer plot over smut and absolutely love seeing both in a well written and mature manner. In terms of genres I can play anything from casual slice of life romances to thrilling horrors with some serious NC content involved. Although I find myself more interested in darker themes there are times when I'm pleasantly surprised by some lighter concepts as well.

I can play multiple characters per story - whether main roles or supporting cast. I can also play female roles though not quite with as much depth and intricacies as the genuine article. For main characters I generally play dominant males but can do switches and subs too for lesser roles. Since gender was brought up I should mention that I don't really care whom I play against in RL. If the plot isn't terribly complicated and there's a heavy focus on smut I found that most people can realistically enough play as their opposite gender, myself included. Not everyone can do as good a job when there's a heavy focus on the emotional aspect of a story however. It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that generally speaking men and women do in fact think differently. I could provide examples myself but why bother when Google has plenty of such explained situations already...

Assuming you're curious about anything else then by all means drop me a PM and ask ahead.

Different? What the hell do you mean they're different?!

  • Thou shalt not post in this thread
It's mostly an unspoken rule that the other E veterans already adhere to. But just in case you're new or otherwise just have some crazy itch at the tips of your fingers - don't do it!
  • Thou shalt not ask about my O/Os
I have more ONs than I can possibly remember at any particular point in time and at the same time have absolutely no OFFs whatsoever. If you do end up contacting me though about a story then by all means provide me with your own list so we may figure out what could be integrated and what should on the contrary be avoided.
  • Thou shalt hope for daily posts but not expect more than weekly ones
At the time this post is being written I can reply to all my threads on a daily basis. Even multiple times per day if my partners keep up and I'm feeling particularly inspired. Normally however I reply roughly once every few days and unless things are very hectic in RL then I don't usually take longer than a week to do so. If post frequency is a big deal for you then feel free to ask me in a PM what I think my current/future schedule is like - generally I can provide fairly accurate guesses.
  • Thou shalt not constantly pester me to post
If I fail to post within a week of your reply then by all means send me a message reminding me about it. You don't even need to be creative about it either as a simple bump would suffice. Please do however understand that I do work and on occasion things get hectic at work. Also try and imagine that beyond Elliquiy I actually have some semblance of a social life as well - family, friends, coworkers, romantic/sexual pursuits and so on and so forth. I may also at times be more interested in another story or even stories and as such I might make those my priorities. That's not to say I no longer find our own game interesting so by all means don't panic over it.
  • Thou shalt let me know if you art getting bored or are planning a leave
This is actually a continuation of the above rule. I promise that I'll let you know if I find things are becoming tedious, boring and no longer entertaining. Sometimes things work out perfectly start to finish. Other times there are hiccups and obstacles on the way. And there are of course also times when things just reach a certain point that neither participant has any clue as to how to overcome. It happens. If you find our story's starting to get boring then do first try and mention as much in case we can possibly try and salvage the situation rather than just letting me know it's no longer working out. Period. Though on second thought even such an approach would be preferable to otherwise just dropping it entirely and forgetting to let me know as much. Promise I won't do any of that on my end. Oh and as far as prolonged leaves of absences are concerned - if you know one such thing is coming up then why not offer me a heads up first? It won't affect our story in the least and before you ask - yes, I'll likely be willing to resume it after you return.
  • Thou shalt not try to tempt me away from the threads play-by-posts
Most other sites I used to RP on were either closed off because of technical issues or otherwise died out from lack of membership. I'm fairly impressed with E's infrastructure and membership and would as such prefer sticking around and group all my RP needs around it. That means I'm definitely not interested in trying out other sites, Google Docs, Discord, emails, IMs or whatever other medium you can think of. I might not be familiar with all of them but for the most part I already considered both their pros and cons and ended up finding them lacking. So if you can't RP here then that's unfortunate. Notice too that I did not include PMs in the above enumeration. I absolutely prefer actual threads for stories - in no small measure also because of that lovely feature involving bookmarks. It's so easy to keep track and organize all stories in such a manner... But being on the same site I could technically be persuaded to try out PMs. You would need to sell me on this though so do keep that in mind.
  • Thou shalt actually participate in the story development
I enjoy playing larger games too and I even enjoy playing GM for some of them. Notice however that this thread is in the Solo requests section of the site. Solo as in one on one... As in please don't expect me to play GM for you. I may either offer or you may ask whether I would be okay doing it in which case sure, no problem. Just please don't expect I'd like to take on such a role by default. Also, with most partners I've had thus far there was first a planning discussion happening in PMs before the actual stories were posted. Even though we both know some of the things that will end up happening in that story doesn't mean that I alone am expected to actually move things in that direction. No, it's supposed to be a joint effort so please don't just react to whatever actions I take without actually adding anything new. Granted there can be sections of a story where this is unavoidable. There may even be entire stories where such things would be expected given the circumstances portrayed within them. But as a rule of thumb please try moving the story along on your part too - it's hugely appreciated.
  • Thou shalt not provide me countless one liners
I already explained above that I'm not a fan of IM RPs so rather than having 50 one liner posts in an hour I'd much rather wait a couple of days for a post that has a proper construction, is well described and even progresses the narrative as well. There are already some members here on E that have a great style and some rather devious interests I'd positively love to explore with them. Unfortunately the fact that they generally reply with 1-2 short paragraphs each time is always keeping me from contacting them. Personally I prefer partners that can write multiple paragraphs, especially if said paragraphs aren't entirely useless fluff either. I understand that not everyone appreciates this however so I would like at least 3 paragraphs constantly. And if you don't feel it's a pain to write more then by all means go wild and write as much as you feel is appropriate - I only have a problem with too little content and certainly not too much of it.
  • Thou shalt try adhering to the already established RP standards
Most people already use them either knowingly or unknowingly because they were taught as much by others. Basically an RP should be played in third person past tense. Actual words should be used rather than acronyms and leetspeak - unless they actually make sense for that particular story of course but even so odds are the'd only come up in conversations or messages and certainly not in the descriptions themselves. Also formatting and coloring... If you need to highlight the text to see the badly colored words then that's a fail. And if you need to copy/paste the text in a word editor in order to read the odd fonts/sizes then that's an epic fail. Thankfully most people don't make such mistakes by default so this clause is only meant to affect those that can't stop themselves from appearing... special.
  • Thou art free and in fact encouraged to contact me with your own story spins or original ideas
Further down in this post you'll find the story ideas for which you probably came for. Since it's practically impossible for an idea to be explained in such a way as to perfectly fit the tastes of two different people then by all means contact me and ask whether you'd like a particular spin on any of those ideas. This can range from minor things such as changing the settings and timeline to major things such as changing genders or adding/subtracting characters. Even more importantly... If based on everything you've read already you believe we might hit it off for a story of your own choosing then feel free to contact me and give me a brief rundown of whatever you had in mind.

