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Author Topic: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines  (Read 6049 times)

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #100 on: June 18, 2018, 03:10:02 PM »
New NPC!

Name: Yasuhiro Alves
Age: 19
Gender: Male 
Stereotype: Psychic Head Sector 1 and Ops Commander
Alias: Rabbit Actual (callsign when serving as operations commander)

Physical Description: Yasuhiro Alves is a handsome young man. He is 5'3", in excellent shape, with dark brown skin and fine features. His long hair is gray-white, and his visible eye (the other is covered by an eye-patch) is a bright amber-brown that looks orange under certain types of light. He dresses well even outside of uniform and carries himself with the confidence of a man twice his age. It's almost enough to make one forget that he was a child soldier.


Mercenary: Yasuhiro really doesn't care about creeds, nationalism or honor. He views his life as a carefully balanced ledger; so long as he's in the black (in a manner of speaking), he's content. Ideals and ideologies fail to sway him. Either give him something he can use, or get the hell out of the way. This is a dog-eat-dog world, after all. Idealism is for children.

Loyal: Despite being a mercenary, Yasuhiro is surprisingly loyal in his own way. Pay him well, treat him with respect, and don't mess with him too much and he'll be your best friend. Pay him poorly (or worse, expect him to work for free), insult him or undercut his authority? Well, there's always other clients. His debt to BADGE keeps the organization in his good graces.

Dominant: Yasuhiro likes being in charge. He likes having power, and really, really doesn't like it when people treat him like he's beneath them. So long as you respect the chain of command and know your position in the hierarchy, then he has no problem with you. However, if you come stepping to him, he will happily put you in your place.

Likes & Dislikes: Yasuhiro likes rum, the smell of gunpowder, a well-carried-out combat op and big-bootied women. He dislikes Americans, rats, poorly-kept equipment, and people who undercut his authority.

Background: Born into poverty from a Japanese mother and a Brazillian father, Yasuhiro was 'acquired' (read: kidnapped) by a company named 'Psiqualia Incorporated.' The company was a front for a transhumanist villain who planned to use Yasuhiro (and many other orphans like him) as a test-bed for developing an army of super-powerful psychic child soldiers.

Yasuhiro ended up being one of the few successful survivors of the villain's program, which involved invasive neurological modification, genetic tampering, pharmacological enhancement and virtual-reality training. He was then put into deep-stimulation virtual reality training which essentially beat him into becoming a soldier. Were it not for the intervention of one Dr. Alves (whom he takes his last name from), Yasuhiro would have been indoctrinated as a loyal slave to the villain's plot for world domination. Yasuhiro managed to escape when a group of heroes stormed the villain's lair, killing him and his successfully indoctrinated super-soldiers.

Unable to adapt to regular civilian life, Yasuhiro turned towards working as a mercenary. He joined a PMC called 'Mustang Combat Solutions Lmtd.' and soon rose through the ranks based on sheer talent alone. His psionic abilities made him one of the most effective commanders in the company's history... until his stash of control drugs ran out. Were it not for him being suggested to BADGE and them discovering his situation, he would likely be institutionalized by now.

Yasuhiro is now in debt to BADGE, a fact that irks him greatly. Though he respects Seikaiju as his superior, he thinks the whole 'save the world' thing that BADGE has going on is a bit childish. Still, a job is a job, and BADGE is paying to keep him sane and healthy.

Yasuhiro is aromantic and has no significant others. He has a small tank of female betta fish he keeps in his office and has trained a few of them to do basic tricks. His hobbies include playing with his fish, meditation, and going to the shooting range.

Powers and Abilities:

Hyperthought: Yasuhiro is able to artificially augment his ability to process and perceive information via a psychic power he refers to as 'hyperthought.' This ability allows him to greatly amplify his perception speed, making the world seem to slow to a crawl so long as he focuses. To him, firefights play out less like a pitched battle and more like a turn-based strategy game. Of course, this only affects his mental and sensory speed: it does nothing to his physical abilities.

Telepathy: Yasuhiro is a trained telepath, able to scan people's surface thoughts quickly and with minimal fuss. He is also able to project a psychic 'voice' to communicate with others. His 'sphere of influence' is about one hundred yards in diameter in all directions, though it's easier for him if he has a line of sight on his target. He can also use this power to ward off psychic intrusion and attempts at possession. Yasuhiro isn't strong enough to dive into the deeper parts of people's psyche, and a stronger psychic can overwhelm him.


ID Badge: As Head of Sector I, Yasuhiro's ID badge allows him access to all areas in his sector as well as areas in other sectors. He, along with the other Sector Heads, is one step below the Director in terms of security clearance.

Sidearm: Yasuhiro carries a BADGE-issued Multipurpose Anti-Minion Sidearm (MAMS), which serves as a combination blaster pistol, stun ray and vibro-knife.

Armor: Yasuhiro typically wears Class 1 Special ENvironment Tactical Armor (Infantry) (SENTA(I)) armor underneath his uniform while on duty.


Tactical Knowledge: Yasuhiro has had practical battlefield experience since a very young age and has experience leading combat operations at the platoon and squadron levels. He is a talented strategist, able to quickly assess and direct strategic operations in changing battlefield conditions.

Combat Training: Yasuhiro is a trained soldier. He is a solid shot and is proficient in a wide variety of firearms, grenades, and knives. He is also a skilled and efficient hand-to-hand fighter and trained in MCMAP. He favors joint manipulation, counterattacking and hand, knee and elbow strikes when fighting hand-to-hand.

Administration: Though he's not particularly fond of it, Yasuhiro is a capable administrator and can keep his people in line. He has a keen eye for detail and does all of his own personal bookkeeping.

Interrogation Techniques: If Yasuhiro wants to know something, he will get it out of someone. He is trained to perform and resist interrogation and is a master of the poker face. If you want to get information out of him, you'll have to use supernatural means or drug him.

Languages: Yasuhiro speaks Japanese, Portuguese, English, and Russian fluently.


Sector Head: Yasuhiro is head of Rabbit Sector, with all the authority that entails. He is also typically the bridge commander for major operations.

