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Author Topic: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines  (Read 5340 times)

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #150 on: July 16, 2018, 07:04:53 PM »
Aru has been allowed into the character thread, but may start post once episode 2 begins.

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #151 on: July 19, 2018, 09:07:19 PM »
I’ll be making a character sheet very soon! ;3

Offline Tokyorose627

Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #152 on: July 20, 2018, 02:55:34 AM »
Name: Eve Hanazawa; Real name is Evea, but for some reason, her full name gives her a grim feeling.
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Stereotype: Human Reincarnation of Deceased Angel
Alias: Black Rose
Player Name: Tokyorose627

Physical Description: Evea/Black Rose is a human female, 21, with young, youthful features. With entrancing crimson eyes, and mid-length light brown hair, her looks have been known to enchant others around her. Cream colored skin lavishes her body, with a well toned curvaceous body, full chest, hips and thighs, and long slender legs to match her healthy physique. Standing at around 5’3, she comes off as a woman with certain convictions, but determination to achieve what she wishes.


Mature: Friends of Evea’s have told her that she seems very mature for her age, and that’s true. She loves to have fun, whether it be going to a dance club, or playing with her band at their next underground gig. Despite all the fun she has, she’s not one to act irresponsibly. Afraid of worrying her mother, and more so if getting arrested and out in jail like any other human being, she tends to be the vocal conscious of her group of friends. She’s by no means a stick in the mud though.

Carefree: Despite having a mature aura to her, that doesn’t mean that Evea doesn’t care for her own well being and freedom. If she’s going to do something on her own, then by god she is gonna do it the way she wants, how she wants. The urge to explore excites her, and whenever she can she goes through the city, finding the next big exciting thing to help occupy her time and give her a thrill. She’s responsible with time and things that take precedence, but why not enjoy the scenic view?

Caring: She may sometimes come off as a somewhat calculating person, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care any less for the people in her life. Her friends, family, and bonds she has with them, are the most important thing to her, and if any are in trouble or needs help, then she’ll do whatever she can for them. Friendship is smoething precious to her, and she’ll do what she can to show that she’ll always be there for them, no matter what.

Likes: Playing with her Band, The Beach, Sweets, starry nights, Dance Clubs

Dislikes: Overstepping her personal space, Pushy Men, Writers Block, Being controlled and Supervised, Friends lying to her.

Background: Born many millennia ago, Evea was one of the many angels that were made to help watch and observe over the lives of humans. By watching them live out their short existences, and to see what their morals molded for them in life, the many Angels watching would be able to find what they could have done better, and as a result, help mold future generations of humans for a better and much brighter future. With so many angels in their existence, many were tasked to find others that held similar viewpoints and outlooks on humans, and eventually, Evea found another angel, much more refined and mature then herself, by the name of Adamah. Getting to know one another, and finding a kinship with one another regarding humans and the Divine Throne, the two became friends.

Over the many centuries that passed, the two grew, and so did their viewpoints in humans. Evea remained the same, finding that humans could look after themselves, and much like a mother to her children, found that they needed to learn for themselves and make mistakes, in order to grow and learn. Adamaah, however, didn’t agree, and with others following him, Evea began to worry for her friend. Over time the twos time together began to dwindle, and as a result, their friendship became strained, and almost nonexistent. It wasn’t until Evea overhead a conversation of a group of angels, with Adamah as leader, discovering that he had plans to overthrow the Divine Throne and take over the lives of humans, that she could no longer watch her friend go down this path. She made her way to the Divine Throne, intent on telling them of what Adamah was planning, and hoping they could come to a conclusion to help set him on the right path.

Fate, however, had a different idea for her.

When she had made it, she found Adamah, and others that followed him, before thei council, and was framed for what Adamah was originally scheming. With his age, and overwhelming support from his followers, Evea was branded a traitor, and forcefully stripped of her powers, before being consumed by the punishment that the Divine Throne gave her. Known simply as, “The Flames of Desire”, it was assumed by the heavenly beings that it would incinerate and destroy whoever was consumed. Unbeknownst to the Angels that served the Divine Throne, The Flames destroyed not the Angel themself, but their being, their core. Rid of their memories, powers, and past existence, the Flames fell to Earth, before giving birth to new life.

Millennia pass, and a young girl is born, named Evea.
Living with her parents in the heart of the city, and growing up like any human girl would, Evea found the idea of monsters and magical beings something of fairy tales. Too preoccupied with what she felt was more important, she focused on her studies, passing her classes and excelling in what her mother wished of her. Hanging out with her friends, going shopping, exploring the city, these were all pastimes that she enjoyed, but somewhere, deep down, she knew that she was somewhat different. More so classifying herself as “special”, Evea always felt that something was off about her. Call it woman’s intuition, Evea always seemed to have the knack to feel when something bad was going to happen. It was the same feeling that she got whoever she saw pictures of angels and heaven; seeming so pure and kindred, it always out a feeling of unease to her. It wasn’t until she was around 16 that her life would suddenly take a drastic turn, and something new would suddenly shift her perception a whole 180 degrees.

The city had been attacked by evil villains before, but she had somehow always been able to get away, or stay away as far as possible. It should have been like any other day, as she made her way to her college class. The ground shook, and in an instant she was in the ground, concrete from overpasses collapsing from an attack that had come from offf in the distance. Fight or Fligt kicked in, but too stunned to move or run, Evea was certain her short existence would come to a fleeting end.

Then, it happened.

The Flames within her body ignited once more, giving birth to Black Rose, a dark, hollow, shell of a once innocent Angel. The event changed Evea’s perception of magical girls, monsters, and heroes. Despite this revelation however, she doesn’t wish to be tied down by a organization like BADGE, due to the constant rules and regulations that she may have to follow. For the time being, she has opted to live in her own apartment, living her life as she used to; going to school, playing in her band, and continuing to enjoy life, all while becoming a vigilante hero in the side.

She still wonders why her own name rings a bell of constant deja vu, however.

Player Ons and Offs:

ONs: Oral,Vaginal, Anal, Vaginal/Anal Fingering, foreplay, teasing, dirty talking, Ass and Body Worship, BDSM, Rough sex, PM for questions!

OFFs: Scat, blood, violence, PM for questions!

Transformation Device: The Flames of Desire, the “punishment“ given to her past self. After her first transformation, the flames materialized into a sapphire ring, containing the power necessary to change into Black Rose. The ring is worn on Evea’s middle finger.

Azure Ring

Powers and Abilities:

(Note: Evea has such powers in combat, however due to no longer possessing her past life’s memories, mastering these abilities has become a challenge for her. Over time she will learn to full master them.)

Speed and Strength: Despite being Human, The Flames have given her the abilities Evea needs to fight once more. Strength that outmatched any such humans, to the point of lifting trucks, tanks, and multiple humans, to running faster then a speeding train. Stamina is something she must keep in check however, as her angelic resistance to extreme fatigue she once had is no longer possible.