No, you may neither pet nor feed them. Find your own!

Ah yes, the real reason you're here in all likelihood. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if some of you actually started checking this section first and if that's the case well done for you! Do however read or at the very least skim over all of the above too if any of the following stories catches your fancy. Also keep in mind that all these prompts aren't set in stone so if you'd prefer a different take on any of these (different pairings, gender swapping, adding/subtracting kinks, etc.) then contact me and let's discuss it. In the interest of saving both of us some time though please be as descriptive as you can in your first PM. Note also that most of these prompts are left intentionally fairly vague. That's because I'd rather discuss the specifics with you so as to ensure we'll both be getting something we want from such a collaboration. Lastly I'd like to mention that the following prompts or groupings aren't listed in any particular order and that I don't really crave one more than another.

Last updated July 25th 2018 - 25 prompts in 16 groupings

Behind bars
Pairing: Male warden / Female prisoner

Kinks: NC, coercion, blackmail, humiliation, degradation, light bondage, D/s

Summary: Warden's known to be a corrupt sleazeball, both accepting as well as seeking out sexual favors from the prisoner population and possibly some of the guards as well. He's smart though, either targeting the more vulnerable ones or otherwise employing dirty tricks that would lead to certain situations where a prisoner could either choose to spend a few hours with him or a few days in solitary confinement.