Photographic Memory: Yasuhiro's memory is extremely sharp and clear. He is exceptionally good at remembering images he views and text he reads, which he often uses to his advantage. He is not, however, superhuman in this regard.

High Pain Tolerance: Yasuhiro has a staggeringly high pain tolerance, to the point that it becomes unsettling. He can walk through wounds that would incapacitate a civilian, though he still has to deal with the actual effects of his injuries.


Artificial Psion - Yasuhiro is an artificially created psychic. He requires special drugs (currently supplied by BADGE) to maintain control of his powers and prevent them from overwhelming him. Missing his regular dose causes his psychic abilities to constantly stay on, which would probably drive him completely crazy.

Former Child Soldier - Yasuhiro has... issues given his traumatic upbringing. He often has deeply disturbing and detailed nightmares and suffers from PTSD. While he undergoes regular therapy sessions with Snake Sector doctors and is cleared for duty, base personnel are advised to avoid triggering him. His particular triggers include bright strobing lights, objects being moved near his remaining eye, touching his feet, grabbing him from behind and anything involving rats.

Limited Senses - Yasuhiro has a clear blind spot thanks to his missing eye, and has lost hearing in his right ear.
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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #101 on: June 18, 2018, 11:19:59 PM »
Yasuhiro Alves is now cleared for entry. Welcome aboard to the team!

Offline Yurie

Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #102 on: June 19, 2018, 05:19:02 PM »
Name: Aramal Nailo
Age: 501 (Approx. 28 Terran Years)
Gender: Male
Stereotype: Elvish Gearhead and Head of Sheep Sector

Physical Description: Nailo is a handsome, somewhat feminine elvish man with fair skin and messy blonde hair that's often pulled back in a short ponytail. He has long, pointed ears, hazel eyes, long fingers and shapely limbs. He often wears sleeveless shirts under his uniform, as well as a pair of boots made out of what looks like bronze dragon hide. His voice is higher in pitch than what most people expect, and he moves with a grace that most humans are unused to.


Artistic: Form is just as important as function, in Nailo's opinion. So long as something follows a clear aesthetic philosophy (even if it's one he doesn't find personally pleasing), then he respects it. He dislikes things that look like they were just smashed together or sloppily made. Personally, he will take his time to make something aesthetically pleasing unless forced to.

Industrious: Nailo is a bit of a workaholic. You're more than likely going to find him in the workshop or out amongst the sector's labs and work bays than anywhere else. Having nothing to do makes him fidgety, and doing things he views as being unimportant or superfluous drives him up the wall.

Playful: Nailo is a flirt, a tease, and a show-off. He loves having an audience, even if it's just to watch him put something together or fix a broken machine. He mostly likes it for the attention more than anything else.

Likes & Dislikes: Nailo likes the color black, working on machinery, the smell of grease and alcohol. He dislikes workers with poor attitudes, sloppy craftsmanship, insects and abuses of technology.

Background: Nailo is a refugee, an exile originally from a world where a magicratic Empire and a technology-focused Republic went to war. Having been born and grew up in an elven society that tried to harmonize science and sorcery for the betterment of the world, it was only natural that his people (the Sul'elma, in his original language) quickly found themselves in the crossfire between the two factions. Forced to flee for their lives, Nailo's family (along with many of their kin) crossed a planer bridge to a different dimension.

Nailo and his family landed in the Mascot Realm, where they applied for asylum amongst the small and cuddly inhabitants of the realm. They were of course, granted sanctuary, and slowly built their own small city in the area the Mascot Council designated for their use. Though both the elves and the mascots got along decently, there was always some slight tensions due to the elves' position as refugees and cultural differences between the species.

As he grew up, Nailo learned from the mascots that there was a world of humans, and was allowed to visit the mysterious place called 'Earth.' He found himself excited by the possibilities that the world offered in terms of technology and soon began surreptitiously bouncing back and forth between the two worlds, combining the magic he learned from his family and the mascots with Earth technology. It was because of this that Kurara suggested Nailo to Director Seikaiju as a possible candidate for BADGE.

Nailo now works for BADGE as the head of Sheep Sector, overseeing the production and maintenance of the organization's technology. While grateful to Dr. Kurara, he's wary of her and Dr. Kleinerman's ongoing hostilities. After all, he'd seen what a war between magic and science did to his people...

Nailo likes both men and women but doesn't intend on dating humans (stupid elvish longevity). He owns a cat; a cybernetically-enhanced Maine Coon named Gertrude. His hobbies include tinkering, slight-of-hand magic, and customizing his car.

Powers and Abilities:

Technomagic: Nailo is skilled in creating magitech, the rare breed of machinery that combines and harmonizes sorcery and super-science. While he himself isn't good at directly producing these wonders, he's quite capable of guiding and helping design it. So far, he has created only three or four pieces of Magitech (including his car Serra and the Ikaruga super-fighters).

Ritual Magic: Nailo is able to perform simple enchantments and transmutations using magical rituals. While not useful in a combat situation, the usefulness of such support magic should not be discounted.


ID Badge: As Head of Sheep Sector, Nailo's badge grants him access to the entire sector and several other areas. Nailo, along with his fellow Sector Heads, is one step below the Director in terms of security clearance.

Armor: Nailo usually wears Class 1 Special ENgagement Tactical Armor (Infantry Model) (SENTA(I)) to supplement his uniform when dealing with hazardous manufacturing.

BADGE Vehicles: Nailo has full access to all vehicles in the BADGE motor pool and is licensed for their use and deployment.

Serra: Nailo's baby. Serra is Nailo's personal vehicle. Originally built on the chassis of a Ford Mustang, Serra combines both magic and ultratech to create one of the most dangerous and stylish vehicles on the road. The entire body and tires are constructed of ultratech materials, and the engine is a high horsepower hybrid engine. Numerous glyphs inside the cockpit suppress centrifugal force and extreme G-forces, while the seemingly decorative glyphs painted in racing stripes down the center of the black car project a powerful forcefield when needed. The car is also equipped with magical jump-jets, alchemical nitrous oxide injectors, and a trunk that's much bigger on the inside than the outside. Nobody except Nailo can drive it due to the enchantments placed on the steering wheel.