Divine Benediction: With an incantation, The Flames that she now possess become a tool to help protect. A shield of azure Flames surrounds herself and whoever is nearby her, shielding them from incoming attacks.

Sapphire Birage: Building up energy within herself, Evea creates an explosive wave of blue flames, thrusting outwards from her body, and consuming all who are in its path. The ability can only work once she has taken in attacks and absorbed the energy from them, causing it to be a last resort.

Chain Roselia: The chain from her sword detaches from the weapon, and with an incantation, encircles and traps the enemies hands behind their back, before attaching its ends into the nearest surface, therefore entrapping Evea foe for interrogation, or the final blow.


Azure Rose: A sword made of Flames that materializes into her hands. It has the power to strike down a hundred men in one fell swoop, and has a chain attached to be used as a means of entangling and trapping foes. The sword is bound to her, and if any enemy that does not have any angelic essence within them tries to wield the weapon, will be consumed alive by the azure flames.

Black Rose: The outfit she wears is created from the Flames of Desire. Protecting her from mortal blows, and fueled by the flames that had consumed her previous life, the armor also becomes a useful shield to the angelic beings that she may come across. The armor is a powerfully weapon against angelic beings, and can seriously injure and burn them if they come in contact by the flames.


Swordsmanship - Evea's skill in the sword is good enough for actual use in combat, allowing her to properly defend herself with any sword she is proficient with and fight back.

Unarmed Combat - Evea's experience with hand-to-hand combat allows her to defend herself against attacks from at most two opponents of lower experience than her, or one opponent of her equal.

Knowledge: Celestials - Evea's read up on matters regarding celestial beings outside of the religious dogma they were mentioned in.

Fashion - Evea knows how to properly match outfits and accessories to make a good fashion statement.

Counseling - she is a shoulder to cry on and the ear that listens to her friends' problems. Evea is a good listener and can provide some guidance for others if they are willing to listen.


Natural Fighter - Evea has a good grasp of combat despite the lack of experience, allowing her to fight on slightly even ground against opponents better than her.

Fervent Determination - tough odds does not put Evea down. She will get back up and figure out how to get around a problem until she solves it, or she passes out (whichever comes first).

Sixth Sense - as if she has eyes watching her surroundings, Evea can feel if something within her vicinity is off. The feeling usually manifests with the hair on the back on her neck standing up, or an overwhelming sense of dread when something bigger is about to happen. The effective range of this feeling usually reaches about 5 meters from her position.


Recurring Dream: It’s the same scene, over and over again. Somewhere up in the clouds, far off, someone is being...hurt? They sound scared, lost, frightened for something...or someone. The Dream always ends with pain, and before Evea can see who it is, she wakes up. This recurring dream always ends with Evea waking up in a cold sweat, breathing heavily. Unsure of what the Dream is, of even if it’s some nightmare that’s on repeat, sleeping has become a bit hard for her at times, with restlesss nights becoming a norm for her.

Nemesis: Adamah: Becoming a revived husk of a once innocent Angel causes rumors to spread, and once the Seraphic Leader known as Adamah had found out, he wasn’t too happy. As a result, if in battle with Adamah while transformed as Black Rose, Evea will be singled out by the angel whenever he wishes. Her human identity, as a result, is forced to be kept a secret, in the unfortunate likely hood that she could be targeted while as a civilian.

Loss of Self: As Evea’s powers grow, so do her slowly revived memories of her past life. Once she is finally ready, her fully fledged powers will be accessible to her once more, and once again she may walk the land as an Angel. However, if this were to occur, the original Evea would be reborn, while the human reincarnation would be erased from existence. If Evea wishes to have fully restored powers, she would have to give up her own life to become the Angel known as Evea.

Stubbornness: Evea can be a somewhat stubborn woman. When something doesn’t seem to go her way, she has trouble accepting things, even if they’re for the better. If something doesn’t seem to go her way, or she feels it doesn’t fit the puzzle that she imagines, she may have a hard time getting along with others and their own ideals.


Evea, The Fallen Angel

The world is trying to bring about the end
And no one is trying to stop it.
---It's starting.
The symphony of destruction echoes out.
The rain that falls sounds almost like the tone of tears.

Tell me.

Do people who control and are controlled
One day forget what it means to love
Because of the hatred in their hearts,
And attack others?

I can hear this song coming to me.
All you who have life,
The truth is inside your heart
Because even in times in which I must go to the stormy ocean,
It gives you strength
That never hesitates.

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #153 on: July 20, 2018, 10:44:52 PM »
I took the time to think it over, but in the end I feel like Evea is one too many angelic character in the game. That said, I am also not looking for characters with ancient origins any more, believing that modern characters can be just as good.

So, I apologize if it meant going back to the drawing board, but I will say no to Evea.

Offline Tokyorose627

Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #154 on: July 20, 2018, 10:53:31 PM »
I took the time to think it over, but in the end I feel like Evea is one too many angelic character in the game. That said, I am also not looking for characters with ancient origins any more, believing that modern characters can be just as good.

So, I apologize if it meant going back to the drawing board, but I will say no to Evea.


But I worked so hard on her. TTATT

Now I have to message all of those people and let them know Evea is no longer valid. ;_;

I’ll think of something I guess.
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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #155 on: July 20, 2018, 11:26:53 PM »
I'd be fine helping you design a character that would fit better, if you like.

Offline Tokyorose627

Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #156 on: July 20, 2018, 11:30:32 PM »
I'd be fine helping you design a character that would fit better, if you like.

I just kinda want to crawl in a hole and die atm.

This is bringing back old wounds from something else, but I’ll try to think of something. I’ll message you Yurie, thank you.

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #157 on: July 21, 2018, 01:44:20 AM »
Name: Unit 2589 – Azi
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Stereotype: Escaped weapon
Alias: Umbral Mirage
Player Name: Avalon 29

Physical Description: Five foot nothing and rather androgynous Azi is rather unassuming and someone a person might ignore when looking for a threat. His white hair goes down to the base of his neck and his eyes when not transformed are a simple green. Even when not transformed he has his ears and tail to worry about and has to do his best to hide them. When he has transformed his clothing is replaced with his barrier jacket. A thin  almost scale like armor that lets him move freely  and increase his durability slightly.

Personality: Emotionless, confused, curious
Quiet and unobtrusive when not currently engaged, Azi acts cold and emotionless most of the time when talked to as he was conditioned to do so. He learned that he was nothing more than a tool and weapon. He had to be prepared to do whatever was asked of him no matter how cruel, humiliating, or villainous it was. He became just what they needed a solider and tool that acted without question. He became just that.

 He had absolute loyalty to his owner and is dedicated completely dedicated to his mission or rather he was until the organization was disbanded With his existence no longer needed and his creator no more he found himself floating around without purpose.  He’s confused about what to do and what life he should take but he continues to search, looking for something or someone to explain what he should do now.

