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October 28, 2021, 01:17:42 pm

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Author Topic: Looking for some Fantasy Games, System Preferred (NC Exotic/Extreme)  (Read 373 times)

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So my games I'm in have slowly drifted down to almost none, and I'm kind of hoping to change that. I've got a few ideas, mainly characters I'd like to play with the setting being a little more flexible. I'm certainly willing to consider stuff not mentioned but this should give a good idea of the stuff I'm looking for:

A world (and body!) not your own
So I'm playing in a pencil and paper D&D game where a human male from modern times has been transported to a fantasy world (technically still earth; it's complicated and unimportant to this scenario). People who end up in this land inevitably develop skills they never had (i.e. gain levels in a class) and sometimes become an entirely new race. Well, my character ended up as an anthropomorphic fox. What I'd like to play is that idea, except with another twist: not only did he change race, but sex as well. And now he has to deal with a body radically not like his own. (I'm willing to be flexible on the furry idea if need be; it can be amusing to have some dude become a fair elf maiden or suchlike).

Kobold Adventures!

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Warning, lewd kobold!
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So I've developed a Kobold Swashbuckler Character that I've been dying to play in a more *ahem* mature game (okay, so I really mean smutty). I guess the biggest difference between her and other characters I typically play is that she'd be a lot more flirty and willing to, as they say, explore the possibilities. Not saying I wouldn't be interested in Non-con play (I'm always eager for that) but she'd also be more proactive about her consensual trysts during downtime.

Faerie Dragon in Peril

Dragon_YCH_Schnookums" border="0
(Click for full picture, NSFW!)

I'm always going to be keen on playing one of my oldest characters, my Faerie Dragoness. Unlike the other characters she's not humanoid, so this is where it gets a bit more exotic. I've played several ideas with her but they tend to die out pretty quickly, but hope springs eternal!

So these are characters I'd like to play for sure, now as far as ideas...well, it's going to be really character dependent. The Kobold, for example, lends to more high-adventure/swashbuckling ideas, while our gender bending hero(ine) in the first idea could go for a lot of ideas, but probably would be best for more serious/potentially dark ideas. The faerie dragoness is probably the hardest to place, I've had some success playing her as a familiar trying to rescue her master who's vanished. She works best for "Clueless adventurer ends up WAAAAAAY over her head" sort of scenarios. I do prefer system games just because of the thrill of it, that the heroine might lose and get violated...but maybe she wins and avoids a terrible fate. So in general I would prefer a system game, I'm familiar with pretty much every flavor of D&D (I cut my teeth on 1st edition and have played every edition up to and including 5th). I'd definitely lean towards something that doesn't have an elaborate character generation though.


So I'm a person of...exotic tastes, as the link in my signature will indicate. I'm certainly okay with "vanilla" play and expect that not everything is going to be werewolf clown double anal fisting play or anything. That being said I'd be less inclined to play in a game that has no chance of involving taboo things (noncon/rape, bestiality, monsters, potential impregnation, I've even roleplayed naughty stuff with the undead). I'm not looking for a pure smut game though either, as it gets a little boring to have it all the time. For my playstyle I do prefer what I call "semi-realistic". Meaning, my heroines aren't going to enjoy being raped and likely aren't going to be happy being violated by strange beasties or zombies or suchlike, but on the same token I'm not interested in playing permanently traumatized heroines either. I generally try to avoid the "she hates it at first but starts to like it" but I'm willing to do it in service of the story, especially if it's a physical reaction rather then a mental one (with extra bonus shame afterwards!) Now, despite all I've wrote here I'm not looking for pure sex romps or games of that nature (i.e. I'm not looking to quest for the Holy Dildo of Gilgamesh or something like that). I would like a fair amount of the naughty, but with enough temperance that it's not a constant jump from one sex scene to another.

Now that I've probably driven off all but the most stalwart, feel free to contact me via PM or in this post if you have any questions or interest. Thanks so much for looking!