Mechanic: Nailo knows the ins-and-outs of every vehicle and machine in Sheep Sector and is a skilled multi-disciplinary mechanic. He knows how to fix nearly any mundane device, and a substantial number of ultratech machines and devices as well. He's particularly fond of cars.

Occult Knowledge: As a magitech mechanic, Nailo has a working knowledge of a wide variety of magical fields, though his theoretical knowledge is somewhat limited. He's familiar with basic spellcraft, theurgy, and enchantments, though he's uncomfortable working anything beyond that.

Wheelman: Nailo is a skilled driver, capable of driving through hostile combat zones without so much as a scratch. Some of the stuff he can make vehicles do borders on the supernatural when he's at the helm.

Pilot: Nailo is a licensed pilot with more hours under his belt than most humans have in a lifetime. He is capable of flying most of the aircraft at BADGE's disposal (including the Ikarugas, if necessary), though he usually doesn't get the chance to.

Administrator: Nailo runs a tight shop and serves as a reasonably good administrator of his Sector. He has a bit of an ego and can butt heads with some of his more hot-headed employees, but everyone knows that he's the boss.


Sector Head: Nailo is the current head of Sector II, with all the responsibilities and authority that entails.

Elvish Physiology: Nailo is an elf from a fantasy world and is somewhat different from humans. His lifespan is currently estimated at about 1300 years, and his senses of hearing and touch are heightened compared to a human's. He can see in very dim light as easily as a human can in daylight. He requires less sleep than a human; four hours to the typical eight. He also possesses an average, though still usable 'wellspring' of magical potential.

Pretty: You have to admit, Nailo is a very, very pretty man. He's more than happy to pose for photos, and more than a few female (and male) mechanics and workers in Sheep Sector have a signed photo of him without his shirt on.


Ego - Nailo has a bit of an ego about him. He tends to react poorly when someone critiques his work, and his temper has more than once gotten him into trouble with the Director. He's also got a tendency to fall for compliments or attention.

Melancholy - For all his teasing and flirting and playboy attitude, Nailo is acutely aware that he will very likely outlive most of the people he works with. As such, he tends to keep people at arm's length and rarely forms deep attachments with others. When alone, he is often given to moping and melancholy.

Magic Weaknesses - Nailo isn't very good at resisting magical compulsions and hypnotism. Also, negative-energy or dark magic will definitely wreck him more than a normal human.
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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #103 on: June 19, 2018, 06:52:33 PM »
Nailo is now cleared for entry to Sheep Sector.


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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #104 on: June 19, 2018, 08:11:16 PM »
Name: Maya Tanaka
Age: 33
Gender: Female 
Stereotype: The Completely Average Head of Forest Sector

Physical Description: Maya Tanaka is an unremarkable-looking Japanese woman in her early thirties. She has short, dark-brown hair that is cut fashionably but not stylishly, she has brown eyes, and an average build for a woman of her age and ethnicity. She typically wears conservative suits, blouses, and skirts while at work, and dresses neatly and comfortably when out of the office. She typically wears flats. She has a nice voice, but otherwise, nothing else stands out about her.


Normal: Maya is probably the most normal person working for BADGE. Her interests are normal, her dislikes are normal, and her appearance is... normal. Despite what she believed during her brief stint of chuunibyou during middle school, she is unremarkable. She has no alien DNA, supernatural abilities, cybernetic enhancements, psychic powers or genetic abnormalities. She's never been a mech pilot, magical girl or anything other than a regular person. She is also acutely aware of this fact.

Average: While Maya is good at her job, she often feels completely unremarkable when compared with her various co-workers. Considering her boss is a magical girl, and her fellow Sector Heads consist of a psychic former child soldier, an elvish techno-wizard, a mad scientist, a tactless super-hacker, a magical mascot, a part-alien squid woman and a literal 'dog of the military,' it's hard to fault her.

Advocate: Maya is in charge of the sector with the largest civilian population in the base. She is driven to do her job well and make sure her 'people's' voices are heard. Sure, some of the things she brings up aren't as dramatic or extreme when compared to the concerns of other sectors, but that doesn't make them any less important in her eyes.

Likes & Dislikes: Maya likes karaoke, green tea, flowers and children. She dislikes natto, bad news, weird people and talking to the press.

Background: Maya had a normal childhood growing up in Hino City, Tokyo. From a young age, she wanted to pursue politics, with the intention of becoming a member of the national Diet. She went to a good high school, graduated and went to a good college, got married, and started a promising career as a local politician. Her campaigns were small, but she seemed genuine and definitely seemed like a woman of the people. She even got elected a few times.

And then BADGE happened.

When the Director went looking for someone to oversee the civilian-focused sector of the base, none of the various politicians wanted to be a part of it. They did, however, end up suggesting a promising young woman who seemed like just the fit for BADGE's needs. Though initially reluctant, Maya agreed that someone had to help the people of BADGE City and serve as their representative.

And then she met her co-workers.

Maya's life has not been the same since. Though her service is admirable, Maya continues to feel out of her depth. Every night, she goes to bed wondering why she of all people was chosen for this job. Still, she gets up every morning ready to go to work.

Maya is married to her husband Jiro (who works as an IT administrator in Tokyo) and has a four-year-old son named Akira. Her family doesn't own any pets. Her hobbies include playing with her son, karaoke, and gardening.

Powers and Abilities: None. Maya is a completely average human.


ID Badge: Maya's ID Badge grants her access to all areas in her Sector and certain areas outside it. She, like all the other Sector Heads, is one step below the Director in terms of security clearance.


Administrator: Maya is one of the more competent administrators in BADGE's hierarchy. She runs Sector 0 like the city it resembles and is really good at listening and talking to the people she cares for. She lacks the extreme personality traits and/or idiosyncrasies that her fellow Sector Heads have, and her subordinates have nothing but positive things to say about her.

