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Author Topic: Super Solos inspired by Marvel & DC Comics  (Read 503 times)

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Super Solos inspired by Marvel & DC Comics
« on: May 25, 2018, 02:50:02 AM »
Three ideas inspired by Marvel & DC Comics, though the middle (Created Equal) doesn't necessarily have to be within the superhero genre at all. Can be taken individually, or two or even all three can be strung together into one long-running superplot.

These are applicable to all the following plots.
• I'll probably post roughly once a week. There may be weeks when I post twice or more. I expect these will be the exception, rather than the rule.
• I accept writing partners of any and all gender identities, independent of the gender identities of the characters they play.
• As far as sex scenes, I'm interested in playing male characters and/or futa/hermaphrodite characters, and in playing opposite female characters (and femboy/sissy characters, for which I have an addendum).
• I am willing to play both canon and original characters depending on my writing partner's preference, though there are some canon characters that I feel more comfortable writing than others. If there's a specific canon character you're interested in playing opposite of, ask.

Wakanda Gone Wild
Name: Wakanda Gone Wild1

1 I am not sold on this title. Titles have never been one of my strong suits. Race Relations in Wakanda sounded too... dry. Definitely open to suggestions on a better name for this idea...

Content: Negotiable. Interracial, m/f at the very least. Potential for threesomes, moresomes, double penetration, gangbangs, bukkake, and more. Please let me know what you'd like to include!

Scenario: A non-black, non-African superheroine (Marvel, DC, other publishers, or original) has, for whatever reason, come to Wakanda. Maybe Black Panther agreed to participate in a mission with the Avengers, or to serve for a tenure as one of them, but required one of their own to safeguard Wakanda in his absence. Maybe she's on the run and finds asylum in Wakanda, similar to Steve Rogers and his Secret Avengers in the wake of the MCU's Civil War. There are certainly other possibilities. Whatever the reason...

What will it take for her to gain acceptance? How far will she go to ingratiate herself with a local populace distrustful of her?

Setting: Wakanda! That said, while we can stick to the Marvel universe, I'd be equally happy to mix and match with other comic book universes or and original comic book superhero type setting.

Requirements: A writer of any gender to play the superheroine (or superheroines – while not mandatory, if a writer cares to write multiple female characters in such a scenario, they are encouraged to do so) finding herself in Wakanda. While Marvel characters are welcome, certainly, don't feel limited to them. Comicbook superheroines from DC, other publishers, or even original superheroines are all equally welcome.

Other info: For the most part, I don't intend to be playing any canon characters, but rather original characters that are Wakandan. If there are any specific canon characters you'd like to play your character opposite of, though, let me know, and maybe we can negotiate something.

Shamelessly inspired by A Deeper Understanding, written by Red Phoenix and Nebuchadnezzar.

Created Equal
Name: Created Equal

Content: Negotiable. M/F, breeding, and impregnation1 at the least. Potential for interracial, xenophilia (read: aliens), threesomes, moresomes, and more. Please let me know what you'd like to include!

1 While interested in impregnation in this particular scenario, I am not particularly interested in pregnant sex.

Scenario: Due to a cosmic storm, or a freak accident in a lab, or a magical ritual of obscene power, or (you get the idea), a terrible plague of unprecedented deadliness wipes out nearly the entire population of human men without killing any of the human women. It falls to those few men left to ensure the continued survival of the human race, and for all that's left of humanity to determine what the cause was, or the next generation of males may not live to perpetuate the race...

This is pretty flexible. Basically, the only men to survive are the ones you'd be interested in playing characters opposite of, for the most part. In a superhero setting, maybe all superhuman men survive, or maybe just one or two survive. Maybe all mutant men survive, and/or all the inhuman men. Maybe only the alien men survive. Maybe Wakanda was the one nation technologically advanced enough to protect itself and its male population.

In fact, potentially maybe no human men survive at all, and instead, the women must send out an expeditionary force to search the stars for a compatible race of aliens to ensure the continuation of humanity (perhaps the aliens were afflicted by the same cosmic storm, but it killed off all women?).

