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January 22, 2021, 07:31:45 AM

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Author Topic: Dom Futa seeking Sub Femboy (Incest?) [Closed]  (Read 506 times)

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Dom Futa seeking Sub Femboy (Incest?) [Closed]
« on: June 23, 2018, 01:38:59 AM »
Thank you to all who expressed interest in this idea! I'm sorry that I can only write so many stories at once, but this is officially closed!

I haven't done a one on one game on here in a while, but I've got an itch that I think would be better suited to one than a group game.

I'm really craving some hot futa (my character) on femboy (partner) action. Incest would be icing on the cake, but if it's a deal breaker, we can possibly work out an alternative.

Just a heads up upfront: I prefer full-package futa type characters, that is to say 'dick, balls and vag', or 'dick and balls' types. I know some people prefer 'dick and vag, no balls', so I'm just putting that out there. The sister will have balls, vag is optional.

The idea that's really sticking with me is a story between an older sister and younger brother. The sister has... urges, and takes them out on her brother. Their exact relationship could be ironed out. I like the idea that they're living on their own,  the brother is 16-18, and probably still in school, and the sister could be somewhere from 19 to maybe her mid-twenties. I sort of dig them having a little bit of an age difference between them, not drastic and definitely within site rules, but I understand if too much of an age difference (particularly if the brother is under 18) might be squicky to some people, so I'm flexible on that front.

I imagine the sister being out of school and technically the breadwinner of the house, but she's also a bit of a lazy slob when she gets home. She's the kind of person who comes home from work, cracks open a beer, grabs some leftovers out of the fridge and passes out on the couch, which probably leaves her brother to pick up after her and do the housework. She probably treats her brother as something of a maid (and absolutely might dress him as one at some point :P) and tends to not really care if she's interrupting him in the middle of something when she wants to fuck him.

How long they've been fucking, or even if they have before is up in the air, and I imagine depends on age. If the brother is 16, probably not, 17-18 could go either way.

I'm also flexible on the brother's appearance, and we can iron that out together. "Femboy" can be a pretty broad term, and can refer to a pretty wide spectrum of character appearances.

Another thing up for consideration is how the brother feels about his sister and her treatment of him. I picture him being obedient to her, but perhaps reluctant. He gets annoyed with her and her laziness, and her constantly interrupting him in the middle of chores because she's horny. But at the same time, he does what she says. Maybe he secretly enjoys being used and dominated by her like that, but tries to act like he doesn't.

The setting is also negotiable. I've been working under the assumption of a modern day real world setting, but I'm open to suggestions, particularly regarding fantasy or sci-fi settings.

The exact content is also flexible, but I it'll probably also be in NC, more due to potentially dubious consent than outright non-consensual content. Likely content includes incest (obviously), crossdressing, forced (or at least coerced) crossdressing, light bondage, and D/s play.

I have a lot (A LOT) of kinks, so there's plenty of other things I'd be willing to explore, but don't NEED. Examples include forced exhibitionism, humiliation and degradation, S&M, facefucking, heavier bondage, various sex toys, rough sex, even stuff like bestiality.

My hard offs are pretty much the normal ones, bodily fluids/waste, vore, gore, death, etc.

Feel free to respond by post or pm.

Edit: Edited the title to make it clearer what I'm looking for.
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