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Author Topic: Open for New Ideas[M for F or M]  (Read 1384 times)

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Open for New Ideas[M for F or M]
« on: June 09, 2018, 06:32:51 pm »

- RP Ideas -

Please tell me if you found this on the Non-Fourm or Fourm Request Board.
Every story in here is one I would love to play, however anytime I start an RP I like to tweak it for my parner.  It is just some need to be weaked more than others up for me to find that spark again.   
Also, a lot of these ideas are ideas I've come up with over the years so the points of view and formatting will change quite drastically from one to the other so keep that in mind as you read.
Favorite Ideas
Failed Adventure
Failed Adventure-  The easiest way to explain this story is a hero's bad ending(s).  YC (Your character) is the classic adventurer.  Meaning they left their small village to: defeat the great evil, collect money so the village doesn't go bankrupt, find their father/brother/sister, ext ext; but their innocent quest is sidetracked as they are trained and broken into something else.  The story could be short or long.

Some possible ideas are:
  • YC finds a legendary teacher who is more interested in tricking YC into using them for their lust than training them to be a master swordsman/mage.
  • After visiting their first tavern the tavern keeper steals YC's coin and when you can't pay makes YC work as a tavern wench, serving food and servicing customers.
  • After running out of copper YC is forced to look for work, but quickly realizes the work they get is just enough for a place to eat and sleep.  Looking to get out of the rat race YC realizes they can make more selling their body. (YC could become a prostitute or they become someone's slave for X period of time)
  • Realizing a good sword is expensive YC becomes a blacksmith's personal fuck toy for X time in return for a sword.
  • YC is attacked by bandits/monsters/slavers.
(Mind Break, Possible Slavery, NC or Reluctance)
Schoolyard Bully
The idea is a simple one.  My character is a bully.  He regularly dominates and humiliates your character, who would most likely be a bit of an outcast.  Things change, however, when he realizes that he finds your character attractive (male or female).  And that's when your character is given an option, to become my character's 'best friend' where they are privately (and possibly publicly) sexually humiliated, or allow things to get 100 times worse until they are forced to give in.

Another alternative idea is my character bullies your character's son or daughter, but in the end goes after you.  Telling you that he will stop humiliating and even help them get more popular with the other kids.
(Humiliation, NC)
Dungeon Builder
The story would be the jounry of my character creating a dungeon (or taking over a small village) with the intention of taking over the kingdom.

Dungeon themes could be:
  • Undead
  • Demons
  • Monsters
  • Bandits
  • Barbarians
  • Corrupted Villagers
Sexy scenes could be:
  • Monsters invading a town.
  • Breeding.
  • Abventurers try to attack the dungeon, but are beaten.
  • People who are forced to give themselves as tribute.
  • Demonic rituals.
  • Sex with all sorts of monsters.
(Possible DM Needed )
Full disclosure:  This story is based off of a sexy video game I found but thought the premise would make an interesting story.

My character finds (or makes) a colony of nanites that grants him a slight control of anyone he gets to ingest them.

Such as if he tells your character to give him a blow job they will resist their programing and their mind will fight back.  Instead, my character has will have to train and break down your character with acts they wouldn't normally do, but don't have as strong of an aversion to.  Such as if my character gropes them, asks them to strip in some comfortable private place, do chores, or wear sexy/embarrassing clothing.  Each attack weakening them for stronger future commands.

The slave may or may not know they are being controlled at the time.

What I find most interesting about this idea is it incorporates mind control, but in a way my partner still has control of the story and allows them to help set the pace.
(Training, Slavery, Light Mind-Control)

Addicted to You
The theme would be centered around a character who possesses physically addictive properties, and what that means for him, and the people around him.  Now don't get me wrong, the story I am thinking about is not necessarily hyper-sexual, it's possible, but doesn't need to go there. After all just because you are physically addicted to cigarettes doesn't necessarily mean you would perform sexual acts for them.

My first thought about a story line would be a woman with a happy marriage and life finds herself addicted to my character, and that separation from him only makes things worse.  The story would most likely involve quite a bit of drama.  She may not even love my character, or even like him, but she physically needs him and how that need effects the relationship with her husband and the people around her.