Pairing: Male prisoner / Female guard

Kinks: coercion, blackmail, light bondage

Summary: A pimp, drug dealer or some particularly charismatic serial rapist/killer is finally caught and convicted. He's sent to prison, where he realizes that one of the female guards might not be as stuck up as the others. Things start slowly at first - idle chitchat, perhaps a compliment - and after enough time passes things eventually get more heated between them. Then it's a matter of finding and arranging for secluded spots so they can enjoy each other's company.

Pairing: Violent male cellmate / White collared male cellmate

Kinks: NC, coercion, humiliation, degradation, light bondage, torture, mutilation, body modification, sisification, gore

Summary: The classic case of two very different inmates being shoved in the same cell due to overcrowding issues. One's a former gangbanger, accused for some violent crimes he most definitely committed - an individual that has seen the inside of the prison for just as long as he's been free. The other's a young former accountant that got caught skimming off the top - an individual that save for that particular indiscretion has always followed the rules. So what happens when two so very different men end up sharing the same tight space?

Pairing: Male inmate / Female visitor | lawyer

Kinks: NC, coercion, humiliation, degradation, light bondage, orgies/gangbangs, gore

Summary: What happens when a prison riot occurs just as a group of visitors or a female lawyer happens to be on the premises? The convicts end up taking control of a good portion of the facility, using the captured guards, supporting personnel and any visitors as hostages. But everyone's aware such a standoff won't last forever so why not make the most of the situation and have some fun as well?

Family life
Pairing: Stepdad / Daughter (ideally there would also be a mom and possibly a (step)brother for us to play around with too)

Kinks: NC, Dub-con, corruption, coercion, blackmail, voyeurism, sex in public, light bondage, incest, MFF or MFMF

Summary: Thirty something man (maybe with a teenage son) finds thirty something single mom with a teenage daughter. They date for a while and eventually move in together either before or after getting married. Things are great except dad can't stop thinking about daughter. Under the pretense of being a good father and wanting to know her better, the man keeps getting closer and closer - buying her things, keeping some secrets maybe - until one day he finally can't hold his desires checked anymore and makes a move on her. Girl either tells her mother or keeps it a secret and mother ends up either pretending not to know or becomes part of this taboo relationship because she's afraid or because she's in love or because of other financial motivations.

To serve and protect
Pairing: Male veteran cop / Female rookie

Kinks: NC, Dub-con, coercion, corruption, light bondage, sex in public, cheating, humiliation, degradation, gore

Summary: He's a crooked cop or detective that has been using his badge to get away with a lot of things. He knows when to look the other way, when to dish out some famous police brutality and when to hold out his hand expecting a small cut of some illegal business. She's either a rookie cop straight out of the Academy or otherwise the newest addition to a certain department - Vice sounds the juiciest. She's a dreamer, thinking she can actually make a difference and make the streets safer. Until she's partnered off with him and all manner of conflict arises. But then he has seniority and can either make her life miserable or possibly even end her career by offering a few bad reviews. He also knows a bunch of lowlifes on the streets and can thus target her in whole other ways too - both on the job and off it.

The learning experience
Pairing: Male teacher / Female student

Kinks: Dub-con, coercion, blackmail, corruption, cheating, voyeurism, sex in public, ageplay

Summary: He's a teacher/professor, well viewed in the community, respected by his peers and loved by his students. She's young and pretty, either final year of high school or just starting college. She ends up taking his classes but on top of that they're also neighbors. Maybe they shared some BBQ parties in the past, maybe he offered private tutoring at some point, maybe he's a friend of her parents. Either way they end up seeing a lot of each other both around the neighborhood and at school. She can either try seducing him or he can instead try corrupting her, especially if he ends up helping her in a bind or simply decides to keep some compromising secret of hers that he finds out about (smoking pot, shoplifting, being half naked with a boy, etc.).

Attention on deck
Pairing: Male commander / Female aide-de-camp

Kinks: military, sci-fi or fantasy, conflict, possible romance

Summary: Two countries/kingdoms/empires are at war with one another and have been so for decades, with no chance of peace in sight. He's either the captain of a ship or the CO of a company/battalion, smart, ruthless, devious and with an exceptional understanding of tactics and strategies. She's rather impressive herself, with an outstanding military record and a strong ambition to progress even further, ideally in as little time as possible. She either volunteers for the assignment thinking it'll help her career path, is assigned to him by some friend in higher places - thinking the two would complement each other fairly well... or is sent instead to spy on him by someone else higher up the chain who has a problem with his way of handling things.

