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July 18, 2019, 06:11:46 AM

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Author Topic: Sci Fi RP: Across The Winds Of Change  (Read 258 times)

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Offline Steven8765Topic starter

Sci Fi RP: Across The Winds Of Change
« on: June 03, 2018, 04:44:32 AM »
Looking to see if anyone would be interested in a scifi group rp where Earth is attacked by a race of darklings. The surviving humans (lead by the united earth military) are forced to launch a prototype mothership and escape Earth. From there they would be forced to head to Mars and seek help from the Martian Kingdom (The Martians themselves are human in appearance but have access to advanced technology.) The humans and Martians have clashed in the past but set aside their differences to deal with the larger threat.

Human technology:

Humans have advanced to energy based weapons and have started to use hyperspace technology but due to continued evolution have also started to show psionic potential in one percent of the population. These psionic are most commonly recruited into Earth's covert ops program and given the nickname Reapers.

Martian technology:

Martian technology is centered around advanced robotics and mecha since their population is far lower than Earth's. Due to Mars unique environment they Martians live longer and have stronger senses (matching psionic humans themselves in many ways)

Ing: The Ing are a race of darklings that act as a hive mind. Their ships are highly advanced and seem to be mostly organic. The Ing can survive in space to an extent. They number in the millions but only the more powerful Ing can possess more powerful bodies (These would be their queens and sub commanders)

Note: The Ing will be NPC's controlled by me.


Commander of Earths remaining military: My character

Human Roles:


Earths covert ops teams compromise of six infantry and are best used in asymmetrical warfare or to spearhead large attacks with the support of regular soldiers.

Pilot: There are many skilled pilots that have a wide variety of roles

Bridge crew: Be a member of the motherships bridge crew, from helmsman to gunner.

There's other roles available too depending on interest and such.

Martian Roles

Princess: This will be the highest Martian role and will represent Mars. Typical princess duties

Martian Knight: Mech pilots. These are the main soldiers of Mars and they're all highly skilled. Each is permitted to design their mech to their liking provided resources are available and the cost wouldn't be ridiculously over budget.

Open to suggestions. Roles can be filled by an npc as needed. Some things will need to be ironed out but that can be discussed.

Please reply to this thread or pm me if you're interested.
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