Some questions would be: What is her reaction to him after she gets her fix?  Does she sneak around her friends and family?  Does she tell her husband outright?  Or does she even leave her life and become a junkie on the other side of the spectrum?
This idea would follow the technology of the TV show Dollhouse (2009) where men and women are given temporary personalities, skills, and memories to give their clients unique experiences.  I wouldn't want to use any of the characters or the plot of the TV show.  The story would be honestly more of a writing exercise where we regularly bring in new characters and kinks constantly.  I would almost see it like a TV show with lots of mini-episodes with random plot episodes thrown into the mix.
(Mind Control)
Down the Wrong Path
This story would involve a single mother with her son/daughter (later) and their road to depravity after meeting their new master.

During the start of the story your character is looking for love; or so caught up in her son/daughter's life she doesn't have time to even think about a relationship.

One thing leads to another and she meets my character.  The two date and she finds herself having sex much sooner than she typically would have.  But this man is dominant, new, exciting, and she likes him so it really isn't a bad thing.

Originally the mother is quite conservative but as she is exposed to, and made to do, more extreme things as compared to her very vanilla life.  (She may or may not enjoy this)

Then much later down the road once the mother has been fully trained my character starts to tease her about her kid secretly being just like her. This would start to escalate as well until the mother is made to do kinky things around her own son/daughter such as wearing sexy clothing around them and putting themselves in risque situations before going full out.

At this point the story could become NC with training or they the group starts a 3 way relationship.
(Slave training, Possible Incest, Possible NC)
Gone Native
The theme of this story would involve what it's like to be a Goblin (or Orc) in a fantasy world.  Optimally what would happen is your character would be a hero looking to make a name for their self in a generic fantasy world.  However for one reason, or another, they are captured by a group of these 'generic' monsters and forced to live with them as their slave.  At first these creatures would seem uncivilized, and all the same, however soon enough it would become quite evident that what most adventures choose not to realize is that these are actually sentient creatures. And while they are not perfect they for the most part just want to be left alone in peace but are instead forced to interact with humans for multiple reasons such as limited resources, need for mates (as near all monsters tend to be male), and need for man made objects because they cannot create them themselves.

Some plot points could be:
  • Being attacked by the humans.
  • With their new slave(s) they can move deeper into the forest away from humans, but now are forced to deal with even large and more primal monsters.
  • Members of their tribe are disappearing only to find out that horrible magical experiments are being done on them.  After all no one would care about monsters.  It's not like they have feelings or anything.
(High Fantasy, Slavery, Change of Perspective)
Bad Superman

The 'hero' in this does not need to be Superman, or even have Superman's powers.  The title is to illustrate the idea of the strongest hero going rogue.

What if the most powerful man in the world went mad?  Crushed by the knowlege that even a simple cup of coffie meant letting innocent people die.
  • Your character could discover this, tries to warn the world but is captured.
  • Your character could discover this, tries to warn the world but has their life taken apart.
  • Your character could discover this, tries to 'fix him.'
(Supervillain, NC, Horror)
Older Brother/Maid

(The sub could also be a single mother or sister instead.)

This story would start off with 2 brothers, an older brother (YC) who is quite submissive inside, it is possible he is a bit of a loser and/or he is cruel to his younger brother (YC or MC).  One day the younger brother brings home a friend (MC) so the two can play video games together and hang out.  But much to the younger brother's surprise his friend makes fun of his older brother.  Entertained by this the friend starts to show up regularly, the two becoming best friends.

The abuse would start off small such as lightly making jokes at the older brother's expense then build up to the point when he tells the other brother to cook for him and his friend breakfast, clean up after them, ext. ext.

Then after a point the RP would switch into two modes.  The first would be private life where the relationship becomes more master/servant and the older brother is feminized.  This would be kept a secret for the most part and is done behind the young brother, his family and friend's back.  Possibly videos and pictures are made and the older brother goes out in public.

The second mode would be his public life.  This is when the older brother is made to wear feminine items discreetly in his day to day life.  He would try to act like his old self around his new master and brother, but it would always be a struggle; becoming a sort of cat and mouse game.

As time goes on the older brother could also be exposed in some humiliating way.

Some possible side stories to fit in are: the older brother is forced to seduce the younger brother; he has a girlfriend; is passed around at parties; is forced to prostitute himself out; and/or the younger brother is feminized as well.
(M/M possibly M/MF, Feminization, Humiliation, Semi or Full NC)
The Event
The president was on the news yesterday. He said in a message to the world that we needed to come together, to rebuild what was lost. That events like this define our generation and we will be all the stronger for it.