Of fire and brimstone
Pairing: Male fallen angel / Female colleague

Kinks: cWoD: Fallen themed, Dub-con, coercion, corruption, possible romance

Summary: When the first among angels rebelled, he too joined his armies and was punished along everyone else with an eternity in hell. Except that eternity actually came to an end and some of the fallen angels have managed to break out, once more returning to the world of men. He is one of those, assuming the identity of a fireman in order to help blend in. Except he's been doing too good a job and one of his colleagues suddenly gets suspicious about his impressive performances. She eventually discovers his secret but he can't simply have her blabbering about it to anyone else. So what then is he to do with her?

Pairing: Male demon / Female summoner

Kinks: NC, horror, psychological, bondage, D/s reversal, torture, gore, body modification, corruption

Summary: He's a regular demon minding his own business in hell when suddenly he feels himself pulled into the world of mortals. She's always had an interest in the occult, studying it in as many forms as she could find and also trying to mess around with it, whether for fun, out of curiosity or because of some darker desire. Regardless her motivation, she attempts a summoning... and is successful. Now she has her very own magical entity to do her bidding and grant some of her wishes. But wishes are a dangerous thing to grant for they are heavily influenced by the demon's own interpretation of them. And sooner or later things might just get out of the girl's control - at which point the demon would most definitely pay her in kind for the way he was treated.

Memento homo
Pairing: Male patrician / Future wife

Kinks: Ancient Rome, NC, Dub-con, coercion, humiliation, degradation, corruption, threesomes and orgies

Summary: He's one of the wealthiest and most influential men in the Republic, owning properties, a small army and countless slaves. He's also at an age where it's expected of him to marry and a great deal many other prominent families try their hardest to make him choose them. Some of the young ladies are positively gorgeous but then again some of the dowries are also rather astronomical. Eventually he makes his choice, the marriage is made official and the two return to one of his mansions in order to consummate the marriage. Except what the girl doesn't yet imagine is that he's rather cruel and depraved. She'd like to return to her family but the latter have no intention of taking her back else losing both the political gains they were granted and also the considerable dowry they already invested in her. She's thus forced to endure... unless she can figure out a way to improve things for herself.

Pairing: Male patrician / Female slave

Kinks: Ancient Rome, NC, Dub-con, coercion, humiliation, degradation, corruption, threesomes and orgies, torture, body modification, gore

Summary: He's one of the wealthiest and most influential men in the Republic, owning properties, a small army and countless slaves. She's one of the newest slaves he acquires. She's also rather good looking and this is something he too notices. Before long other slaves bathe her, dress her up and finally bring her to the master's bedroom. Unfortunately for her, said master is actually rather depraved and she's actually pretty enough to keep his interest for quite some time...

Pairing: Male patrician / Sister

Kinks: Ancient Rome, incest, cheating, NC, Dub-con, coercion, humiliation, degradation, corruption, voyeurism, sex in public, threesomes and orgies, gore

Summary: He's one of the wealthiest and most influential men in the Republic, owning properties, a small army and countless slaves. He could have any woman he wants and yet the one woman he wants is his own sister. Given a messed up childhood he ended up confusing the normal feelings of love between family members with those of a far more intimate sort of love. He suppressed his desires for years but then his beloved sister went and got married to some scholar/senator/general. He tries letting her go and forgetting about her but finds himself unable to. He visits her when she's alone and finally lets loose all those pent up feelings of attraction, lust and desire. She's too ashamed to tell anyone and so he ends up visiting more often, always behind her husband's back. Eventually though the secrecy becomes too tiresome so he simply has the other man assassinated, generously allowing his grieving sister to stay with him like the good brother that he is...

