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September 25, 2018, 09:44:43 PM

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Author Topic: A Few Story Cravings (seeking futa characters)  (Read 313 times)

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A Few Story Cravings (seeking futa characters)
« on: June 19, 2018, 12:31:08 PM »

Hello, I already have a regular request thread, but recently I've been in the mood for a few very specific ideas in particular. All of them involve my partner playing one or multiple futanari against a male/female played by myself, with my character in a submissive role.

If and of the stories pique your interest feel free to PM me. And here is just some basic info about me as a player

Experience/Writing Style: I've been RPing more or less constantly for about 10 years now. I consider myself to be a proficient writer, though I would say I excel more at concept and ideas than at technique, so a few spelling/grammatical errors may slip through from time to time. Typically I find the 2-5 paragraph range to be the most comfortable for posts, though mostly it depends on what I have to work with.

RP location: I pretty much stick to just forum rping. I tend to be in a lot of games at any given time, so its easier to keep it all contained within the site and in my bookmarks so I can keep them all organized. Rping via pms can sometimes just be too hard to follow and keep straight, and games off site are just a no in general. 

Post Frequency: On a good week I tend to post every 2 or 3 days, though depending on how busy things become IRL I may resort to checking in once a week instead. I try not go a full week without posting something, but sometimes things come up or motivation becomes low, apologies in advance for any inconveniences.

Pictures: I tend to prefer using anime/drawn pictures when rping, or just none at all is fine as well. I don't do real life pictures at all, because I find it weird to use an actual person's face when rping, especially in a more sexual context.

Quick O/O

Ons: Oral of all kinds (including rimming), Anal, group, gang-bang, rough, outdoor, light bondage (no pain emphasis), pet-play, food play (particularly using cum as/on food), cum play, large cocks, unsafe sex, breeding/threat of impregnation, non-con, curvy/well endowed characters, thighs, moderate corruption/degradation.

Offs: heavy bondage, excessively mean doms (unless part of a larger character-arc), orgasm denial, my character being forced to drink their own cum, feet, blood, guro, scat.


Conquered by Orcs
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
(trap elf x small group of futanari orcs, heavy smut/mild plot)

Based loosely on these images (nsfw)

Set in a modern fantasy world. After spending centuries warring against each other throughout the medieval ages, the major races of the world have finally banded together and entered the modern age in relative peace. Now a days societies are much more open and integrated with one another, and all races are given equal rights and opportunities across the board. However that isn't to say that pockets of racial tension and discrimination don't still persist, and there are all manner of groups who still don't believe in equality. One of the strangest among them, however, is a growing niche in Elven culture known as "orc slutting". They're a small kink community that actually fetishizes the old days when orcs would raid elf villages to plunder and rape them, and idolize orcs as being sexually superior. Yearning for that feeling of degradation and domination, these Orc Sluts seek out orc partners to engage in this submissive fetish with, often multiple at a time, or more extremely will intentionally put themselves in situations to try and get themselves genuinely raped by orcs, believing they'll be naturally inclined towards dominating them.

And unbeknownst to any of his fellow classmates, Andriel Voss, a svelte Elven young man, is a member of one of these Orc Slutting communities. Having stumbled upon the group online in highschool, the boy quickly became fascinated with the concept, having always felt strangely more attracted to the orcish girls in his classes than his fellow elves. However fear of being seen as a freak caused him to spend his highschool days merely fantasizing about it and living it vicariously through the stories other members of the forum shared, never having the courage to pursue his kink in real life. That's all changed however as he's started college, wanting to use the newly found freedom to finally explore his desires.

Over the course of the story Andriel will end up involved with a small "gang" of well hung orc futas (2-4), dedicating himself to becoming their perfect elf slut. The only problem is that they aren't quite the savage, animalistic brutes he assumed, and seem much more interested in treating him like regular boyfriend than a piece of meat to casually share around. While they'll happily run a train on him, they're hesitant to do anything truly rough or degrading, and so it falls to Andriel to awkwardly train them how to be "proper orc conquerors", slowly convincing them to let loose and use him in increasingly demeaning ways.

A story with a heavy emphasis on smut and sex, but with a dynamic that I think can lead to some genuinely sweet character development along the way. Looks at the concept of fetishizing another race based on old stereotypes, and the compromises they have to make when both sides realize the other isn't quite what they initially wanted.

