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November 29, 2022, 08:44:56 am

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Author Topic: Superheroines and Serial Killers (F seeking M, NC/EX)  (Read 580 times)

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Offline PixelatedPixieTopic starter

Superheroines and Serial Killers (F seeking M, NC/EX)
« on: June 10, 2018, 12:48:26 am »


The title is not necessarily meant to go together!  I just have two particular desires right now.  Well three, I am almost always open for system games (with Pathfinder, Starfinder, and Star Wars at the top of the list). 

The main thing I like about this concept is a powerful woman brought low.  I am mainly thinking one of two general ideas, though I am certainly open to others.

The Slow Descent
A superheroine, maybe new to the job, maybe having been at it for a few years, is defeated.  The result, whether it lasts a few hours or a few days, begins to eat away at both her confidence and her purity.  Another defeat, was it because she hesitated?  Was it because she craved the same treatment?

The idea for this one is to follow a superheroine as she is repeatedly defeated, and how that changes her.  The idea being that she may start to crave it, and to allow herself to be defeated.  Of course there are plenty of other angles that could be fun.  Whether that be corruption to evil, pregnancy, or most anything else. 

The plot could be most anything, but I do like the idea of something going on in the background throughout all of this.  Whether it be an alien invasion, a villain building an empire, or something else. 

The smut I crave would be a variety, and largely based on the scene.  The top of the list is probably a group of street-level thugs somehow managing to defeat my character, and the fun they have with her for as long as they can keep her down.  A (short) enslavement story would also be high on the list, with a villain trying to break my character into a pet, slave, or other subservient position.  Finally (for this list, I am open to most anything!) a kind of broodmare/cowgirl/bimbo style plot would be high as well.  My character being used for breeding, for milking, or slowly transformed. 

The Champion Brought Low
A famous and powerful superheroine, someone everyone knows and looks up to, is defeated.  The result is made public for all to see.  It could be broadcast, recorded and sold, or something else.  Regardless, the world gets to see as she is broken.  As she begs, and she sucks and rides.

The idea for this one is partly enslavement/breaking, but also the repercussions.  Can she go back once/if she breaks free?  Can she face her fellow heroes and heroines?  Can she face the public?

Serial Killers
I picked up Fear Itself in the Bundle of Holding, and while I don't need to use the system, it kind of brought up a craving for something in that genre.  A normal human up against something evil, supernatural, monstrous, or all three. 

The main thing I think, regardless of the villain, is a woman being hunted, captured, and so on.  It could be a break and enter, a lone cabin in the woods, a lost hiker, a broken down car, or most anything else.  It could be group of frat boys on the prowl, a slasher, a monster, or something else. 

With or without a system, I would kind of like to explore bad ends and sequential (or maybe two at once) characters.  It could involve (eventual) death, it could involve becoming a brood mare, it could just involve being locked in a cellar.  The idea I have in mind is that we explore and build the 'mystery' as we go.  So the first character may just be the opening scene of a movie, the next two may be more main character style that eventually get split up.  The last one may be a police officer or something who eventually wins out. 

Plot and Smut
I would like a plot, even if it is simple.  I don't mind if you create it, or if we develop it together.  I generally don't like duos, where we both play a single character, but if you want to be a 'player' as well we can probably figure something out where we both develop plot and play main and secondary characters.  But in general I am kind of looking for a GM/player type relationship where I am the player/protagonist and you are the villain(s). 

I am looking for, especially for the Serial Killer idea, rougher/heavier non-con and potentially into extreme content.  The biggest thing I am looking for is probably noncon, gangbangs/multiple partners and bondage.  Humiliation/degradation, enslavement, petplay, pain, and so on are all also big pluses, especially in the superheroine context.  For a few others you can also check my on/off list. 

If anything caught your eye please PM me!  I am certainly open to related suggestions, as well as most any system suggestion, and plenty of other ideas (a fantasy setting could also be fun).