About a month ago what people are now calling 'The Event' happened, changing everything.  In every major city explosions of light, water, fire, wind, electricity, wracked the world, destroying everything it touched.  At first everyone thought it was a terrorist attack, or some declaration of war, but soon enough everyone realized it had happened everywhere, in every major city where people lived.  Seeking life.

The damage was fixable, the economy was hurt, people lost their jobs, many died, but the world was not broken.  In a lifetime it would have all been a bad memory, something you put in the history books.  Then a few days later the strange reports started happening. A stray cat killing a animal control worker with a violent discharge of electricity. A dog literally catching a passing car, the animal turning to stone as he did it. The reports were odd to say the least, and no one believed them at first.

Then on national television someone who everyone assumed had created a home made flamethrower was setting fire to everything. But as the news choppers flew by they realized the fire was coming from his hands. On national television the man was laughing manically as he burned everything, screaming how it needed to all burn.  To make this place like home.  That was the watershed moment, people with powers started coming out of the woodwork. Some people wanting a few easy bucks after they lost their job, others wanting to play superhero.  All we really know is anything that lived in those blasts, any animal or person, was changed. That they were chosen for some reason and were not alone in their heads anymore, that they were host to something else.

(Most likely you would play someone who survived one of these explosions. This is not a post-apocalyptic scenario. The world is hurting, but this would not put all of humanity into chaos, humans are stronger than that.)
(Very Story heavy, Slice of Life Superhero/Villain)
The tall man would sit in the mall, watching the people go by. Him? No... Her? No... What about that one?  The man would say to himself as he watched each person pass by. Shaking his head, frowning as he hadn't found the perfect target yet. When he found them he knew exactly what he would do, something innocent at first, putt a small memory inside of their mind, telling them that he was someone they wanted to talk to. They wouldn't know why, but they would suddenly be consumed by the fake memory of watching him walk out of his car. How they had seen him over and over in the mall, wanting to say 'Hi' but feeling like it would be to awkward. But at that moment they would finally muster up the courage to do it, seeing him again.  Causing them to willingly walk up to him.  For them he would like a friend, someone they wanted to like them. For him it would be an interview. Smiling as he would talk to them, finding more out about them... if they passed they would suddenly remember how they had spent the entire day together, hitting it off. How the two had met earlier today and just clicked and now that was when they would invite him home.

(This character can implants memories into his victim's heads or something I've played with was altering emotions and attaching them to memories)
(Form of Mind Control)

Would Need to Modify
The Offer
Your life was in shambles.... In more debt than you could ever hope to make in your lifetime.

Life wasn't always this way, when you were in your teens you were world famous and wealthy.  The world loved you.

It all started with a random modeling gig for some no-name fashion designer. It seemed like a nothing job at the time, however overnight the designer's popularity exploded and you were the face of that line. Becoming an overnight sensation, every girl wanted to wear your clothing. And as the designer's popularity started to wane yours was only blooming.  Leaving modeling things really took off in television for you, you even had your own TV show! Your acting was meh and the production value was ok.  But it didn't matter, they all loved you.

However as they say all good things must come to an end, your TV show was canceled after two seasons for the new hot thing, and after a few failed attempts to get into movies your popularity started to fade. People started to forget about the beautiful young star. You had one chance at jump-starting your career with a new major picture that was a guaranteed blockbuster, but the pig of a director wanted you to sleep with him for the job so you did the only reasonable thing... Break his fucking nose.  But sadly enough the same kind of man who had enough power to jump-start a career also had more than enough to crush what little stardom you had left.  And with that any hopes of continued fame and riches were long gone.

With no continuous work you soon found out stars don't make as much as people think.  Most of what you made at the time was in free gifts, housing, ext.  And what money you earned was taken by your agents, family and friends, and your stupid failed attempt at a fragrance line.

You were slowly sinking.  Forced to sell off everything to pay off creditors that just kept coming, things were starting to get desperate. Then one day it happened. The Offer. It was in the form of a call from a woman asking if you would consider being the US corporate greeter of a company called the Asylum, and move to South America. At first it sounded like a joke, some cruel trick.  The offer should have come from your agent, but he hadn't contacted you in half a year.  The clown must have ended it without saying a word.  But the woman sounded serious, and after multiple conversations, many google searches, and loads of paperwork you could tell the offer was real and they wanted you. It seemed you still had some popularity in South America.