Morituri te salutant
Pairing: Gladiator / Domina

Kinks: Ancient Rome, NC, Dub-con, cheating, voyeurism, coercion, humiliation, degradation, corruption, threesomes and orgies, torture, body modification, gore

Summary: He's one of the strongest gladiators around and also one of the most endowed by nature. She's stuck in a loveless marriage with a man twice her age, twice her size and with an appetite for young slaves, whether girls or boys. But what starts as a fairly simple affair eventually takes a darker turn as the two start plotting her husband's death. Are they caught or do they succeed? And if so will she honor her promise and set him free or will she try silencing him and get rid of any evidence?

Where's my money
Pairing: Pimp / Working girl

Kinks: NC, Dub-con, bondage, D/s, humiliation, degradation, corruption, orgies/gangbangs, voyeurism, sex in public, body modification, gore

Summary: He's a successful pimp with huge ambitions in a large city. He caters to the needs of everyone, from regular johns off the street all the way to political figures that demand the utmost discretion. Girls working for him are either drug addicts, runaways, trafficked victims from all over the world as well as recently unemployed young women that need the money to buy food and pay rent. She's bright, pretty and yet somehow ends up turning tricks in order to make a living. A whole world of depravity awaits her and she has little choice but to step right in.

Here there be ghosts
Pairing: Ghosts / New owners

Kinks: supernatural, horror, psychological, thriller

Summary: New job opportunities in a different state drives a family to sell their former home and relocate. Especially after getting a great deal for an amazing mansion. It's a bit in the middle of nowhere but the vistas are great, the woodwork is solid, there's more than enough space for both parents and couple of kids to spread around and more importantly it's much, much cheaper than possibly expected. Things are looking great at first and everyone's starting settling in but then weird things keep happening around the house. The power occasionally flickers, doors occasionally open and shut by themselves, water pressure becomes irregular, items are misplaced... Things only escalate from there - the temperature occasionally drops to almost freezing levels, strange shadows are seen moving around and there are also reflections in the mirrors or water surfaces that can't possibly be real. How will the family deal with all these strange occurrences?

Do no harm
Pairing: Male doctor / Female intern | nurse

Kinks: Dub-con, coercion, blackmail, humiliation, light bondage, body modification, D/s, possible romance

Summary: He's brilliant, successful, rich and famous. The sort of doctor that every hospital in the country fights over and promises all manner of benefits on top of a ludicrous salary. She's just starting to work with him and is impressed by both his theoretical knowledge as well as flawless performances in the OR. She's also speechless when he starts making a move on her. Maybe they go out on a few dates and things are great until she discovers he's rather jealous and possessive. Or maybe she flat out rejects his advances to begin with. Either way he starts getting back at her while at work and her career doesn't look as safe anymore. Does she swallow her pride and give in to his desires or does she instead try fighting such injustice only to discover how difficult such an attempt would be?

Children of the night
Pairing: Male vampire / Huntress

Kinks: NC, Dub-con, coercion, corruption, horror, torture, gore, survival, psychological

Summary: He's been around for centuries, walking in the dead of night and feeding on the blood of mortals to sustain himself. She's been taught since childhood that vampires were real and was also taught how to find and fight against them. One night she gets lucky and destroys such a creature... only to later discover that its sire is now searching for the one responsible and is out for blood. In a game with deadly stakes which is the hunter and which is the prey?

Pairing: Old male vampire / Recently turned female vampire

Kinks: Dub-con, coercion, corruption, horror, gore, survival, possible romance

Summary: He has survived for hundreds of years, feeding on human blood while at the same time ensuring not to leave any traces leading back to him. She's recently turned, still trying to figure out things and unfortunately for her the one that gave her the dark gift is no longer around to teach her such things. Confused, abandoned and tortured by a seemingly unquenchable thirst she somehow gets his notice. Does he hunt her down so as to ensure his own safety or does he show mercy and instead offers to be a tutor, if only for a little while?

