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Author Topic: [MM]The Lion's Den[MF] OPEN  (Read 596 times)

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[MM]The Lion's Den[MF] OPEN
« on: May 30, 2018, 01:22:59 am »
Breathe. . .

Welcome to the Lion’s Den.

A submissive is what I seek.
[You can be spineless or full of spunk…maybe even in the middle.]

[Something about me] You can call me Audrian, Kaine, Audri or all of it. I’m a dominant role player who enjoys MM but will settle for a female partner if the plot is right. I like to play romantic, abusive, psychotic, and even regular old joes. It really depends on the plot to be honest. I prefer 50-75% plot over smut as I like to see character development and story progression. To be honest smut slows the story down. I can do it, but I prefer it be meaningful, like if the romance is really there for the characters or if it’s based specifically on smut related plots.
A simple scenario is fine for me. I'm in the mood for violence, sick relationships, some kind of apocalypse, gore{ depending on pairing}, and blackmail. Feel free to suggest any pairing, scenario{Maybe something twisted you've been wanting to try}, characters you want to play, etc...

[ONS] Take a peak
[OFFS]Vore, Scat
Furries, fandoms. And also, non-thread based rping. I'm open to e-mail and google docs.


Slice of life
One-sided relationships[unrequited love on either side]
Drama[Love triangles]

SCENARIOS: [These are some basic ideas we can expand on or wing.]
Two Of A Kind: [TAKEN]
A new resident puts down roots in Mountain Falls. It’s a quiet little town where twins Cambridge and Laurel reside. The two are juniors in the local college where YC finds his new job. The two were nearly inseparable. Well, that was until YC found his new job as their creative writing professor. Laurel is immediately smitten by YC and despite the fact that their relationship is forbidden by school rules they proceed to see each other secretly. Despite being involved with someone else Cambridge finds himself a tad bit envious of his brother’s secret relationship and decides to pursue YC in a more aggressive manner.

[Non-con, drama, rape, abuse, fluff…this has the potential to have It all. Laurel is more gentle/romantic and Cambridge his polar opposite.]


Torren…a basic shut in has fallen ridiculously in love with YC. Problem is; YC is already in another relationship…an abusive one to boot. Torren would do anything to have YC look at him the way he speaks of his current lover. One night YC staggers over to Torren’s place beaten and marked by his BF in mostly every place but his beautiful face. MC takes care of YC and when the morning comes Torren is nowhere to be found until the dead of night. Something was different about him… YC couldn’t figure it out though. YC attempts to leave out of fear for what his BF would do to him for not coming home but, MC manages to convince him to stay…His job pays well. YC has no job and was basically being taken care of by his BF. For fear of becoming dead weight he attempts to pay MC back for letting him stay by getting a job—in secret. He finds out through a news report at his new job that his BF has gone missing and links such to MC suddenly working every night all night and the fact that his friend for several years has been slowly changing before his eyes.

[I can double up if you’d like to start before the BF disappears completely. I love character development and would love to get Torren and YC’s relationship padded out more in depth before the excitement pops off.]

[A Night to Forget][TAKEN]

YC works in an office cubicle. His life is dull despite the fact that he has a lovely wife and two children. [could just be married or engaged and we can take out the children] One night he drives far from home to a gentlemen’s club where he meets MC Yuri.  Yuri is a dancer at the club and to YC the most beautiful being he’s laid his eyes on since the first time he met his wife. Problem is, MC is a man and that is quite clear by the lack of breast and his impressive bulge as he dances proudly before the crowd that absolutely adored him. Completely smitten by MC, Yc drinks the night away and when MC’s shift is over he approached YC and courts him. They bang in the bathroom and that was supposed to be the last time they ever see one another… However, the next day MC shows up at YC’s job as a new temp and the shenanigans commence.
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