Left to develop on his own he has become incredibly curious about things and about human life. He doesn’t understand simple concepts that many take for granted, what others seem to know intuitively. He wants to know just what it is they have and seeks to figure out just what these other people are seeing and what he is not. Unaware of it he strives to understand just what it is he’s missing.

Background: The first thing that Azi remembers is waking up in the tube to the sound of Dr Wyrm’s voice telling him to wake up. His eyes snap open and his life serving the doctor and Neo Psyqualia could begin. The organization which had been destroyed years ago by Yasuhiro and the heroes had returned to the world under a new if not all that subtle banner. Dr. Wyrm who had been a beloved student of the transhumanist villain who had originally created the psychic soldier program and was determined to continue the work. Making her own changes to the original program she decided why kidnap a child when she could grow her own soldier and assassin in a tank. That way there was no need to worry about some pesky child escaping and telling the heroes their plan and whereabouts.

Putting a greater emphasis on gene splicing the soldiers with species she considered superior to humans both physically and with greater psychic potential. Some were aliens, some angels, dinosaurs proper feathery ones at that, foxes and various others species. The one she saved for last were that of the dragons. It was impure strain so unfortunately some features such as wings did not manifest but many did including the long tail and more importantly the psychic potential.

After that came the instructions, brain washing, and the training, teaching him to be completely loyal to the organization and more importantly her. Once he was completely wrapped around her finger, his only purpose to serve and be her weapon strongest weapon did she let him leave for more intensive training at another facility. That was when disaster struck. Neo Psychalia was discovered and destroyed while he was away. Dr. Wyrm meanwhile had gone MIA, whether she was alive or dead was a complete mystery

When the news reached the ears of the training facility the staff there did the only thing they could do they disbanded. Azi was released and told he was free as the staff didn’t want to risk being identified as well. With nowhere to go, no orders to follow, and no longer having purpose he was left adrift, a useless tool and discarded weapon. Now he wanders from area to area just doing enough to survive as he observes the people, trying to discover their secrets. Why did they exist? Who were they? And what did they have that he did not that allowed them to live? What was a person? Now he’s wandered into BADGE city and where he goes from there he has no idea.

Player Ons and Offs: Pansexual and willing to try most things at least once as long as they don’t conflict with the offs listed in my on and off thread

Transformation Device:

Fafnir’s Armory: A thin metallic bracelet with a small orange crystal in the center that glows softly. When activated it grants access to his armor and  dresses him in his barrier jacket. Accessed with the command Fafnir’s Armory open.

Powers and Abilities

- Telekinesis (weapon manipulation) : Azi might not be the most powerful telekinetic but he has a high degree of control. Using his telekinesis he is able to control weapons with his mind. While his specialty is firearm any weapon or small object can be used if need. Using his ability he is able to use a large number of weapons at once if need be to fire from multiple angles or increase his available fire power.

- Psychokinesis:  He can imbue his bullets or whatever else he is controlling  with his psionic energy. This allows him to control and manipulate his bullets mid- flight.  It lets him strike from multiple or unexpected angles as long as a target is in the reach of his psionic powers and isn’t too far away or allow him to adjust to hit the smallest of targets and right where he needs to strike.

- Psionic bullets: In addition to controlling his bullets mid-flight he can change them  before firing to change how they behave. The most prominent being his ability to charge them with psionic energy and increase their firepower tremendously.  He can also change their type as needed from armor piercing, regular bullets, exploding bullets, and when needed anesthetic bullets to eventually knock an opponent unconscious.

- 1911 P: A weapon of last resort for Azi that is made specifically to work with his psionic powers and capable of far greater firepower than anything else in his arsenal. It functions more as a cannon then a simple bullet, consuming a high amount of his psionic energy and can’t be fired without the assistance of his telekinetic powers. Even when using his powers to boost himself he can’t do more than fire a small handful of shots without risking mental exhaustion or physical damage.

Telekinetic Swiftness: Most dragons can fly. Unfortunately, due to his lack of wings Azi can’t. That doesn’t mean he is slow by any means however. Using his psionic power, he can enhance his agility. Allowing him to spring long distances, run quicker and perform acrobatic feats far beyond the norm. He even has the limited ability to leap on hardened air gather by his powers, allowing him to change direction in mid air or move in unexpected ways.

Fafnir’s armory: A device on his wrist that in addition to working as his transformation device also contains his weapons for him to pull out when needed.
1911 P: A custom made weapon based on a 1911 that functions more as a cannon then a simple bullet. Firing it consumes a large amount of his psionic energy, making it difficult to fire more than a few times.
Barrier Jacket: The clothing he wears is able to absorb some of the shock of weapons and physical strikes, increasing his durability slightly.

- Weaponry training (fire arms and knives)
- Psi gun-fu: A fighting style developed so he can use his weaponry at close range as well as dual against other gun users.
- Climbing and acrobatics
- Surprisingly good at household chores.
- knows a wide variety of languages
- Good at creating disguises and other similar pursuits, includes tailoring and creating his own clothes as well as make up if needed.
- fall asleep anywhere


- Infiltration: Azi is always able to find a weak point when it comes to security and has the skill to exploit it. Whether its sneaking in, knowing just who to disguise himself as, or avoid security measures if he knows about them in advance or are common.

- Sense of Balance: He has an impeccable sense of balance and is able to easily run along wires, narrow beams and ledges, not to mention land on his feet.

- Fast Reflexes: A combination of hellish training, mental programming, and experience he has developed reflexes faster than the average person.

- Danger Sense: While not anywhere near the level of telepathy he is able to detect hostile minds and intentions directed towards him while in combat, making it difficult to ambush him from behind.

- Prehensile tail: The gene spliced dragon DNA has in addition to enhancing his agility given him a long and thick scaly tail that he can use in a variety of ways although it does not come off.


- Relatively fragile: While slightly more durable than the average human he is still fragile when compared to other heroes and villains, relying more on his agility, bullets, and reflexes to dodge or block rather than face tank or take a pounding.

- Lost: With his master having disappeared and the organization disbanded Azi finds himself without a purpose. He wanders about aimlessly with no goal in mind and no real objective he lacks the determination and reason to push beyond his limits. It also makes him easy to manipulate as orders at least give him some kind of direction.

- Loyalty: Azi once he finds a person or place he can anchor himself too he becomes loyal, too loyal in fact. He has no problem taking unneeded risks, putting himself in harms way, believing anything they say or going overboard when dealing with an obstacle if it means helping the person or organization he is loyal to even to the point of neglecting himself.

- Lacks of empathy: Azi doesn’t really understand emotions. Anyone who acts on emotion is completely perplexing to him and is difficult for him to deal with or figure out. It also means that frequently syqas the wrong thing at the wrong time with his inability to read the room.