Or maybe the same plague results in some of the surviving female population becoming futas/hermaphrodites, or the survivors use magic or advanced science or other methods to the same ends.

Whatever the case, fairly easy to reskin for different settings, depending on what characters you're interested in playing opposite of, and what piques your interest in this idea.

Setting: Negotiable. While the original was set in the DC Universe, I'm open to relocating it to anything from an Urban Fantasy setting to a classic fantasy/D&D setting to a Marvel setting to a crossover comics setting.

Requirements:  A writer of any gender to play a female character or female characters (while not mandatory, if a writer cares to write multiple female characters in such a scenario, they are encouraged to do so). While comicbook characters are certainly welcome they are by no means mandatory, especially if the setting is altered to fantasy or urban fantasy. Original characters are just as welcome as canon.

Other info: Very loosely inspired by JLA: Created Equal.

Tie in to the Wakanda Gone Wild idea would likely see Wakanda protecting itself from the cosmic storm/plague, what-have-you.

Apokalips Now: Fury
Name: Apokalips Now: Fury

Content: This will (potentially) explore non-consensual scenes and scenes of dubious consent, as well as brainwashing, though the exact nature and extent of the brainwashing/mind control is subject to discussion. Sluttification/bimboificiation as well as other kinks are optional.

Scenario: Darkseid's gaze has fallen across Earth. He is less interested in conquering Earth itself than in conquering its contents: namely, its exceptionally high number of powerful super/meta/parahumans. His vast forces, from the Parademon grunts to his most elite subordinates such as Grail and Steppenwolf, are tasked with capturing and breaking any and all superhuman females, recruiting them into his Female Furies. If he can succeed at capturing superhumanity's best and brightest – or, in the case of female supervillains, their worst – and turning them into his loyal subordinates and concubines, the days of the New Gods of New Genesis are numbered...

Setting: My preference would be to set this in a universe where Themyscira exists – with the bulk of Darkseid's forces committed to laying siege to Themyscira, capturing and breaking Amazons and turning them into Female Furies. This by no means we need to set it in the DC Universe – it could just as easily only be in the Marvel universe, just with Themyscira transplanted into Marvel, or it could be a crossover universe.

The focus doesn't need to be on what's happening on Themyscira if you have no interest in the Amazons, either.

For this scenario, my preference would be that the protagonists lack knowledge of what they're up against – that to them, this is a new, unknown threat, so this would be the first time Darkseid and the forces of Apokalips appear on Earth... at least, the first time they appear so openly.

Requirements: A writer of any gender to play a female character or characters. Any superheroine or supervillain will do, superhuman or mere mortal. Characters from comicbook canons, DC, Marvel, and other publishers, are all welcome, as are original characters (this would be a decent scenario for any original Amazon concepts).

Other info: Any ideas I have for ties to the Wakanda Gone Wild plot are tenuous at best, but feel free to approach if you've ideas of your own in that regard. The connection to Created Equal is much more obvious: Darkseid is responsible for the cosmic storm and subsequent plague, wiping out the unneeded males. If Created Equal is connected to Wakanda Gone Wild, then it becomes easier to link all three together into a long-running superplot.

For those interested in m/m Femboy/Sissy and/or Feminization plots...
So! I would be very interested in adding a twist to two of the above ideas.
• For Wakanda Gone Wild, it could be the same situation, but with a Sissy/Femboy superhero. For those interested in feminization kink, perhaps if the situation is much like those of Steve Rogers' Secret Avengers post-MCU Civil War, there is a serum derived from vibranium-infused plants in Wakanda which can either result in a transformation into a femboy that can pass as a woman or a full physical transformation into a female body, making it easier to making it easier to escape detection and capture outside Wakanda's borders, or a fully female body.
• Likewise, for Apokalips Now: Fury, perhaps instead of focusing solely on superhumans that are already women, Darkseid and his subordinates use Apokoliptian technology to turn male superhumans into female-bodied superhumans, who are then suitable for brainwashing and subsequent induction into the Female Furies.

Questions? Comments? Interest? Feel free to comment or PM me.