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August 15, 2018, 05:13:34 PM

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Author Topic: A Vampire Kingdom(interest check/recruitment)(Extreme)(try 2)  (Read 2989 times)

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Offline Kokaine

Re: A Vampire Kingdom(interest check/recruitment)(Extreme)(try 2)
« Reply #150 on: June 29, 2018, 11:40:14 AM »
Let's see if anyone bites...

Name: Contessa Levesque
Race: Human
Origin: Louisiana, USA
Age: 29
Position: Servant

Physical Description:
Hair - Kept long, was dyed red but has grown out quite a bit now
Eyes - Pale Milk Chocolate Brown
Height - 5'9"

Her voice is low and smooth, all smoke and heat that goes down like a sip of bourbon, and her mannerisms very graceful. She is clearly a fan of body art and her smooth, clear complexion seems to be the perfect canvas, with each modification having been chosen for both significance and visual appeal rather than being the result of some frivolous whim.
She has a Nose ring (right), her ears are gauged + 2nd hole, and she's fairly heavily tattooed.

Personality: Tessa is an exceptionally private person. Its easy to mistake her for being some wild, indulgent creature without a care in the world due to a passionate nature, fearless attitude, and the innate sensuality that shines through, but though she's friendly and engaging when she cares to be, the truth is that anything of true substance is much harder to come by. Art and music speak to her soul so the truth of her is often locked away there rather than being some open book. She likes people well enough--or perhaps its more accurate to say she's fascinated by them? She certainly enjoys watching them and being around them, but trust is another thing altogether. Before being sent to the colony, she was quite adventurous and liked to go anywhere her feet would carry her. She enjoyed getting lost and finding her way, discovering new things, and getting to see the world through her own, untainted filter. Unfortunately, being caged is slowly but surely suffocating much of her spirit, twisting her into a different person--at least to her perception anyway.

Biography: Her sister was the bright one. Everyone said so, even Tessa herself. Sure, she went off to a fancy school and got a fancy degree herself but her mothers health started fading and in the end she ended up right back at home going nowhere fast. She worked as a tattoo artist and managed a burlesque club where she also performed but the good church going folk liked to say it was barely a step up from pole dancing naked. Her sister meanwhile was sweet, bright, the perfect example of what a good girl should be. At least until she got hoodwinked by that no good boy.

Story goes that it was good at first, though Tessa will say she never liked the guy. He treated Nicolette good and proper and got her hooked, talking marriage and moving away to somewhere better as he had an inheritance coming to him soon. However, Nicolette started turning up in long sweaters in the heat and sunglasses indoors. To make it worse she got knocked up by the scumbag so that when Tessa was ready to go an kick his ass into next week, Nicolette stopped her, out of concern for her baby's future.

The abuse stopped while she was pregnant and for a while it looked like the guy had found some sense, or Jesus, or something but then Nikki gave birth and a few months later it all started up again. This time though, Tessa didn't even get to grab her twelve gauge before a shell shocked Nikki turned up on her front porch with the baby. She'd had blood on her.

Long story short, Tessa did what she should have done in the first place: she took care of her family. She got her sister changed and cleaned up, took the evidence and went to deal with the mess. When the police came sniffing around asking questions and getting too close, she looked the sheriff in the eye and lied with a straight face. It turned out her sister's baby daddy did actually come from money and his family came after her to throw the book at her. Though really looking into everyone's faces you'd swear they knew the truth. Maybe that's why the judge offered her a choice? She could be convicted and go away for a good long time to a maximum security prison, or she could volunteer to be sent away to the vampire colony up north. Tessa would have chosen prison but her sister begged her to choose the colony, even threatened to ruin everything and spill their non-secret if she didn't. So Tessa ended up in Quebec.

On's and off's: Tessa is pansexual, does not identify as dom or sub (but could be trained one way or the other), and is into kink. She is potentially polyamourous but only for a closed threesome (four max).

Not interested in bathroom, animals, feet, fisting, or excessive damage. Player O/Os are here. Will endure many elements for the sake of story so long as they are not sexualized. Not looking for full non-con, dub-con is fine.

Offline ting tingTopic starter

Re: A Vampire Kingdom(interest check/recruitment)(Extreme)(try 2)
« Reply #151 on: June 29, 2018, 12:11:33 PM »
Would it be common knowledge she didn't commit the murder in the colony or would they be clueless?

Offline Kokaine

Re: A Vampire Kingdom(interest check/recruitment)(Extreme)(try 2)
« Reply #152 on: June 29, 2018, 12:17:47 PM »
More than likely those who absolutely need to know would know but basically she's there as a "volunteer" instead of a criminal. If its easier she could have been watched/kept locked up for a while when she first arrived. I figure she's been there a while rather than being new.