- Easily misunderstands: Azi misunderstands a lot of things. He’s very literal. Jokes could easily be taken seriously and go way over his head. He even takes metaphors, simile’s and analogy on face value with the concept of such things being completely foreign to him.

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #158 on: July 21, 2018, 03:03:20 AM »
Azi may be added to the character roster. As discussed, he may not begin posting until episode 2 begins.

Offline Changingsaint

Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #159 on: July 22, 2018, 02:28:20 AM »
Hi! Is this still recruiting? And if so, any specific slots for Villains or heroes?

Online SteirTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #160 on: July 22, 2018, 03:42:23 AM »
Hey there, Changingsaint!

For slots in villains and heroes, we're no longer looking for characters of angelic or celestial inclination. It is preferable to work on a character that isn't hailing from ancient times, since we will be having sufficient characters filling those slots already. You can run by me the concepts you have in mind and we can work from there.

Of course, heroes are required to have an impressive transformation sequence! :D

Edit: Also updated the first post in the interest thread. Please check there before presenting me with your ideas.
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Offline Changingsaint

Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #161 on: July 22, 2018, 10:41:42 AM »
Read the updated stuff! Question, would a Guyver-esque character be acceptable for the game? Guy with a sorta bio-suit set of armor fighting evil and wickedness?

Online SteirTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #162 on: July 22, 2018, 10:44:34 AM »
Yes. Guyver is an acceptable concept.

Offline Changingsaint

Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #163 on: July 22, 2018, 10:45:33 AM »
Excellent! I can't work on a sheet till after work but I have an idea in mind. Just need to find good art for his armored half.

Offline Changingsaint

Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #164 on: July 23, 2018, 01:28:35 AM »
Name: Touma Akiyama
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Stereotype: Good guy tired of being mistaken for the villain.
Alias: Susanoo
Player Name: Changingsaint

Physical Description: A tall and dark skinned man, Touma is certainly an imposing man. With an athletic build that has seen more than its share of fights if the faint scars on his chest and arms are any indication. With semi long dark hair, his appearance is contrasted by gold flecked eyes, which gives him a rather intense gaze. Still he prefers to wear warmer colors, and can often be seen smiling in private or among friends, a more relaxed and friendly demeanor making itself known once he’s in good hands.

When armored, his armor is of deep red and black hues, looking rather wicked by its very nature. With an impressive mask adorning it, every distinct vibe it gives off is evil in intent, and villainous by nature. Looking as if someone had designed it to almost look demonic in nature, it really doesn’t suit a heroic visage at all.
Armored form

Personality:  A mostly good natured and relaxed person, Touma does have a bit of a jaded outlook due to being seen as an anti-hero at best, or a villain fighting other villains to the utterly blind. Ready and willing to help others, the young man is willing to throw himself into the fray to save an innocent bystander even if he himself would get injured, while also trying to make sure that his charge does not. Still, he doesn’t like that others see him as being up to no good even when he tries to help others, and that fact has made him a little jaded when it comes to heroics. He still very much does it and he never does it for personal pride… But the fact that the same child he rescued would run in fear from his transformed state very much makes him unhappy inside.

Background: Touma has lived a charmed life. Born to a japanese father and american mother, he’s lived as something of an ostracized kid throughout his youth, and took to coping with it by living as a delinquent. Rather than take his aggression out on other students who hadn’t done anything wrong, he reserved his fists for those who gave him grief for being a mixed kid, though that still landed him in trouble all the same. His life was not particularly difficult, but things did change rather drastically in his teen years. Though his mother did leave for work abroad in his later years, leaving him with just his father.

His mother was hiding a secret, years ago she had a stint as a masked warrior for a long since abandoned and destroyed evil organization, acting as its champion in a few key battles. Having long given up the masquerade and seeking to live an ordinary life, it was her son who found the key to her transformation when he was digging around in the family attic – getting a bit lucky with cracking the code to a safe (It was his birthdate). Donning the mask and realizing the awesome power it had, there was only one thing that a young adult with a desire to do good would do with it. Be a hero, of course!

That’s when all the trouble with heroics and villains began of course. His first stint as a hero… Didn’t go so great when he tried to stop a robbery. Oh, he stopped it alright – fought pretty good too, but his adrenaline rush ended when the officers who wound up at the scene mistook him for a villain that had decide to rob the same bank, instead. Refusing to hear reason, they labeled Touma’s guise as a villain, and the whole thing has sort of stuck. Living the life of a lone hero and going through the years, string after string of heroic stints and effort has been met with being seen as a budding villain looking to form his own organization, or an anti-hero looking to break off of villainhood altogether. The fact that few, if any have seen him as a good person in his armor has made him a little jaded, and despite the years going past, he still has hope that someone will see him as more than just a bad guy looking to make a good name for himself. Maybe it’s time to actually join one of those good organizations? ...If they’d accept him.

Player Ons and Offs: Here if you wanna see them! but in general intimacy, curvy ladies, and fun partners are adored.

Transformation Device:
A mask with silver and black detailing, donning it causes his armor to form around him in an impressive flash and burst of energy. Having once belonged to a villain, it has found itself being the device of a hero!

Powers and Abilities
Armored up: When armored up as Susanoo, Touma enjoys defensive comfort in the form of ‘heroic’ armor, something that can withstand a good degree of blows and injury, but is not invincible and can certainly dent, crack, and break under extreme attacks.

Regeneration: When armored up, Touma can also regenerate from wounds and injuries. He’s not severely tested the limits of this yet – breaking an arm still fucking hurts a lot and will leave the arm useless for a while, but it will mend itself assuming he doesn’t stress the injury further. In fighting terms, this means usually less serious injuries heal faster, but major injuries take further time to recover and strenuous action can inhibit it.

Enhanced strength and agility: As Susanoo, Touma can enjoy a good degree of increased physical strength and agility. He can run fast, leap far, pick up something heavy and toss it… Or just beat the crap out of people with vicious blows.

Black eclipse onslaught: Touma loathes using this ability, it just looks too wicked and unknown to him, a remnant of a darker time with this armor. As an aura of dark energy begins to surround him, the armor shifting faintly as it goes into an all out assault mode. Each strike during the empowered nature of this move strikes with vicious intent against the poor opponent, energy crackling into every punch or with every kick. Looking absolutely demonic, the blows are meant to utterly destroy an opponent, overloading their defenses with hideous strength and energized strikes. Touma has used this ability a handful of times, and never to its full potential – he’s afraid of going truly all out with it… That, and he forsakes most of his defenses to use this mode, meaning his armor is gone and he’ll take any blows head on.

Pre transformation
Smart phone: Gotta have one! Plays the latest games and has all the popular media apps.
Scarf: Fashionable at any time of year, it keeps him a little warm on chilly days or gives him a striking look on a warmer day.
The mask: Unsure of its name, the mask is the key to his transformation and heroism!