Politician: Maya has experience as a politician and knows when, where and how to grease the wheels of Japan's political culture. She's not half-bad at campaigning either. She might have a good chance at the Diet before joining BADGE.

Gardening: Maya is pretty good at raising plants. She has a small garden she raises herbs and flowers in as a hobby.


Sector Head: As Head of Sector 0, Maya has all the responsibilities and privileges that come with it.

Common Sense: If Maya has one advantage, it would be that she's the most sensible person on the Council. If someone proposes something ludicrous or crazy, she's the one that shouts 'are you out of your mind?!' Sometimes it pays to be the voice of reason.


Jealous - Deep down, Maya is envious of all the strange, special and powerful people she works with on a day-to-day basis. If you get her drunk enough, she'll even admit that she wants to be special too.

Mere Mortal - Maya is an average human, and doesn't have any special protections or defenses.

Family - Maya loves her family very much. And we all know what happens to families when there are villains around.
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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #105 on: June 19, 2018, 08:58:59 PM »
Let us welcome Maya to the party. Try not to make her feel insecure.


Online LamentingQuill

Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #106 on: June 19, 2018, 09:35:27 PM »
You'll have my villain in your hands tomorrow afternoon, Steir, D&D ran late and my brain is blah. It was a good session though :)

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #107 on: June 19, 2018, 09:44:00 PM »

Online Idlewyld

Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #108 on: June 19, 2018, 11:18:39 PM »

Online JoanieSappho

Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #109 on: June 24, 2018, 07:09:56 AM »
And an NPC, probably for Premier's use, mostly. Or around Premier, anyway.

Name: Farrah Day
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Stereotype: Devoted Servant
Physical Description: Not quite as tall as her mistress, Farrah has a rather full figure that she sees little reason not to show off when around her mistress, vainly hoping that the other woman will notice her body. Otherwise, she tends to dress in a somewhat similar way to her mistress, although she tends to favour suit shirts and longer skirts.
Her blonde hair is typically worn long and loose, although she does make sure to tie is securely up when she knows she will need to and, while working, her golden brown eyes are usually kept behind a pair of glasses that help her focus on her work.
In her other form, her hair always seems to find a way free from its bindings, somehow managing to grow a little although it stays the same colour. Her limbs lengthen and both her hands and feet end in dangerously sharp claws, a pair of equally sharp fangs peeking from between her lips. Large feathery wings sprout from her arms and her eyes shift to a bloody red.
When she goes out in this form her clothing is extremely minimal, only barely concealing the form that she designed solely for the service of her mistress, a large collar around her neck proudly proclaiming her complete subservience to the woman she serves.

Obsessed: Vanessa de Graff is the single most important thing in Farrah's life. She does have quite honest and sincere romantic feelings towards the other woman, but those are caught up in a deep, twisted obsession that would normally have resulted in criminal charges.  Perhaps, though, her mistress appreciates the devotion, or simply sees her as useful or, perhaps, gets enough of an ego boost from knowing that Farrah's room is full of pictures of her, along with a fullsized body pillow and what could be described as a small shrine.
Vanessa was, almost certainly, quite right in banning her from doing anything with any of her genetic material, as she'd probably have impregnated herself with it by this point.

Mania: Between her obsession and the slight exposures to Zero Point Energy the seem to occur often when working with her mistress, Farrah has developed some ... quirks in her behaviour. She idolizes Vanessa and will quite literally do anything she asks of her, while behaving sweet and loving towards her, but around others her behaviour bounces erratically between that of a lovestruck schoolgirl and a cold, vindictive cruelty, often within moments of each other.
She quite frequently will spend hours without rest or nourishment working on plans to make Vanessa happy or notice her, almost all of which fail utterly, only for the next to begin immediately without any sort of concern over the apparent futility of her efforts.

Submissive: While some obsessive people seek to take and control the object of their obsession, Farrah is quite the opposite, having given herself utterly to Vanessa the moment she was given the chance. Her transformed state has a collar for a reason, after all, and she much prefers following the orders of her mistress and leaving all the thinking to her. Vanessa is much better at such things than her, and Farrah finds comfort in that fact.
She just wishes her mistress would hurry up and make full use of her, already.
Still, any order given to her by Vanessa will be followed, even if she has to injure herself in the process. Or worse, although things have not reached that stage yet.
She fully and honestly agrees with Vanessa's claims of superiority, and takes her punishments as her due for not living up to the expectations of her mistress.

Background: Like many budding young female scientists, Farrah was affected quite deeply by the explosive entrance of Vanessa de Graff into public awareness.
Of course, while most in her situation were simply emboldened and motivated by the success of this women, Farrah's response was a bit stronger. And closer to an obsession with a bit of stalking thrown in
Naturally, she found a way to offer to work for the beautiful woman and eagerly accepted every demand made of her, not showing the slightest concern or hesitation as they became decreasingly legal, ethical or, really, sane. Finding out her employer's true nature and methods meant nothing to Farrah. She simply want to be near her, to serve her as closely and completely as she absolutely could, even to the point of altering her own biology to ensure that her mistress would have an absolutely loyal protector and agent at her command.
Now, if only Vanessa could just forget about that Coils woman and realise that Farrah was here for her ...

Powers and Abilities
Zero Point Energy: While her exposure to the energy that has made her mistress into what she is has been quite minimal, comparatively, it has had some small effects on Farrah, although not remotely to the same extent as Vanessa's enhancements. Still, her already intelligent mind was boosted even as it was warped further.
Flight: While her wingspan is quite insufficient to allow for flight in normal gravity, Farrah found a way around that after a dose of her mistress' energy. Said way makes absolutely no sense and really should not work but, clearly, it does. Somehow.
Ridiculously Sharp Claws: A rather ingenious bit of work on Farrah's part, all four sets of claws in her transformed state are far sharper than they look, able to threaten even armoured opponents.
After all, she knows she'll need to rip that bitch out of her tin can before she can make her suffer for daring to occupy as much of her mistress' attention as she does, and Farrah has prepared accordingly.