Offline ting tingTopic starter

Re: A Vampire Kingdom(interest check/recruitment)(Extreme)(try 2)
« Reply #153 on: June 29, 2018, 12:19:02 PM »
Ok, I'll put her in the character thread.

Offline Kokaine

Re: A Vampire Kingdom(interest check/recruitment)(Extreme)(try 2)
« Reply #154 on: June 29, 2018, 12:25:30 PM »
Cool. Thanks :)

Online Gannameade

Re: A Vampire Kingdom(interest check/recruitment)(Extreme)(try 2)
« Reply #155 on: July 02, 2018, 09:25:05 PM »
Name: Gabriel ‘Sabre’ Stone
Race: Vampire
Origin: New Orleans, Louisiana
Age: April 13th,  [238]
Position: Enforcer
Physical Description: Black hair (or Bald), Brown eyes, 245 lbs and 6’ tall with a powerful build
Personality: Sabre is all about getting the job done.  He is very lax on letting people in thinking if someone gets close again, some other monster will get in and take them away.  So he will seem to be cold, calculating, aloof.  But he is full aware of his intimidation factor and his other worldly skills.
Biography: Sighs….I have no idea why I am writing this crap!  No one would believe it anyway or they would probably try to make it in to some low budget tween movie.  But here goes.  I am Gabriel Stone.  To friends I am Gabe, to enemies I am Sabre, to those that I defend, I am the Archangel.  Truth be told I am a vampire.  I have been alive for roughly 300 years.  I have seen societies rise and fall.  To most I am beneath them, being of African heritage causes other to over look me, under estimate me.  Both which generally work to my advantage.  It allows me to do what must be done, be where none expect me to be and leave without a trace.

I was born in 1718 in Slidell, Louisiana just across the water from New Orleans.  To free black people…I chuckle at that as freedom was relative.  My parents were both dark skinned, they farmed to make ends meet.  They pulled together and settle, making the family work.  During that time, the native language wasn’t English, but French and Spanish.  I grew up being bilingual, English wasn’t my native language.  By the time I was of age, it was time to fight.  Many had been freeing slaves for a bit, here and there.  Some were brave enough to free whole families even leave a plot of land for them in their wills.  My parents were a group of those people.  We kept our piece of land on the far side of the river.  It was during this time I learned the true meaning of war, all of the things that were done on both sides of the war.  How many chose to go back to their old ways, of rape, robbing and pillaging.  I did my best to save my mother, my two brothers and my sister.  I fought like a demon…well as best as I could at the time.  But as I would learn till this day it was difficult to fight a monster.  There were six of them from what I saw, even then that didn’t stop me.  The thing about fighting is one know your enemy, know why you are fighting and the most important how to fight the being you are fighting.

I was only 26 when I first laid eyes on her, I had no idea of who and what she was.  I would find out later, I had no idea of when or how I had caught her eye.  Maybe she saw something in me worth saving or at least worth keeping.  I was battered, broken and bloodied but I refused to give up saving my family.   Even when they burned the house down, I still moved to fight.

She noticed my strength and taught me to be more than my vengeance, she helped me to learn that time was on my side and vengeance would always be mind if I learned the skills she had to teach.
It was through a torrent of passion that she made me, she made me to become her warrior.  She gave me back my life much later.  I am forever in her debt.
I traveled to many places meeting many others, applying both my skills and my craft.  It took easily 50 years to master a number of skills, twice that to become more than adept to make it my own. 

During that time, home summoned me back from half a world away and reluctantly.  I went, despite my misgivings.  I hated that this place always had me wrapped around her finger and it angered me.  But the call of the Bayou is much too hard to reject.  I recognize that my people and life are so much needed here in the states.  Today life has changed but my but my role of protector it remains the same, but my methods have changed as well, in this new century.   

Offline Eikichi

Re: A Vampire Kingdom(interest check/recruitment)(Extreme)(try 2)
« Reply #156 on: July 05, 2018, 06:24:01 AM »
Tentative Interest. Is there anything missing/something that anyone needs for their character?

Online Saika

Re: A Vampire Kingdom(interest check/recruitment)(Extreme)(try 2)
« Reply #157 on: July 05, 2018, 12:44:47 PM »
Tentative Interest. Is there anything missing/something that anyone needs for their character?

Always more servants or more vampires. Really just whatever you wish to play :)

Online Crawl

Re: A Vampire Kingdom(interest check/recruitment)(Extreme)(try 2)
« Reply #158 on: July 16, 2018, 11:49:49 PM »
I'm posting this app here temporarily so it can be looked at for plotting purposes while I wait for ting to look over it.

Name: Cho Bakugo
Race:half-japanese, half-chinese
Origin: Japan
Age: 28
Position: Servant
Physical Description:
   Cho has an innocent face with big brown puppy eyes and a sweet smile.
Deceptively athletic with soft lithe muscles. She’s quite small and doesn’t look like she would be very good in combat.

