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June 26, 2022, 10:22:13 pm

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Author Topic: That Mental Itch, that scream to be scratched.. so far no takers. M for F  (Read 721 times)

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    I classify this request as Erotic Romance that may sound like smut but it is more fantasy smut because of the premise.

First - The request time line is in the early 90's, for those who may not been 'around then' this was PRE-internet days. BBS or Bulletin Board Services and AOL where pretty much what you had to be social at this time. Pagers where used a lot more the cell phones and whomever would be willing to write this with me may need to do some research into the time period.

Second - I am seeking to write a 'hook up' story, but not a slam bam thank you mam story THOUGH this can and does happen as it involves basically two over sexed highly intelligent people who meet via a BBS though at the time 'she' is in a relationship and 'he' is seeking one.

     I understand most woman prefer to play the younger to older so I am willing to do that but when I say younger I am looking at her to be in her early 20's say 22 to 25 and he would be a few years older then her. I would prefer her to be in her late mid to late 20's say 24 to 30 and he between the age of 22 to 25 BUT willing to mix or switch the ages as needed.
      Now the reason for the age thing is I want her to be more 'successful' than the male in the story, that is not to say he is a poor boy, but while she is an 'Office Mangage' or some such other College Degree person (even if just starting out hell she could be working for Daddy..  While he will work for his father in 'construction'. So yeah he is a very healthy young man good with his hands.

Third - The hook up...
      I had this incident happen to me years back and I did have a hook up that did not work. I did NOT want to rewrite it nor relive it but more like start it over? I mean the start up scene would be the same. It is her birthday and she is part of a 'group' a BBS group of open minded sexually active people who claim to be swingers. However it is all mostly talk and just hanging out flirting couples getting each other worked up. There may be some 'encounters' if we both want them but the scene is more social and the hookup's are a lot like we do here in writing.. Online suggestions words.. typed .. and trust me sparks can fly when one couple suggests something for another couple to do and then asks for a pic to be sent. OH modems.. LOL.. dial UP... in the 90's the internet was turtle slow nothing like today so chat was mostly just the way and you have to have a second land line installed in your home the die hard computer geeks did that.
     Anyway... her birthday party was being thrown by a 'friend' but her boyfriend had other ideas and getting drunk tried to get the 'swingers' into this like Orgy. She was in no way ready for that and though some of the 'couples' seemed like HELL YEAH most were just annoyed. When 'asshat' tries to encourage others that 'things are cool' he goes to far and does something that really pisses her off. It also pisses my character off... back in the day asshat had the birthday girl on the floor and was trying to force her underwear off. I stepped in stopped him and well I roughed him up a bit and though the party did continue asshat ruined the mood. He also was kicked out of the party and when the party closed birthday girl sorta had a crush on Mr. Knight in shinning armor.
     In the real world birthday girl called Mr. Knight one weekend day and Mr. Knight was very very sick, she needed help at her place (that was where the party had been) and as he was a 'handy man' could he please help her out. Sick off his ass and on a heavy dose of cold medicine he shows up tools in hand. Thing is the tool she wanted she did not get, she had plans on seducing the poor boy BUT.. he was too dam sick and thus they just cuddled and she took care of him when he passed out on her couch.

    Anyway that is what had happened and things progressed but I do not want to go into that.. I mean the idea I want to write up to is the 'Birthday' party and boyfriend being an asshat. Mr. Knight stepping up and him getting kicked out.. and maybe change it up from there. Unless the idea of her waiting a week.. learning more about him and then luring him to her place to 'Make Him Her's' .

Anyway.. here is hoping someone wants to write this with me...

If so please send me a PM.

Thanks in advance for reading this.