Post transformation
Armor: Wicked looking armor, it’s the only real ‘gear’ his transformation gives him. Can be damaged, possibly removed?

Martial arts: deciding that if he was gonna fight bullies, he might as well do it right, his mother had him sign up for a number of martial arts classes during childhood and his teenage years. Keeping up with them through his life, he knows how to do more than throw a wild swing or over extend himself with a kick. He keeps up with it – though he’s not currently enrolled in any sort of school now.

Good driver: Traveling a lot in his would be hero business, he’s learned to drive pretty well and has a fondness for motorcycles. Those are the de-facto choice of masked heroes, aren’t they?

Born into it: Whether he knows it or not (He has no idea), thanks to his mother, he’s been born into the life of heroes and villains. He was bound to get dragged into it and find himself among their ranks. He’s going to live a charmed life for sure.

Good perception: He’s got a knack for seeing the finer details on things, and can sometimes guess at someones emotional state by a focused glance.

Willpower: Despite being seen as a villain a lot, despite feeling that his goal of fighting evil is almost fruitless at times just due to how prevalent it is… He’s never gonna give up, even if it kills him. He’s got a will of iron, and will not break unless extraordinary circumstances happen (Will it? Who knows!)

Afraid of his own strength: Knowing the strength his armor grants him and some of the powers it has, he’s rather afraid of unlocking its full potential and seeing what it can completely do. As such, he’s not in full control of it and is afraid of using his special technique.

Seriously, i’m not a villain!: His armor isn’t the most heroic looking, and most people will judge him as having bad intentions for one reason or another. Trust might come hard from people, and he’s getting a bit tired of the perception of villainy from his deeds.

Lack of ranged: Outside of throwing things, Touma has to rely on close range combat.
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After some deliberations, welcome Evea to the game! Hope you enjoy!

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After some deliberations, welcome Evea to the game! Hope you enjoy!


Thanks so much Steir for helping with the edited version of her, and for putting up with me. ;A;

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I'm a moron and forgot to copy my entire sheet when I copy/pasted it into the message a few days ago. Character should be fully finished

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I'm a moron and forgot to copy my entire sheet when I copy/pasted it into the message a few days ago. Character should be fully finished

*Pat pat*

It’s ok Changing it happens to all of us. D:

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Touma may be added to the character thread. Welcome to Badge City!

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Name: Selena Crofter
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Stereotype: Explosion Specialist Mage
Alias: Explodia
Player Name: Miss Eleanora

Physical Description: Selena, regardless of her form is rather well endowed. To the point that she very often attracts looks from both men and women as a result. In addition to the prominence of certain elements of her body, she is slender and fit, with long legs, long orange red hair that sometimes seems like fire as it cascades down, and orangeish eyes. In her hero costume, Selena intentionally displays a large amount of skin and flaunts her appearance. She finds it fun, and subscribes to the thought that if you've got it, flaunt it. When not operating as a hero she exercises a bit more restraint, but tends to turn heads wherever she goes regardless of her choice in attire as some things just can't be hidden.

Personality: Passionate, Impulsive, Fun.

Selena tends to do things because she thinks they would be fun. How much enjoyment can I get out of doing this? That is the question that she asks herself before almost every decision she makes. While her decisions are not always aligned with her opinion of what would be the most fun, she has a clear preference for the fun option, even if it might not be as efficient or productive in the long turn. She also tends to want others around her to be having fun if possible. The world is rather drab and boring otherwise. This in turn ties into her impulsive nature. Because of a tendency to focus on the short term fun she has a correlating issue with impulsive reactions. She will often make a decision before fully thinking things through, and then has to ride through the resulting situation. Somehow she tends to come out of such situations still thinking they were a lot of fun and worth it.

Passionate. First there is the obvious, she has passion for what she does and her activities. Second is the fact that she really is physically passionate. She is huggy, touchy feely. She will invade people's personal space and get up close and personal. Her feelings are bright and intense, all of them, including the naughtier and less savory urges. Plus there's the fact that she actively gains power from such interaction, which leads to her pushing for it quite frequently at least if there is someone she actually is interested in.

She has a rather lewd sense of humor. She has joked more than once that she picked her name in part because she makes massive explosions, and in part because she makes people explode massively in another way. It might not actually have been a joke.

Background: Selena honestly prefers not to talk all that much about her childhood. When pressed sufficiently she will disclose that she was not a happy child, that her parents were always busy with the business of making money and running their financial empire. She was largely left to her own devices, raised by a series of caretakers who were hired by her parents. One of those caretakers, was her initial contact with the magic she would eventually come to know and love. It was this caretaker who showed the young girl the first sparks of magic, and who taught her the first few tricks and incantations that she would learn.

In a rather bizarre occurrence, soon after Selena first was introduced to magic, her parents were killed when the private plane they were travelling on suffered engine failure and crashed. Everything was left to her. Which in turn made it so that she was a young child, recently obsessed with magic, who now had a couple billion dollars to burn. It turns out that a couple billion dollars can go a very long way when it comes to trying to delve into the occult, to learn and study and grow ones talents. Time passed, she learned more, and eventually the time came that  Selena, decided to make use of her powers that she had developed. She set forth to become a hero and was somewhat successful, if also responsible for a large amount of collateral damage that often was more than the villains she stopped would have caused if they had gone unchecked.

Faced with mounting pressure, and intrigued by the hero organization BADGE, Selena joined up, providing a significant amount of funds to the organization as a sign of support, and securing for herself a place in the spotlight. Because after all Selena adores the spotlight, it makes her look really good after all. She is one of the most magically adept members of the organization, and has had a substantial role in developing magical countermeasures of the traditional type such as wards and the like for the organization. Her research and work designing new spells has also been much appreciated. Even her capacity to make things go boom, when properly channeled has been a valuable asset.

Player Ons and Offs: See my other sheets for this.

Transformation Device:
Staff of the Archmagi: While it is a full size magical staff in truth, it can be shrunk down to a small size and put in pocket or the like. It is enchanted and bound to her, and cannot be lost or misplaced. Further someone trying to steal it would find themselves with a hand on fire rather quickly and she would be alerted.

Powers and Abilities

Magic: Selena is a practitioner of the mystic arts, also known as magic. She is a mage with a specialized focus but a wide grasp of the general principles and mid to high level spells of most of the commonly utilized forms of magic. As such she has a wide range of spells that she can cast and make use of. Her magical spells can for instance allow her to fly, conjure shields, transport people and things across vast distances, create illusions, ect.

Explosions!: Selena's personal specialty. She is truly gifted at the ancient and well respected magical tradition of making things go boom. While this is typically referred to as the evocation school of magical Selena more often simply refers to it as the explosion school of magic. She knows every spell in the book that serves to set things on fire, call forth lightning from the sky, generate massive amounts of destruction in the form of concussive force, ect. If you tell her you need something destroyed, she will give you a list of options in the hundreds for the ways she could blow it up or otherwise reduce it to rubble or ashes.