Drones: While she lacks any of her own, she knows where Vanessa keeps her drone supply and will, if she thinks it necessary, borrow a few.

Smarts: While, obviously, not at the heights of her brilliant mistress, or even that of her pathetic former partner, Farrah is an extremely intelligent young woman, capable of advancing her field quite dramatically if she could focus her attention on that, rather than on pleasing Vanessa.
Singing: Something of a hobby of hers even before she discovered her mistress, Farrah has a remarkably good singing voice and, in hopes of pleasing Vanessa, has practised significantly to hone her skills in this regard.
Martial Arts: Farrah takes the protection of her mistress quite seriously and, just as she perfected her singing for Vanessa's pleasure, she has dedicated herself to protecting her from harm,  and has made sure that she has been trained to a level where she could do so.

Obsession: Vanessa is all that matters to Farrah, even before her slight exposure to Zero Point Energy affecting her mind and it is nigh impossible for anything to keep her from at least attempting to protect or obey her mistress. Her dependence on the other woman gives her a surprising amount of strength in such situations and, mentally, it's really not worth trying to influence her against her mistress - her brain seems to be permanently hardwired to serve Vanessa now.
Speed: Farrah has enhanced her speed and reaction times, and her transformation increases these aspects even further, boosting her well beyond what is humanly possible.
Heightened Senses: Likewise, Farrah's eyes and ears have been modified to expand their ranges far beyond what they once were. Her sense of taste has likewise been enhanced, although this is of less immediate use most of the time.
It does play into the slight oral fixation she has, though.

Obsessed: While her obsession with her mistress ensures that she will never deviate from her instructions and pursue her goals relentlessly, it also means that she will not deviate from her instructions even if she really should, and that any other concerns, or instructions from anyone that isn't Vanessa are mostly meaningless to her. Titaria might tell her something, Black Cosmos might give her an order, but she really doesn't care what they have to say.
The idea of not completing her orders in order to preserve resources or, indeed, her own safety, is likewise beyond her.
Clumsy: While fast and agile, Farrah is not actually all that coordinated, her nimble movements often ending in a wall, floor or random passerby. She also seems almost supernaturally drawn to any delicate or fragile objects in the vicinity, despite her best efforts.
On the other hand, the nearly completely random blur of feathers and claws she turns into is made somewhat more dangerous by its unpredictability.
Monologuing: She's not quite as bad as her mistress, but she can't resist an opportunity to preach the superiority of Vanessa and to make it painfully clear how bad everyone else should feel for not giving her mistress what she wants and deserves.
Glass Cannon: While she can pose a bit of a threat, Farrah has neglected to provide herself with any sort of defense, enhanced or otherwise. She's slightly tougher than a regular human but, at the sort of levels her opponents operate at, the difference is mostly academic. If anyone can land a good, clean hit on her, that's usually enough to at least injure her.

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #110 on: June 24, 2018, 09:20:27 AM »
First villain NPC has appeared! What sort of love triangle will occur?

Offline Guancyto

Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #111 on: July 06, 2018, 03:06:01 AM »
Name: Jane Smith
Age: That's a very sensitive question, isn't it?
Gender: Female
Stereotype: The Amazing Transforming Robot!!!
Alias: HARLIE (Heroic Analog Replication, Lethetic Intelligence Engine)
Player Name: Guancyto

Physical Description: In Covert Mode, Jane Smith is relatively unassuming. She stands at a modest 4'10", with a slight build, modest breasts and good, lean muscles. She still has waist-length white hair, though. She's not going to compromise on that for the sake of staying discreet. Her fashion choices aren't particular ostentatious either, with sensible jackets and pants. Or maid outfits. She actually has a truly terrifying number of maid outfits. Look, a girl's gotta have a thing, okay?

Transformed, wings unfold from her back and compartments in her body open to reveal weapons, tools, and a BADGE technician's lunch that they put down inside her chassis and forgot this morning.

She's also mastered the art of robo-costume-changes, so in Overt Mode it's time for short skirts, thigh-high stockings, bustiers and other highly impractical wear. Gotta give a little something for the fans!

Perky - every day is a grand day to be alive! It beats the alternative so much, which is an existentially terrifying void that she's hahaha just really just not going to think about.
Technical - she can't really get around being incredibly technical. She's a robot. "Technical" is how she puts one foot in front of the other. This makes her useful when troubleshooting a network outage, but it also drives her to new heights of pedantry as everything has to be technically correct, the best kind of correct.
Capitalist - sue her, she was designed to be a flagship project. She will do everything to keep the company afloat, and everything is an opportunity for raising more capital! Actually don't sue her, the lawyers' fees would be obscene even if her case was bulletproof.

Background: HARLIE the Amazing Transforming Robot!!! was the last, great joint project of Tess L. Coils and Vanessa De Graff before one spiraled into villainy and the other spiraled into alcoholism drinking momma juice! A true general artificial intelligence and an example of what those two titans of industry could have accomplished together, HARLIE the Amazing Transforming Robot!!! fights evil in the name of justice and truth and merchandising!

She was also the final step into the pair's experimentation into Zero Point Energy; she uses a highly-controlled ZPE generator to power her systems that puts her strength well below Vanessa's, with the slight benefit of not being driven crazy by unlimited power.

Player Ons and Offs: I've got a list! Also, cute dates.

Transformation Device: Zero Point Energy Generator
In civilian mode the limiters have slowed the flow of power to a trickle so as to eliminate the corrupting influence that claimed Vanessa, but are sufficient to run her systems without ever needing to recharge. When she needs to act she releases locks on it and gains tremendous power, but she can't draw on it too much. No. That would be dangerous.

