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April 10, 2021, 05:24:22 pm

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Author Topic: Seeking an Alien Female to Play Opposite of a Stormtrooper  (Read 222 times)

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Offline That One DingusTopic starter

Seeking an Alien Female to Play Opposite of a Stormtrooper
« on: June 12, 2018, 07:57:12 pm »

Even if you don't know their name, you've seen them. They have become a face of Star Wars, even more recognizable than some of the heroes like Luke Skywalker or Han Solo. Their cold, white armor is meant to inspire fear of totalitarianism and conformity, yet they have become a laughingstock due to their ineffectiveness at stopping the heroes of Star Wars. Until recently, it has been very easy to forget that underneath the armor, there is still a man...

For this RP, I am looking for someone willing to play a female character who is some type of alien. The setting would be a world in the Outer Rim during occupation by the Galactic Empire, give or take 10 years from the events of the original trilogy. This would be your character's homeworld, where her people chafe under Imperial rule.

As to why I specifically request a non-human... The Empire has always held themes of xenophobia and racial superiority. With a rare few exceptions, its military and command staff are exclusively human. Those who do not conform to the Empire's rule are crushed, human or not, but even an alien loyal to the Imperial cause would find a hard time gaining any sort of respect. As such, the world is run like a farm or factory, with the only goal being to meet quotas to supply some aspect of the Imperial warmachine. Threats against the populace, such as monsters or renegades/pirates, are ignored so long as the numbers add up at the end of the day. Resentful of being assigned such an inglorious post, the corrupt planetary governor has decided to indulge himself with distractions during this undesirable assignment.

My character would be an ordinary stormtrooper deployed in the planetary garrison, mostly there to keep the populace in line. He is not particularly malicious, but has begun to succumb to the moral numbing that comes with training, Imperial indoctrination, and sheer ennui. Perhaps your character is secretly a resistance fighter or merely someone preoccupied with keeping the fragments of her life together under such harsh conditions. Whatever the case, a strange set of circumstances one day has one of them save another. Perhaps the stormtrooper finally stirs from his apathy to defend her against some thugs, or perhaps she saves his life after a bombing by the local resistance. What follows is an unlikely romance that will shake the galaxy.

This story is about a clash of cultures. She teaches him about her own people and how hypocritical the Empire is in its duties. He argues with her, claiming that the Empire is the only way to have a working galactic government in the wake of the Republic's failure. While they may have fundamental disagreements, however, both see the opposition in a new light. He acknowledges the condition of her people while she begins to see the stormtroopers as more than combat drones. In time, they help each other and perhaps bring a little solace to others in the bargain...

Let me point out what this is not: This is not a story about the Imperial guy falling in love and running away to join the Rebellion. I find that so thoroughly cliched and uninteresting. I'm more interested in a story where two tiny cogs in a vast machine do what they can to change the way the wheels are spinning. I also want them to experience awkwardness as they begin to find each other attractive, differences and all.

For the alien species, I'm comfortable with either near-human species or those that are a little stranger. Going with a canon species would be great, but I am also flexible with creating a new species for you to play.

I'd love to have a partner that can help me build a new world so that we aren't retreading the same old ground as the movies. I'm not asking for a Star Wars expert, but someone that I can bounce ideas off of and who can propose their own ideas. Whether this has caught your interest or not, may the Force be with you!