Upon first meeting cho one would only come away with the impression that she’s an upbeat and optimistic girl. She smiles and laughs a lot. Cho really seems quite happy despite what she’s been through.

Perhaps a little too happy. A little too comfortable.
It’s only the unlucky ones that get to see the parts of her that she usually hides away. Those that end up on the other side of her blade, soon to be ripped apart with a smile. But also those closest to her. Especially for that person most unfortunate to become the object of her love. Once cho has decided that someone is strong enough, interesting enough, to hold her affections, she will stop at nothing until they look only at her. Even if that means burning the rest of the world around them to the ground.

Cho was the child of a well known martial artist who had only just moved back to china when the reveal was made. Her family was unable to flee back to Japan before cho was taken as per the government mandate. Even at the young age of ten she had the leg up on many other children having at least some knowledge and training before being put through hell.
It helped her survive but the mental torture she suffered as they broke and molded her into a member of the eye twisted her inside. She became someone who cherished the strong and indifferent to the weak.

She clawed her way through ranks, finding validation in being chosen as a squad leader. In a bid to make sense of her life she had slowly become more and more devoted to derek. No task was too gruesome, no task was beneath her if the command came from his lips. Of course that extended to mey, his second. CHo was sometimes jealous of mey’s trusted position but she would follow mey to the death, even now. Under the eye’s command she lead her squad in a number of terrorist operations, sometimes leveling entire buildings. Though she may have less of bodycount than mey she has maimed and scared many in the name of the eye. When the eye wanted something loud, an unmistakable message, it was cho they turned to.

There came a turning point at her most devoted when she saw weakness in derek. The fall of the eye’s main headquarters confirmed it. She submitted to the colony because for her it’s all a game. And the colony won.
She knew immediately that their surviving was only due to mey’s sacrificial nature. Cho has every intention of not letting mey’s efforts go to waste, seeking out that new special someone. Though whether that will be a blessing or a curse on her new object of obsession remains to be seen.

Shorinji kenpo - a fusion of quan fa and jujutsu taught to her by her father but refined under the watch of specialists within the eye.
shuriken/knife throwing- don’t let her near anything sharp.
Explosives- can improvise bombs of several types and has a good aim with a molotov cocktail. 

While cho is a skilled fighter and could hold her own in one-on-one she prefers a good balanced knife and anything that goes boom.

   Cooking, photography, and knife collecting.

On's and off's:
On’s : bondage, giving oral, humiliation and boob jobs are some of her favorites.

Off’s: anal, bathroom play are not really her thing.

Online Saika

Re: A Vampire Kingdom(interest check/recruitment)(Extreme)(try 2)
« Reply #159 on: July 16, 2018, 11:57:51 PM »
Tentative Interest. Is there anything missing/something that anyone needs for their character?

Well we can always use more humans or.vampires :) Anything you want to be?

Offline Princess Alexx

Re: A Vampire Kingdom(interest check/recruitment)(Extreme)(try 2)
« Reply #160 on: July 17, 2018, 01:38:30 PM »
Might be interested.

Offline ting tingTopic starter

Re: A Vampire Kingdom(interest check/recruitment)(Extreme)(try 2)
« Reply #161 on: July 20, 2018, 06:32:33 PM »
If you're interested, take a look at the ooc thread, the links for all the threads are there.  Take a look.

Offline TheBlackThrone

Re: A Vampire Kingdom(interest check/recruitment)(Extreme)(try 2)
« Reply #162 on: July 26, 2018, 12:35:47 AM »
I'm interested in making a vampire enforcer for this. I remember the very first attempt at this game.  :-)

Offline ting tingTopic starter

Re: A Vampire Kingdom(interest check/recruitment)(Extreme)(try 2)
« Reply #163 on: July 26, 2018, 12:36:36 AM »
Welcome.  Go ahead, send it to me.

Offline TheBlackThrone

Re: A Vampire Kingdom(interest check/recruitment)(Extreme)(try 2)
« Reply #164 on: July 26, 2018, 02:50:24 PM »
On second thought, this game would more than likely move too fast for me. I am in a different time zone and will most likely put out only one post a day. Sorry. v_v

Online Crawl

Re: A Vampire Kingdom(interest check/recruitment)(Extreme)(try 2)
« Reply #165 on: July 26, 2018, 04:56:52 PM »
There are plenty of people in the group with a similar post speed.

Online Saika

Re: A Vampire Kingdom(interest check/recruitment)(Extreme)(try 2)
« Reply #166 on: July 26, 2018, 06:11:00 PM »
Our posting speeds vary and we have times where we are all on (discord) and we do a quick binge and then we trail off.