OBLITERATE!!!!!: The most powerful spell that Selena has access to. This is a spell that she personally crafted after being disappointed with the lack of a truly adequate spell to express her sheer love for explosions and fire. Obliterate is her love letter to the craft and the art of magic. When this spell is cast, Selena channels all of her power that is available into a single enormous outpouring of searing heat and scorching flame that so far, nothing has been able to endure. The spell is impossible to aim and is massive in scope, making it an attack that is ill suited for use when there is a risk of collateral damage anywhere nearby. Selena herself is immune to the spell, and anyone who is in physical contact with her is also protected from the blast. After the spell is cast, nothing remains, earth, metal, it is all vaporized and completely eradicated. Obliterate requires a considerable incantation period before being cast as well.

Staff of the Archmagi: While technically not required for her to work magic, the vast array of sigils and script painstakingly etched into the surface is what allows for her spells to be cast quickly and efficiently. Turning a spell that would take a few minutes to cast into something she can cast with a one word shortcut that resonates with her staff and produces the desired effect. It is nearly indestructible and she can use it to project waves or barriers of force. Further should someone other than her touch it without her consent it will immediately send her an alarm and if the contact continues it will erupt into flames that steadily increase in intensity until whoever is touching it ceases to touch it. She personally crafted it.

Magic Knowledge: Selena is a well educated practitioner of the mystic arts and has been well trained in their use. She is quickly able to identify new spells, perform magical analysis, ect. While she mostly uses this knowledge to make things explode, it is important to remember she has knowledge of far more than that.

History Buff: Selena is something of a history buff. She has been tracing the practice of the mystic arts through history as she works to learn all she can about it. Her history knowledge include lots of strange occult tidbits and the like.

Multilingual: While Selena does not speak every language, you would be hard pressed to find one that people living speak, and even dead languages that she cannot speak or read. Her magic has aided in this and facilitated the rapid accumulation of knowledge.

Sexual Gifted: Selena is known to be really good in bed, how useful this skill is, honestly depends. But still, she has put time and effort into it...


Mistress of the Mystic Arts: Selena is quite magically gifted and has a veritable wellspring of magical energy to draw on. Her magic is also versatile in nature and can be used for a wide assortment of rituals, incantations, and spells, even if she has a preferred use for it.

Lust Fueled: The more turned on and aroused Selena gets, the more powerful her magic becomes. As she possesses a love of explosions and fire that borders on, and may very well outright be sexual her focus on this area makes a great deal of sense. She can blow things up, feel the rush, and then channel the rush to blow even more things and people away. This also means that technically she is at her absolute peak of power while engaged in very hot steamy, intercourse with another person. She also can store up energy from her sexual encounters.

Wealthy: Selena's family is wealthy and has thrown a considerable amount of wealth into the BADGE organization. She also used her great wealth to assist in facilitating her study of the mystic arts. While not in the league of those such as Vanessa De Graff or others of her ilk, Selena's resources are certainly substantial, and she can easily afford almost anything that she desires. At least within reason, private jet, sure, awesome fancy antique car, sure, a robotic army, no way in hell.


Lust Fueled/Horny: Selena can be easily distracted by things that arouse her desire and lusts.

Staff of the Archmagi: Should Selena be disarmed or find her staff outside of her reach, her ability to cast her spells in a combat situation will be reduced to near nonexistence due to the time requirements and long incantations that are required without her shortcuts.

Squishy: Selena is a human, a great practitioner of the mystic arts, possessor of sufficient magical energy to greatly slow her aging processes, and capable of inflicting massive amounts of destruction. But at her core she is a human and can be injured or incapacitated by things that would injure or incapacitate a human. While she can shield herself with her magic, the fact remains that she has no superhuman resilience or resistances.

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Welcome the explosive wielder of destructive magic. Play nice now!

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Name: Hiro Sabreheim
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Stereotype: Ghost/Outcast
Player Name: Snake

Physical Description: Powerfully built but not bulky, Hiro stands ~6'4" and weighs about 240lbs; he has mid-back length dark chestnut brown hair and steel-blue eyes. His features are strong but handsomely rugged, with a square jaw and romanesque nose. He always seems to have a consistent 5 o'clock shadow dusting his jaw and chin. He has small scars on both brows, concealed by his eye brows and a small one on his chin.

Personality: Quiet: Hiro has always been the type of person that prefers to think before speaking though sometimes he doesn't always do so. He tends to be rather quiet and reserved in social situations; sometimes to his detriment: he sometimes doesn't speak up even if he needs something. It's something he's working through with time; but bad habits are bad.

Knowledgeable/Intelligent: He spent alot of time as a kid, and time in school; reading various subjects. Ranging from medieval fantasy, sci-fi to books on various non-fiction subjects- favoring some of the things from his fantasy, but also on other more practical things and is always up to learn more.

Reliable: He likes to think that his word is his bond, if he gives his promise to someone- he'll do whatever he needs to do to accomplish whatever it was he gave his word on.  Hiro also tries to make himself available in case the few friends he has need him. Sometimes at some sort of cost.

Likes: Dogs, Snakes, Busty women, Mild Curry, Painting, Swordplay, bit of an Otaku
Dislikes: slugs, spicy food, people that snore, SJWs, Feminists
Goal: Deal with one thing at a time; deal with the obvious threat first; then think about what happens later.
Fears: Abandonment

Background: Hiro was a normal guy really; growing up in a single parent family with his dad after his parents divorced. He had a pretty normal life up until college.  His life was hardly a happy one; he was bullied in his early school years for his quiet and inoffensive nature; then later it was because of his resolution not to cause problems and fight back he was seen as an easy target. He didn't strike back and simply bottled it all up because he was so conscientious of the repercussions of causing fights or lashing out while in school.

Hiro only made a few friends; sticking with other outcasts like himself and never got any attention with any member of the fairer gender. In college he was burned badly a few times by getting played by young women and swore to himself: never again. He'd never open himself up to the possibility of it again. It's why he's so Jaded and distrustful, he hated himself for the weakness and sought to get rid of it. He did; but went the extreme opposite direction to his detriment.

He was attending a school and during an attack by a group of villains out to cause chaos and pillage the school's science labs that had been contracted by the military to do research. Caught in portion of collapsed building when his innate abilities awakened; giving him the power and resilience he needed to both survive the collapse and help get his classmates out of the rubble. Later, he learned that it was because of the pendant he took to wearing after finding it on a college archaeological dig in some ancient ruins.

From that day on he's dedicated himself to taking on the villains of the world so that no other people have to face the terror he experienced and had seen in the others caught up in it. Pretty simplistic reason; he's felt worthless his entire life, not one of the popular kids the school and bullied earlier in life with a crappy self-opinion. Maybe he can make something of himself by doing his best to make the world a little better. Or just plain vent the years of frustration and anger he carries.

