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August 19, 2022, 11:37:53 pm

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Author Topic: Let's Write Our Own Version of a 'Death Note' story. [closed, not seeking]  (Read 809 times)

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Trigger Warnings: This story would need to be set in the EX board. Why? I think it would be a pretty dark story that would deal with a lot of different forms of death, including murder and self-destruction, so the EX board seems like the best bet. But as for actual sexual content? I have no idea what I want for this. I'm happy if there's no sex or romance at all. I'm happy if there's just romance, unrequited or fulfilled. Or there can be sex and romance, and we can talk about kinks as it becomes relevant. My O/Os are linked n my signature for anyone curious about what I'm open to writing.

Note: This ideas assumes you have familiarity with either the Death Note manga or anime. If you aren't familiar with either of those, you might not be able to write this idea effectively with me.

I'm fine with any gender pairing for this, but the basic premise is this: we don't use the canon characters from the Death Note manga or anime. We create our own OCs & write out our own version of a Death Note story.

Which of our OCs finds the note? Would our OCs be adversaries? Would they be friends? Would they be something in between? Would a dynamic not unlike Light and L emerge for our OCs, or would something wholly different come of things? I admit that I have a slight preference for my character to find a Death Note and probably go a bit villainous with it (whether my character understands its villainous is another thing entirely!). How would the shinigami who drops a Note feel about our OCs?

However, a few things I do want:

  • I do still want to set this in Japan somewhere. Japan is gorgeous.
  • Ultimately I want to use all the canon rules of the Death Note--the image to the left shows the main ones, but there's actually quite a few more.
  • I do not care about the gender of my co-writer. I care more about whether or not you pitch a character that interests me!
  • A rarity for me: if we use character face claims, I will prefer anime images for this story. It makes the 'tone' fit for me. However, all images should be 18 and clearly look it. I do not write characters under 18. I don't want you to write anything under 18 in this either.
  • I want a human-oriented story. Shinigami should be supporting characters we write. I don't want them to become love interests, should romance or sex come up.
  • I am potentially open to my character dying in the story, eventually, if my OC is the one that finds the Death Note. I think that makes the story more realistic. Just please don't murderate my character without at least talking to me first. >_>
  • If you want a fluffy happy story for this, look elsewhere. I want this story to explore dark themes about justice versus vengeance and the fine line between heroism and villainy.
  • I really do not want this story to center around sex. If sex or romance happens, coolio. If it doesn't, I'm fine with that as well.
  • I don't care about post length or posting frequency; I don't have a set posting length or frequency. If you have minimum requirements for this, we probably wouldn't work out, RP-wise. But I don't ghost, so if I'm not interested any more, you'll be politely told, no hard feelings.
  • I prefer to write in 3rd person past tense perspective!

I know this isn't too terribly much detail, but if anyone's had a hankering to write a tale like this, hit me up in a PM. Come build a dark spiraling epic with me, a grim and morbid exploration of justice and death and crime! I'm only going to write one version of this story--normally I'm open to multiple versions of a tale, but for this one, I'd rather just try to write one version since I think this will require me really thinking about the 'rules' of the Death Note.
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