Everything seemed to be getting back on track! The company was offering you peanuts to work for them, but you would have full benefits, retirement, and best of all a company charge card that was allocated over 6 figures a year of spending money! You could live the life you had! Problems solved!

As you packed your bags to leave the US and fly away you never thought about any possible danger.

( This RP would later involve your character becoming basically a high class prostitute for the Asylum with blasts from her past occasionally showing up )
(High Class Prostitution)
Abandoned Psych Ward
One morning you wake up your head is killing you... What happened last night you think to yourself? As you try to touch your head to rub it you find your arms don't move. They are tied up you realize to your horror, in fear and panic you struggle looking around the room trying to get free and escape. Padding everywhere, you soon realize you are completely naked, wearing only a see through straight jacket. In the distance you hear crying and screaming, some of the screams are of pain and others in pleasure.  Somehow you know that you’re not getting out of this place till you are ‘cured.’

Welcome to the Abandoned Psych Ward where perfectly normal people’s lives are shattered degraded and humiliated into submission, turning them into toys and selling them to the highest bidder.
Once Upon a Time
Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, lived a beautiful princess.  She was loved by her subjects and had many suitors who wished for her hand in marriage.   However no man was her white knight,  pure in heart, to take her hand.  Then he came, at night, shrouded in darkness.  Every night he would come to her, using her for his own pleasure.  There was no stopping him.  Calling to her family in the light of the day they posted guards at her doors to protect her.  But all they saw at night was a sleeping girl, tossing and turning in her dreams.
Game of Thrones Style
As the title states, in something of the style of Game of Thrones. We would not use the same characters and could take place in any setting.

It would be that it would involve multiple characters, all with their own motives and goals for power.  I expect deals to be made and broken.

To add to this idea, if done in modern day and example could be: After the CEO of a major organization dies or leaves. Everyone knows president's son is be the "rightful heir" but view him as too young, so maybe one of the VPs should keep the spot warm for him until he is older?  All the while a rival organization is looking to destroy them.

Characters would dig into each other's pasts, use the skeletons in their closets against them or seduce and use them. Perhaps some female cutthroat attorney who had important documents is secretly a masochist who enjoys being humiliated.  Use that against her.

A fantasy/Medieval example might be a high up noble needs trade access from a guild master. They know they can't threaten him, it would be civil war.  They might go about trying to seduce him?  What if they failed?   They might need to dig into his past and find out that in fact is homosexual with a secret lover who is of a much lower cast than him. How would they go about using this information? Blackmail? Kidnap the lover? Find someone else to seduce him? Bribe him with money or power? Or maybe the guild leader just needs to die, but who would take his place?  How?   While this is going on others might want that nobles power and now have a new guild master ally to help them take it.
The New Contract
The basic idea would be a young woman, or man, who were famous in the underground music circuit have fallen on hard times.  However they are given one opportunity to turn it all around by signing up with a large recording studio.  But the kick is they need to sell out to do it and live their life as someone they hate, a pop idol.  An example could they would be forced to wear revealing items; have multiple sexual partners; sleep with the men, and women, the studio wants; and publicly humiliate themselves regularly, all in the name of selling more records.
(NC, Transformation, Loss of Morals)
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Re: Open for New Ideas[M for F or M]
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Going to give this a bump.

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Re: Open for New Ideas[M for F or M]
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I'm interested in that first idea. The dungeon builder one. However, I'm curious to know what kind of role you'd want my character to play.

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Re: Open for New Ideas[M for F or M]
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Added Bully

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Re: Open for New Ideas[M for F or M]
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Added Failed Adventure

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Re: Open for New Ideas[M for F or M]
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Hi, I'd love to play out your abandoned psyc ward with you. My character could be on holiday somewhere when it happened, and finds herself being sold to someone wealthy as their toy. If that works for you.

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Re: Open for New Ideas[M for F or M]
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Just going to bump this, since I think it's about time to start looking again.

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Re: Open for New Ideas[M for F or M]
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Re: Open for New Ideas[M for F or M]
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Hello !
I'm interested to play a female character in one of four of your ideas, which are Failed Adventure, Nano-Control (though I have questions on that one), Gone Native and The Event.
What are your demands and without necessary choosing one, which would be your favorite?

thanks :)