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January 17, 2019, 05:35:44 PM

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Author Topic: Badass Warrior Woman Seeks Fun Loving Female Friend! (F for F)  (Read 337 times)

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Online TheSithChickenTopic starter

I love women who can kickass. In fiction and real life. Give me a badass cyberpunk woman who can stand victorious over an entire bar and I'm happy. Give me a match between two hardass female mma fighters and I am happy. However lately that appreciation has turned into an increasingly strong desire to play as one opposite some lovely lady. Such lesbian desires inspired by the fact that I stopped maturing at 15 and some art that has caught my attention lately.

What I Am Looking For In A Partner:

Literacy - I need a partner who has at least a moderate grasp of the English language. I'm not expecting perfection. I'm not perfect and I'm going out on a limb to say that you probably aren't either. Spelling and grammar just have to be in the ballpark. You don't have to write a novel but let's not do a one liner.

- Talking to me about our story lets me know you're interested. That you're excited. That gets me excited. Excitement gets my muse up and running.

Understanding - My health is not great (see above) and my posting rates will fluctuate. Sometimes I can respond multiple times a day. Sometimes I will only be able to respond once a week. Just depends on how badly my body screws me over at any particular moment.

What I Am Looking For Here:

Smut - I am looking for adult stories here. The sexual element is meant to be a strong theme in the characters relationships. Not the only theme for the story though.     

Fun and Adventure - I do want there to be more to the stories than sex and despite me saying fun I do not necessarily mean light. I really just mean interesting.

Action - Can't be a badass warrior woman with some good old fashioned violence!

Genre - Leaning towards the fantasy end of the spectrum but I am willing to go up to Steampunk or Post Apocalyptic

Now what is this whole idea about you are probably asking yourself about now. The base idea is simple. I want to play a badass warrior woman who can kick ass and likes it. She's not a reluctant warrior. She doesn't have a tragic backstory that pushed her that way. She enjoys a life of action. Smart, vicious (in battle and when crossed), and hedonistic. Has few friends but many acquaintances and a lot of enemies. Has no problem using sex to get her way. Quick witted with a sharp tongue. As likely to use brass knuckles as a blade. Wild but cunning.

Inspiration for her (NSFWish):

Now there are two big things that will affect what kind of story this is. The genre - which I am flexible on though I would prefer to keep it to a setting with few or no guns - and your character - which is entirely up to you. My only real solid desire is that your character be female. No futa or the like. Just female. You could be human or monster girl or demihuman. You could be a nun MC (my character) rescues from a monastery or a harem girl who hires MC to spirit her away. A younger warrior that hires MC to train her and teach her how to be a mercenary. A noble who hires her to be her bodyguard or a mage who hires a guard. Or draw inspiration from the same well and be another badass warrior woman and be partners in trouble.

Inspiration for the love interest (NSFW):

But feel free to look at any of my pictures posts for inspiration or bring your own. These pictures are just to give you an idea of what inspires me.

Online TheSithChickenTopic starter

Re: Badass Warrior Woman Seeks Fun Loving Female Friend! (F for F)
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