Powers and Abilities
Flight - Her wings are a technological marvel that HARLIE designed herself, she can take flight upon wings of will! And also thrust. The thrust is more important than the will.
Hidden Compartments - She can hide all sorts of things on her person that should be physically incapable of going inside her. Functionally this means she has an absolutely stupid carrying capacity and always has the right tool for the job.
Arm Cannon - Why did you think she wasn't going to have an arm cannon? It's mandatory. She has an arm that turns into a cannon that fires energy blasts. The contours of it are perfectly calculated to avoid copyright infringement. She's working on figuring out a way to steal arm cannon weapons from other robots  but the legal issues surrounding that have put it on hold for a while.
Zero Point Energy Release - Safety's off! This increases speed, strength, cannon power and repairs her! It's a dangerous and corrupting influence, though, and only gets worse the more of it is used in a short period of time. Physical and psychological recuperation is necessary if she's tapped too heavily into this power.

Drones - She is a drone control platform, with incredible multitasking ability. The drones also have cannons, in case you were wondering. They're pretty flimsy, though.
Chainsword! - She has a chainsword. She may or may not be a massive nerd for even trying to get that to work. But she did it anyway.
Cables, manacles and assorted restraints - Bring the criminal scum in alive!

Computers - She is a computer. Designed by two of the great geniuses of the age, she's technologically adept on par with them, even if she doesn't have the same creativity. Yet.
Engineering - She was brought up by Tess. She is, just, stupidly good at building things.
Video Games - She has beaten Battletoads and doesn't see what the big deal is.


Mental Quickness - She is a computer. She can calculate, analyze, cross-reference and index things incredibly quickly.
Durability - Zero Point Energy makes her incredibly tough! Hits that should bring down a building will send her flying, but she'll be back for more!
Unlimited Stamina (In Civilian Mode) - A trickle of ZPE is enough to keep her going in Civilian Mode from now until Judgment day. If all she had to do was build things all day she'd never have to take a break, ever.


Poor Stamina (In Transformed Mode) - On the other hand, the torrent of ZPE required for superpowered combat means she needs to really pace herself so she isn't overwhelmed by it. If seriously pressed, compared to her comrades she'll be the one tapping out first ten times out of ten.
Still a Robot - She is hardened against EMP attacks and cyberwarfare, but compared to an organic who doesn't have to worry about them at all this does present a significant vulnerability.
Sap - She is a sap. She is a sappy sap who saps sap. Not only does this make her vulnerable to sappers, but also to villains who tug at the heartstrings.
Money - Did someone say money? She'll do a lot of things for money.
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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
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I hereby approve this proof of relationship between Tess and Vanessa.

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
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Did a bit of a collab for Shineon's nemesis and here we go! They come as a pair.

Name: Wailing Dark Senshi, Helleon
Age: 20's (?)
Gender: Female
Stereotype: Magical Soldier of Pain and Despair
Player Name:

Physical Description: Helleon is a spectacular image of femininity and a dark mirror to Shineon. She stands at six feet even, with toned muscles and an hourglass figure that defies both physics and anatomy; her bustline is enormous, her hips rounded and firm, her waist narrow and well-toned. Her hair is long, straight and jet black, spilling down to her knees and swirling slightly when she moves. Her eyes are brilliant ruby-red and glow ominously. Her skin is pale to the point of looking unhealthy, which only makes her eyes and hair stand out that much more. She is dressed in a skin-tight dark indigo leotard that leaves little to the imagination. Her arms and legs are covered with night-black armored gauntlets and greaves, with additional plates on her sides, neck, cheeks and back. A purple-marbled black gem is set into her armor, just above her cleavage.


Sadistic: Helleon is not nice. Helleon is not your friend. Helleon enjoys hurting people. While she enjoys psychological or emotional pain the most, she isn't above indulging in physical pain via casual violence as well. She doesn't view this as a fetishistic act (though the pleasure she derives from it does excite her), but as a necessary and important duty that she must carry out to further her goals.

Nihilistic: To Helleon, things like hopes and dreams are pointless. There is no greater purpose to mortal life than to suffer, weep, and fall into despair. Attempting to improve the future or change things for the better is a fool's errand. Words of encouragement and inspiration are, to her, the idealistic prattling of idiots who think they can rise above the laws of the world. There is nothing that Helleon enjoys more than ruining such things.

Empty: Aside from the brief moments of joy she derives from filling the world with despair or rage when she's actually wounded, Helleon is fundamentally empty inside. When she smiles, it doesn't reach her eyes. When she laughs, its hollow and cold. She weeps crocodile tears when she's sad, and when she shows affection it carries all the sincerity of a jaded prostitute's caress. There are brief moments when... something stirs inside her, but otherwise she is as empathic as a chunk of rock.

Likes & Dislikes: Helleon likes hurting people, darkness, classical music and Black Cosmos. She dislikes positivity, inspirational speeches/speakers, people in love and cute things.

Background: There are dark powers in the universe that want to swallow all life on this blue planet. Some are technological, some are magical. Some are man-made, while some are terrifying, eldritch forces beyond the ken of mortal minds. Some seek destruction, some seek corruption, others seek exploitation. All of them are actively malevolent.

One such force is The Wailing Dark. An unanthropic force of misery, darkness and despair, The Wailing Dark seeks to extinguish the power of hopes and dreams, especially on the little blue planet called Earth. Initially, it did this through a group of agents known as the Suffering Syndicate. Fortunately, the Suffering Syndicate was defeated by the Light of Hope's wielder, the Shining Senshi, Shineon.

Of course, that wasn't going to stop The Wailing Dark. Now, after a long period of silence, The Wailing Dark has created a new champion: one that will seek out and destroy the Light of Hope, and crush the dreams and hopes of humanity. Her name is the Wailing Dark Senshi, Helleon.

Helleon's identity is shrouded in secrecy. Nobody has ever seen her leave her Transformed state, not even the villains. BADGE has no record of her secret identity, but there have been reports of her activities going on for a few months now. She willingly serves Black Cosmos, though her goal of bringing humanity to true despair may eventually come into conflict with the darkened hero's ultimate objective.

Powers and Abilities

Supernatural Strength - Helleon is ridiculously strong. She can easily punch through solid steel, suplex freight trains, and jump over tall buildings with a light hop. She rarely feels the need to hold back her monstrous strength, though she will if there is the prospect of prolonging her target's misery.

