Howl's Moving Castle (F looking for M)

Started by Cassivellaunus, June 02, 2018, 02:35:54 PM

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I'm in love with the world that was built in Howl's Moving Castle and even more so in love with Howl himself. While I don't necessarily need my partner to portray Howl himself I am looking for something along those lines. A powerful sorcerer who never lets anyone into his heart, has many a rumor about himself being wicked and quite bad for the health of any girl who gets near him, but deep down is simply a sweet hermit who is scared to let anybody in.

If the concept interests you please let me know, while my activity level looks rather low that is simply because I haven't had a partner with which to play lately. My activity level depends on me having a partner. So please take me under consideration for your partner. Thank you.


I'm also open to other role play Ideas. I love building stories with people and I would love to bounce around ideas and build a story with you. So don't hesitate to shoot me a message