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October 22, 2019, 06:49:46 PM

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Author Topic: Silence's Corner Of Kinky Funkery (M for F)  (Read 328 times)

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Silence's Corner Of Kinky Funkery (M for F)
« on: June 21, 2018, 04:02:30 PM »
Hello! Thanks for taking a peek at my current cravings! All plots are up for discussion and I would love to hear what ideas you have to contribute. I enjoy collaborating and bouncing ideas off one another so none of these stories are set in stone and if any of the below stories interest you then please PM me and not reply to this thread. I also enjoy having a partner who is willing to play multiple characters in a prompt!

Also if you have a idea for a story and haven't found a partner, drop me a line and I'll take a look at it!

Please send me a PM, chances are I wont respond to posts in this thread.

| Random cravings & settings |
Tattoo Shop/Tattooed Women
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Music Tour
Pro Wrestling
Harley Quinn
Hiding secrets
Summer Camp – College Age counselors who have a summer of sexual shenanigans, think friday the 13th without the murder
Cuckquean Story

Good friend or crazed stalker?
- Pretty fun and simple idea. A woman goes from being just good friends with a guy to going over the deep end. She becomes obsessed with him, stalker like behavior. Maybe it is because he is finally single and she feels this is her chance to sink her claws into him. Or they are old friends who lived in different parts of the country but now he has moved back home. Or his neighbor just has a crazed obsession with him! I dont want to go into detail about the plot because i'd like a clean slate for us to bounce ideas off each other and come up with a story together. This could also be a female/female scene. Maybe could lead to some femdom? M/F, F/F

Dominatrix turned sex slave
- The idea of this story is that a dominatrix loses a bet and has to serve someone she considers a rival. Maybe the two of them have always had a bit of sexual tension and it just hurts her ego to know she is the one submitting to him. The story would explore their journey as a Master/Slave coupling and how their relationship evolves. Who knows, maybe in time she will finally get her chance to sink her dominating claws into him?

How do guys get into porn?
- We have all heard of the casting couch expirience for women who enter the world of adult entertainment. But what about guys? The story would be based around original characters. The idea here is that my character has a low paying job to meet ends meet. Could be a bartender or work at a gas station. While he is just working to pay his bills, a female pornstar see's potential. She see's a guy who could be one of the leading men in adult entertainment. Does she give him a casting couch expirience? Invites him back to her place for a personal tryout? Let's throw around ideas and see what kind of story we can come up with! I'd like it if my RP Partner would be willing to play multiple pornstars. M/F

Being a camwhore is fun and games until you are caught.
- This idea is about a woman who leads a relatively mundane life. Typical nine to five job, pretty plain from everyone's point of view. Except for when she gets home and is able to unwind and dress in her sexy lingerie or naughty outfits and entertain her adoring fans. But what happens when someone she knows recognizes her? Is it her best friend? A co-worker? Ex-boyfriend? Blackmailing her or just adding to the thrill of knowing someone is aware of her other life? M/F or F/F

It's only scripted in the ring, the drama is real.
- What happens when you have a bunch of individuals who perform in skimpy attires traveling together? Sexual tension and drama. Our characters can be original or based on WWE Wrestlers. I'm looking for a story involving multiple characters and storylines that intertwine. Lust, Love, Relationships, Tension, Cheating, Kinky Sex. The full end of the spectrum. From two individuals falling in love to someone cheating and sleeping around. M/F & F/F couples are what I am looking for.

Caught in the act, jerking off with someones panties
- Pretty simple concept. The question is, who catches him masturbating with their panties? Is it his girlfriends roommate? His best friends panties? Or maybe his friend or girlfriends mothers panties? And what consequences will follow? Will he be blackmailed into sex, or will it lead to something more consensual? Maybe they use this as a opportunity to dominate him because they have pics to use if he doesn't do as he is told? Maybe she makes him masturbate in various public places for her own enjoyment? Could also be a F/F scene.

Raiding tombs & adventures of the sexual kind.
- I'm looking for someone to play a Lara Croft sort of character and between the two of us we can fill out the remaining members of her team. I was thinking each adventure she would have a different love interest, sort of like tomb raider meets james bond. Could be a former lover on one mission, a helpless college professor on another. We can toss around ideas and come up with some adventures that take her and the team all across the globe seeking ancient artifacts and trying to solve various mysteries! M/F & F/F
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