Supernatural Speed - Escaping Helleon is like trying to outrun your own shadow. She can move fast enough that she resembles a black blur (though the ominous, glowing red contrail of her eyes gives it away) and can easily outpace race cars and bullet-trains. She can block and dodge bullets and unleash devastating barrages of punches and kicks.

Supernatural Stamina - Helleon is a monster to fight. She can shrug off tank shells, run at full speed for hours, and even survive being exposed to some of the most hostile environments on Earth. She can even survive a Finisher, though she won't be nearly as strong afterward.

Dark Empathy - One of Helleon's most dangerous powers. Helleon is suffused by the power of the Wailing Dark and thus constantly radiates an aura of pure negativity. This power also allows her to both detect and exacerbate existing negative feelings just by proximity alone: fear becomes crippling terror, irritation blooms into screaming rage and sadness devolves into soul-crushing despair. While normal people and minions are vulnerable to the passive effect, she must concentrate on a single target in her line of sight in order to affect a major NPC or PC.

Be Devoured By Darkness! HELLSINKER DEEP IMPACT! - Helleon's signature attack, Hellsinker Deep Impact is a darker, more empowered version of Shineon's finishing move. Helleon channels the Wailing Dark into her extremities, causing her gauntlets and greaves to open and reveal gnashing maws of crystalline teeth and eldritch magical arrays. Helleon then strikes the ground, locking the space between her and her target into a gothic landscape of purple light and black crystal from which escape is incredibly difficult. She then leaps toward her victim and delivers a single kick, channeling the Dark into and around them. The strike not only buffets the target with powerful dark magic but forces them to relive their greatest failure or worst memory in a brutal psychic assault.

Summon Shades - Helleon has the power to summon minions from the Wailing Dark. These creatures, called Shades, are slender humanoids made of solidified darkness. Shades are faceless and expressionless, save for their glowing dark blue eyes. They are typically dressed in snappy black suits with dark blue shirts. While physically weaker and more fragile than most minions (they're only as strong as a normal human, and easily crushed), they make up for it in speed and intelligence.

Conjure Silhouette - When a more dangerous foe is required, Helleon can create a monster called a Silhouette. Two things are required to conjure a Silhouette: there must be a human target in the grips of a strong negative emotion (such as fear, sadness or anger) and Helleon must have an object relevant to that target's emotional trigger. The transformation sucks the humanity and negativity out of the target (rendering them comatose) and transfers it into the object, turning it into a ten-to-fifteen foot tall, vaguely gothic monster with relevant powers derived from the object used. Destroying the Silhouette reawakens the victim.


Nightmare's Moon - The source of Helleon's power. The Nightmare's Moon is a roughly circular black crystal with purple marbling that serves as her connection to the Wailing Dark. The gem is set into her neck armor, just above her breasts.

Despair's Armaments: Hellsinker - Helleon's primary weapon. Hellsinker is the collective name for the ornate, black metal gauntlets and greaves she wears. Hellsinker modifies Helleon's unarmed strikes, charging them with dark energy and causing them to emit sprays of purple sparks when they strike a target. They also contain the eldritch arrays used in her Hellsinker Deep Impact.

Despair's Implement: Anguish Territory - One of Helleon's special tools. This fifteen-inch rod of blackened metal is studded with dark blue gems and capped with a large, spindle-shaped cloudy amethyst flanked by a pair of unfurled bat wings. By stabbing the rod into the ground, Helleon creates an enclosed space roughly fifty yards in diameter. This space traps her and whoever she wishes inside it, turning the landscape into a gothic mirror of the existing area with structures coated in purple crystal and a swirling black and indigo sky. The Anguish Territory can be breached from the outside with sufficient force, and dislodging the rod from its spot also breaks the spell.

Despair's Raiment: Dolorous Cloth - Helleon's main armor. The Dolorous Cloth is the dark indigo armored leotard that covers her body, and is made up of energy from The Wailing Dark. The Dolorous Cloth isn't impregnable, but it does serve to protect Helleon from light and energy-based sources of damage like lasers and holy magic.


Psychology: Helleon has a talent for psychological manipulation. She's skilled at cold-reading people and intuiting things about them, often focusing on their fears and anxieties to make them easier targets to crush. Because of this, her taunts and threats tend to cut deeper than your average villain's banter.

Music: Helleon, surprisingly, is a technically gifted musician. She favors stringed instruments like the violin and cello. While extremely skilled, her playing lacks legitimate passion and emotion.


Unfettered: Helleon has next to no scruples or hard limits. Nothing is sacred to her; she fights dirty and brutally, casually puts civilians in danger, destroys sacred relics and stomps repeatedly on her victim's triggers once she finds them. She casually disregards any 'rules' that other villains may follow, so long as she achieves her objective.

Pain Tolerance: Helleon's tolerance for pain is... unsettling. Even if an attack gets through her preternatural toughness, there's no real guarantee it'll make her stop. She's the sort of person who will keep punching you even after you break both of her arms. The only things that really give her pause are supernatural attacks or her weaknesses.

Intimidating: Thanks to a combination of her Dark Empathy, casual violence, staggering charisma and her clear unfettered personality, Helleon is in many ways legitimately terrifying. She's like a hardened criminal or serial killer, but with supernatural powers and even fewer limits.


Allergic to Positivity - Because of her ties to The Wailing Dark. Helleon literally cannot stand strong positive emotions. When faced with genuine joy, kindness or love, she reacts like a vampire does to garlic; they physically repulse her, making her dizzy, weak and sick to her stomach. The longer she's exposed to such things, the sicker and weaker she becomes. If given the chance, she will likely flee in order to recover and plot her revenge.

Obsession: Despair - Helleon is single-minded in her pursuit of spreading despair, to the point that she takes unnecessary risks. If there's an opportunity to draw out or extend a target's misery and suffering, she will take it, even if there are more efficient or practical routes she could take. If given a choice between accomplishing a goal that would improve the alliance's position or accomplish a goal that would cause suffering and fear, she will always pick the latter option.