Player Ons and Offs: ON's: Oral (Receiving), Anal (Dominant), Vaginal, Doggystyle and Mating press positions, multiple partners, Milf. Offs: Anything bathroom related, vore, guro, death, gokkun, etc

Transformation Device - Dragon Cross: This mysterious pendent is made out of a substance similar to ivory, but much stronger. The three upper branches of the cross are made of a mysterious crystalline substance, with each branch being colored differently: one red, one blue, one golden. By piercing his skin with one of the crystals, Hiro is able to shift into one of his dragon forms.

Draconic Stamina: A mutation that developed due to his unnatural genetics, Hiro is able to withstand a surprising amount of punishment, even while untransformed. He is able to shrug off minor wounds nearly instantly, and things like gunshots and stab-wounds heal after a period of rest. Grevious wounds can still kill him, however. This mutation also allows him to survive the radical shifts in biology caused by his Dragon Installs.

Dragon Infusion- Vritra of Fire: By piercing himself with the red crystal, Hiro takes on the form of a fiery dragon, Vritra. In this form, Hiro resembles a humanoid saurian biped with a long tail, large wings, rams horns and crimson scales. This dragon form grants Hiro enhanced physical strength, enough to let him jump long distances and lift small cars. He can also glide long distances with his wings, as this body is not exactly designed for flight. He is also all but immune to extreme heat and flames both magical and mundane, and has a heightened sense of smell.

Dragon Infusion- Ladon of Water: By piercing himself with the blue crystal, Hiro transforms into the frigid water dragon, Ladon. In this form, Hiro resembles a vaguely serpentine humanoid with blue scales, four arms and a twenty foot long serpent's body for a lower half. This form also has crystalline horns and spikes on its shoulders, jawline and knuckles. This dragon form grants Hiro enhanced mobility, allowing him to swim at incredible speed as well as slither up objects. Its multiple arms and snake-like coils make it punishing in melee combat, and its body is immune to extreme cold. This form can also hold its breath for hours on end, and can withstand the crushing pressures of the ocean's depths.

Dragon Infusion- Wyvern of Thunder: By piercing himself with the yellow crystal, Hiro transforms into the shocking thunder dragon, Wyvern. In this form, Hiro resembles a bipedal humanoid saurian with spiraled horns, four eyes, golden scales and an enormous wingspan easily four times his height. In this form, Hiro is able to fly at surprising speeds with impressive maneuverability. This form's multiple eyes are supernaturally acute, and his vision range easily exceeds that of a bird of prey's. This form is also immune to electrical attacks, and can breathe at extreme altitudes.

Dragon Breath Cannon: As a finisher, Hiro can tap into his Dragon Cross to perform a powerful elemental attack. This attack matches the current dragon form he's in; Vritra unleashes a powerful gout of fire, Ladon breathes out a piercing stream of super-cold frost, and Wyvern exhales a storm of yellow lightning. Each breath can be sustained for several seconds before the power runs dry. Hiro can only perform a Breath once per transformation, and doing so immediately ends that transformation and returns him to human form until the gem's power refreshes.

Equipment: Hiro normally just wears average clothing that's comfortable and durable; but to fight without using his alternate forms he prefers to use two cestus to protect hands and forearms in hand-to-hand. Favors a leather-reinforced longcoat for his torso. His equipment is absorbed into his body when he transforms and can't be used.

Skills: Painting: One of a talents he just grew into, needing only a little guidance; he can produce beautiful landscape paintings using a specific artistic style and does well enough to earn a living on the side of working for Badge/as a Hero.

Archaeologist: One of the majors Hiro studied in college, history had always appealed to him and he thought it would give him a reason to just be away from other people. He'd grown to dislike being around most people.

Advantages: Great Imagination: This allows him to creatively use his abilities and reshape them as he needs; it also serves him well in his more mundane skills.

Tactical Mindset: While not possessing actual leadership qualities; Hiro does possess a talent for tactics and figuring out situations to maximize efffectiveness or efficiency.

Adaptable: Developed mostly from spending a good portion of his life as a victim; he's learned to be adaptable in most situations so he can go with the flow and try to improve things.

Supportive: Hiro, despite his own emotional outburst at times, tends toward being very supportive of his friends and allies; sometimes if it means a bit of self-sacrifice.

Weaknesses Easily Frustrated: Hiro isn't the most patient person in the world. He has little patience for planning, riddles, puzzles or nuance, and will usually take the most direct and blunt route through things. This tends to lead to him doing things like falling into traps or sticking his foot in his mouth at the worst possible times.

Jaded Asshole: Hiro used be easily lead by a pretty face; but after letting it happen three major times in his life (of which he refuses to speak of); he's grown to distrust the idea of romance. He doesn't care enough recognize when members of the opposite gender are making advances. While able to give enough trust to work with women and deal with them on a normal/social/work basis; he purposefully ignores romantic possibilities. This had contributed to the intense loneliness he feels and jealousy seeing others with healthy, happy relationships like that.

Temper: Long years of being bullied have left Hiro with a long fuse but explosive temper. He's easily provoked, but doesn't react to taunting and mockery. Instead, he bottles up the anger and vengeful urges they create. This often leads him to making mistakes, or running headlong into danger, or expending too much energy in a vengeful rage leading to fatigue.

Time Limit: His Dragon Cross has a strict time limit, designed to keep his body from over-clocking on his draconic genetics. Each of his forms can only last for a cumilative time of sixty minutes before the gem has to charge for twenty-four hours.
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Hiro has been approved into the game. Bring him over to the character thread.

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Submission for Steir's review and approval~

Name: Julian Valentine.
Alias: Andreas Tremont
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Stereotype: 'The Magic Hungering Savant'
Player Name: LamentingQuill

Physical Description: {See photo} 5'7 in height, athletically trim physique, 150 lbs in weight.

Personality: Julian is suave, calculating, conniving and far too intelligent for his own (and the worlds) good, some who know him well would most likely call him as deranged and dangerous as he is brilliant. Those individuals would tell you to be wary of what lies beneath his cool, calm and elegant shell... dropping your guard under the wrong circumstances could mean the end for a person.

This handsome mage is slave to his all encompassing craving need for all forms of magical knowledge and power he can get his hands on, he burns for it and will do anything to meet his goals, regardless of what he has to do to get there. Nothing else matters.

Julian was born to the prestigious and well known highborn Valentine family of mages, genius inventors within the magical world, he grew up with no expenses spared towards his education and it paid off well, Julian continued more and more to show rapidly growing talent and genius with the arcane arts with every passing year. It wasn't long before he was the pride and joy of the entire Valentine family, a genuine magical Savant!

Although he was well respected and had everything anyone could ever want in a prosperous life, inside... it  was never enough for Julian... as hard as he tried, he could never be content with himself as he was... he wanted more... he needed it... he craved to be more... greater than all the mages of his entire family...