Mandatory Kinks: group sex, mild bdsm, dom/sub, "non-con" (acted out), good-natured, slightly awkward doms, mild degradation

Optional Kinks/Ideas
cumplay, food play, cock slapping, public sex, marathon sessions, hair pulling, pet play, body marking/writing

Elf insists on wearing a collar with all the orcs' names on it, much to their embarrassment.

Elf eventually starts a cam show with his orc girlfriends where they dominate him on camera to show off that they own him.

Elf convinces them to put him on a cum only diet where he's only allowed to drink their cum, heartwarming scene about boundaries when it has disastrous health effects.

Elf starts dressing sluttly/mouthing off to try and spur them into raping him.

Elf dresses in feminine/degrading clothing and parades himself around as if the orcs forcefully dressed him up that way

Unsatisfied with their relationship Elf attempts to cheat on them with another group of orcs, either angers to them to point of being rough with him or upsets them to point he feels remorseful.

Elf shares stories of exploits with other Orc Sluts, tries to invite other elves over to be fucked by the orcs as well

A Heroine's Dark Desires (Female hero x multiple black futas, high smut/race play)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Follows the story of renown super hero Punch Out. Originally just a small town southern girl, after awakening to her powers (super strength, durability, etc.) she moved out to the city to become a proper hero. She's famous for her staggering strength, graceful beauty, and laid back charm. However while her public image sets her as a squeaky clean, old fashioned good girl, her true tastes run just a bit kinkier than that. Specifically she has a fetish for being dominated and degraded by big black futa studs, a kink her girlfriend helps her indulge in with a network of sex friends that regularly meet up to fuck the shit out of the seemingly proud heroine.

For a while this set up worked just fine and didn't really impede with her hero work, everyone involved was trusted to keep things quiet and on the down low. However that changes when several recordings of the heroine's elicit acts are leaked and made public, likely the doing of some spiteful villain. While it's utterly humiliating, and an absolute PR disaster for the heroine, she suddenly finds futa practically crawling out of the wood work looking for a taste of her, some even bold enough to start flirting and molesting her in public. Soon she finds herself getting seduced by women she's saving, or being dragged off for quickies while she's supposed to be on patrol, and she finds she loves every second of it. Things take a sharp turn, however, when a new villainess (or even a fellow heroine) approaches her with a bold plan: to make Punch Out her personal bitch! Will the sex addled heroine be able to fight off her rampant lust for BBC? Or will this downtown girl end up every bit the filthy slut the people of the city now believe her to be? 

alternate design

An Assassin's Mark (Female Assassin x Futa Target, high smut/medium plot)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A female assassin, equally deadly with a high powered rifle or a low cut dress and a seductive wink, finds herself tracking her latest mark. She's a wealthy businesswoman, one who's been slowly dipping her toes into more... "elicit" markets as of late. While she's no big threat now, the assassin's client has decided it'd be best to put a stop to her before she does. It seems like an easy job, infiltrate her latest flashy party, get her drunk and curious enough to slip away together for the night, and give her the best sex she's ever had as a nice send off before ending it with a bang, quick, painless, and clean as a whistle. However what she didn't plan for was her mark actually being a futanari packing both incredible proportions and a tiger's stamina to boot. The assassin does end up giving her the best sex she's ever had, but also ends up getting the best she's had in return, so good that she ends up passing out before she can even think of pulling the trigger. Afterwards her mark is so pleased with her that she becomes hell bent on making the assassin her girl, offering to keep her as her own personal plaything. At first she takes it as an opportunity to keep her mark close and chose the perfect opportunity to strike, but rather quickly she finds herself being tamed by the futa's ferocious appetite and vigor, her resolve to kill her constantly shaken by her growing desire to submit to her every whim.