Come with me if you want to live
Pairing: Male agent / Female target

Kinks: survival, thriller, gore, possible romance

Summary: The CIA has uncovered a plot that targets high profile targets on US soil, some of them supposedly under Secret Service protection. Normally such information would just be passed along but given that there's reason to believe that the SS has been infiltrated and certain moles are now in place, undercover agents are instead assigned to impersonate SS personnel for the targets that are considered most likely to be hit. He's a spook, having spent the last few years abroad doing classified and clandestine operations. She's the daughter of either a current (vice)president or a former (vice)president. Unlucky for her it turns out she's actually a target. Can she and her new bodyguard survive long enough to reach safety? Can they truly know who's on their side and who's already been turned?

Justice is blind
Pairing: Male mobster / Female lawyer

Kinks: NC, Dub-con, corruption, blackmail, coercion

Summary: What happens when a mobster or some mob affiliated thug does something stupid, is caught and is next expected to be taken to trial? The obvious answer is of course that a lawyer is called upon to defend him at all costs. But office attorneys are generally crap and decent mob lawyers don't exactly grow on trees either. Which leaves the option to either buy out or at least rent an accomplished lawyer, find some dirt to blackmail them with or in the worst case scenario just go with one young and enthusiastic enough to not really know any better. But then what happens when a supposedly professional relationship is no longer restricted to the walls of a courtroom or a county jail? When private life is no longer quite as private and all manner of favors are asked of and offered in exchange?

Pairing: Male lawyer / Female client

Kinks: NC, Dub-con, corruption, blackmail, coercion, bondage, D/s, possible romance

Summary: He's a hotshot lawyer, quite knowledgeable and rather successful too. Much of that success though lies with the fact he's the son of some Supreme Court judge and that helps open up a whole lot of doors, not to mention help view his cases in a far more agreeable light. She on the other hand is someone convicted for a crime she may or may not have committed. Either she hires him knowing he's the best chance she has in order to avoid prison time or he decides to offer up his services after realizing she's some old schoolmate or a former colleague or even an ex lover. Of course things don't remain entirely professional for too long though. Not when she's got no choice but to do whatever she's told in order to avoid jail time.

The last hope
Pairing: Male captain / Female passenger

Kinks: sci-fi or pre-apocalyptic, NC, Dub-con, bondage, D/s, coercion

Summary: The world is finally going to shit... Whether a virus, zombies, aliens or just plain war of an unprecedented scale is the cause of it - that hardly matters as much. He's the captain of a (space)ship and is in a position to allow passage to whoever is willing to pay his fees... which are rather astronomical in the face of such a disaster. She's either someone who has enough to pay up or is otherwise allowed on board thanks to some other kind of arrangement. Not that it would really matter much though. He merely promised everyone passage aboard his ship but made no mention of just how they'd be treated once onboard and away...

Pairing: Male commander / Female doctor | engineer

Kinks: sci-fi or pre/post-apocalyptic, survival, Dub-con, light bondage, coercion, blackmail, gore, possible romance

Summary: Similar premise as the above but rather than having the action occur mostly on a ship, this time around the last bastion of civilization would be either an army base or some underground vault or even a space station. Things clearly went to hell and there's not much hope of them ever returning to the way they once were. He's the CO of a military installation, forced to make all manner of decisions in order to keep his men and the civilians in his care alive. She's some manner of civilian specialist that has some rather valuable set of skills. Do they work together? Are they on the same page if so?

Raise the black
Pairing: Male pirate / Female captive

Kinks: piracy, NC, Dub-con, corruption, coercion, humiliation, degradation, light bondage, D/s, possible romance

Summary: A former Navy captain turned pirate is caught and imprisoned in one of England's colonies. Given the extent of his crimes and the symbol he represents, he is to be shipped back to England and be summarily trialed and hanged before the King himself. But he receives plenty of attention from the local governor while awaiting a ship to carry him to his death. After all he's responsible for many of the governor's sunken ships, not to mention the untimely removal of his predecessor from office. The pirate captain is however found and rescued by his crew - either while still on land or on the sea. Naturally revenge is the first thing on his mind and he proceeds to have plenty of ruthless and brutal vengeance. For most of the men that means torture and death. For the ones of higher status that could also mean ransom demands. For the women it's a fairly similar fate - rape and possibly ransoming if important enough. One captive in particular would be either the daughter/wife of someone important enough and that one the captain would decide to keep for himself in order to keep his bed properly warmed at all times...