No... he wanted to be greater than any mage that was or is... all of them, combined even...

Such ambitions were dangerous, he knew that... but he did not care, Julian delved deeply into research of different and varying forms of magic, he has already mastered the four branches of elemental magic, that was easy, even the wild and untamed will of fire magic bent to his will! He needed a greater challenge...

He started with temporal magic, the magic of space and time took patience, time was finicky and the tapestry of fate tricky to unravel without upsetting the flow of time so much that a time paradox was created that could turn the whole world upside down in catastrophic domino effect.
He began in small steps, learning to slow or speed up time by small increments... eventually he learned how to rewind time by a whole hour.

Still continuing his research into the art of temporal magic, Julian began researching... darker things... such as necromancy... how much more powerful and and superior would it make him to be a sorcerer that could defy even death?! It was too tempting to resist...
He used the mages black market to attain the tomes he required and other research materials, he made great advances, learned much... but there was something missing to truly perform the necromatic arts...

Death... Death and sacrifice...

So driven and consumed with his burning obsession... first was sacrificed his cousin, Hector... with his life energy, Julian created a twisted and horrific looking ghoul minion, one bound to obey his every word and command.
This achievement was encouraging, but it wasn't enough for Julian, he wanted to become death's master, he wanted the power to defy or even reserve death altogether...

His twisted experiments continued via insignificant household servants he was sure no one would immediately notice or care about... until Hector's parents came to his family's elegant estate in the American countryside of California looking for their son, Hector had been gone near a month now and was not answering phone calls or any means of magical communication either...

Julian knew his aunt and uncle were going to become a serious thorn in his side if they dug too deep into Hector's disappearance, he couldn't allow them to reveal what he had done... the council of mages would bind him in mana suppressing chains and throw him in prison for practicing the forbidden art... they were going to have to disappear as well...

However... no sense in not making use of them if he had to get rid of them anyway, right?

He lured them into his workroom and murdered them before they had any idea what was about to befall them... they died mercifully at least, feeling no pain or having enough time to realize they were about to die. Small favors.

It wasn't long after that when Julian's parents suffered a similar fate at their son's hands... Julian took all the gruesome minions he'd created and fused them together to create a fearsome wraith, a powerful semi-corporeal undead...

All of this by the time Julian was 18 years old, he was never caught by mage authorities for any of the murders until two years later, when a mysterious tip off led authorities to break into his home and ransack his workroom... they found numerous tomes deemed illegal by the high council of mages and a warrant was issued for Julian's arrest.

They were too late however, as Julian had already fled to Japan with all of the Valentine fortune...

Now in control of a brand new estate on the edges of Tokyo with custom warding created by Julian himself, Julian assumes the false identity of Andreas Tremont and continues his research into temporal, necromancy and many other forms of magic, ever seeking new ways to grow in power and skill.

Player Ons and Offs:

Sexual Yes~ Oral sex (Cunnilingus giving, fellatio receiving), being the dominant,  the sounds a woman makes in the grips of pleasure (that makes him so damn hot), any sexual positions that allow him to watch his lover's    facial expressions. (Ask if uncertain about anything unlisted)

Personal Yes~Knowledge and books, Magic of all kinds, Power, Respect, Wealth, keeping himself looking fabulous, pretty girls with curvy figures, sweet or fruity tasting alcohol and sweet baked goods/confections.

Sexual No~ Anal (giving or receiving), Bathroom related gross stuff, Beastiality, Necrophilia (he animates and creates undead, not fucks them), Guy on Guy (for himself, he has no issues with gays in general at all), pain and torture, heavy bondage and blood. (Ask about anything unlisted if    curious).

Personal No~ Empty headed uneducated individuals, disrespect of books and literature, anti-magic minded people, goody two shoes people, plain faced stick figure girls, sour tasting food and beer.

Powers and Abilities

Elemental magic- The magic revolving around the base 4 elements of Earth, air, fire and water.

Necromancy- The dark forbidden magic revolving around death and undeath.

Temporal magic-The magic revolving around space and time.

Levitation- The ability to levitate himself up to 100 feet in the air and remain there.

{Signature Attack} Shadow ball- a sphere of pure shadow energy that Julian can hurl at his adversaries, contact will result in excruciating pain to those unaligned with the dark side.

Main minion-
: a gruesome semi-corporeal undead created by life energy through multiple acts of murder. Defeat it by either killing Julian or

Immobilizing shriek- From beneath it's black hood, come forth a shriek filling those who hear it with horror and a crippling sensation of icy cold throughout their entire body, the victim is paralyzed with fear for 30 seconds.

Spectral Black Fire Scythe- The wraith can summon to it's bony skeleton hand, a scythe of black fire from the underworld. Dying by this scythe banishes the victim's soul to burn forever in the black fire of the underworld.

Miasma of Death- This creature gives off a miasma of pure death and decay, it's makes those within twenty feet of it feel as if their stomachs are turning and the stench of death ever at those noses for the duration of exposure.

Fodder Minions- Elemental golems:

The kinds Julian uses varies based on the situation...

Earth- Earth based golems are made to look like 4 foot tall treants with whipping branches (defeat them with fire).

Water- The water golems look
like this
and spray harsh jets of water (Use some kind of electricity to electrocute them, they hate it and will submit quickly to make it stop).

Fire- fire golems look
like this
and they use their touch to set things on fire (use water to defeat them).

Air golems
are harder to make and are rarely used because of this, they look like this and hurls balls of violently twisting air at their adversaries    (use earth/dirt to smother it).


Several magical tomes Julian can summon at will, he has some bound to his energy (so not on him, but could be at any time). A high quality cell phone, a couple tiny phials of various poisons, keys to his brand new black ferrari and a wallet with some money and a credit card inside.

After transformation
~ an elaborate black mask and black costume with armor enchanted to protect his vital organs.


Magic Savant- Julian has become so advanced in his magical ability, he no longer needs incantations to do magic, his will and desire is all he needs.

Potion and poison brewing- There is next to nothing Julian has not learned to brew on an expert level, even illegal concoctions.


Vast intellect- Julian is extremely intelligent and it has proven to serve him very well on many, many occasions.

Wealth- The Valentine fortune is HUGE, enabling Julian to live more than comfortably and pay off all the right people to be left to his own devices undisturbed, not to mention live like a king.

Good looks- Julian is a very handsome fellow with an almost feminine quality of beauty to him as most of the Valentine men tended to be, his pleasing appearance has helped out on numerous occasions in a wide variety of ways.

Master sorcerer- Julian is well versed in many branches of magic, he's not an easy adversary to resist.


Anti Mele- Julian is not a physical fighter, if one manages to get past his magical defenses, he would definitely find himself in a tight spot.

Magic dependent- Julian has spent so much time seeped in so much potent magic that he needs it to survive now, cutting him off from magic would kill him if prolonged long enough.