Oedipus Daughter? (female mom x futa daughter, high smut/low plot NC/Dub-con)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Based on a selection of yummy milfs (NSFW), the story follows a loving mother and housewife who finds herself the target of her futanari daughter's blossoming libido. With their daughter close to finishing her senior year of high school, a married couple have been preparing for life after their child moves out for college. Among these preparations has been a noticeable spike in their sex life, already starting to indulge in their old kinks and even explore new ones. Ofcourse, there daughter hasn't actually moved out yet, an oversight that becomes abundantly clear one day when the horny housewife decides to tie herself up to the bed shortly before her husband is supposed to be home from work, planning to surprise him with some naughty bondage play as a treat. Unfortunately she didn't plan for her husband having to stay late for work, or for her daughter to get home early from her school club. When her daughter discovers her in such a compromising position the mom initially just tries to laugh it off, however that changes when she notices just how transfixed the young futa is as she stares at her bound form. Ignoring her pleas to untie her, the daughter takes advantage of the restrains and ravishes her own mother over and over again, admitting that she had been fantasizing about doing it with her for years. And while the mother tries to resist, she finds herself completely overwhelmed by the perverse pleasure of being fucked by her own daughter's thick cock. From there the daughter makes it her personal mission to make love to her mother as much as she can until graduation, taking advantage of every compromising position and moment alone to sate her desires, each time growing bolder and bolder until she can barely keep her hands off of her. And despite how clearly wrong what her daughter is doing is, the mother finds herself putting up less and less resistance each time....perhaps she shouldn't move out after all? After all it'd be cheaper to let her stay home than live in the dorms, and there are plenty of ways to make the morning commute less boring....

Ghastly In-laws (Female Wife x Futanari Ghost, high smut/medium plot NC/Dub-con)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Another Milfy story. This story follows a still fairly young married couple shortly after the husband's mother has passed away from illness. Something the wife has kept secret about herself, out of fear of being called crazy and what not, is that she's actually partially psychic, and has been able to see and interact with ghosts since she was a young girl. Normally this doesn't affect her daily life too much, but that all changes a couple weeks after the funeral when she discovers her mother in law's spirit lingering about their home. This would obviously be strange in itself, but even stranger yet is that the mother was a futanari, and her ghost appears to be constantly masturbating to her!

While her mother in law being a futa wasn't a big secret, this rampant lust certainly was, and when she confronts her the mother reveals that she had actually been secretly lusting for her son's wife ever since they first started dating. For years she had yearned to start an affair with her, but was either too virtuous or too afraid to ever make a move. However even after death that powerful desire was still so strong that it kept her from moving on to the after life, her unfinished business taking the form of the wife's delicious body.

However, since the wife can see, and even touch, her new ghostly form, the mother has been emboldened to finally act on her desires, pushing the wife into all manner of depraved acts, taking advantage of her ghostly powers to molest and harass her right in front of her husband, coming on to her in all manner of strange situations and angles. While initially resistant, weeks of sexual haunting will eventually break the wife down and make her more accepting of the mother's ghostly advances, believing that if she does start playing along perhaps her mother's spirit will be satisfied and finally be able to find peace. Of course, just how many years of perverse fantasies will the mother have to burn through before she's finally ready to move on?

A Haunting Lust (Female Ghost x Futanari Human high smut/low plot NC/Dub-con)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Enticed by rumors of a haunted video, a young woman manages to track it down online and watches it for herself. Shortly after the strange video finishes playing her screen turns to static (despite being a computer monitor), and long haired ghost woman (nsfw) comes crawling out. However, while initially spooked, the girl can't help but notice that the ghost is pretty cute, not to mention she has a pretty tight, voluptuous body. It turns out it's the ghost who is in for a surprise, as the woman hastily unzips her pants to reveal a monstrous cock, the perfect weapon for busting ghosts. Swiftly turning the tables the futa goes to town on her new ghostly companion, dominating her so thoroughly that by the end the ghost girl is actively trying to escape back into the screen just to have a reprieve from the sexual onslaught, though she's unable to escape until the futa's been thoroughly satisfied. Can work as just a quick one shot, or we could also explore what happens afterwards, the futa deciding to bring up the video whenever she needs a little lovin', with the ghost girl becoming more receptive over time. Alternatively she could spread news of the slutty ghost among her other futa friends, the female phantom spending the rest of her days getting summoned and ravaged by horny dick girls.
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Re: Two Story Cravings (seeking futa characters)
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2018, 10:50:27 AM »
update: added new plot "Villain Defeated?" and am currently only seeking this plot.

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Re: Two Story Cravings (seeking futa characters)
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2018, 10:30:07 AM »
monthly bump

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Re: A Few Story Cravings (seeking futa characters)
« Reply #3 on: August 06, 2018, 09:58:55 AM »
update: added a bunch of new plots and retooled the thread accordingly.