Lack of Empathy - Being an empty and hollow person, Helleon doesn't 'get' emotion. She doesn't understand why people seek to improve themselves when they should rightly be filled with despair. She can't figure out why people help and sympathize with others when a disaster happens. She also underestimates things like hope, friendship, loyalty between teammates and fighting spirit. In a setting where such tropes are active and powerful forces in the world, this is a terrible mistake.

Hard Limit - Helleon's power has hit a major plateau, though she hasn't realized this yet. Whether it's because the Wailing Dark is chewing on her personal magical wellspring or because she lacks the drive to improve herself, Helleon can't grow any more powerful without outside assistance. She has literally reached a hard limit on her powers.

Brute - Helleon is a terror when fought in combat. However, she is also clearly not trained in formal hand-to-hand combat. She obviously relies on her (often) superior physical strength, speed and stamina to crush her opponents, eschewing technique in favor of brawling. If she were to forced to fight an equally strong opponent who has been trained in fighting, she can be overcome.

Body Figure Picture

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
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Name: Jean-Baptiste Kurohagane
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Stereotype: Rich Playboy With A Dark Side
Player Name:

Physical Description:

Jean-Baptiste is as close to a bishounen as most people see in real life. Half French, Half Japanese, Jean is tall and slim with flawless skin, golden hair and sparkling green eyes. He is always dressed fashion-forward, preferring to dress in popular, slightly androgynous fashion. He has a charming smile, an infectious laugh, and an overwhelmingly magnetic charisma that sucks women (and more than a few men) into his circle of hangers-on. He moves like a dancer, and never seems to get stressed by anything no matter what happens. In private, however, he is brooding and melancholic at the best of times.


Charming: Jean-Baptiste is cheerful, playful and easy-going. He projects a sense of joie-de-vivre when he's around others, and always has someone hanging off his arm or his every word. He happily hosts salons and goes to parties and clubs. Everyone wants to be around him.

Clever: Jean-Baptiste is quick-witted and playful with his words. He always has a smart complement to offer or comment to add to a conversation. He rarely misses the chance to have the last word, and his quips often elicit laughter and praise from his peers.

False: Nearly everything about Jean-Baptiste is fake. His outward kindness, charm and charisma is almost entirely a facade meant to fool others that he's a normal, well-adjusted human being. If one were to pay close attention, one could see an odd artificiality in his cheerful mood. His smile rarely reaches his eyes, and his complements could easily be read as backhanded.

Likes & Dislikes: Jean-Baptiste likes night-time, quiet, expensive things and classical music. He dislikes himself, positivity, pastels and anything cute.

Background: Born to a wealthy French heiress and a Japanese industrialist, Jean-Baptiste Kurohagane grew up wanting for nothing as far as material goods went. He was considered exceptional even at a young age, attending the most prestigious schools in France and Japan, with the expectation that he would exceed all expectations. And exceed he did. It seemed that Jean-Baptiste's life was truly charmed.

A pity that it didn't stay that way.

When Jean-Baptiste was eleven, his parents and several other family members were killed in a plane crash. He, miraculously, survived, but the experience clearly changed him. He isolated himself from his peers and former friends, preferring private tutors to school of any sort. When he did attend school (one of the most prestigious institutions in Tokyo), he did so silently and with little passion, keeping himself aloof from the other students but excelling in his studies. It's entirely possible that Jean-Baptiste certainly showed signs that not all was right with him; signs that his doting nannies and teachers either ignored or missed during his development.

As a young adult, Jean-Baptiste is every inch a wealthy, privileged socialite, surrounding himself with friends, admirers, and hangers-on. He basks in the privilege of his wealth and position. He seems perfectly at ease and charming, but there's something off about him. Is it just him being a broody loner, or is there something darker at work?

Player Ons and Offs:

Powers and Abilities
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
See Helleon for Powers and Abilities.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
See Helleon for Equipment


General Education - Jean-Baptiste has a wide and varied education even before he began attending university. He's knowledgeable is a wide variety of fields, with an emphasis on psychology and economics. He also speaks fluent French, English, and Japanese.

Music: Jean-Baptiste is, surprisingly, a technically gifted musician. He favors stringed instruments like the violin and cello. While extremely skilled, his playing lacks legitimate passion and emotion.

Rich - Jean-Baptiste is independently wealthy, having inherited the money from his mother's side of the family and having the financial backing of his father's company. Jean-Baptiste could likely live in the lap of luxury for several lifetimes just on his personal assets alone.

Beautiful - Jean-Baptiste's looks go past simple 'handsomeness.' He's been scouted as a model both in Europe and in Japan, and is usually considered the most eye-catching individual wherever he goes. Anything he wears is always fashion-forward and follows the latest styles and trends. Women want him and men want to be him.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
See Helleon for weaknesses.

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
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Is this still taking chars?

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #116 on: July 08, 2018, 12:22:25 AM »
As far as I know, yeah... xD I mean, we all pretty much just stick up characters whenever, Steir approves them as he gets to them and all that.

Got something in mind?

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
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Kinda, it's between a villain type and an antihero

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
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Well Aithne is pretty much one? Antihero that is. XD but that's up to Steir?

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
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And Goo Queen could, with a bit of redeeming, go either way, honestly.

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
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Indeed, I'm wondering how much sexy is anticipated, that effects the decision

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
« Reply #121 on: July 08, 2018, 12:39:26 AM »
Well I currently have my characters as non-sexual/non-romantic due to incompatibility of character/player preferences - but I know there is a lot of characters that can go either way in a lot of things. I don't remember or not, but I don't remember how 'sex focused' the game is.

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
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Thats fine. Hmm...

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
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Honestly Snake, hard to gauge how much sexy there is, but I can almost definitely say there may be less than what might happen with KxMSII.

... Though some weird tongue loving did just happen not too long ago, so take that as you will.

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Re: Interest Check: Henshin Heroes and Heroines
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As Gard said, the amount of sexy involved in the game won't be as much as that of KxMSII. There may be situations that lead to sexy but that will not always be the outcome.

Edit: Black Cosmos awaits Helleon's arrival. Jean-Baptiste is welcome too.
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