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Author Topic: Soft's Wants and Needs ; [MF|FF|MM]  (Read 587 times)

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Soft's Wants and Needs ; [MF|FF|MM]
« on: May 29, 2018, 07:59:20 pm »


Hey. Welcome to my One/One Thread. This is were I've cooked up different scenarios and character bios, so feel free to have a look. Or go back. Whatever.



Plot. This is very important to me. I'd love to come up with something together for our characters, but you must pitch in 100% for that. I don't want to be the only one taking control of the story, so I ask that you contribute your own ideas into the RP as well. Don't be afraid to share!

Communication. I'll always be happy to talk. It can be about the RP, your life, what you ate for dinner, what you drew/wrote. I don't mind, you can message me at fucking 2 am and I wouldn't care. I'm always down for talking about shit.

Spelling//Grammar. Typos never been a problem to me, and I understand English isn't everyone's first language but be sure I can actually read it.

Smut. I can do smut. Smut with plot, though? hoo man, that shit gets me fucking hot, dude. But we need chemistry between two characters. It be that way sometimes.

Activity. I'm not always on and I'm not always in the best mood to write. Please be patient if its my turn to reply. That's all I ask. Remember to always take your time, too, okay?

Relationships. It's bound to happen but shipping is not a big part in my RPs. My characters aren't the kind to look for romance, but if something sparks then we can for sure discuss it.

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Video Games.
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2018, 09:17:50 pm »


( )

Jin is the original owner of Ash. He was one of the many children aboard the Zariman 10-0 whom was later twisted, scarred and corrupted with void energy. Later to be taken by the Orokin military, thrown into quarantine with other void-infected children under destabilizer field and combination code. Jin remembered the panicked he felt when the Daxs held him down, lashing and thrashing confusedly until he’d finally been knocked out into a narcotic coma.

Then he was experimented on. And he wasn’t the only one. But when it was his turn again, dreading the needle’s prick ; he’d hide. Completely vanished from sight. To coax him out, Lorists would whisper empty promises: “we’ll rid you of this curse!” only to be forced to link up with Tenno Model 24N - Serial 147H - Ash Prime. This of course, caused him to have violent outbursts and was prone to running away and disappearing for hours, even days.

But he came back. . . eventually.

Notes: since we know fuck all about Ash, I’m making some headcanons. Another thing to add is that my Ash has a maw full of teeth and a fully functional tongue. So y’know. The setting can also take place anywhere - in the past or present day, however spoilers are to be expected! So fair warning.

Jin will not be played under the age limit. He is 18 - 19.

It’d be cool if we focus on the warframes themselves too? I like the idea of them being sentient.

Contains: war, gore, violence, torture. . . really partner dependant.


( )

With a game like this, it can go in a lot of directions. We’d really have to plan something out - I tend to favor Vex/SIVA centric ideas as it leaves a lot of wild shit to the imagination. I’ve spent hours on this game, the head canons and lore bridges I’ve seen people create are pretty much fucking ichor to me.

Note: I’d prefer not to RP in Destiny 2’s timeframe as I haven’t played it in months (apparently bungie keeps retconning lore?) I’m more familiar with D1.

Contains: gore, torture, PTSD, war, violence, possible drug-use, dub-con. . . Again, its a wild card.


Name: Ein Sof

Race: Awoken

Gender: Genderless, male presented.

Orientation: Pansexual

Age: 28 ( ~290 years old )

Height: 6’0’’

Class: Voidwalker, Warlock

Ghost: Eight. ( female voice )

Appearance: Black hair done in a swoop, bright blue eyes, blue tinted skin, markings of the thanatonaut on his face, lethe build, old tattoos from his Reef days cover his back, littered with scars ; a huge scar circles around his neck from his First Death - asphyxiation. He favors dark robes with long collars.

Personality: Cold, intellectual. Seeks the truth in an empty chamber, waiting for it be filled with worlds, secrets, undoings. Ein’s prickly exterior is meant to keep others at bay, it's just a nasty habit he picked up from being Reef-born. In truth, he needs time to warm up to other Guardians. He can be sweet, shy, pleasant. To be honest, he thinks Warlocks only put on a confidant front to hurt a Hunter’s ego. . .

Biography: A Thanatonaut. A vision from beyond, no different from a vision outside. Upon resurrection, his body feels like it's drowning, pulsating in faint light. Ein Sof mulls over each dream he has encountered, tries to decipher the meaning. Other times, he just dies as a means to escape. He had a shitty time growing up in the Reef, deployed as a Guard, fought in the Reef Wars, later exiled and then ended up at the Tower.

Ein Sof is very tight-lipped about his experience at the Reef. Sore subject.


Name: Hel

Race: Awoken

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bisexual

Age: 30 ( ~307 years old )

Height: 6’5’’

Ghost: Tig

Class: Bladedancer, Hunter

Appearance: White mohawk, gold eyes, pitch black-charcoal skin, no markings, lean build, no tattoos, self-mutilates and bites at her fingers. Likes skin-tight armor sets that come in white and grey with splashes of gold. Her skin type is extremely rare due to a birth defect. Some Warlocks speculate she’s made up of more Darkness than Light.

Personality: Odd, solemn, quiet. She can be extremely reckless, often doesn’t think before she jumps into combat. She can’t ever sit still ; bouncing her leg, playing with her knife, biting her fingers, rocking back and forth. It’s impossible to make her stop and moves around just to annoy people. Has a habit of zoning out, detaches in the middle of combat. Can be “creepy” and brooding.

Biography: Unknown.


Name: Kitty-13

Race: Exo

Gender: Male

Orientation: Asexual

Age: Old. Old as balls

Height: 7’2’’

Ghost: Mochi

Class: Defender, Titan

Appearance: Cat ears sit atop his head, pale blue eyes, pristine beige paint job, accents bright blue, muscular build. His voice is very unique as its more high-pitched, sometimes his gender being indistinguible. 

Personality: Bubbly, organized. Kitty is, by nature, always aiding to those riddled in sadness, taking ear to people’s woes and misfortunes and helps them with their problems. Kitty is a highly charismatic individual, kind and compassionate without end. He never reveals his negative feelings to anyone, even if they threaten to overflow. He is too busy helping other people, he never stops to really help himself. Kitty thinks he is in far too deep with his depression and is unreachable for help.

Biography: Kitty is an old Guardian from the beginning of the City Age, who was lost with the other Exo and returned several hundred years later. Like many Exo, he couldn’t remember where or why he had gone, everything was just a glitched-out mess. With moss and flowers sprouting from his chest cavity, he journeyed to the Tower.


Same thing for Destiny. I know bits and pieces fo MonHun lore and would really like to try something with this game. Maybe focus on some of the monsters too? Some old bloody rivalries? Wanting revenge on a specific monster? I'm down for just about any thing. I've already soaked so many hours into this game, its amazing. I've played Tri and Monhun4.

Just some backstory I have so far: my Hunter is originally from Moga Village and traveled to many different places across the globe. During his travels he ran with the wrong crowd though. He decided to set sail to the New World to leave behind his old criminal lifestyle.

Love to come up with something.

Contains: gore, violence, PTSD, drug-use. . .
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