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December 08, 2022, 09:52:24 am

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Author Topic: The Final Problem [FxF] [Social Science Fiction]  (Read 838 times)

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The Final Problem [FxF] [Social Science Fiction]
« on: May 30, 2018, 10:34:09 pm »
"Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism; the way you play it is free will."

- Jawaharlal Nehru

Let's talk about social science fiction. Social science fiction is less focused on the hard science of things and is more focused on how science changes us as people. In a way, it's very much an exploration of how advances in technology alter us as a species or even just as people on an individual level. And that's the sort of story I want. This will not be a smut focused story. It might, maybe, have smut if it makes sense for it to later, but please don't come into the story thinking it's an automatic thing. To let people decide early on in this request thread if we might be compatible writers...

* I do not care about your RL gender. I will RP with anyone, regardless of their tag on Elliquiy. But full disclosure: I identify as male, so if that affects if you'd write with me, that's okay.  I know some people aren't crazy about men writing female roles in FxF pairings, and I understand that.

* The picture of the lady in this thread is who I'd like to use for my face claim for my character. I'm honestly not open to changing the image. I really like this picture.

* This would be a FxF story.

* I'd like this to be set in the EX board, not because of sexual elements, but because (as you'll see below), the plot is going to require some absolutely weird worlds, and I'd like to be on the safe side! If the tale gets any erotic content, I don't want any non-con for it. Not even dub-con. For me, the whole point of this tale is going to involve free will for the characters, and any form of NC really defeats that purpose.

* Not looking for hard sci-fi. I just want to drop casual references to cool science stuff and occasionally handwave stuff like having a time
machine, a teleporter, a mass converter, etc. I'm more interested in what the social consequences of these things are, not how they work, not the 'is this even realistically possible' aspect. Anyone looking to nitpick about being 'realistic' about the science would probably not enjoy this story.

* Please read my O/Os, linked in my signature. If interested in this story, PM me.

Okay, let's get down to the plot. I've been watching probably too much Rick and Morty, and Rick with his portal gun got me to thinking: so is there a point when a person's mastery of technology, science, and general knowledge is so advanced that they could be said to have true free will while the others around them, incapable of rising to that level, could be said to have none? Simply because they cannot alter things as the more advanced person does, so they are bound by the more conventional rules of the multiverse.

So let's assume there's multiple timelines, multiple universes. And that if a person with this mastery of science messes up badly enough in whatever endeavor they're undertaking, they can just...hop over into another timeline, another universe? That free will isn't just having the power to enact a desire, it's being able to rise about one's basic biology, the limitations imposed externally, and most importantly, being free of consequences, meaning that whatever choice someone makes, it's the truest one. (Freedom from consequences can mean a lot of things. Maybe its just freedom from anything that would permanently alter a person. Maybe it means that there are consequences, but the person doesn't care, so their choice is still pure)

So here comes my story premise:

Two women, from different worlds, different timelines even, have advanced their knowledge to such an extent that they can go to any universe, any timeline. At first, it's fun. At first, it's wild. But as each of them progresses in their lives, they feel empty. Because free will is isolating when no one else around a person has it; it makes a person a goddess among mortals.

But then, through complete coincidence, they meet each other. How do they meet? Maybe they like the same rare crystal drug from Universe 8-BZT-x. Maybe they have an acquaintance in common. Maybe in one alternate timeline & universe, their families met, and when visiting that alternate reality, they meet and are struck at how different it all is.

This would be a story about exploring true free will, about dealing with the horrible gaping void of nihilism, about how a person relates to others when knowledge (not intelligence, though our protagonists are certainly going to be smart! I mean knowledge of, or ability to acquire said knowledge, of every 'what if' a person has ever wondered) isolates them from the average person. At the same time, there should be hilariousness--the universe is a chaotic place, and these two women will have definitely seen some weird shit. (...talking floating goat heads of Universe 666-CTAN, an alternate universe where Disney movies are actually documentaries, an alternate universe where Zack Snyder gets kicked in the nuts every 60 seconds, just to name some examples of 'weird' we could throw in there)

Will they fall in love? Will they hate each other? These two women, at minimum, will recognize the other one's uniqueness and understand, with dawning horror, that no one else will ever relate as much as this other person.

I'm looking for a really gut-wrenching ride of tragedy, love, horror, comedy, and beauty for them.

So let's tell their story.
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