Offline Kokaine

Re: A Vampire Kingdom(interest check/recruitment)(Extreme)(try 2)
« Reply #167 on: July 27, 2018, 11:23:50 PM »
Name: Lt. Aurora Vega
Alias: Rory, Vega, Blitz | Code Name: - Blitzer

Race: Human
Origin: San Diego, California, US
Age: 27
Position: Guard

Physical Description:
Height | 5'11"
Body Type | Lean and fit
Hair | Brunette with highlights, kept somewhat long, pulled back into a bun or braid when on duty.
Eyes | Brown
Style-wise Rory leans toward function over fashion and in civvies tends toward a tomboyish presentation occasionally broken up by nights where she might put in a little extra effort and don a dress and/or heels. She has one tattoo very low on her hip of Wonder Woman's symbol (yes, there's a story).

Personality: Highly Physical | Confident/Cocky | Playful | Competitive | Compassionate | Affectionate | Dependable | Hot Blooded | Stubborn | Disciplined | Reckless | Energetic | Adrenaline Junkie

Biography: Born in sunny Southern California to a Retired Naval Medal of Honor Recipient turned security consultant and his power attorney of a wife, there was never any doubt where Rory would end up. Her childhood was, in most ways, an ideal one with few real upheavals. Sure, her parents were workaholics who tended to leave her home with her nanny most of the time and there might have been a few occasions when the names of her parents' clients saw their home, or even her, threatened calling for increased security that could be intrusive and restricting, but these were things that Rory simply adapted to, keeping any and all complaints to herself since her words tended to fall on deaf ears anyway. There were certainly other children who had it much worse and if nothing else her home was well stocked and well secured. So what if the reality was that anything she wanted done she would have to roll up her sleeves and make happen herself. It was an attitude that would carry her through the rest of her life. That and one rather simple philosophy: just keep moving.

To that end school was an escape for Rory and she threw herself into it full tilt. She maintained the highest grades, joined clubs, ran events, volunteered, ran track, and played soccer. Nothing was allowed to slow her down or hold her back, she was like a machine and it was no surprise when she went from Valedictorian of her high school class straight to Annapolis, Maryland to be sworn in to the US Naval Academy.

From there it was all about furthering her career. Her father had been awarded a Medal of Honor and even her mother had enjoyed a decorated Naval career so there was quite a lot to live up to. Exemplary service was her focus and Rory did her best to manage any and all distractions. However, her fourth year something seemed to change. She took it hard when she was not awarded the promotion to Brigade Commander though plenty of her fellow midshipmen felt she was fit for the honor. Still, she didn't let it dim her fire.

Graduating from the Naval Academy thrust Rory straight into active duty and she thought it would be when she would finally get to see... something, anything. However, though she had the honors of becoming one of the first female SEALs Rory found herself the target of a man--more specifically, a vampire--out to steal her glory. Or maybe prove a point? She'd never did get to find out. On American soil, while on leave, she was caught in a trap. First a fire rigged to draw her attention and after she opted to help rather than just escape, there was an explosion that should have taken her life. That she survived is not really any great mystery. It was known that she was saved by a vampire and though it returned her to fighting form, the fact that her recovery was leaked before the military could properly prepare for it meant they had to distance themselves quickly rather than being able to bury the truth in classified documents.

She received a medal for her actions and an honorable discharge, but Rory was cut off from the only thing she knew. Her father seemed to believe she was somehow tainted now so rather than let herself fall into a bitter spiral, she signed on as a volunteer in the one place she knew she'd be accepted.

While it is still unknown to her, Rory is a direct descendant of Nathalia Rocha. Nathalia and Rory's father are former associates though the latter cut ties when Nathalia was forced to reveal herself as a vampire.

In her spare time, Rory likes to stay active. She will throw herself into almost any physical activity, the more dangerous, the better. She loves youtube, dancing, and mixed martial arts, and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. She will often volunteer for extra duty rotations that she thinks might get her some action, regardless if its pitting her against vampires or humans. Thus far she's only let one vampire feed off of her and maintains that she is not food (though who knows what the future holds).

On's and off's: Pansexual. Preference for large males (dominant or submissive) or women with curves and attitude (submissive preferred). Intelligence is a weakness, as are tattoos. Open to kinks.
Offs - feet, fisting, animals, bathroom play, children, being expected to be submissive and all associated behaviors (like being collared, etc.).

For this character I'd like to see about her being turned by someone either interested in her romantically or someone who'd like to make use of her skill, likely as a personal/elite guard but I'm open to ideas. A mentor or more paternal/sibling type relationship would be totally welcome! Not looking to make her a Personal Servant but beyond that I am open to all sorts of plotting!

Side note: Also, if someone would be into playing a submissive bisexual male, let me know!
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